tagNonHumanChasing Cerise Ch. 02

Chasing Cerise Ch. 02


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2010

This story is continued.


Cerise entered to see Chase opening a small round container she supposed he got from his satchel and nearly upending it, some kind of paste blobbing into his "mouth."

"Mmmm. I love that they flavor these now." Then his face twisted as he mimicked a swallow. "Oh shit...I think I just ate dog food."

She guffawed. "Oh, eww...you didn't!"

"They're in the same grocery section, you know." He winked.

She chuckled, shaking her head in skepticism. "How nice to know where they consider Vev food in the ladder of culinary delicacies."

He laughed and let her take the empty jar when he was finished with it. She looked at the label. Not dog food, it was definitely the super-dense, high-nutrition paste developed specifically for Stormers.

*Joker. Well that's good...I don't want to suck on a chow-flavored dick later.*

Chase consumed three of the six containers from his bag and one of the two bottles of electrolytes he had brought with him while Cerise padded naked over to her fridge to get a bottle of water, twisting off the cap to drink. As the fluid touched her lips, her thirst from the chase, the wrestling and coupling caught up with her. She was definitely parched, taking in almost as much liquid as Chase.

She turned and saw his odd, flat eyes tracing her movements and he tilted his head, seeming to take in every muscle twitch. He looked reinvigorated and eyed her intently. She chuckled, her fingers trailing absently over the thin strip of trimmed blonde fur adorning her mound. Feeling the stickiness for her own juices, she borrowed a kitchen towel to wipe up the worse of sexual moisture, setting it on the counter to throw in the laundry later.

Chase watched her quite attentively as she walked toward him, shifting slightly to face her fully as she approached. Portions of his limbs, although they looked like hairless human flesh, rippled with anticipation. "So, what shall we do now?" he asked.

Her eyes slid to the chocolate syrup and treats, and scented powder. Something slower, less frantic, would be nice this time. They had done "Pursue and Sack," then had urgently coupled to a fine and intense orgasm. She had come down off her adrenalin, even if her pussy was still reddened, her lips pouty and sensitive.

She took his hand and said, "Here, sit on the couch with me. I'd like to try out that scented powder you brought. And dip into those chocolates."

Chase complied, his "hand" stiffening to accept her grasp and he sat next to her. She opened his box of chocolates first and, sure enough, five of them were missing. She quirked an eyebrow at him but he only shrugged before selecting another one at random and holding it up to her mouth. She opened and accepted.

Cerise tasted the coconut in dark chocolate and hummed as she watched Chase pluck up a chocolate himself. It disappeared into his palm as he consumed it and made a "yummy" noise as well, and she blinked, pretty sure she could see the chocolate being dismantled within his arm and quickly fading from view.


Setting the box down as she finished chewing, she picked up the shaker of "Sin-a-man Spice" powder and opened it to take a sniff, considering the possibilities. Then she got an idea. Why not take further advantage of the definite perks of a shapeshifter? So what if it looked "weird" so long as it felt good, right?

When she turned her attention, Chase was in the process of actually placing a second chocolate into his mouth and he turned his head then, offering it to her on his "tongue."

She smiled. He probably was following a script but...what the hell. So did a lot of "organics."

"Yum," she said and leaned to meet his mouth and munch the treat. The chocolate was followed immediately by a probing kiss, slow and patient to enjoy the sensation of the melting chocolate coating both tongues. Eventually Cerise had to pull back and start chewing the caramel inside. Mmmmm...

Chase's nuzzling shifted to her ear and throat as she chewed but returned to her mouth after she'd finished with it. "I like the taste of your breath after coconut caramel," he hummed.

She smiled widely at him, flushing a bit and fiddling with the powder bottle. She was slightly anxious, but less for the candy breath and more for what she wanted to ask of him. "Do you...hm...do you have any experience with erotic spanking?"

"Of course," he said without so much as a blink. 'Have you been good, bad, or naughty? I prefer the latter since 'good' only gets you a chocolate and 'bad' only gets you a regular spanking."

She laughed with glee. "Always naughty. If you're having fun, you aren't being nice!"

He rumbled happily in agreement and pinched her hip and she yipped. At least he was ready to go.

