Charly Ch. 06

byPandoras Desire©

The 'Charly' series is written about country superstar Charly McClain. I love Charly. Her music has and always will be a special part of my life. No harm was intended towards Ms. McClain in any way shape or form.

Chapter 6: By the dawn's early light...

Charly stirred in Wayne's arms, then finally woke to the sight of the sun shining in the window and a huge smile across Wayne's face. Wayne then bent his head down and kissed his beautiful wife on her sweet blushed lips, which Charly accepted. Charly then said, "I want this to last forever, let's stay here a while." Wayne agreed, then pulled his darlin' Charly Belle closer to him and kissed her again, then took his strong hand and placed it upon Charly's shoulder and ran it down her arm. Charly then took herself and nestled into the crook of Wayne's arms, and placed her arm across his broad chest, giving him kisses as she did. Then laid her head against him, as she said, "I love you, Wayne, forever and always."

Wayne squeezed his darlin' Charly Belle, and then said, " I love you forever and always, my one true love."

Charly then took her hand and curled her fingers around the hair on Wayne's chest, and gently massaged him there.

Wayne says, "you really know how to make me feel like a man should feel, Charly Belle."

"And you sure know how to treat a woman, big boy, " said Charly.

About a half hour later, Wayne says, "I'm ready to take a shower. Care to join me darlin?"

"Sounds good to me, big boy," said Charly.

Wayne then kissed, his darlin' Charly Belle, on her forehead. Then removed the covers off of himself, and went to get up. Charly grabbed his arm, and ran her hand down it. Wayne got up, and started to walk towards the door of their bedroom, when Charly spoke up, and said.. "You look pretty good from where I'm sittin', big boy."

This time it was Wayne's turn to blush. And he sure did, as he traveled into the bathroom to get the water warm for them. Charly laid back down in bed for a few more minutes, waiting for Wayne to tell her the water was ready. With the covers just barely covering her breasts, she then stretched herself, arms stretched behind her head. Wayne finally hollered that the water was ready. Charly then removed the covers off of her curvaceous form, then got up and headed towards the door of their bedroom, and walked out to the hallway, and into the bathroom, where Wayne was just entering the shower. Charly ran forward and slapped Wayne on his posterior, which he then turned around and gave Charly an arched eyebrow look. Then took her hand and led her into the shower. Where he playfully pushed her up against the wall and laid a deep lingering kiss upon her blush colored lips. Wayne even threw his tongue into the mix, and let it collide with his darlin' Charly Belle's.

Wayne then took his hands down Charly's arms, and then he picked her up and positioned himself to enter her. When he did, Charly mewled like the kitten she always does, when they are makin' love. Continuing to kiss his beautiful wife, with his hands roaming her curvaceous body. Charly's hands all over her handsome husband. His hips meeting hers, for one last thrust, they each exploded into a breathtaking orgasm. Wayne left a grunt lingering in the air, as Charly mewled again, with her head against the wall.

After they finished makin' love in the shower, Charly thoroughly wet her hair, and started to pour shampoo into her hands, but Wayne stopped her. He gently grabbed the bottle of shampoo, and poured some onto his hand and set the bottle down on the edge of the tub, and massaged it into Charly's hair. Giving her head a very thorough massage, which left Charly feelin' she was in pure heaven. Then letting Charly rinse her hair, so he could put her conditioner in. Charly usually leaves it in until she has washed herself clean. Then rinses her hair. Which she did this time also. Charly and Wayne finished showering together. Wayne opened the shower curtain, and grabbed the towel for Charly's hair, and then one for her gorgeous body. Then one for himself. They each toweled themselves off. Then got out of the shower. With Charly heading to the sink and taking the towel off her head, and reaching for her comb, to comb her hair. Wayne combing his hair and using the blow dryer, since his hair was shorter than Charly's he knew he would be done before Charly was finished combing her long brown hair. Then he could pass the blow dryer to her. This time, Wayne, the gentlemen that he is, offered to dry Charly's hair for her. Then she could style it as she pleased when he was finished. But this time she decided to keep it straight. So Wayne dried Charly's hair for her, and when he was finished Charly ran her fingers through it, to take some strands out of her face. She then looked up at her handsome husband and smiled. Then reached up on her toes and laid a huge kiss upon his lips, which he eagerly excepted. Wayne then picked up his darlin' Charly Belle, and carried her to the bedroom where he placed her gently down on the bed, and began kissing her sweetly. All the while his hands roaming about Charlys taut body. Then Charly breaks the kiss, and says, "make love to me, my handsome husband."

