tagIncest/TabooChase Goes to College Ch. 02

Chase Goes to College Ch. 02


Author's Note:

The following is a work of fiction. It may or may not contain characters based on persons living or dead and may or not may contain actions completed by these same persons who may or may not have lived.

The world where this story takes place is an alternate reality where sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies do not exist (nod to BusyBadger).

This is the introduction of the Heather character. She factors in a number of succeeding chapters.

The first vignette is a retelling of the author's favorite Penthouse Forum posting. The original poster asserted that the events were factional (and certainly delicious!).

A hearty thank you and high praise for the editing work and story ideas supplied by fellow author and editor JustKeepRunning. Check out his work! I quite enjoyed it.


Heather looked up at the darkened sky just as the first firework launched and exploded high over the stadium. She was still wearing her cheerleader uniform after the team's victory but had slipped off her tights. She had hoped Mike was feeling adventurous and would try to get under her skirt that night.

She loved wearing her uniform on game days. Arguably, it was supposed to boost team spirit at the college, but it really brought a lot of attention - from both men and women to her personally. Ostensibly, people were asking about the team and her role in their success, but it always felt like a win for her ego. "Yes. I am a cheerleader. Yes. We have a game today." She recognized that she should be offended by answering such obvious questions, but she enjoyed the attention nonetheless.

Anybody could dress up on Halloween, but she got to every week during the season. There was something very girlie about playing dress up, putting on makeup not to enhance one's looks or highlight her hazel eyes, but to announce one's affiliation. She loved tying her long black hair with ribbons into cute ponytails and wearing tights in public. Everybody loved cheerleaders or wanted to be one. What was there not to like?

She was fully aware that the short skirt draped over her round ass drew a lot of attention. She was tall for a cheerleader and that just made her caboose that much more prominent. Guys would always stare at her legs and try to see under her skirt. It was actually kind of funny, if you thought about it. She was essentially wearing short shorts under the skirt, but that didn't stop them from trying to get a peek.

Her longtime boyfriend, Mike was by her side. He had hurriedly showered after the game and was standing next to her but not holding her. She would have preferred some more active interaction, like the big man holding her wrapped in his arms. She was hoping for some loving later and wanted some attention now.

After all, what was college for if not some sexual exploration. She knew they were "good kids" and should be good examples, but she didn't know if Mike was the "the one." She loved him and all, but she wanted more than what being a good girl was giving her.

Unexpectedly, she felt something hard pressing into her butt. At first, she assumed it was Mike, but he was still standing next to her, enthralled in the fireworks display and completely oblivious to her. Then the firmness behind her moved away. Realizing this might be an opportunity for some exploration, she pushed her hips back until she met the stiffness and wiggled her ass.

The response was immediate. The hardness pressed into her rear cheeks and thrust up and down. His intentions were clear. Would she act on the invitation? Looking quickly at her partner and seeing his continued enthrallment of the bright lights and loud sounds, she held her cover-up in front of her and reached behind her. Eagerly, her nimble fingers found the covered toy that had invited her to play. Rubbing his length up and down with excitement, she found the courage to find the opening to the barrier between them.

Happily, she found the zippered doorway to the object of her manual attentions and inched the zipper down. Once satisfied there was enough room to get her hand inside, she rushed to find the joy maker there. To her surprise and pleasure, the meat between them was not veiled by underwear, but ready for play.

Fondling his gift, she was thrilled by the naughtiness, the danger of being caught in front of the entire student body. Her parents could even have been in the audience. Her boyfriend was standing next to her while she fondled another man's dick.

The thrill of exposure and her burgeoning hormones drove her to want more direct contact with the pleasure stick that her hand was currently stroking the length of. Fishing the pole from his trousers, she guided it toward the junction of her legs; the moisture already leaking from her center.

Coaxing the beast from its lair gave her a thrill. She had the power over this stranger's pride and she was going to get satisfaction. Soon the beast was nestled in her buns; the heat it radiated felt warm on her bare skin.

