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Charming Piper


I apologize for the time between stories. The first one flew out and this one did not. For a primer to this story, read "Charming Phoebe" in the non human section.

* * *

I was now faced with converting my second Haliwell sister. Phoebe compared to her next two sisters had been relatively easy. She really had no special powers other than foresight. And since she could not see me coming, converting her was a good warm up. I had chosen Piper as my second conquest, but she posed two specific problems that made her tougher than Phoebe, but not as bad as Prue.

The two problems were, in order, that she was protected by her husband, Leo, the white lighter, and second, she could freeze objects in time long enough to stop any attack. While I was pretty sure Leo was the bigger problem, I did not want to take either lightly.

However, I first had the pleasure of taking my new slave to be completed by my master. The easiest way to describe my master in her human form is to imagine Cameron Diaz but a little taller.

This is how my master completes a witch. Phoebe was totally naked except for a pair of 3 inch black heels and a black collar with a short leash. Her hands are tied behind her back and I lead her to my master.

"This is your first witch of the sisters Andromeda?"

I reply, "Yes my Master, I bring her before you to be completed."

"I will need her help in coverting her two sisters so that I might bring them to you."

"Very well," my Master continued, "make the bitch kneel". I then moved Phoebe to her knees. Her flowing brown hair was wrapped around her face and her gorgeous eyes took turns looking with a little fear between my master and I.

My master stepped behind Phoebe and took her leash. "Give me the Aurora Chalice," she demanded. I handed the chalice to my master and she started to chant. She then took the chalice, dropped the leash and took Phoebe's hair and yanked down so that Phoebe's face stared straight up. My master took the chalice and slowly but firmly inserted it into Phoebe's mouth until it was all the way in. While the chalice once again grew down Phoebe's throat, this time the part protuding from her lips formed a different shape. A shape that molded perfectly with my masters right hand.

My master then let go of Phoebe's hair and using the handle of the chalice pushed Phoebe onto her back. Phoebe's hands were now under her, but with the chalice in her throat, the pain of having her hands tied under her was minimal.

"The ceremony you performed on this whore was only temporary Andromeda, "my master asserted, "I will now make it permanent." She raised her left hand and another chalice appeared. She looked at Phoebe and commanded, "Spread your legs bitch". Phoebe opened her legs and my master moved the second chalice toward her cunt. My master then looked at me and said. "We will struggle since her memory will be restored for a very short period of time, do not be alarmed".

With that, my master plunged the second chalice in very quickly and deeply. Phoebe's eyes widened as they did when I first put the chalice in her throat. She bucked and kicked as her last independent thoughts swirled in her mind. I was amazed by my master's strength and the image of her hands and the two chalices almost as one in Phoebe's throat and cunt. My master started to chant again and both chalices began to glow white hot. Phoebe arched her back and screamed into the chalice but it was soon over and my master extracted both chalices, took Phoebe's hair again and whispered in her ear. "You are the sole property of Andromeda, you are his whore to be commanded as he wishes. Never disobey him"

"I am his," Phoebe replied.

The next day Phoebe and I discussed how to eliminate Leo and convert Piper. We decided Leo was first. I will go with the condensed version. Phoebe called Leo when were in my apartment. When Leo arrived, Phoebe was waiting for him on my couch wearing only a pair of black panties. "Aaron (my human name, for those who have not read "Charming Phoebe") won't be back for two hours…. care to try a sister? Leo stuttered that he would have to decline, but Phoebe got up and started to caress the back of Leo's head, "Come on Leo, you can tell me who is better in bed, me or Piper, maybe if you are lucky, the three of us can have some fun together." Leo's hesitation was his undoing, because it allowed Phoebe to bring out the electric stunner from the back of her panties and hit Leo directly in the chest. It not only knocked him unconscious but did not allow him to "orb". We tied Leo up and shipped him to my master and the way she disposed of him is too disgusting for this medium for she hates white lighters worse than witches.

As for Piper, Phoebe and I invited her to dinner two nights later. Phoebe had on a short black skirt with a white blouse about one size too tight. Piper had come reluctantly and just dressed in jeans and a t shirt. Phoebe asked if she had heard from Leo. Piper responded "No, and I am getting nervous. It has been two days and since we have been married, he has never been gone that long. Listen, if I am going to bum you two out, I can run back home, Phoebe looks dressed up anyway and I am only in jeans."

"That is fine," I said, "This is just a informal dinner to take your mind off things." I laughed internally at the unintended pun. Piper looked very hot to me, because the jeans were fairly tight and they showed off her athletic ass. I could hardly wait to peel them off her as she struggled. As for the t shirt, while I knew imagined her breasts were not as large as Phoebe's, what I saw only heightened my desire to convert this witch.

After dinner, we were drinking some wine and Phoebe started to see how uncomfortable see could make Piper. "Aaron can keep me going for hours, I totally submit myself to him."

