tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharming the Charmed Ones Ch. 02

Charming the Charmed Ones Ch. 02


'Hello?' Came a sound at the door. 'I heard some screaming, I just thought...' Rose McGowan poked her head in the door and saw the three naked bodies. 'Oh my God! What the fuck are you doing!?'

'Oh relax!' said Holly, still scooping cum off her face.

'Yeah!' Alyssa added, licking the cum off her lips. 'I mean, you're fucking the director!'

'What?!' said Rose and Holly in turn.

'You gonna deny it?' Alyssa said, sitting up, still scooping up cum with her fingers.

'How did-No, but-I-How did you know!?' She managed to stutter.

'He told me!' Alyssa said. Wes looked at her and laughed. He couldn't help but notice the naughty grin on her face.

'And how the fuck did YOU know!' She asked him, getting more pissed off.

'Please!' Wes sighed, getting up, letting her see his large cock. 'Nobody expects attention like that without reason!'

Rose went to answer, but aside from the fact that she couldn't argue his point, she couldn't get her focus away from his still hard cock.

As she continued to stare, it became obvious what she was thinking. Wes started walking towards her, his cock leading the way. He got right up next to her and kissed her, as his cock rubbed against her tight leather pants.

'Why don't you slip out of those pants and join us.' He whispered to her. She couldn't move or speak, but he moved her hands to her waist and helped her undo her pants. He got on his knees and slipped her pants of, revealing a very small black thong, which didn't do much to hide her fairly hairy bush.

Wes slipped the panties off and leaned forward into Rose's neat hedge.

Not moving his mouth from Rose's slit, Wes used his strength to turn her around and lay her down on the floor. Once she was lying down, Alyssa and Holly pounced on her, ripping of her top.

She wore a red lace bra beneath it, which came off very quickly. Alyssa and Holly took a little time to admire her breasts which were as near perfect as either had seen before.

Without having had implants, she was still at a 36C and they hung beautifully.

Needing more than just to look, they quickly bent down and started greedily sucking on her tits, their hands quickly returning to their quickly heating cunts.

As Rose lay there, she closed her eyes and forgot all her confusions and problems, letting herself drift into unknown realms of pleasure.

Wes moved his mouth from her cunt, but inserted three fingers as he slid closer to her, preparing to give her what she wanted so badly.

As he was changing positions, Alyssa did as well. Continuing to play with Rose's small pink nipple, she straddled her face and lowered her pussy onto Rose's mouth.

She didn't see it coming, but when she felt the warmth and wetness of Alyssa's pussy, Rose happily welcomed it, quickly getting to work on it.

Wes got himself in position and removed his fingers from Rose's cunt.

Though a little ticked off he'd done it when she was so close to orgasm, Rose shrugged it off and continued of Alyssa's pussy.

Without the slightest warning, Wes shoved his full length into Rose.

'OH FUCK!' Rose meant to say, but her cry was muffled by the gyrating hips that rubbed Alyssa's sweet hole into her mouth.

It'd been ages since she'd had something so big inside her and it was a great shock. There was a little pain, but it was quickly out done by pleasure as Wes started to slowly fuck her pussy with his giant member. He pulled his cock out to its head and slowly pushed it back in to the end, filling her completely. As he quickened his pace, he lifted her led up, until her knee rested beside her shoulder.

Alyssa grabbed it and started kissing up and down, licking Rose's long, slender leg. She turned around and moved her kissing down to Rose's thigh, next to the ever faster pounding of Wes's cock.

Starting to feel a little lonely, Holly grabbed her big double dildo and walked over to Wes. She bent over and whispered in his ear.

'Let me have a piece.' She whispered.

Though he was more than willing, he wasn't sure if he could bring himself to leave this beautiful hole.

Instead, he got Alyssa off and turned Rose until she was beneath him, missionary style. He started rubbing her asshole and Holly quickly got the idea. She positioned herself behind Rose and started to push the giant strap-on into her.

'Oh hell no!' Rose yelled. She was getting used to the big cock in her pussy, but she'd seen the size of that dildo and there was no way it was going to fit into her extremely tight asshole. Her cries of protest were cut short though when Wes grabbed her head and kissed her a kiss she couldn't refuse.

Holly quickly realised just how tight Rose's ass was and knew she'd never get the whole massive cock in there, especially unlubricated. Unfortunately, she kept no lubricant with her, fortunately, there was Alyssa.

Rose's mouth was working hard on Alyssa's clit and her fingers going overtime in her hole and she was about to cum.

'OOOOOHHHH FUUUUUUUCK!!" Alyssa screamed, drenching Rose's face with cum.

It was a few moments before she could move, but when she did she saw Holly calling her over.

Holly got Alyssa to suck on the great beast for a bit, getting it nice and wet and slippery. She decided she'd lubricate Rose's ass herself. She bent down and softly kissed her way to Rose's pink puckered hole. She licked it and stuck her tongue a little bit in. While down there, she couldn't help but play with Wes's balls as he rammed Rose's pussy.

