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Charmed - Not So Bad After All Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This is an erotic story. You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, and not be offended by the contents of it. If you are not 18, live in an overly repressed community, or are easily offended, move on. This is not for you.

This is also a parody and as such is protected under the first amendment. I do not claim to own the characters used herein, I'm just borrowing them for a little while, and there is no intent to use the characters for profit. Any copyrighted names, works, etc. remain property of their respective owner(s).

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Oh, yeah, a warning to anyone who likes a plot in their erotica. You won't find one here. This is a sex story and as such has just enough plot to advance the sex along.

Thanks to all the authors who spend so much of their time and effort to bring these stories to us all. Your efforts are much appreciated.

One note about the story codes – You will notice the MM designation in the story codes. Try not to let this get in the way of your reading the story. There's really nothing explicit in there, it's mostly just suggested. I put the warning in there so no one was caught by surprise. Anybody who wants to talk about why I've handled it this way instead of some other way, or why I've even included it in the story can contact me and I'd be happy to discuss it.

And now the story -

* * * * * * * * *

Chris orbed into the Halliwell manor living room and moved towards the TV and video cabinet off to one side of the room. This in itself was not unusual for the whitelighter, it was the circumstances surrounding his presence that made this appearance a little curious. For one thing, it was a bit past 2 o'clock in the morning, kind of late for a social call, even with the weird hours the sisters sometimes kept, and if he had been there on business he would have orbed into the attic. For another, he was carrying a small bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil in one hand and a box of Kleenex in the other and he was headed to the cabinet where the sisters kept their DVD's and videotapes. Toward the bottom shelf of the cabinet, under the romance movies favored by Piper and the vintage noir movies that Paige loved to watch and behind the collection of z-grade horror movies Phoebe preferred. Toward the not-so-small stash of homemade DVD's that Phoebe had hidden there, assuming no one would ever find them, because no one would even know to look for them. The DVD's of the Charmed sisters fucking each other's brains out. Those DVD's.

He had discovered them quite by accident one night while rummaging through the cabinet looking for something to watch to pass the time during one of his frequent bouts of insomnia. He had seen most of the movies the sisters had on the top two shelves and was looking at some of the more obscure titles the middle witch kept on the bottom when something toward the back of the cabinet had fallen over, attracting his attention. Being naturally curious, and wanting to put whatever had fallen back where it belonged, Chris had reached into the cabinet and come out with a DVD in a plain black case with a handmade label that read simply "Phoebe – The First Day".

Intrigued, and thinking it might be some sort of magical training video, Chris had popped the DVD into the player and settled on the couch to watch. Well, he was sorta right, the video was magical all right, but if it was a training video it was unlike anything he had ever seen before, unless you counted the porn he had downloaded from the internet using P3's broadband connection. Come to think of it, maybe it was a training video, at least, it should be. After repeated viewings, including three times the night he had first discovered it, Chris was of the opinion that this video should be part of the sexual education of every young person in America. Pay attention now kids, this is how young, healthy, adults should have sex. Uninhibited, energetic, totally hot, and most important of all, fun.

Chris had watched the video, the marathon sex session between Piper, or Paul as she was known on the DVD, Paige and Phoebe, all the way through many times since that night, and he had always found the viewing to be extremely... satisfying. Satisfying enough to cure his attack of insomnia, allowing him to get at least a little bit of sleep so he could be ready to join the sisters as they took on whatever challenges the next day would bring.

Over the course of many weeks he had watched some of the other homemade DVD's tucked away in the cabinet, working his way through the collection, avoiding some for the obvious reasons, replaying others over and over again, also for the obvious reasons. And tonight he was going to watch one of the older videos chronologically, but new to him, with the deceptively mild title "Phoebe – In the Garden".

The young whitelighter turned on the TV, making sure the volume was waaaay down - wouldn't do to wake one of the sisters, not with the program he was about to tune in to – and placed the DVD in the player's tray. He then gathered up his lube and tissues and moved to the couch, removing his pants and boxers before taking up his favorite position, slumped down, lower back supported by a throw pillow, right hand lubed up and lightly stroking his dick, as the video started to play.