She was surprised to feel the slipperiness of his precum coating the beast's head and transferring to her nakedness. He was ready and eager. He began pushing up and down between the cheeks of her ass.

She was thrilled to be committing such a forbidden act in public, but she wanted more. She wrapped her hand around the slipperiness and gently guided it downward toward her own pleasure center. She wished that she could have heard his moans, giving her that feedback that he was enjoying the manual simulation.

Holding the throbbing beast around its head, she rocked forward to put some space between their bodies. As the captive was led through the deep valley between her cheeks, the lubricated head pressed against her puckered rear exit. She was surprised at the twin sensations of strangeness and excitement, so much so that she unintentionally paused, still holding the pulsing pole against her sphincter.

The eager owner interpreted the alignment to be a request and gently pressed forward, applying small pressure to the seal of her rear exit. Quickly recognizing his intentions, she smoothly guided the probe lower still.

Once he was aligned with the pocket between her thighs, she encouraged him forward, gently pushing the thruster toward the entrance she wanted filled right then. Clenching her core and standing on her tiptoes, she made a tight box for him and pushed herself backwards until her bare skin was pressed against his open pants. As his manhood passed through her tunnel, the beast plowed through her furrow. She oohed in time with the audience but drew satisfaction from knowing they were experiencing two very different things.

She thrilled to know that she had another man's very private gift in contact with her own, her boyfriend and surrounding girlfriends oblivious to the sexual activity literally under their noses. She had wanted an adventure that evening, and this was far more exciting than she dared even hoped.

Her anonymous partner wasted no time in exploring the dark cave his probe found itself in. Slowly rocking forward and back, the pole between her legs grazed her swollen lips as the mushroom head pushed between her thighs and drug back through on the return stroke.

Her mind raced through the possibilities; who could have been behind her satisfying a need she didn't even know she had? Realizing that turning to look would turn possibility into reality, maybe an unpleasant one, she consciously chose not to look at the tall man now currently putting his most private of privates between her overheated thighs.

Struggling to remain standing still and not scream her pleasure to the world, she clenched her thighs around the slippery piston that was stimulating her to the point of frustration but not satisfaction. She quickly tried to think of excuses of they were caught, but the sensations pulsing from between her legs were too demanding for her to think rationally.

She knew her teammates were enjoying regular pleasuring from a variety of manly men, or at least those were the stories they told. She didn't want to be known as a slut, but she had desires too that simply weren't being met. Who could she tell that it wouldn't get back to Mike or her teammates?

The slow motion between her thighs brought her back to the present; she would have to deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. Stifling another moan, she let the stimulation wash through her body. She enjoyed the infrequent sex with Mike, even if she wasn't "supposed to", but this was something else, something unexpected, and she wanted more.

Gently rocking back and forth on her tiptoes, she felt the warm flush of her building climax. Recognizing that the fireworks would be over soon, she knew she needed to hurry the process along. Pretending to drop her cover up, she bent at the waist while still on tiptoes and put her hands on the ground, completely opening her flower to the slippery probe that had been caressing her petals.

Reading her posture as an invitation, he plunged himself inside her flower, burying his needy meat fully. He was so close, if she would just keep going a little longer, he silently prayed. He kept his pace as fast as he dared, fearing to break the unbelievable spell and great luck he was experiencing.

When he had pressed his hard-on again her ass earlier, he knew he was taking a risk. He was afraid she would accuse him of being a pervert in front of the crowd. At best he hoped to be able to excuse himself as bumping into her by "accident". But this was unbelievable, cheerleaders were too self-important to allow this sort of thing to happen, yet she was now actively pleasuring herself on him.

Feeling the object of her desire finally in the location she craved, she took what she wanted and fucked herself on the anonymous tool. She couldn't stay folded in half long, eventually Mike would clue in and ask if she was okay. With her free hand she found her swollen clit and frigged herself madly, willing her climax to come.