Wayne just traced his hand down the side of Charly Belle's face, and then leaned down and laid a deep lingering kiss on her lips. Charly placed her arms around Wayne's neck, and kissed him in return. Wayne's hands now roaming his beautiful Charly Belle's torso. Cupping her breasts in his hands. There was no hindrance of cloths to remove, as they just showered together. His strong hands cupped and massaged her breasts. And as usual Charly mewled like the kitten she always does, when aroused, and tilted her head back, to enjoy her husbands ministrations. Wayne then positioned himself to enter her darkness. His hands still cupping her gorgeous breasts, when he finally enters her. Then waits a few minutes to let Charly's body adjust to his entry. When Wayne feels that Charly's body has adjust to his entry, he begins slipping in and out of her darkness. Charly breaks the kiss and tilts her head back, mewling like a kitten. Enjoying his very being inside her. With Charly's head tilted back, Wayne takes his hands from her gorgeous breasts and replaces one with his mouth. His tongue just under its nipple, and his mouth draped over the top, and begins to suckle. Charly's arm and hand propping herself up, and the other draped around her handsome husbands neck, holding him to her sweet breast.

Charly then speaks up and says, "Layin' down is sure good with you."

Keeping his mouth attached to her breasts, Wayne's eyes look up to his darlin' Charly Belle. Charly looks at her handsome husband and sees the gleam in his eyes, and she smiles. Charly then says, "kiss me."

Wayne still slipping in and out of her darkness, takes his wife's request and takes one last suckle at her sweet breasts, and leans up and kisses his beautiful wife on her blush colored lips, and places his tongue into the mix, which Charly excepts. Then Charly breaks the kiss and tilts her head back and mewls like a kitten again, then she just shudders into an earth quaking orgasm. Soon after, Wayne erupted inside his darlin' wife. Which sent Charly spiraling into another earth quaking orgasm, and left her heavily panting. Her head tilted back, against Waynes arm. He quietly rolled off Charly and drew her near his broad chest. His arms holding her, and his hand massaging her arm. Charly's head resting on his broad chest. Charly says, "OMG! Wayne, Ya gonna wear me out.. but I guess the good Lord must know everything I need, that's why he sent ya here for me."

Wayne says, "I love you Charly Belle."

"You know all the words that make a woman feel so much, I love you too big boy," says Charly.

After a few minutes of holding each other, Charly says, "we need to get up honey, we have a lot to do today, before the show tonight."

"Yeah, I know.. I just wish I could hold you all day," said Wayne.

"And I wish I could stay here all day," said Charly.

She then leaned over and kissed Wayne full on the mouth.

Wayne then says, "kissin' me like that honey, makes me never want to let you go."

Charly and Wayne kept kissing a few minutes more, before Charly again broke the kiss, and says, "common, big boy, Get dressed and make the bed, and I'll get breakfast started. What would you like, honey?"

"French toast and eggs sounds good to me," said Wayne.

"You got it big boy," said Charly. As she went about putting on her sweats and socks and tee-shirt. Then went down stairs to get breakfast started for the two of them.

As Charly finally found herself in their kitchen, she set about gettin' the ingredients ready for their breakfast. Getting the fryin' pans out of the cupboard. And the eggs, milk, and bread Then getting out the nonstick Pam out of the cupboard, along with a bowl. Charly put everything onto the counter top, and set to work on breakfast. She began by breaking a few eggs into the bowl, and added some milk. Then beat them together with a fork. Then settin' that aside, she sprayed the pans with Pam, and put that back into the cupboard. Then went back to the counter and got out a few pieces of bread, and dipped them into the egg and milk mixture in the bowl then placed two of them into the frying pan and turned the stove on. Then Charly took a couple of eggs and broke them into the other fryin' pan and turned the other side of the stove on. Then Walked to the den for a minute and grabbed a piece of stationary from the desk and a pen, and went back to the kitchen and wrote a note to her handsome husband.

Charly then quickly folded her note in half and wrote "Wayne" on the front of it, and placed it on the table. She then went to the fryin' pans and quickly turned over the French toast, and the eggs. Then went about setting the table. She took the plates out of the cupboard and put two of them on the table and one by the stove, then a couple of glasses for orange juice. Then Charly took out some silverware in the drawer by the sink and placed them upon the napkins next to the plates. Charly then smiled as she placed her note upon Wayne's plate where she knew he would see it. Then went back to the stove to finish up their breakfast, one set of French toast was finished, so Charly took the spatula and took the French toast and put it onto a plate she took out of the cupboard, then took two new pieces of bread and dipped them into her egg and milk mixture. And then laid them into the pan. Wayne suddenly appeared into the kitchen, and says "somethin' sure smells good in here."