She got up on top of Rose and tried again to get inside her. This time was more successful, getting a few inches in before Rose protested.

'You can't get it in there!' She yelled, with more force in her voice. 'I've...I've never been ass fucked.'

'Jesus, no wonder!' Holly said. 'Wes, you'd better take her ass, I'll do her pussy.'

Rose was rolled off Wes and Holly slid beneath her. This time, Rose decided to take control and dropped herself onto the dildo.

'Oh!' A loud moan escaped her lips, but was stopped when Alyssa shoved one of her tits in her mouth.

Wes moved behind Rose and pushed gently into her ass. He, like Holly got to about three inches before it became incredibly tight. He continued to push, slowly going further in. He heard Rose moaning more from pain than pleasure.

'Shall I stop?' He asked her.

She sat for a moment, moving only slightly from Holly's thrusts into her. She thought for a moment and shook her head. His cock had her asshole stretched until she thought it might tear. But, for some reason, she had trust in him, and wanted him inside her ass. She would have said something dirty to fuel him on, but Alyssa's tit was too good to let go of.

As Wes continued to push into her, tears formed in her eyes and ran down her face, but she was determined to get his cock fully in. She started to push back gently. This added some ease to Wes, though it didn't do much to comfort her pain. Wes had about 7 ½ inside her before Rose orgasmed.

As Holly moved to a speed that threatened to melt the dildo, Rose started to shake. She screamed into Alyssa's tit and flooded the plastic cock with juice, which ran down from there onto Holly and onto the floor.

With her orgasm came another surprise. As well as her pussy contracting, her ass did as well. Wes's cock was literally stuck there for a moment before her ass loosened up a great amount and he was able to push a little further in. This continued for a while, her ass contracted and he got stuck, then loosened and he went further, until he was totally in her. Rose got Alyssa's breast out of her mouth and cried out loudly.

'Oh God!'

Holly, slipping out from beneath her, taking of the dildo got close and kissed her.

'How's it fell?' she asked.

'It hurts like fucking hell.' Rose gasped. 'But it feels kinda good as well.'

'Well, don't worry.' Alyssa added. 'It'll get a lot better.' She looked at Wes's face and could see he was in a little trouble of his own.

'I'm stuck' He mouthed silently to her.

'You have to relax though.' She said to Rose quickly. 'You have to relax your asshole, or it'll keep hurting and what's more, you'll have him stuck in your ass forever.'

Rose did her best to relax and Wes was able to move a little. This was enough for him and he got to work on her. He only pulled out an inch, but pushed in hard. Though the pain never went away, Rose started to feel good, and wanted it to continue.

Deciding to help a little, she matched his rhythm and rocked back and forth with him. There were a few times when her sphincter would tighten and they'd have to pause, but she learned quickly to control it and he was soon ready to cum again.

'Oh, I'm gonna cum soon.' Wes groaned.

'Hold on.' Rose said. 'These two got a load in their faces, I want one to.'

Wes was happy to oblige and pulled out of her ass, both of them sighing with relief. When his cock was out, everyone noticed there were some traces of shit on Wes's cock.

'Let me help clean that up.' Alyssa said, lunging on Wes's cock and swallowing it again. She cleaned it up well and reluctantly pulled away for Rose to get her load.

Rose turned herself over and got him on her chest. She pressed her tits around his cock and started to move them up an down. Wes started a rhythm and started tit fucking her. His cock was of great size and with each thrust, came close to her mouth. Each time, Rose took a lick of the head, quickening the process somewhat.

Finally, with a great moan, Wes came, spraying Rose with cum. His last orgasm appeared to be the largest as Rose's tits and most of her face was almost completely covered. Wes got off and let her lick the cum off her face.

Alyssa and Holly were unable to hold back and crawled over and greedily licked and sucked the cum off her tits, as her fingers scooped cum off those parts of her face and neck her tongue couldn't reach.

Wes slipped hic clothes on and left them quietly licking the cum off Rose.

A while later, the girls wondered where he'd gone and went to ask. The first person they found was one of the casting crew.

'Hey, where'd Wes go?' Alyssa asked.

'Who?' The young woman looked a little confused.

'Wes. You know the guy we're supposed to battle for a while now.'

'Umm....We're having a return of Cole over the next few weeks; I dunno who you're talking about.' The woman left the three of them shaking her head.

'So...who the hell was that guy?' Rose asked nobody in particular.

'I dunno.' Holly replied. 'Just some guy I guess.

'Yeah,' Alyssa stated, 'Some guy who just gave us the wildest evening ever.'

'He's probably just some guy who took a shot and got lucky with us.' Rose said, shrugging her shoulders.

'Well, whoever he is, he gave us one hell of an evening.' Holly said. 'And...Something else.' She pulled Alyssa toward her and kissed her passionately.

Without any further worry of who this guy was the three settles down for some more fun.

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