Her relief came quickly, the tsunami that was building crashed heavily on her, washing her out to a sea of sexual bliss. The uncomfortable position brought her back too soon as she became aware that she still bending over with one hand on the ground barely preventing her from toppling onto the grass.

Slowly standing with her cover up in hand, she felt the hard invader pull out as she straightened. Making a decision based purely in the heat of the moment, she guided the slowly pistoning love maker to her back door. His owner driven crazy with lust, the slippery, nearly bursting beast probed and pushed ever-so-slowly through the previously closed barrier. The tightness of the muscular ring around his member coupled with the thrill of fucking a cheerleader, in public, in her ass, hurled him over the cliff. Roughly grasping the hips he had not yet held, he pumped his essence deep into her bowels. He stifled a roar in his throat, a primal expression of the release of his seed. Burst after burst of him pumped into her in a very public place. His ego swelled as his testes drained.

She felt the meat sticking in her ass expand and contact, first strongly then less and less. While she couldn't feel the sticky cum he was filling her insides with, she savored the delicious sensation of the forbidden act. Mike had never tried anal before, and she never thought she would want to, but right now it was the most exciting thing to happen to her that day, that month, or maybe that year. All of this with a man she didn't even know. Not only did she not know him, she didn't even know what he looked like.

The loud explosions of the fireworks finale brought him back to the here and now. Soon the crowd would be breaking up and it would very awkward to be standing so close to her when anyone could notice. Carefully disengaging himself from her, he covered himself with his jacket and quickly slipped away while everyone focused on the last of the bright lights and loud booms in the sky. He wanted to thank her, to let her know that he was the one who had just plundered her tight ass right next to her clueless boyfriend. Thinking it through, he realized that if she wanted to know who he was, all she would have to have done was to turn around and meet the man that was just inside her. Since she had not, he concluded she didn't want to know.

Her face still flush after her recent romp with sticky cum inside her, what was now sticky precum in her crack and her own juices running down her bare legs, she told Mike she was going to the bathroom and slipped away before he had a chance to react.

Alone in the locker room shower, she frigged her clit mercilessly as she reminisced about the events of the evening. Soon she was panting as a rushing wave of rapture quaked her wet body.

Quickly toweling dry, she changed into her jeans and a T-shirt. If Mike wanted to fool around tonight, he was going to have to earn it, she thought resolutely.

She found Mike waiting by his old pickup, surrounded by his teammates. They were whooping and congratulating each other about their victory that night. There was discussion about a party that night that most had committed to attend.

As Heather approached the cluster of guys, the conversion lulled as one by one the college men acknowledged the attractive woman in their presence. Her eyes shone brightly as she strode through the knot of players as they gawked and ogled her shapely figure in skin tight jeans and musician themed T-shirt.

Standing on tiptoes, she quickly kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "Take me home, stud." and gave his package a squeezed for emphasis. Mike hurried to open the vehicle door as he exchanged goodbyes to the mute men.

Heather smirked as she climbed inside the truck, knowing full well that every eye was on her ass. She made sure to pause and twist her hips at just the right moment when everyone would see her derriere as she bent at the waist to climb onto the seat. She could have been much quicker about it and without hiking her butt into the air, but what was the fun in that she asked herself.

Finally seated in the middle of the bench seat, the spell was broken, and the small throng dispersed. Many of the young men lamenting that she was going home with him instead of themselves while others made pronouncements that Mike was certain to score that night.

As soon as Mike was seated and buckled, Heather rested her head on his shoulder with her hand in his lap. As he coaxed the old pickup to life, she fumbled with his zipper. By the time the engine roared to live, she had the zipper down and was probing his boxers for the opening in front.

Mike stared at the small hand working in his lap and asked with surprise, "What cha doin'?"

Heather snorted indignantly, "If you don't know, maybe I should just stop."

"No! No!" he was quick to contradict, "It's just, well, you've never done that before and aren't you worried about getting caught?"

"Oh! So, you think I don't know what I'm doing and you're afraid to get caught with your pants down." she quipped.

