tagNovels and NovellasChasing Love Ch. 10

Chasing Love Ch. 10


I'm nearing the end of Cal's story, I just wanted to thank everyone who's read the stories I have posted and to thank you all for your comments and criticism.

Claire looked up as Cal walked into her office and gave him a bright smile. "Back to work already?" Cal asked.

"Without a full time doctor, this facility is practically useless," Claire told him.

"Are you sure you're up to working?" Cal asked.

"I'm fine Cal," Claire assured him.

"And how is miss Kira?" Cal asked, peeking in the bassinet in the corner.

"Sleeping finally," Claire answered with a grin. Cal smiled and turned back to Claire.

"I was thinking that maybe we could get out for a few hours tonight, maybe go see a movie," Cal suggested.

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea. Kira's only a couple of weeks old," Claire murmured.

"Jess or Caitlin could watch Kira," Cal told Claire.

"They both have their own families to worry about," Claire reminded Cal.

Before he could open his mouth to speak again, Caitlin ran into the infirmary, her cheeks flushed and her eyes sparkling. "What's up?" Claire asked.

"Is everyone okay?" Cal wanted to know.

"Everyone's fine. Claire, I need your help," Caitlin said.

"What's going on?" Claire asked.

"Jake finally proposed," Caitlin answered. Claire's eyes lit up and she gave her friend a hug.

"Congratulations!" Claire exclaimed.

"C'mon, I'm meeting Jess in the mess and we're going shopping," Caitlin said excitedly.

"Hold that thought Cait," Cal recommended. The girls looked up to see Danny carrying Jessica into the infirmary.

"What happened?" Claire asked, grabbing her stethoscope.

"I'm fine," Jessica grumbled as Danny set her down in a chair.

"What happened?" Claire asked again, kneeling down in front of Jessica.

"I got a little dizzy," Jessica answered.

"Have you been feeling okay?" Claire murmured, taking Jessica's pulse.

"Fine except for morning sickness," Jessica said. Claire looked at Jessica and they both grinned.

"She's fine Danny. As long as Jess doesn't over due it and hit her head if she gets dizzy, she'll be okay." Claire turned back to Jessica. "Make sure you try to eat and keep things in your stomach, that'll help with the dizziness, but you know that already," Claire instructed. Jessica nodded.

"Are we going shopping or not?" Jessica asked.

"Not. You're going back to bed," Danny inserted his opinion and earned a glare from Jessica.

"I'm fine Danny. I think I can handle dress shopping with Caitlin as long as you have the munchkins," Jessica told him. Danny held his hands up in surrender and left the infirmary grumbling about women and their stubbornness.


"That took longer than I thought it would," Caitlin said with a groan as they waited for the waitress to bring them their food.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Jessica grumbled as her stomach rumbled loudly.

"Sorry, but I wanted the perfect dress," Caitlin murmured with a blush.

"And you found it, nearly seven hours later," Claire teased. Caitlin giggled.

"Sorry," Caitlin murmured.

"It's okay, we all want the perfect dress," Jessica said with a laugh. "God that looks good," Jessica said as the waitress set plates of food in front of them. Claire laughed.

"French toast is pretty easy on the stomach," she agreed.

"And so tasty," Jessica said with a grin.

By the time they returned to the compound, Danny and Cal were driving each other crazy. "What the hell took you so long?" Cal wanted to know.

"Sorry, I couldn't find the right dress at first," Caitlin said sheepishly.

"Have you heard of a cell phone?" Cal asked sarcastically.

"We called Jake," Caitlin answered, getting her dress out of the back of the SUV. "Jess, will you hold on to my dress for me? I don't want Jake to see it before the wedding," she wanted to know. Jessica nodded.

"No problem," Jessica assured her friend.

"Have you eaten?" Danny asked.

"Yes. We stopped at the diner on our way back. And don't ask where your food is, I left several pots of soups and stews and salad in the mess for everyone to eat," Jessica answered. Danny stuck his tongue out at Jessica who laughed and led Caitlin and Claire to the house.


"Jess, you didn't have to make all of this," Caitlin said, looking around the mess in awe.

"I know, I wanted to. You and Jake are keeping it small, and most of the guys are going to be on leave, but you deserve to have a special dinner," Jessica said with a grin. Caitlin shook her head.

"You're insane," Caitlin teased.

"I know, but you guys love me," Jessica said with a laugh.

"This is amazing," Danny murmured into Jessica's ear as they watched their friends exchange their vows.

"They've done so much to help us," Jessica whispered. Danny nodded and they turned their attention back to the ceremony.


"I have some announcements to make," Cal said, his voice grim as he addressed his men and women. Caitlin forced herself to look away from Jake and give her full attention to Cal. "First, the Major has ordered me to get any civilians living at the compound, out of the compound." Jake and Caitlin looked at each other, stunned. "Claire's position as our doctor is going to be given to a former field medic, and we will once again be responsible for cooking our own meals," Cal said. Danny's eyes narrowed.

"The next thing is, the Major has taken the liberty of extending all of our contracts. There are no exceptions and they will not over ride this. The CIA has received some intelligence that there will be some terrorist attacks against the United States sometime soon. When the threat is deemed to be over, then anyone whose contract was supposed to expire, will be released from their service if that is what he or she desires," Cal continued, ignoring the glare from Danny.