"Why thank you, honey," said Charly.

Then went back to her fryin'. She quickly turned over the French toast, and the eggs. Charly asked Wayne to get the orange juice out of the refrigerator, and pour it for them. Wayne went to the refrigerator and got the carafe of orange juice and went to the table and began pouring Charly's orange juice, he then went to pour his when he saw the note that Charly left for him upon his plate. Wayne put the orange juice down and opened up the note and read it..

"Dear Wayne,

I love you so much, that words cannot even say. You are my light in new directions that I could never imagine I would be placed in. You are my one true love, the one that I will spend the rest of my life with.


your darlin'

Charly Belle

PS Thank you so much for a wonderful morning! xoxoxo

Wayne placed down the note, and went to his darlin' Charly belle and put his arms around her and says, "I've never loved nobody like I love you, forever my darlin'."

Charly then turned in his arms, and laid a kiss on his mouth so deep that it made Wayne groan. Then he said, "Baby I'm a want you, baby I'm a need you."

Charly then broke the kiss and says "You tryin' to wear me out again, big boy?"

"But ya make me feel so good, honey," said Wayne.

Charly then says, "We should be newlyweds for the rest of our lives," with a mock kidding tone to her voice. Then she says, "breakfast is ready."

She then she grabbed the spatula again and took out the French toast, and placed it onto the plate where the other two pieces lay. Then she took out the eggs and made sure that the stove was off, before takin' the plate to the table and sittin' herself down. realizing that she forgot the butter and syrup, she asks Wayne to grab it on the way to table. She then pours Wayne some orange juice. He then places the butter and syrup on the table and pulls out his chair and sits down. They both begin to place the French toast and eggs upon their plates. Charly asked Wayne if he wanted any butter. He says, "yes."

Then Charly puts some on a knife and places it upon Wayne's French toast, then some eggs upon his plate. Then some for herself. She added some French toast, with some butter and syrup. Wayne had already begun to eat, when he speaks up and says, "darlin' this is awesome! you are some good cook, baby."

Charly just blushed, and said "thank you, big boy."

They ate their breakfast with a little small talk in between. They didn't have much to do today, but Charly wanted to get a few house hold chores done. Before their big night at the Memphis State Vs. East Tennessee State college football game. Where Charly sings the national anthem and a 25 minute concert by Charly and her band at half time. Charly speaks up and says, "I think I'm just gonna ask the manager if there is an extra football outfit."

Wayne looked puzzled at his wife. Charly speaks up and says, "for my outfit tonight. I think it would be funny. And you know my sense of humor."

Wayne agreed with Charly, as he laughed.

"But just in case, I will bring a back-up outfit, but I'm sure it will be OK, with everyone," said Charly.

They finally finished up their breakfast. When Charly says, "I'm gonna put the dishes in the dish washer, then do some cleaning 'round the house."

Wayne agreed to help, and says, "ya know what would be fun honey?"

"What darlin'?," said Charly.

Wayne says, "if we do the dishes together. I mean you wash and I dry."

Like a blushing school girl.. Charly says, "I'd like that."

So with that Charly and Wayne begin to clear the table. Wayne put the butter and syrup in the refrigerator, and Charly put the drain stopper in the sink with the soap, and then started to fill up the sink with water, and place the dishes inside. Grabbing a pair of rubber gloves to protect her beautiful hands, then got her sponge and began washing the dishes. Wayne grabbed a hand towel from underneath the sink, and waited for his darlin' Charly Belle to hand him some dishes.

Charly washed the dishes, and handed them to Wayne for him to dry. After they were done, Charly let the water and soap out of the sink, and rung out the sponge, and placed it on the back of the sink, then took her plastic gloves off. She then laid them over the sink as did Wayne with the hand towel.

Charly says, "I'm gonna go upstairs, and grab the laundry, I'll be right back."

Wayne speaks up and says, "OK, I'll grab the vacuum and start vacuuming."

