tagNovels and NovellasChasing Love Ch. 02

Chasing Love Ch. 02


"Jessica!" Jake shouted as he ran towards her. Jessica allowed Jake to give her a hug.

"How is he?" Jake wanted to know.

"Pretty bad," Jessica admitted. "Claire actually threw up when she saw him." Jake's eyes widened. "Of course, that could have something to do with her being pregnant," Jessica added.

Jake chuckled. "When will we know anything?" Jake asked.

"I don't know, but I hope soon," Jessica whispered. "Who's with Will and Kylie?" Jessica wanted to know.

"Craig and Caitlin," Jake answered, squeezing Jessica's hand. He waited with Jessica until Cal came into the waiting area. "What's the word?" Jake asked.

"He's still in surgery, but according to Claire, it's looking good," Cal said.

Jessica gave a watery smile and looked up as Claire walked into the waiting area.

"Doctor Armstrong is in finishing up the surgery, but he's going to pull through," Claire said, giving Jessica a broad smile. Jessica's smile widened a little but she still wouldn't believe it until she was able to talk to Danny.

"Claire, we need to talk," Cal said, slipping into Claire's office.

"Cal, I'm exhausted, can't it wait?" Claire asked, rubbing her eyes. Cal sat down next to Claire and reached for her hand.

"Five minutes Claire. I just want to know what you want to do about the baby," Cal said softly. Claire sighed. "I've always wanted children Cal." She pulled the small stuffed lion out of her desk. "Jess bought this for the baby. I'm going to have this baby Cal, no matter what you say or do," Claire said. Cal smiled. "What?" Claire asked. Before Cal could answer, there was a knock on the door. "Hey Jess, come on in," Claire said giving her friend a smile.

"I figured you were both hungry," Jessica said, setting two plates of beef stir fry.

"You didn't have to make dinner tonight," Cal told Jessica.

"I know, but the guys begged me to cook so they didn't have to suffer through Paul's cooking," Jessica said with a grin. Cal laughed.

"It was pretty awful," he agreed. "How's Danny?" he asked.

"He's still out. Jake's sitting with him now," Jessica answered. "Speaking of, I need to get back. Go easy on each other," she added before walking out the door.

"It looks good," Cal said softly as Claire took a bite of vegetables.

"It is good," Claire agreed.

"Claire, I don't want to cause you more stress," Cal began.

"You don't want the baby," Claire said, her voice unusually soft.

"I don't know," Cal admitted. He took a bite of beef and sighed. "Look Claire, you know I love kids and I care about you, but I never thought about getting married and having children," Cal said.

"I know that. I'm not asking for marriage, and I'm not even asking for you to help. But with or without your help, I'm going to have this baby and I'm going to keep it," Claire said, her voice determined.

Cal smiled slightly. "I won't let you go through this alone, but I don't know if I want to be part of the baby's life any more than I am in Will's or Kylie's lives. I may just want to be thought of as the cool uncle," Cal admitted.

"If that's what you want, then that's what you should do," Claire said.

Cal opened his mouth to say something when Claire stood up and pushed past him on her way to the bathroom.

Cal looked out the window and saw Jessica sitting next to Danny's bed, holding his hand in hers; her head resting on the bed next to his. Cal looked up as Claire walked back into the room. "You okay?" Cal asked, holding his hand out to her. Claire took his hand and stared out the window at her friends.

"Just a little morning sickness; I'll be fine," Claire said, resting her head on Cal's shoulder. Neither of them said anything as they watched Jessica sleeping next to Danny.

"We should finish eating," Cal suggested softly. Claire pulled away and nodded.


"Any change?" Jake asked. Jessica looked up and shook her head.

"He's still in a coma. Claire said if he doesn't wake up soon, he might not ever ..." Jessica couldn't finish the sentence.

It had been three days since Jessica had nearly run Danny over and not much had changed in his condition. Jake and Jessica looked when they heard Cal yelling. They looked at each other and ran into Claire's office. "What's wrong?" Jessica asked, suppressing a small smile when she saw Claire throwing up in the trash can.

"She won't eat breakfast," Cal growled.

"The dumb ass brought me eggs," Claire said, looking up before throwing up again. Jessica and Jake chuckled as Jake led Cal and the plate of eggs out of the office.

"Feeling better?" Jessica asked gently, handing Claire some napkins.

"I never want to see eggs ever again," Claire moaned. Jessica laughed and handed Claire some lightly buttered toast.

"It'll help, just eat it slowly. And if Jake is smart, he'll send Cal back in here with 7 up," Jessica said. Claire grinned. "I scared the shit out of Cal didn't I?" Claire asked.

"He'll get over it," Jessica said with laugh. Movement from the infirmary caught her eye and Jessica looked up. "Claire, look," Jessica murmured. Claire followed Jessica's gaze and both women hurried into the infirmary.

"Danny, can you hear me?" Claire asked, using a mini flash light to check Danny's eyes.

"Knock it off," Danny grumbled, pushing the flash light away. Jessica grinned. "Where's Jess?" Danny asked.

"I'm right here," Jessica assured him.

"Danny, just relax. Let me make sure you don't have any brain damage and then you can spend some time with Jess," Claire said, keeping her voice gentle.

"If you'd let me be with my wife, it would prove I don't have brain damage," Danny growled. Jessica blushed and Claire laughed.

"That just proves you haven't had sex in months," Claire teased.

Danny opened his mouth to protest but Jessica told him to shut up. Cal and Jake walked back in with bagels and 7 up.

"When did he wake up?" Jake asked, grabbing Jessica's arm.

"Just a few minutes ago," Jessica answered. Jake gave her a hug.

"Get your arms off of my wife and go back to yours," Danny teased.

Jake laughed. "Caitlin and I aren't married yet. We were waiting for you to get your sorry ass back so you can be my best man," Jake said.

Cal and Claire stood in her office and watched Danny visit with the kids. "Claire, I'm sorry about the eggs this morning," Cal said.

"It's okay. You're new to this," Claire said, shrugging it off.

"Feeling better?" Cal asked.

"Yeah, the 7 up helped," Claire answered.


"What's up with Cal and Claire? They seemed very tense," Danny asked after Jake and Caitlin took Will and Kylie home.

"She's pregnant," Jessica said with a grin.

"Wow, it only took him how long?" Danny asked. Jessica laughed. "Jess, I'm sorry about taking off. I was just so angry. Not at you, I know I blamed you, but, I didn't mean it," Danny murmured.

Jessica sighed. "I wish I could say I forgive you, but I'm still hurt that you thought that," Jessica said softly.

"I never thought it was because of you cooking for the guys. I was just venting. I love you Jess," Danny said, desperation in his voice.

"I love you too Danny, for better for worse, right?" Jessica told him, a small smile on her lips.

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Am i the only one confused by this story?

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