tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCharlz and Pete Public Train Sex

Charlz and Pete Public Train Sex


We love train journeys. It is the relaxation of sitting together, watching the fields, trees and occasional houses go past. And watching the other passengers. Trying to work out what they are reading. Trying to imagine what they are thinking.

It was hot day. Indeed it had been hot for as many weeks as anyone could remember. Across the aisle was a young lady, mid 20s at a guess. She was wearing a loose white top. Well it was loose around the waist but not quite so loose around her breasts and in the heat her nipples were clearly visible pressing against the fabric. At least they were clearly visible if you paid enough attention. Her skirt was also white, though with a pale blue coloured band at the base. And quite short. Though I would have loved it if it were shorter still. Bare legs. White ankle socks. Light blue trainers.

You looked at me looking at her. And you smiled.

Let me introduce Charlz. Charlz is my gorgeous, naughty and sexy partner. I am Pete. One day we will tell you how we met. For now I should just let you know that the more outrageous the scenario, the more we love it. We were on the train together. For the purpose of this story, you, the reader, are Charlz. As you read on, let your imagination take you into your role.

The young lady was looking out of the window. Then as if aware of my eyes gently devouring her at a distance, she turned and looked at us.

You turn to me. Our lips meet. I can see that look in your eyes. A look of wanton encouragement.

I turn my eyes back to our lady in white across the aisle. She is still looking at us. Probably trying to work out what we are thinking. Our eyes lock together. Still looking at her I take my right hand and place it slowly and deliberately on your bare knee. I see a slight flicker of question across her eyes. Then I slide my hand up your leg to the hem of your skirt, and push it up. Just an inch, no more. Not enough to reveal anything. But more than enough to signal an intention.

The young lady averts her gaze. I mean by that she looks out of the window again. But I suspect in her mind she was "averting her gaze" - a natural reaction to a slight embarrassment. A sense that perhaps she shouldn't be looking at me. A slight unease perhaps.

It is equally natural that less than a minute later she glances our way again. It is just human curiousity. I haven't moved my hand. It is exactly where it was before - palm flat on your thigh, fingers spread. But now she is looking our way again you slide your feet to move your knees further apart. Our reluctant voyeur blinks. I look at her and ride your hem up a little further. Now she swallows and looks away again.

This is a public train so this sort of thing doesn't happen does it? She looks back at us. Your legs have spread wider. My hand has moved higher. I turn to you and kiss you. We take this one slower. My left hand rests on your shoulder and my index finger slips under the narrow strap of your top. As we kiss my finger slides it off your shoulder. You never wear a bra so your right breast is now exposed. We hear a slight gasp from the other side of the aisle.

I'm not looking at her now. I'm just focussed on you. My hand is on your breast and your nipple is between my fingers. You breath is quickening.

I turn back to look at her. She looks swiftly away. But her nipples have hardened and her face is flushed. Arousal is not something she can control. Nor me. My cock is hard in my jeans and you lean across and deftly release each of the three buttons withholding it from view.

As she glances back at us her mouth falls open at the sight of my cock in your hand. You've not made eye contact with her before but now you do. No words are spoken but none are needed. You pull my foreskin back and your eyes say to her, "Yes I am really doing this. Want to join in?"

Her hand has come to rest involuntarily between her legs. She realises and pulls it away. And looks out the window again. Embarrassed. Confused.

You would assume that was it, wouldn't you? It has gone far enough. No one in their right mind...etc. The rational side of her brain is fighting back. Perhaps she should get up and move down the train. She will look back and we will have straightened our clothing and become normal members of the travelling public again.

She looks back. My cock is erect in your hand. I lift your skirt above your waist and she can see you are not wearing any panties. You never do. As I stand up and beckon you to turn around, the realisation dawns on her. I am going to fuck you in front on her. On this moving train. Right now.

All the colour drains from her face, then it flushes back crimson. Her eyes are transfixed on us. She can't turn away now. The blood is coursing through her body. Her breasts are heaving. She can feel her pussy is damp.

You stand and place your hands on the top of the bench seat and peer down the carriage. Other travellers are oblivious. Lost in their books and their mobile phones and their thoughts.

I use both hands to flip your skirt onto your back, revealing your beautiful bottom. I turn to look at lady in white. She is now bright red. Her breathing has quickened and her hand is back between her legs. I look straight into her eyes as I take my cock and position it against your pussy lips. She fights to keep her eyes on mine, as her body urges her to watch where my cock is heading. She is trying to pretend she can't see - but in her peripheral vision my cock starts to slide into you.

Quick breaths now. Her skirt has rucked up and her hand is rubbing her pussy through the material. It is soaked. Her fingers are now wet. I'm fucking you. Her rational brain has lost and emotional brain is calling all the shots. She doesn't care any more. Her eyes are glued on my cock, fucking you. Sliding in and out. Glistening with your pussy juice. She tries to push her fingers inside her, through the fabric of her wet panties.

I grasp the tops of your thighs with both hands and quicken the thrusts. Your grip on the back of the seat intensifies. You try to stifle your own gasps, but it getting hard. You can feel me stiffen and you know I am going to cum inside you. You brace yourself against the seat and push back to meet each thrust. I reach round and begin to rub your clit. Your legs start to shake.

Nothing is more guaranteed to tip you over that sexual edge than hearing another woman climax. From across the aisle the sound of rising uncontrollable gasps. The fingers that have worked their way around the gusset of her panties are now buried inside her. Her feet are uncomfortably up against the seat back in front. She is furiously rubbing her clit and as she hits the first wave of orgasm the attempt to stifle her scream makes it seem even louder.

I cum inside you. A few more thrusts, with my cum further lubricating your soaked passage. Your pussy tightens hard on me and releases and tightens again. Your knees collapse onto the seat cushion and my cock is forced out.

Lady in white is dazed. Her feet have slipped back to the floor. Her glistening fingers are soiling the fabric of the seat. Her head is back and her eyes are shut. Her breasts are still heaving, but slower, and thanks to the sweat on her top her nipples are showing through.

You smile at me and we kiss again.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/11/18

worst introduction of 2pv

This must be the worst introduction of second-person view (which I dislike anyway) I've ever seen. Starting with a name and then saying "that's you" completely disassociated me and threw me offmore...

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by Averygoodlay08/10/18

very good

enjoyed it very much short but sweet, I like reading about train sex in the non-consent section but haven't seen any for a long time

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