As had the very first video, this one started with the camera focused on Phoebe. Unlike the first video however, this one was shot outside, in the manor's garden, in broad daylight, and neither Phoebe, nor the person holding the camera, seemed the least bit concerned about being observed by any of the next door neighbors. Oh yeah, and the subject of today's video was already completely nude. Chris took a moment to be impressed with the sisters' growing powers. That they could cast a privacy spell that was so powerful that they could spend an afternoon indulging their desires - and outside no less! – without having to worry about unwanted visitors and nosy neighbors, well that just spoke volumes of things to come. In time they'd even be able to protect the manor full time, and never have to worry about demons invading at all hours of the day. And the really ironic thing about it was that it was the bond between the sisters, that same bond that was manifesting itself in their growing sexual appetite for one another, that gave them their power. So in a very real way, the more the sisters loved each other, and the more they displayed that love in a physical way, the closer together they grew, and the stronger their bond became, and that in turn led to an increase in their powers. And this was the true reason that the elders, and other powers-that-be, turned a blind eye toward what would in any other situation be considered abnormal in the extreme and dealt with severely. The sisters' incestuous relations were a natural, and necessary, result of their bond and the powers knew this, indeed, they counted on it in the fight against evil.

Chris knew all this as well, it was knowledge given to any whitelighter whose job involved protecting and guiding the Charmed ones. What he didn't know was whether his own yearnings for Phoebe and Paige, but luckily not Piper, were part of it. Or maybe he was just a deviant freak.


What Chris did know is that watching Paige and Phoebe, and yes to some extent even Piper, screw like bunnies was friggin' hot. And the release he got jerking off to their videos helped him sleep. So long as he never tried to act on his desires for his aunts Chris figured there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. No harm, no foul. Turning his attention outward, he focused once again on the scene displayed on the TV.

Phoebe was on one of the padded lounges that decorated the Halliwell patio, sitting there and looking off to her right, camera left, watching something, or someone, outside of the camera's view. She wasn't saying anything, she was just sitting there quietly, comfortable in her nudity, waiting. A few seconds later Paige, of the red-headed variety, also quite nude, entered from the left of the screen and moved over to join Phoebe by the lounge. Taking her sister by the hand she led the older girl over to a sturdy table and had the dark haired girl take a seat on it with her feet perched on the edge and her hands behind her, helping to keep her upright, while Paige took up a position on Phoebe's right.

The two sisters began to kiss then, Phoebe bringing her right hand up to lightly touch Paige's cheek while the redhead started to caress the middle sister's leg with her own right hand. The kissing intensified as Paige's hand moved up Phoebe's leg, coming closer and closer to the buxom beauty's bald snatch until the youngest sibling's fingers brushed up against the brown-eyed girl's rapidly moistening twat. Phoebe broke the kiss with a groan and turned her head to look down at her groin as Paige's fingers danced over her vulva. Using only her middle and index fingers, Paige stroked her sister's labia, the flesh under her hand growing wet and red with arousal. She kept this up for a few minutes until she determined that Phoebe was wet enough for her to slide the two fingers into the raven haired girl's vagina.

Piper kept the camera focused on the two women as they kissed and Paige caressed her sister's pussy, moving in for a closeup just a few seconds before the redhead slipped her fingers into Phoebe's cunt. She stayed in tight as Paige sawed her fingers in and out of the dark haired girl's muff, starting off slowly and building in pace quickly. Piper widened the focus once more when she heard Phoebe begin to groan softly, her mouth open and looking like the sound she kept repeating, coughing out "Oh! Oh!" as her head switched back and forth from Paige's fingers to the taller girl's face. When the youngest witch added the index and middle fingers from her left hand, bringing the digits down to rub Phoebe's clit, the shorter girl threw her head back and screamed in pleasure.

With both hands moving in perfect harmony, Paige worked her sister's muff for some minutes more and Piper tightened the focus of the camcorder, zeroing in on her sister's wet snatch and staying with it as Phoebe began to take advantage of her braced hands and feet to lift her ass off the table in an effort to keep the redhead's fingers imbedded in her cunt. The younger girl went with the flow, effortlessly keeping her digits moving in her sister's sopping beaver, the dual stimulation of two fingers fucking her while another two rubbed her clitoris, speeding Phoebe along to an early climax.