Charly leans up and gives Wayne a huge kiss, which he accepts. Then Charly is off heading to the laundry room for the cloths basket, then runs up stairs, to grab the laundry. She goes into the bathroom and grabs the towels that were left there after their shower earlier that morning. And then goes into the bedroom and grabs their cloths out of the hamper, and places them into the basket. She then goes down stairs and heads herself to the laundry room. Charly separates the laundry into a few different piles, towels, in one, hers and Wayne's in another. She decides to do the towels first, so as to make sure that they have enough to take another shower later, before the bus comes to pick them up for the game and concert later.


Wayne is vacuuming his heart out throughout the house. Charly decides to take out the garbage. She takes the bag out of the can in the kitchen, and ties it up, then takes out a new bag from the pantry and opens it up and places it in the can. Then takes the garbage out to the garage, and places it into the container. Then she comes back in and finds the mop and bucket in the pantry, and fills up the bucket with water and some solution and begins to mop the kitchen floor. Wayne is finally done vacuuming and puts the vacuum away in the hall closet. Then finds the duster and begins to dust around the house, starting with the living room, then finding his way into the den. When Charly is done mopping, she takes the mop and wrings it out into the bucket, then takes the water and the solution and dumps it into the sink, before placing it into the pantry. She then checks on the laundry, and finds that the towels are finally done. She takes them out and puts them into the dryer, with a dryer sheet, and turns the dryer on. She then takes their cloths and puts them into the washer with the laundry soap, and turns the washer on. Charly finally realizes that she is completely exhausted, and must take a nap before getting ready to perform for her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Charly finally finds herself curled up on the couch, tryin' to catch a few zzz's before getting ready. Wayne, finally done with the dusting, softly calls his wife's name. Then seeing her on the couch curled up, he takes a blanket off the back of the chair and places it over his darlin' wife, and gives her a kiss upon her forehead. Charly then stirs and opens her eyes, and smiles.

Wayne says, "I'm sorry, I woke you."

Charly says, "what a wake up call!, what time is it?"

"Oh, it's only a little after noon," says Wayne. "We still have a few more hours before we need to get ready. Ben will be here with the bus a little after 5 PM," he continues.

"Oh," says Charly.

Wayne says, " you catch some sleep, and I'll use the computer for a while."

Charly says, "do ya half to?"

"Well I was gonna get some work done," says Wayne. "But what do you have in mind?," he continued.

Charly pulls the blanket down and pats the couch, then sort of gets up, Begging Wayne to lay down beside her. Which he does, with an arched eyebrow look. Charly then covers her and her handsome husband up, then lays her head down. Before saying, "hold me."

Wayne obliges his beautiful wife and leans in a little closer to Charly, and places his arms around her.

Charly then slightly turns in Wayne's arms and says, "I love you!"

Wayne then says, "I love you too, darlin'." He then lays a sweet kiss upon her tender lips. Which wakes Charly right up.

Charly says, "I was so tired, but that kiss sure woke me up. Make love to me."

Wayne arches his eyebrow again, and says, "how can I resist a plea of love, like that." He then kisses Charly again, upon her blush colored lips, and traces his fingers along her arm. His strong hand cups her breast, and massages its aureole into a hardened peak. Which makes Charly mewl like the beautiful kitten she is. Charly reached her soft hand across Wayne's face, as they continue to kiss each other. She then breaks the kiss and tugs at Waynes shirt, wanting so much for him to remove it. Which he complies. Charly then removes her own shirt, revealing her gorgeous shaped breasts to her handsome husband. Which he cupped with his hands before dipping his head and taking a hardened peak into his mouth. Resting his tongue underneath her nipple and his mouth draped over the top and began sucking. As Charly tilted her head back, enjoying Wayne's ministrations. After a few minutes, Charly began fumbling with Waynes button and zipper to his jeans, once undone, he did the rest. Charly removed her sweat pants and tossed them onto the floor. Then they began kissing each other again, adding their tongues into the mix. Wayne then broke the kiss and encourages Charly to turn with her back facing him, as the couch wasn't big enough for them to make love in the position they were in. If they weren't careful, Charly would end up on the floor. Not a good idea with the coffee table near the couch. So Charly turned in Waynes arms, and with her arm bent, she ran her fingers along his forearm. Wayne was as ready as the American flag, willing and able. Standing at attention. Wayne grabbed the back of Charly's left thigh, and lifted her leg enough to begin entering her from behind. Once inside, he waited a moment to feel Charly's body mold to his entry. Once he felt that, he began to slowly thrust in and out of her darkness. His one hand, as is Charly's above their heads, and his other hand placed over her breast. Her hand resting atop his.

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