tagErotic CouplingsCharmaine's Infidelity

Charmaine's Infidelity


Charmaine was in her hometown, a few hours from home, and her boyfriend Danny. She was incredibly loyal to him, not even considering other men. Her perspective would change on this night. She was a beautiful woman in her mid 20s, 5'4, 130 pounds, tanned complexion, brown hair, dark eyes. She was drinking with her girlfriends, and she was very drunk by the time they got to the bar.

A group of 3 guys were talking to the 5 girls all night. Rick, 6'2, 200 pounds, short brown her, took an interest in her. She was wearing a tight black blouse, which showed off her cleavage, a short black skirt, and black sandals. Her hair was up, showing off her pretty face. In the middle of her conversation with Rick, he told her she was beautiful, which caused her to blush. He bought her two drinks that night, more than enought to completely get her pissed considering she was drunk when she got there!

The 3 men joined the girls on their walk home, hoping to get a piece. Charmaine and Rick lingered behind. She was very horny. She wished Danny was here to fuck her. Her panties were so moist with her arousal, whick was further increased by the attention she was getting from this handsome man. She was so hammered that all she could concentrate on was Danny, Rick, and her tingling vagina. The first 2 leading to the third. Rick had his arm around her soft waist, helping her walk more steadily. Her arm was around his waist, she did not notice that his hand had slid up her side a little, touching the bottom of her breast. She stumbled, drunkenly, laughing. Rick held her up, hand subtly cupping her soft breast. When she looked up at him with her beautiful brown eyes, he kissed her. Pussy on fire, she opened her mouth, kissing back, lips smacking loudly. She broke the brief kiss. "I have a boyfriend." she protested.

He continued to walk her to her friend's house, hand never leaving the soft cushion of her tit. When the reached the house, Rick watched Charmaine take off her sandals, wondering how he could get her alone so he could get those beautiful legs wrapped around him. The opportunity came immediately when she went to the washroom. He went into the adjacent room and stood looking out the window.

When she came out he said "Charmaine, come see this." Pussy still buzzing uncontrollably, Charmaine entered the room and, for some unknown reason, maybe by habit, she shut the door behind her. She stood close beside him at the window, and he put his arm around her waist, holding her closer.

"Aren't the stars beautiful?" he asked. She agreed, looking at the sky as he looked at her pretty face.

"What are you looking at?" she asked, meeting his gaze.

"Something more beautiful." he said. Her heart soared, a tingle shot into her cunt, and she smiled. He kissed her softly, and, hesitating, she kissed back, lips smacking loudly. Rick put his arms around her and pulled her closer, kissing her harder, with more urgency. Charmaine grew even more turned on, if that were possible, when she felt the bulge in his shorts press against her stomach, and when she felt his tongue run along her lips and teeth, she opened her mouth and allowed it to enter. Rick sent his tongue far into Charmaine's warm mouth as his hands slid down and cradled her ass. He squeezed her soft ass tightly, sending thrills up her spine. She drunkenly, eagerly sent her tongue into his mouth, allowing him to sit her back on the bed. They kissed passionately as he slowly slid his hand around to the front of Charmaine's body, cupping her breast. She breathed heavily into his mouth as she felt his strong hand squeeze her soft tit. Rick could feel Charmaine's nipple harden through her blouse as his tongue explored her mouth.

The room was filled with the sounds of the two kissing, as she let this new guy lay her back on the bed. She was breathing heavily into Rick's mouth, wrestling with guilt and arousal. Her drunken state was causing her arousal to win its battle over guilt as she felt his hand slide down the side of her body over her blouse. He slid his hand slowly down the side of her ass over her skirt. When he felt the soft, bare skin of her thigh, he caressed down to her knee. He slid his hand up Charmaine's smooth leg just under her skirt, before moving it over to her other leg and slowly sliding it down to her other knee. Rick slowly slid his hand up her sexy inner thigh under her skirt, still kissing her deeply. Heart pounding, she instinctively parted her legs a little wider. His hand reached the top of her soft thigh and he could feel tremendous heat emenating from her crotch. His fingers lightly touched her panties, and he couldn't believe how wet they were! He gently stroked Charmaine's wet crotch over the thin material, clearly feeling her swollen pussy lips. She broke the kiss.