"I am happy for you Phoebe," said Piper, "but that is really more information than I need." But Phoebe persisted as was our plan. "In fact, I bet he could make you scream his name and forget all about Leo." Now Piper seemed mad and tried to stand, but the drug Phoebe had put in her wine was starting to take effect. "Now I am leaving, Phoebe is obviously drunk and a little too horny for me." And as she stumbled towards me, I got a little too bold and grabbed her arm and said, "C'mon Piper, we could have a lot of fun, but she pushed me back and started to freeze me when Phoebe side kicked her right in the back. She fell towards me and I caught her by the hair and punched her in the stomach as hard as I could and she fell at Phoebe's feet. Dazed by the drug and punch, Piper looked up at her sister in disbelief combined with a last look for help. Phoebe responded by yanking her head up by the hair and delivered a right piledriver to Piper's chin that sent her into unconsciousness.

Two hours later, Piper started to show signs of awakening. She became aware that she was on her back, nude, with a collar around her neck that was chained to the top of a large soft top table. Her hands were attached to the back of the collar and completely encased in a leather pouch so that she could not move her hands or her arms. Her legs were loosely attached to the end of the table. "What the hell is going on?," she demanded. She looked around and now noticed that Phoebe was only wearing a black pair of panties and her black collar. "Phoebe, what are you doing?"

"Serving our master, as you soon will," she replied. Piper tried to reach the old Phoebe, "Phoebe, help me, please what has he done to you?"

"I need your help."

Phoebe looked at Piper and then at me. Piper looked toward me, tried to move her arms but could not. She lashed out one last time. "Let me out of here or our friends will be coming soon.

I responded, "If you are referring to your husband, whore, I just saw what was left of him after my master finished with him. And as for Phoebe, she is mine as you will soon be so why don't you enjoy the conversion."

Piper screamed, started to wail, and her athletic body strained at the constraints I had provided. "Phoebe, prepare your sister for me". Phoebe took Piper's legs and while starting gently, became rougher in separating them as Piper looked down. "Phoebe, stop, leave me alone, what are you doing?!?"

Phoebe had started to kiss Piper's inner thighs. Phoebe's hair was in a ponytail and her full lips were heading toward Piper's cunt, which was neatly trimmed and quivering. As Phoebe licked the edges of Piper's cunt, Piper arched her back and pleaded very quietly, "Please stop, Phoebe…mmmm.." Phoebe edged in closer and took a full lick. "Ahhhhh, oh God Phoebe, please stop". But Phoebe was permanently under my control and she knew her orders. She took her thumb and forefinger and started to play with Piper's cunt while she licked and probed deeper and harder. Piper had given up fighting it and started to buck her hips in sync with Phoebe's thrusts. Piper started to moan, "mmmmm, oh god, right there, deeper, deeper….." Piper's moans got loader and it looked like she was really starting to enjoy her sister's tongue. Phoebe continued her relentless assault on her sister's cunt until it was apparent Piper was headed for an orgasm. Phoebe abruptly stopped. Piper moaned, "What, Phoebe, don't…"

"She is ready, master." Phoebe relayed to me. I kissed Phoebe and tasted her tongue and her sister's essence at the same time. I climbed on the table and knelt between Piper's legs. She was wet, confused and ready for something, but she knew not what. As she tried to shake herself out of the mist, I positioned my cock at her wet opening. As with her sister earlier, I hooked my arm under one of her knees, opened her wider and plunged my cock (which I had started out at 10 inches) into her cunt. She quickly sobered and screamed. "NO, get out of me you bastard." I ignored her and plunged even deeper the second time. Her body was different from Phoebe's. Phoebe was more voluptuous, while Piper's was slimmer, more athletic. Piper's body felt stronger than Phoebe's and while she fought, I pushed my cock deeper into unexplored portions of her cunt. I started a regular rhythm and after five minutes of slow regular strokes, Piper stopped fighting back, and her screams turned to quiet pleadings. "Please, take me, let Phoebe go".

At that point, I willed my cock to grow two inches and became rougher as I slammed into Piper's body. I grabbed her hair with my free hand and whispered into her ear as my strokes intensified, "I am going to take you bitch, take your cunt, take your mouth, your breasts, and your soul. I am going to make you my slut just like your sister." Piper screamed one final "NOOOOOOO," and I nodded to Phoebe and she took the Aurora Chalice from under the table. Phoebe took hold of Piper from me by her hair and thrust the chalice into her mouth. Piper looked questioningly at Phoebe at first and then her eyes widened as the chalice began to grow in her mouth and down her throat. I was turned on even more as Piper's red lips stretched out as the chalice grew. I could not last much longer as Piper's moans filtered back through the chalice. The chalice was glowing bright green as I grabbed Piper's hips and thrust in for the final time and spewed cum into her.

Piper was caught in her own orgasm as I took the chalice in my mouth and started to drain her powers. Her arched back slowly slid back to the table and I pulled the chalice out of her mouth. She licked her lips as her mouth returned to normal size. "Phoebe, give you sister a kiss." Phoebe walked over and took Piper's face. She said "Welcome you your new world," and they locked mouths as their tongues danced in each other's mouths for the first time.

I removed myself from Piper's cunt and started to undo her hands going over in my head how much more fun two witches would be in bed than one...

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