tagSci-Fi & FantasyChased By Apes

Chased By Apes


Alina fled through the trees wincing as branches whipped her face. Behind, she could hear the sound of the apes gaining on her. She was too slow and her pursuers too swift, never mind that she was in their territory. Still, what did that matter when the beasts were at home everywhere? She had been captured in the south, where bands of humans still roamed free but the apes were penetrating further and further into that land and her entire tribe had been taken in one ill-fought afternoon. She, daughter of her tribe's chieftain had been shipped north with the other women and the weak men, while the strong men had been sent to the new mines in the south. Her escape had been a lucky one, dashing into the trees as chaos swirled around the arrival and unloading of the slave ship.

But it seemed her luck would not hold for much longer. She was slow compared to the apes and this was their land. Even if she managed to elude them for now, how long could she survive here alone or how long before they finally found her? Glancing over her shoulder as she pelted between the trees, Alina caught a glimpse of her closest pursuers. She threw herself forward only to stumble and before she knew it she was being lifted from her feet and a net was closing in around her. She had walked right into a trap and was caught; the net which held her was dangling four feet above the forest floor. Her arms flailed for a few moments before she realized such an action would only serve to entangle her more. She lay still, breathing heavily as the apes approached her prison. The largest of them removed his helmet as he advanced, his ugly face staring at her. He stopped mere inches from the net which bound her.

"Foolish one," he growled at her, "did you think to outrun us? Such bravery in one so puny. Perhaps I will gift you to Lord Rift. He admires puny ones like you."

As he spoke his hairy fingers reached in to grab her hair, fascinated by its rich red hue against her copper skin. He withdrew his hand, and swiftly slit the net with his knife. Alina tumbled to the ground but managed to stifle the grunt of pain that sprang to her lips as she hit the earth. The ape gestured and two of his followers grabbed her arms, hauling her to a standing position between them. The ape sheathed his knife and touched her hair again, trailing his hand over her face, his nails scratching her smooth skin. In one swift move he tugged her shift from her body, leaving her exposed.

"Indeed, I think Lord Rift will be pleased but he'll not know or care how you come to him," he murmured in her ear.

"Hold her," he instructed his soldiers.

They each took a step away from her side, taking her arms with them so that her upper body was stretched in a T shape. Her breasts, naked and full thrust upward, her nipples hardening slightly in the cool breeze. The ape reached out and ran his fingers over her breasts, admiring his dark, hair-covered skin against her copper tan. Alina held still, refusing to submit to her fear. A large hand was suddenly thrust between her thighs, fingers curving inside her. She was dry and it pained her but she stayed quiet, enduring. The ape drew his fingers out and raised them to his nose, sniffing. Then he placed them in his mouth and licked her scent from them. He gestured again and her captors forced her to her knees. The ape in front of her swept his battle-skirt aside and a huge penis appeared in front of her face. She could see that it was already hard. The ape took it in his hand and slapped her face with it, once on each cheek. The he rolled it from her forehead to her chin and from one ear to the other. She kept her mouth shut but he slid a finger in, prying her jaw open.

"You will open your mouth puny bitch and take my ape-cock," he growled, "or you will pay the price. Do not forget that I can kill you and that I can kill your family."

Alina did not fear for her own life but could this ape, and would this ape, kill her family if she did not comply? Likely he could and would. What choice did she have? She opened her mouth and immediately gagged as the huge cock was pushed into her throat. One of his hands wound in her hair, pulling and pushing her head on and off his cock, while the other reached down and twisted her nipple and breast. He was merciless in his fucking and she was powerless to control his thrusts.

His cock was so huge she couldn't breathe at all as he rammed it into her mouth and down her throat. It was in so deep now that gagging wasn't even an option. His hand on her breast was hurting her too but she could do nothing but accept what he drove into her. The ape was thrusting in and out of her mouth, grunting rhythmically. She was beginning to see stars as the lack of air began to take its toll. Her mouth was stretched as wide as it could possibly be as the ape's thrusts grew wilder and more frantic. He was breathing heavily now and his grunts were louder, his huge balls were slapping against her chin and neck. He placed a large hand on either side of her head and held it in his grip as he pumped himself into her mouth and with a huge roar she felt his seed begin to spurt into her mouth, pumping down her raw throat. She fainted.

Alina awoke to find herself chained to a post outside a battle tent. Her throat burned and her breasts ached from the pinching and the twisting. She looked around but saw neither ape nor human. It appeared to be late afternoon, the sun far to the west and just beginning to slide towards the tree-line. She needed water, and as the thought came to her a woman shuffled out of the tent and came towards her. In her hands she held a pitcher which Alina prayed held water.

"Water, child," the woman said, gesturing for Alina to open her mouth. Blessed relief poured down her aching throat, soothing and cooling.

"Thank you," she said, her voice raspy.

"You've been ill used child, but worse is to come you know. Tonight you'll be presented to Lord Rift and you'll be expected to entertain. Show no fear, do not whine, and do not flatter him and perhaps you'll live. You're young and agile. I hope it is so."

With these words she poured more water down Alina's throat and then turned and walked away. Alina could only imagine what she meant by 'entertain' but she was too sore and exhausted to care at that moment. Her eyes closed again and she dozed.

She woke to feel someone prodding her. It was the woman again. She didn't speak but gestured for Alina to follow her. It was fully night-time now and the apes had returned, flowing through the camp, calling to each other. The woman led her into the tent and chained her to the post that rose in the middle of it. Then she left.