Cal finished up the briefing and released them to go about their business. "Danny, Jake, Cait, I need to speak with you in private," Cal said. They followed Cal to the court yard. "The compound is bugged. I have some concerns about the Major; something isn't sitting right. He's let four moles through his screening process. I can't get into it too much here, but we need to meet somewhere. Danny, the Major didn't make the call to remove Jess and the kids from base, that was me. I know you like having them around, but I don't want them to be able to be used as bait," Cal added. "Jake, Cait, that goes for the kids too. It's too dangerous," Cal said. Danny, Jake and Caitlin exchanged looks.

"What do you have in mind?" Danny asked finally.


"I don't want to leave you Jess, but it's for your safety," Danny said.

"I can't do this alone Danny," Jessica told him, crossing her arms over her chest. "Not again."

"You won't be alone. I'll be able to come visit," Danny told her.

"Yeah, one weekend a month. What happened to trying to get out of your contract?" Jessica demanded to know.

"The major has refused to even consider it until the CIA feels the threat is behind us," Danny answered.

"This is bullshit Danny!" Jessica shouted.

"Jess, I'm sorry," Danny said, glancing up at Jake who had come up behind her.

"Jessica, take it easy," Jake suggested.

"Don't tell me to take it easy," Jessica warned, her eyes flashing with anger.

"I have to leave too," Claire said, as she and Cal walked into the kitchen. Jessica took a deep breath as she watched Cal cradle his daughter. At only two months old, Kira was the apple of Cal's eye and it was clear to anyone that knew him well, that it would be a cold day in hell before any man that wasn't considered as family got anywhere near her.

"We'll talk about this somewhere else," Cal said.

"Where are we?" Jessica asked.

"My Uncle's house. He left it to me in his will. It's been swept for bugs, we can talk here," Cal answered.

"You call this a house?" Jessica snorted.

"Well, technically, it's a mansion, but eh," Cal grinned.

"This is unbelievable," Caitlin breathed as Cal gave them a tour.

"So, here's the deal. I think the major is up to something and I need Jake's, Danny's and Caitlin's help figuring it out," Cal began. He showed Jessica into a large room. "This is the room that you and Danny when he's here will be sharing. Cal finished showing everyone the house before settling down on the back terrace to talk.


"So you think the major is allowing moles in knowingly?" Jessica asked.

"It's not a good possibility, but it is a possibility," Cal answered.

"What do you plan to do?" Jessica wanted to know.

"I can't go into details on that. We've moved you, Claire and the kids here to keep you safe," Cal told her.

"I don't like it," Jessica grumbled.

"Neither do I. If it were up to me, none of this would be happening. I trust all of you, and I know how badly this sucks. Jess, I promise, I'll keep Danny safe," Cal said.

Jessica looked from Danny to Cal before pushing her plate of food away and standing up.

"I don't like this. I've gone through two pregnancies practically by myself and I refuse to do it again. You have six months or I'm done," Jessica said before walking inside.

"Cal, do something," Danny hissed.

"I can't release you from your contract Danny. If I could, I really would," Cal said wearily.

"Would you? You've said more than once that I'm one of your best agents," Danny growled.

"Danny, you are one of my best agents, however, I know how important your family is to you and I would never ask you to choose between the two," Cal told Danny.

"Hey," Cal said, walking into the kitchen where Claire was pouring herself a drink of iced tea.

"You missed one hell of an argument," Claire told him without looking up.

"Oh?" Cal wanted to know. "Kira went down easily by the way," he added.

"Good. Jess gave Danny the six month ultimatum again," Claire said.

"Oh for crying out loud," Cal grumbled. "What happened?" he wanted to know.

"Danny told her that he couldn't guarantee that it would take six months or less, but that he loves her," Claire answered.

"And that solved it?" Cal asked.

"Nope. They screamed and yelled at each other for over an hour. I don't know if they came to an agreement or not, but he carried her upstairs and into the bedroom and I haven't seen them in over two hours," Claire said with a grin.

"Who's with the kids?" Cal asked.

"They're right here," Jake said, walking into the kitchen. Cal tickled Kylie's stomach making her giggle while Claire handed Will a juice box.

"Juice!" Kylie exclaimed. Claire pulled out another juice box and handed it to Kylie. Jake set Kylie down onto a chair and watched Caitlin with Danielle.

"I swear these girls will never be allowed to date," Cal said with a grin. Jake nodded and laughed when he saw Caitlin and Claire roll their eyes. "How's Jess?" Cal asked seeing Danny walk into the kitchen.

"Asleep," Danny answered with a grin.

"After two hours, I would hope so," Cal chuckled.


"Cal, Claire's on the phone," Jake said.

"Claire, what's wrong?" Cal asked.

"We got a strange package, addressed to you. Jessica told me not to open it," Claire answered.

"We're on our way," Cal said, hanging up.

"They know we know," Danny said when the contents of the box were revealed.

"Son of a bitch," Cal seethed.

"We can't show the girls," Jake said grimly.

"Show us what?" All three of them jumped but relaxed when they noticed it was Caitlin and not Claire or Jessica.

"You don't want to see this," Cal said.

"Commander, I'm not a little girl who gets squeamish at a funky package," Caitlin reminded Cal. Cal and Jake looked at each other and reluctantly, they moved aside. Caitlin gasped when she saw what was in side the box. "Who would do this?" she whispered, disgusted by what she saw.

Inside the box was a decapitated doll with the words, "Don't fuck with me" written on a note card propped up by the doll's arm.

"Just be thankful it isn't a real baby," Cal said grimly. Everyone nodded. "Meet me down stairs in two hours," he added, taking the box and heading to the basement.

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