"Ohhhhh!" she moaned. "You can't do that!" she said. His hand hesitated between her legs.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because," she replied, "it makes me so horny...we can't have sex because I have a boyfriend." She was looking down at her naked legs, his hand disappeared under her black skirt which was hiked up to where her crotch began, but she made no move to remove his hand, so he continued to rub her over her sopping panties, outlining her swollen pussy lips. Charmaine sighed, put her arms around his neck, pulling him close, kissing him hard, tongue darting into his mouth as he stroked her. Her hand trailed down his body over his clothes, until it reached his bulge. She squeezed it gently, even more turned on by his hardness. She was humping up against his hand, needing him to touch her bare vagina. To her disappointment, he took his hand out from between her thighs and slid it up her body. He broke the kiss and began to undo her blouse.

"I've been dying to see these all night!" he said.

"Really?" she said, drunkenly, smiling. She was easily flattered. She watched him, making no move to stop him as Rick undid her blouse, pulling it apart, exposing a blue bra. She lifted up, allowing him to pull off her blouse, and watched, breathing heavily as he reached between her tits and undid her bra. Rick slowly pulled it apart, about to see what no one but Danny has seen in a long time. Two gorgeous breasts emerged, nipples rock hard, and she lifted up again, allowing him to take off her bra. Rick pulled off his shirt, exposing his smooth, muscular chest to Charmaine, shooting tingles into her pussy at the sight.

"They're gorgeous!" he said, referring to her breasts.

"Really?" she asked again, smiling, blushing. He kissed her smiling lips over and over as his hand squeezed her bare tit. They exchanged tongues as his hand kneaded her soft mound of flesh. He slid his hand down her bare belly, feeling her belly button ring as he kissed down her neck. His hand slid over her skirt to her sexy thigh as he kissed down her chest to the swell of her beautiful breast. As he slowly licked around her areola, his hand went up her skirt to the top of her bare thigh, right beside her panties.

Charmaine was breathing heavily, pussy tingling in anticipation. She put a hand on his head as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Rick's fingers nudged her wet panties aside, feeling a lush of pubic hair. "Ohhh.." she moaned softly as his fingers touched her sopping wet cunt lips. Still sucking her tit, he ran his finger up and down her horny slit. Charmaine parted her legs wider, breathing heavily, needing something inside her. He obliged her, sliding his finger into her soaking wet hole as he sucked on her other breast.

"Ohhhhh God..." she moaned, Danny forgotten. Her cunt was so wet that Rick decided to slide a second finger into it, much to her pleasure. He kissed up her neck to her mouth as he slid two fingers in and out of her gash. She began to kiss him eagerly, shoving her tongue into his mouth, grinding against his probing fingers, orgasm rising. He slid his fingers out of her tunnel with a slurp and undid her skirt.

Charmaine raised her ass off the bed, allowing him to slide her skirt down her legs, too close to the edge to protest. Her burgandy panties were exposed to him as she pulled her feet one by one out of her skirt. Rick grabbed the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. She grabbed them, holding them up, the top part of her pubic hair exposed.

"We can't have sex, ok?" she said.

"Ok" he said, smiling. He slid his hand up her bare belly as he kissed her again, giving her breast a squeeze. She rolled him onto his back, kissing him hard, straddling him. Her twat was absolutely on fire, and she felt a huge need to see this man's penis. Tongue kissing him eagerly, Charmaine grinded her thinly covered crotch against his bulge, making her even hornier. Rick slid his hands into the sides of her panties, grabbing her smooth bare ass, grinding his body against her pussy. Breathing heavily, she broke the kiss, and kissed down his neck and chest. Rick was conscious of her bare tits brushing against his stomach as she sucked on his nipple. She kissed down his belly to his shorts. Charmaine kissed the bulge in his shorts, burying her face in his lap. More turned on than ever, she undid his button with her hands, and took his zipper into her mouth. She pulled his zipper down with her teeth. She grabbed his shorts and underwear in her small hands and pulled, sliding them down his legs, unleashing a large, semi hard cock. She pulled his clothes right off before squeezing her knees between his legs.