She said, "Okay, then, I'd like you sitting in the middle of the couch and I will lay across your lap, rump up. Use this powder to smooth into my ass and thighs first. It'll dry up the stickiness, at least. At the same time..." She blushed slightly, but still said, "I'd like to suck on you. If you could give me a tendril or something, I'd want to use some of the powder to rub on you, too, then I'd basically give you a blowjob as you take turns spanking me and playing with my pussy. Feel free to oscillate when you're doing the second one."

She squirmed a bit; just describing it has made her sex roused beyond the light buzz of before, even if what she'd said was closer to a grocery list than erotic poetry. "So...you game?"

"Mmmm," he said. "By your command, then, come here."

His lap was still warm from their previous contact and it supported her easily, soon moving and massaging her slowly from beneath. She was smiling as she settled on her elbows, her breasts gently brushing the couch, then gasped as his lap massaged her belly and hips, the tops of her thighs and, yes, her mound.

She moaned and wiggled her hips slowly, moving against Chase's lap with deep delight. Oh, this would make the spankings that much better. She giggled, looking over her shoulder at him and raising her feet up into the air like some models do in centerfolds, belly down and presenting their pretty butt.

The touch of the powder was cool as it sprinkled across her backside. Chase gently began to massage with a warm, vibrating palm, smoothing it across her hip and between her thighs. She grinned, turning her head forward and closing her eyes, focusing on the sensation as his hand encouraged her to open her thighs a bit more.

Her rump rose up slightly to meet his caresses, and her legs opened easily to allow him to massage the powder into the silky skin between her thighs. Her toes curled as she hummed in approval and encouragement. She felt her pussy tremble quite literally upon the vibrating lap.

The Vevaphon sprinkled some powder onto what was, at the moment, his lower thigh. Then it shifted, flowing and stretching into a phallus-shaped tentacle near her mouth.

Being an extension of Chase, of course, it retreated and played a bit of hide-and-seek at first, forcing her to swipe at it with her hand. Cerise felt like a cat batting with a paw to capture an elusive rodent and started chuckling before growling, "C'mere, you...!"

Chase giggled a bit like she had earlier and submitted his "prick" to her. Sort of.

As she grabbed it, he first gave her an appendage that was far too large to fit into her mouth—"Oo, look, I'm a real man!" he cried— then the phallus shrank small enough to match her pinky. "Aw...damn. What Man giveth, He taketh away..."

The ludicrous displays and commentary caused her to snort then finally give up and laugh out loud, shaking and trying to catch her breath in the Vevaphon's lap.

"Chase, give me something to suck already!" she demanded.

He laughed in response but finally offered her something more substantial, yet manageable, with which to work.

She wasted no time taking hold of him again as Chase "gave it up" and she cooed when she got both hands on the powdered mass and had a chance to stroke it and warm it between her palms. She explored the texture, the density, and responsiveness with fingertips and grasp, sniffed the cinnamon scent of the powder and swallowed the excess saliva as she thought about sliding it between her lips.

After a few more moments, she did just that, running her tongue along him to taste the powder first, to get a measure of the strength. Finding it quite pleasing, not overpowering, she closed her lips around the phallus and started suckling hungrily, hands gently stroking whatever portion of writhing flesh that was not inserted in her mouth.

He purred and her exploring hands found smooth crevices, slopes, and intricate ridges that shifted and moved to accommodate her touch. It was not quite enough to be distracting but had the benefit of constantly stimulating her palms and wrists.

The thought that Chase could multi-task to this level of detail was astounding. If one looked his sheer versatility during sex, every "organic" came up short because of the relative lack of limitations on the Vev's form. Not a fair contest at all; the Vevs were just in a category all their own. One couldn't compare.

Interesting, then, that it all came down to the woman's own limits and hang-ups for how much "use" she could get from this kind of Stormer. If she wasn't satisfied, it was probably her own fault, for not knowing herself or not being brave enough. The Vev wanted nothing more than to please when it came to humans and orgasm.