Time passed. She wasn't sure how long but apes drifted in and seated themselves on the low cushions spread around the interior of the tent. Food and wine was brought in and they feasted, completely ignoring her. She blanched as she saw the ape who had sodomized her mouth come in, accompanied by another ape who could only have been Lord Rift. He was not as large as his general but was as well-built and broader in the shoulders. They seated themselves and joined the feasting, neither one looking in her direction. In one corner, several apes sat strumming on stringed instruments. Eventually the feasting slowed. The general rose to his feet.

"My Lord Rift," he declared, "I bring you a puny female to entertain you.

"Have you had her general?" Rift asked.

"She has taken my mighty-ape cock in her mouth, my lord. She fainted with the pleasure."

Laughter rang around the tent and Rift's face twisted in a grimace of an ape smile.

"Well then, perhaps it is time for her to faint with pleasure again," he said.

He approached Alina, and undid her chains. Then he gestured and four apes moved in, hoisting her from the ground, holding her between them, her body parallel to the earth below her. Her legs were split apart and Rift approached, sniffing over her face and breasts, his tongue flicking out to lick her nipples as he passed, following her scent down to the patch of red hair between her thighs. He stood between her legs and the soldiers raised her so her cunt was on a level with his face. She remembered the words of the woman and did not whimper, not showing the fear she felt. His breath was hot on her thighs as she felt his fingers poking at her pussy. He reached out with his rough tongue and tasted her.

She stiffened at his touch and his fingers probed deeper inside her. The he withdrew them and slid his tongue along her lips, pushing it into her pussy slightly, as his fingers pried her open. One of his fingers brushed against her clit and she gasped at the shock. She couldn't be aroused. Not with the ape's face in her cunt, its tongue raking across her clit and pushing inside her. But she could feel her juices begin to flow. The tongue was large and stiff and was thrusting into her cunt in a way no human man's tongue could ever do. Then it was lapping at her clit and her hips began to thrust to the rhythm of its licking. She felt a hairy finger push into her cunt again as the tongue continued to lick her clit. Then another finger joined it, and another until she was sure the ape's entire fist was filling her, fucking her.

She couldn't believe how amazing she felt, with this hairy beast between her legs. She writhed in the grip of the soldiers, thrusting her cunt up into the ape's face, her juices smearing all over his hairy face as his tongue rasped and raked against her clit. She was moaning now, held spread-eagled in the air by the soldiers while Rift slurped at her sopping cunt, his fist inside her, moving in and out, his tongue on her clit and she screamed suddenly as orgasm rocked her but he didn't stop, his tongue kept moving and his whole face ground into her pussy as orgasm after orgasm swept over her and she continued to scream as the pleasure turned to pain. Then he stopped.

The soldiers lowered her to the floor and Rift dropped beside her, his heavy cock already in his hand. He sat, propping himself up with the low couch at his back and dragged Alina to him. He lifted her astride him and suddenly rammed her down on his rampant cock. She screamed again as his huge cock plunged into her soaking cunt. She was dripping wet but the cock was still huge and seemed to be ripping her open. Rift thrust up and she was sure his cock was rending a hole right through her middle. He pulled her up and down, using his strength to plunge her on and off his huge ape-cock. She was almost limp in his grasp but he held her upright as he fucked into her. She could feel the hair of his body rubbing again her sore clit. Rift had eaten her raw and the sensation of his hair on her clit was almost too much to bear but he continued thrusting into her, hips pounding as he plunged her onto his cock, ramming deep inside. His thrusts were rhythmic and she could feel her clit swelling again, despite its earlier abuse and as he continued to pound into her she came again, moaning and whimpering as she no longer had the energy to scream. It seemed as if Rift would go on forever.

"Join me general," he called, "I don't think she has had enough yet."

The general approached and Rift slowed his pumping. He pulled her onto his chest so her ass rose in the air slightly, held tight by his cock in her pussy. She felt a hand reach for the place his cock entered her cunt and scoop up the fluids collected there and then she felt the juices smeared over her asshole. She couldn't believe what they were about to do to her. How could she take an ape-cock in her ass, never mind one in her ass and one in her cunt? She felt Rift's cock pulse inside her cunt and move slowly. She gasped as her clit was rubbed again, and gasped louder as she felt something large and meaty prodding at her anal opening.

It pushed forward and the pressure made her cry out, but Rift's cock thrust into her pussy again, distracting her. As he pushed up she felt the cock in her ass push in. Hairy hands grasped her waist and suddenly he plunged, bellowing in pride as he did. She screamed at the pain, her ass was being ripped apart but the general's cock was deep in her ass just as Rift's was deep in her throbbing cunt. Now if only they'd stay still, she might survive. But as the thought entered her mind, Rift began to move inside her again. The general stayed still and she almost welcomed the feeling of her ass being full of a big meaty ape-cock. Rift's hands began to fondle her breasts, pinching her nipples as his cock pumped inside her. She began to move by herself, up and down, impaling herself on his cock, rubbing her clit against him, moaning in pleasure at the fullness in her cunt and ass.

Just as she relaxed and began to fuck Rift's cock in earnest, hearing him grunt as he pinched her nipples, the general began to fuck into her ass, pulling out slightly and thrusting back in. She squeezed her asshole around him, trying to push back onto him even as she thrust down onto the cock in her cunt. The general began to pound into her now and her ass was on fire but she had never felt so full. Both apes were grunting and bellowing as the human woman took their huge cocks inside her, moaning her pleasure to them, impaling herself over and over on them, pumping frantically now, as her clit was rubbed and pinched, her ass and cunt full of cock and as both apes shot their seed inside her, howling with the pleasure of cumming in the human, she came again, screaming as she felt their hot cum boil up into her. Then she collapsed onto Rift, both cocks still resting in her.

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