Charmaine reached up and gripped his penis, feeling it grow a little at her touch. Breathing heavily, she bent down, her tongue snaked out and lapped at his bag. Rick moaned, cock growing to his full 8 inches in her hand. Charmaine sucked a testicle into her mouth as she stroked him gently. Sucking noises were loud as she let his sack slide out of her mouth. She slowly licked up his thick shaft, getting hornier the more time she spent with this new penis. Her panties couldn't get any wetter. Rick watched as this goddess slowly licked around the head of his dick, licking at the tiny hole. Charmaine kissed the crown of his penis, looking at him with sexy brown eyes. She slowly slipped the mushroom head into her mouth, sucking loudly. He moaned as more of his member slid into her warm mouth. She was able to take more than half of his shaft in her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, slurping loudly on his manhood.

Meanwhile, her friend Carla needed to get something out of the room and, knowing they were in there, quietly opened the door. Her jaw dropped in surprise. She could see the bottoms of Charmaine's feet, up her bare legs, her sexy ass barely covered by the triangle of her burgandy panties, her naked back. Carla could see her friend's head bobbing up and down on this guy's lap, and she could hear the loud slurping of a blowjob. Miss Loyal-to-my-boyfriend was sucking another man's cock! Carla quietly shut the door, promising herself that she would check in again in a little while.

Charmaine's hand cupped Rick's balls as she eagerly gave him head. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' went her expert mouth. He reached down and pulled his penis out of her mouth - he needed to fuck her! She kissed back up his chest, straddling him as their lips met, smacking loudly, over and over. She couldn't help but grind her horny crotch against his bare penis. His tongue explored her mouth as his hands slid into the side of her panties, grabbing her soft, bare ass, pressing her even harder against him.

They french kissed, breathing heavily as they dry fucked. Charmaine's thin, wet panties the only thing in between their genitals. The only barrier between Rick's long, thick penis, and Charmaine's soaking wet, needy vagina was the thinnest, wettest, tiniest piece of fabric. Her heart was pouning, her cunt was itching as her tongue explored his entire mouth. Still kissing loudly, he slid his hands closer together so his fingers were touching the crack of her ass. He slid a hand further down her ass until he could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. He dipped a finger into her wetness. "Mmmmmph." she moaned into his mouth. Their grinding and his fingering gradually moved Charmaine's panties to one side, exposing moist, swollen vaginal lips.

"Mmmmmmph.." she moaned again as they kissed, as her naked slit rubbed against his bare shaft. As her tongue rubbed against Rick's, her drunken thoughts couldn't get away from the fat cock that her bare pussy was rubbing against, and how good it would feel to have it fill her up. Still kissing her, he rolled her off of him and onto her back. His hand squeezed her soft breast before sliding down her belly. He grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled downward. Charmaine broke the kiss.

"Do you have protection?" she breathed.

"No." he said.

"Then we can't have sex." she said.

"That's ok," he said, "we can still have fun!" He pulled on her panties again and she let go, and he slid them down her thighs, exposing the hairy triangle of her bush to him. She pulled first one foot, and then the other out of her panties, becoming naked for someone other than her boyfriend. He looked at her amazing body. Her smooth, tanned legs, the triangle of her bush surrounding pink, swollen lips, her tanned belly, her gorgeous tits.

Charmaine watched his hand slide over her pubic hair and she parted her legs, allowing his hand access to her treasure. Rick could not believe how wet her pussy was as he dipped two fingers inside. "Ohhhhhh...God..." she moaned, and he kissed her passionately, finger fucking her faster. Her hand reached down and found his fat penis, stroking it as his fingers got her off. He rammed his fingers in and out of her wet twat faster, her orgasm rose. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Charmaine moaned, cumming. She raised her ass up off the bed, rubbing her swollen pussy against Rick's hand. He slid his fingers out of her cunt with a slurp and she kissed him hard as he squeezed a leg in between hers. He was concious of her hot, moist beaver on his leg, she was conscious of his hard member on hers.