Chase was still rubbing her butt dotingly and she soon felt him press a smaller phallus into her sex, beginning a gentle caress inside. She groaned loudly, her back arching and her ass rising up a bit. Chase mimicked her in his verbal response, gripping her for a split second and then releasing to enjoy her movement.

After a few minutes a broad sheet of mass encircled her waist, moving perpendicular to the rest of his actions. Pausing curiously, Cerise felt things flowing beneath her as he shifted his cells, then everything settled down again.

Trying to redistribute, maybe? She pondered it a moment before his motions became much more deliberate between her legs and she sucked in a breath, her eyes fluttering closed, and she went back to sucking on him.

Her hips moved in conjunction with his stroke, and she was still grinding her mound gently against his buzzing lap. She felt the cool touch of lubricant across her backside. He lacked the ability to warm it significantly, so it was cooler than a human partner would allow but he tried to compensate with gentle oscillation along her already warmed skin. Her body was starting to feel much hotter anyway, her skin flushed, and she made frequent mews and moans of approval. Her eyes still closed, she almost forgot about her request for getting in this position in the first place until Chase reminded her.

The Vev moved under and against her, pulling at the flesh of her thighs and then suddenly, she heard a whip of air before a flash of shock struck her backside. Chase could probably feel the rush of cool air pulled past his wet offering as her mouth opened and she gasped in surprise, her hips jumping and her body tensing.

It was playful, not harsh, and she realized he had used a biogenetic switch. He giggled softly, taking a moment to run a tongue-like proboscis across her backside.

After a moment, feeling the warm, slow flow of heat spreading out on her cheeks from the strike, coupled with that soothing "lick" along her buttock, her body relaxed and she murmured happily, sucking on him more as if to encourage him to do it again.

Waiting a few seconds first, Chase spanked her again but this time he had reshaped his hand to use a paddle instead of a switch.

She jerked more sharply, reacting both to the broader sting and the louder sound. She was prepared, though, and her control was good; she didn't even threaten to bite him by accident. Her mouth-hold tightened instead as prickles of stronger heat graced her buttocks from the paddle.

He didn't speak but seemed to be watching for her preference as he alternated between the switch and the paddle. He received a more excited squeal and more eager squirming from the switch than the paddle, though she didn't speak in words and kept her mouth full. Chase naturally adjusted more (though not exclusively) to the switch, hitting hard enough to sting before the warmth flowed across her skin like a fluffy towel out of the dryer. The texture of it changed slightly, along with the angle, as he ebb and flowed into different shapes. Sometimes he gripped her thighs and buttocks again, massaging powder in and then licking it off. Cerise peeped happy sounds at several of the licks, which were drier than those from a human tongue, but smooth and soft nonetheless.

She was enjoying the technique and variety to the utmost, kicking her feet up and writhing in Chase's lap, varying her voice almost as much as the Vevaphon was varying his toys. She loved the slow, arousing climb, the heat, and the stings which had started transforming into pleasure almost as soon as the switch struck, as she anticipated the next one.

Her pussy had begun to ache but fortunately was not vacant as part of him continued vibrating inside her. She moved her tongue, tasting the last remnant of powder without much conscious awareness. Her heart was pounding and she wiggled her bottom at him from time to time, asking for more. Her sex throbbed, very much reddened and glistening with natural lubricant. Her hind end glowed with a nice deep pink where the Vevaphon left his marks. She was fully submerged in her body's sensations.

"Ohhh, god, Chase...." she moaned at one point, having raised her head and pulled her mouth off him long enough to do so. The cheeks on her face were blushing nearly as deeply as those of her backside and her eyes were closed.

She used leverage from her elbows and knees to arch her back again, parting her legs a little, rising her ass higher and trying to press back against him as much as he was pressing into her. Her breathing was quickly changing, becoming faster and more ragged. "Feels...so good..."

The Vev moaned similarly, seeming to echo her need. Tendrils slid around her waist, gripping the swell of her hips, sliding up to cup and pinch her nipples. He held onto her tightly as he tasted everything, exploring her within and without.

Excitement had built in the Vev to match hers and he shifted suddenly with force, withdrawing, sliding beneath, behind, then on top of the blonde woman again. For a moment he'd flopped his weight along her back and she squeaked in surprise just before blunt rods—more than one—nudged between her thighs.