And so it was only a few minutes later when Phoebe screamed out "Paige! NNNGGGUUUHHH!!" the rest of her cries cut off as her throat closed, the muscles constricting along with every other muscle in her body as her orgasm struck, her body shuddering as the pleasure washed over her.

Paige's right hand was stilled by her sister's climax, her fingers trapped as Phoebe's cunt seized them, the rhythmic clenching and unclenching bringing a soft smile to the youngest witch's face, as she continued to rub her sister's clit with her left hand, her index and middle fingers sliding up and down to either side of the nerve center as the taller girl did her best to prolong her older sibling's pleasure. When Phoebe's climax at last crested and her ass returned to the table, Paige began to move the fingers of her right hand inside her sister once more even as she brought her left hand to a stop.

Phoebe sat there for a few seconds in silence enjoying the afterglow of an extremely satisfying climax before letting out a short laugh and saying "Whew! Now that was a great way to start!"

That brought a smile to everyone's face and Phoebe reached up for Paige, bringing her baby sister in for a passionate kiss. When the kiss ended Phoebe took her right hand and lifted Paige's left breast to her lips, bringing the nipple to her mouth and sucking at the semi-erect nub. Paige let out a moan of pleasure of her own as her sister's tongue circled her nipple, her fingers still leisurely plowing in and out of Phoebe's twat. This continued for a minute or so before Paige stopped and started to disengage from the older girl, who moaned in complaint.

"Unnhhh! Where are you going?"

Taking a moment to suck Phoebe's juices from her fingers, Paige replied "Sorry sweetie, but if we're going to do this I've got to go get ready. I'll be back in a few minutes I promise!"

Phoebe knew that Paige was right, if they were going to proceed as planned it was time for the taller girl to go, but that didn't mean she had to like it, and a pout settled on her face as she removed her hand from her sister's tit. Piper had followed the brief discussion and was already repositioning the camera's tripod for the next event.

Setting it up so that it was a bit to Phoebe's left and also a smidge below the surface level of the table, she moved into frame for the first time, addressing her younger sisters as she joined them, "That's okay Paige, you go get ready, I'll take care of Phoebe for a while."

At that Phoebe's pout disappeared, instantly replaced by a big smile, but Paige lingered, uncertain as to whether she should leave while her sister, the naked one, not the other one, was still so obviously aroused, "Go on. Shoo! I'll keep her wet for you."

That was what Paige needed to hear and she gave Phoebe a quick kiss, saying as she left "I'll be right back. Don't let Piper use you all up. Remember this is my fantasy also!"

Piper gave her youngest sister a mock annoyed look, swiping at her with the back of her hand as she said "Would you get out of here! Use her up." Raising her voice a little so Paige could hear her she called out to the retreating back "Yeah, right. Since when have either of us been able to 'use up' Phoebe. She's got the libido of a bunny! The energizer kind!"


Piper turned to Phoebe, a mildly embarrassed look on her face, "Sorry sweetie, that was supposed to be a shot at Paige but it came out backwards. Sorry."

"Yeah, well."

Phoebe was still in pretty much the same position she had been since Paige had fingered her to climax, hands behind her supporting her upper body and feet up and braced on the edge of the table. Piper was standing in between her sister's knees, her hands running up and down the short haired girl's thighs almost absentmindedly, and even though she knew that Phoebe was not really annoyed - her barb had not been that hurtful nor had it actually been wrong, Phoebe did have the most active libido of the three sisters, and that was really saying something – she played along with the younger girl, pretending that she had done something for which she had to atone.

"Oh, sweetie. How can I make it up to you? Will this do it?" She lifted a hand to cup Phoebe's breast, squeezing the flesh then running her palm over the young witch's highly sensitive nipple. When Phoebe did not react Piper went on, "No? Then how about this?" The eldest girl then leaned over and sucked the same nipple into her mouth, milking the tit with her lips and bringing a gasp to Phoebe's. She ignored her sister's sudden inhalation, acting as if she still had not done enough to make amends, "Nothing huh? Wait, I know what will make it up to you!"