"Yes! I mean, no!" he flustered. When she started to pull her hand away from his lap, he almost panicked, "Please! Don't stop. You just surprised me, is all."

Heather hid her smirk as she went back to her task. Soon she was through the thin cloth barrier and wrapped her fingers around the swelling in his boxers. After some awkward manipulations, the swelling was full grown and protruding out his fly obscenely. She cooed her satisfaction as her eyes grew wide with arousal.

Mike expressed his nervousness haltingly, "Um, uh, maybe you could cover me up, a little. Um, people could see..."

She cut him off. "See what?" as she waggled his joy maker. "Unless someone stands at your door, looks in your lap, in the dark, and can tell that I'm holding your cock in my hand, you've got nothing to worry about." she reasoned. Then surprising them both, she contorted on the bench seat and clumsily brought the source of his anxiety to her lips and said, "Unless I do this." Taking him inside her mouth, she pumped her head vigorously up and down until he broke from his paralysis.

Grabbing her shoulder and pulling her off his lap, he flustered, "What'd ya doin'? You'll get us caught fer sure!"

She licked her lips lazily like a cat and smoothed her ruffled hair. She hadn't planned to do that, but she had enjoyed the thrill - the thrill of getting caught, of causing his panic, if only for a moment.

Finally rushing out of the parking lot onto the street, Mike was firmly gripping the steering wheel and looking out the windshield. He focused on the short drive to her apartment. He didn't know what to do about her. She had never acted like this. He wanted more but knew they shouldn't until they were married. They weren't engaged, but had been together seemingly forever, so marriage was just a given expectation.

Since he made no effort to put himself away, she rested her head on his shoulder. He visibly relaxed and put a muscular arm around her shoulder. She nestled into his and placed her hand on the inside of his thigh and watched for his reaction. When blood began to fill the toy that was just in her mouth, she lazily began to brush and lightly caress the stiffening erection.

He kept his eyes focused on the road, but his internal focus was in his lap. Where anybody walking by could have discovered his exposure in the parking lot, it would be nearly impossible for someone to unexpectedly witness the gentle fondling she was doing now.

When the throbbing in her hand started to leak from the tip, she snuggled in closer. The dim light from the dashboard gave only faint illumination to the first of its kind she had ever seen or felt or put in her mouth. She thought briefly about her tryst earlier that evening, but this one in her hand was her first everything.

She couldn't help but to compare the two, the one she was currently grasping and stroking slowly to the stranger's. She passively wondered who had been inside her and whose deposit she still carried. She never saw his equipment, but had handled it at length, she chuckled softly to herself at the double entendre.

She enjoyed the power in her hand, the feeling of being in control. Suddenly making the connection as Mike removed his arm from her shoulder and shifted gears, she realized that she liked 'driving stick' - his stick more than her old car but stick nonetheless.

Soon Mike started breathing heavily, his thighs quivering. Heather began to wonder if something was wrong with him until he pleaded with her, "Don't stop."

Uncertain as to his request, she paused the up and down motion with her hand in his lap. More urgently this time, he pleaded for her to, "Please, keep going. I'm almost there." He thrust his hips upwards into her slack hand, hoping desperately that she would continue the ecstasy she was giving him with her hand.

Without thinking, she quickly repositioned herself with her head over his lap, her hot breath now exhaling on the living toy she had been enjoying. She knew she shouldn't be doing it but wanted to try it. Some of her cheerleader friends had told her with great detail how much their boyfriends loved it.

Tentatively bring the flesh she held like a microphone to her lips, she took a small lick like she was expecting it to bite her. When Mike continued to plead, she was emboldened enough to take a larger lick, like she would an ice cream come.

Mike's reaction was immediate and unmistakable, "Oh yeah! Just like that. Keep doing that!" Heather decided it didn't taste too bad and continued licking the bulbous head.

Enjoying and emboldened by his favorable reaction, Heather tried putting the bulb inside her mouth like her girlfriends had told her. Surprisingly, she found it not unpleasant, kind of like a big jawbreaker with no particular taste.

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