"Oh! Oh, yes."

Her hips moved against him to press her ass backward but instead if penetrating her then, Chase shifted her forward, lifting and placing her upper body against the arm of the couch as she made a little yeep of bewilderment. Nipping her shoulder he tasted her neck and finally entered her from behind, double-penetrating her in one smooth motion.

Cerise's mouth dropped open and she gasped in shock, "Oh fucking god...!"

"No...jus-just me..." he said, managing a quip even now. "Wow. You're hot."

She felt him spread her like he had before, just enough to be comfortable and arousing in each orifice and two different sizes. She felt ripples passing along her pelvic muscles, excited, heightened, on edge, as he applied pressure to her G-spot. If he started moving at all, she'd probably cum almost instantly. But he wasn't moving for some reason.

A low purr escaped him and he managed to massage her backside and thighs softly at the same time he remained lodged inside her. Otherwise Chase stayed immobile, thrumming loudly in the air around her, pulsing inside her in time with her heartbeat. Cerise mewled, held quite helpless by the pleasure he created. During his next moment of stillness, she heard a moan come from herself that indicated her crumbling control; her will to wait and enjoy was almost gone.

"I...want...you, Cerise," he hissed intensely, yet he still didn't move inside her. "I want to fuck you hard."

His voice (still not human but close enough) had a tangible effect on her that certainly had been intentional. Heat flashed in her gut and she bucked backward at him once, reflexively. He'd helped her climb so slowly and sensually up to this point and now she was on the razor's edge of orgasm, aching for climax.

"Please," she begged softly, her hips moving according to their own need, "fuck me...please, fuck me hard."

He groaned and began thrusting for her, each appendage angled for the deepest penetration he could manage without lengthening himself further. He gripped her in amplexus, yet secondary hands formed against her own on the side of the couch as his "teeth" nipped the back of her neck again. She grasped the extremities he offered, squeezing them hard as her mouth opened and she chirped excited cries with each thrust. She was climbing at break-neck speed.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" Cerise cried, climaxing quick and sharp, and she continued twitching and tensing, her muscles flexing under his thrusts until she came again seconds after the first, harder this time and with more satisfaction.

"My clit...touch it!" she gasped next as she gripped the arm of the couch and moved to fuck back against the sibling phalluses penetrating her.

His grip intensified as he pressed on her clitoris, becoming harder in the right areas and changing the oscillation into a quick pulse.

"Oh...god...yeah!" she growled through clenched teeth and managed one more peak, not quite as sharp as the first two but well worth the effort. She groaned, low and drawn out, as she finally started to glide down fully this time.

The Vev vibrated and the low hum of pleasure rose up to the point that it passed her hearing range, though the small dog next door started yapping and howling loudly. Her reactions had pushed him to his limits and he was beginning to tremble.

Chase screeched as the resonance hit him in several rolling waves after her own were nearly finished. Chase's "orgasm" took nearly a full minute, coming in peaks like a person's but in a much longer cycle. He thrashed near the end, slamming her into the side of the couch with his enthusiasm and holding still before slamming her again.

Cerise grunted and heaved as she tensed her arms propped against the couch, providing the steady platform needed to take such hard thrusts. She was lifted up once or twice as he bucked, and when he finally stopped there was no doubt in her mind she would be very sore later. At its end, he collapsed onto her in a quivering mass.

Cerise huffed for breath with her cheek against the arm of the couch, her pussy and anus still trembling in little 'aftershocks' around the morphing flesh spearing her. She basked in the afterglow, not really wanting to move, and maybe not sure she could if she tried.

"You okay?" she panted.

A face and neck formed next to hers from the gel and he kissed her cheek with a tenderness that surprised her.

"'Okay' would be a step down," he said.

Still glowing, she smiled with genuine affection and appreciation. It could be that he was just following his programming, or it could be something he'd learned by doing. Either way, the kiss and compliment still made her feel absolutely fucking great.

She chuckled. "You're not the only one, then."

"You know your body well," he said. His entire mass still vibrated as he talked, giving it a weird stereo effect and making her sensitive skin tingle. "Better than some others I've met. You're a rare human."

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