His tongue went far into her mouth as she let him squeeze his other leg between hers. Her heart was pounding, and she was breathing heavily into his mouth as Rick's penis grinded hard against her defenceless vagina. "Mmmmmph" she moaned into his mouth as her pussy tingled uncontrollably. Rick was rubbing his groin against her, running his entire shaft along her sopping slit as he tongue-kissed this naked goddess.

Charmaine found herself secretly hoping that Rick would bring his penis too far back and that he would accidently pierce her needy cunt. She kissed him hard, running her hands up and down his back, her feet up and down his legs. Suddenly, he broke the kiss and raised himself up. Charmaine was looking at him with her beautiful brown eyes, her breasts were heaving. her eyes trailed down his body until they saw his fat penis lying in her brown pubic hair. It was so big! She needed it! But he didn't have a condom, and she shoudn't cheat on Danny anyway. Yet she watched silently as Rick reached in between their naked bodies and grabbed his cock, running the head slowly down her wet pussy lips.

"We shouldn't do this." Charmaine whispered. Even as she said it, Rick felt her feet slide up either side of his legs to his ass, where they rested. Her legs couldn't get any wider for him. He pushed forward and felt her pussy part easily, sucking his fat, mushroom head inside.

"Ohhhhhhhh God!" she moaned, eyes closed. Charmaine's hot vagina warmed the head of Rick's unprotected penis immensely, and he slid his shaft further inside, causing her to arch her head back in delight. He pulled his cock most of the way out of her before sliding it's entire length inside her needy twat. "Ohhhhhhh Yes! Ohhhhhh God that feels good!" she moaned, forgetting that the man inside her was not her boyfriend, nor was he wearing a condom.

"You are so big!" she moaned before his lips found hers. She shot her tongue into his mouth hornily as she felt him begin to slide his manhood in and out of her. Charmaine was on the edge of orgasm the entire time, breathing heavily and moaning into his mouth as he fed her hungry pussy his big, fat cock. She slid her feet further up above his ass, giving herself completely to him. "Mmmmph! Mmmph!Mmmph! Mmmmph!" she moaned into his mouth as he pounded her into the bed. Rick broke the kiss, fucking the helpless girl harder.

"Ohh God! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Fuck! Ohh!" she couldn't stifle her cries. He was conscious of Charmaine's feet creeping up his body as he fucked her so he paused for a second, and put her feet over his broad shoulders. Now he began fucking her hard. "Oh..oh...my...God.. Ohh...Fuck...unh! Unh! Unh!" she cried out, orgasm rapidly approaching.

Her cries could be heard throughout the house, reminding Carla that she was gonna sneak a peek. Carla opened the door a crack. "Unh! Unh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Charlene's moans were as rapid as Rick's thrusts. Carla could see Rick from behind, bare ass thrusting rapidly, Charlene's bare feet were flailing helplessly above his shoulders. Carla shut the door, not believing that her friend could have sex with another man.

"OHH! OHHH! UNH!" Charmaine's moans were rising in pitch.

"I'm gonna cum!" Rick moaned, but his words were lost in her cries. She stopped moaning as her orgasm built to a crescendo. 'squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek' went the bed rapidly as the horny couple fucked silently, on the edge.

"OH GOD!" she cried, straightening her legs above him as she came. "Oh Fuck!" Rick moaned as he jammed his penis entirely inside Charmaine's pulsating vagina. Hot, white loads of cum fired deep into her hungry pussy. Load after load of semen shot into her needy depths. He held himself deep inside her as he continued to fire hot sperm into her womb. "Ohhhhh" he moaned again as his penis finally stopped spasming inside Charmaine's vagina. He slid his semi hard dick out of her sloppy pussy with a slurp. He kissed her once, and they fell asleep together. She awakened sober, naked, and guilty.

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