With that Piper dropped to her knees and inserted her tongue in Phoebe's still sodden snatch, getting far more than a gasp from the dark haired girl this time, "Good grief Phoebe! Man are you wet! Paige really got to you, huh?"

Stroking her sister's hair with her right hand, Piper had not bothered to remove her head from between Phoebe's legs when she spoke, the middle witch replied "Yeah, but you helped some."

Piper chuckled a bit at that but offered no further response, preferring instead to concentrate on moving her tongue in between Phoebe's lower lips, licking up the cream that had already formed then going back in to cause the creation of even more. The two girls had been doing this for so long now that Piper knew exactly where, exactly how, and exactly when to touch her sister, be it with her fingers or her tongue, in order to deliver the most pleasure, and to gather the most cream. But for some reason this day it was different. This day Piper was not being her usual patient, deliberate self. This day she was attacking Phoebe's pussy like a teenager sliding into third for the very first time. Not that Phoebe was complaining.

"Oh Piper! Unh! Yeah! Fuck, your tongue feels... Unh!... good!"

Chris watched the action on the screen as his hand worked over his oiled up shaft. Before joining her sisters Piper had positioned the camera almost perfectly to capture the action in progress, leaving Chris to believe that she had had at least some idea of what she was going to do before she got over there. This belief was further reinforced every time Piper lifted a hand to push Phoebe's left thigh away as the young woman succumbed to her natural inclination to close her thighs around her sister's head as her pleasure mounted. Piper didn't want her sister blocking the camera's view.

Watching Piper go down on Phoebe was not as difficult for Chris to do as he might have imagined. Yeah, there was the whole mother/son thing, but meeting her in his past, her present, when he was in his early 20's and she was approaching 30 had made a difference in how he viewed her. He didn't see her the same way he now saw Phoebe and Paige, things hadn't changed that much, but he could now see her as one adult to another, see her as a sexual being, with her own desires and longings, and watching her take and receive pleasure from her sisters was not the trauma one might expect. Except when she was with one of the other two when they were sporting male genitalia. That he could not, and never would be able to, handle.

But watching Piper's tongue as it slid into Phoebe's delectable pussy, that, well that was easy to do. And damn hot too.

"Oh damn Piper! Ah Fuck that's good! Nunhhhh! OhShitOhShitOhSHIT!! Ah Fuck Piper! Unhhhhh!"

Of course Chris wasn't the only one who found the events taking place on the TV screen amazingly hot. The two young women living them thought they were pretty damn spectacular as well, and it was even money as to which of the two were enjoying themselves more. Phoebe was the more obvious of the pair as she moaned and groaned and squirmed under Piper's assault, but the eldest Halliwell was taking as much, if not more, pleasure from thrusting her tongue into her little sister's folds, feeling the ridges, delving into all the nooks and crannies she encountered, in short doing everything she could to drive her sister wild all the while swallowing load after load of Phoebe's flavorful pussy juice.

When Piper wasn't shoving her tongue deeply into her sister's snatch, or sucking on Phoebe's labia, or moving her head in a clockwise motion, dragging her tongue over the entire surface of her sister's twat, she was flicking her tongue gently around the raven haired girl's clit, sometimes using just the tip of the tongue, other times using the broad flat part as she took long slow licks up from the bottom of the slit to the top. Whatever Piper did, licking, nibbling, sucking, or slurping, Phoebe loved it all, her head falling back between her shoulders just to be lifted again to watch her older sister work, only to fall back once more as a long moan escaped her lips.

As time passed Piper tightened her focus in her sister's vagina, her tongue taking shorter and shorter swipes through Phoebe's creamy folds and spending more time slashing and circling around the raven haired girl's clit. Eventually the older sister stopped even the briefest excursions away from Phoebe's nub, switching over instead to lightly sucking the nerve bundle into her mouth. The middle sister greeted this new development at full volume.

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