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Chasing Love Ch. 11



-3 months later-

"Are you sure this will work?" Caitlin asked.

"No, but it's the only chance we've got," Cal answered. He glanced at Danny and Jake who had mirrored expressions of concern on their faces. "Do you know what you're supposed to do?" Cal asked. Danny and Jake nodded. "Ten minutes," Cal told them before heading to his office.

"Be careful," Jake told Caitlin.

"You too," Caitlin said. "Danny," she called as Danny started to head to his post.

Danny stopped and turned around. "Jessica said to tell you to hurry home," Caitlin told him. Danny grinned and nodded before hurrying away.

"Doctor Fletcher?" Caitlin asked, walking into the infirmary.

"What is it Caitlin?" Doctor Fletcher wanted to know, stepping out of his office.

"I've been having some severe stomach cramps the last few hours," Caitlin said, wincing.

"Up on the table." Caitlin shuddered as she did as she was told while she watched the medic gather supplies. Before he could turn back around, Caitlin stuck a small device on the underside of the exam table. "Is there any chance you're pregnant?" he asked.

"Small chance," Caitlin answered.

"Hmm," Doctor Fletcher said as he gently pressed down on Caitlin's abdomen.

"Excuse me Doctor, I need a word with you." Doctor Fletcher looked up and stood up as straight as he could.

"Major Jones, please wait in my office, I'll be right with you," Doctor Fletcher told the man. The major nodded and walked into the office at the back of the infirmary.

Caitlin waited for the doctor to finish his physical exam. Finally, the doctor looked at Caitlin. "I don't think you're pregnant, I think it's just severe menstrual cramps," he said finally.

"I'm not due for my period for another few weeks," Caitlin argued. Before anyone could say anything else, a messenger knocked on the door.

"Excuse me Caitlin, but there is a woman named Claire on the phone," the messenger said.

"Take it in my office," doctor Fletcher told her. Caitlin nodded and followed the doctor into his office. She waited for the doctor and major to return to the infirmary before picking up the phone.

"Claire?" Caitlin asked.

"I got the word. Let the games begin," Claire said.

"How's Jess?" Caitlin wanted to know.

"Worried. Tell Danny to hurry but be careful," Claire answered.

"Got it," Caitlin said. She pretended to talk on the phone while she carefully unscrewed the bottom part of the receiver. "What an idiot, putting in an old rotary phone," she thought as she placed the bug inside the receiver.

"Is everything okay?" doctor Fletcher asked as Caitlin returned to the exam room.

"No. Have you seen Danny Storm? His wife isn't feeling well and may need to be hospitalized," Caitlin answered.

"I'll have him paged," doctor Fletcher promised. Caitlin nodded and turned to leave. As she reached the door, she gasped and hunched over. "Where does it hurt?" doctor Fletcher wanted to know. Caitlin didn't answer; her eyes were closed and she let him think that she had passed out. "Major, I could use some help," doctor Fletcher said. Together, they moved Caitlin to a exam table and laid her down on it.


"Sir, we're ready to go with the coke." The major turned around.

"Good. I'll meet you out back in half an hour," the major said.

When the major finally made his way to the storage shed in the back of the compound, Danny, Cal, Jake and Caitlin were waiting for him. "What is the meaning of this?" the major asked, outraged.

"You're under arrest major, for a great number of crimes, the most minor being distributing drugs," Cal said, a look of glee on his face. The major paled more and more as Cal listed off his crimes.

"How did you know?" the major stammered. Caitlin played back the tape from the infirmary. "You of all people should know that we are world class actors," Caitlin said calmly with a grin.


"Is it over?" Claire asked as Cal sank down onto the grass next to her. Cal nodded and reached for Claire's hand and held it tightly as they watched Kira trying to crawl; Will and Kylie chased each other around the yard while Jessica sat with Craig and Danielle. "Where's Danny, Caitlin and Jake?" Claire wanted to know, turning her head when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "It's good to see you guys. We were getting worried," Claire said with a small smile. She and Cal watched Danny walk to where Jessica sat. Jessica looked up as Danny crouched in front of her and her eyes filled with tears as Danny wrapped his arms around her and pulled Jessica to him.

It had been nearly a month since they had taken the major down and questions from congress and the president had made it impossible for them to go home. Craig lifted Danielle off of the blanket she had been sitting on and headed to where Caitlin and Jake stood waiting.

Caitlin held Danielle close before she, Jake and Craig headed inside the house, Cal and Claire following close behind.

"Is it over?" Jessica wanted to know.

"I'm here to stay," Danny promised, pressing a gentle kiss to her lips. Danny rested his hands on Jessica's slightly swollen abdomen. "I'm not leaving again," he added.

"Daddy!" Kylie shouted, finally looking up and seeing her father. Will and Kylie ran to their parents and Danny hugged them both tightly.

"We missed you daddy," Will said, his voice less baby-ish then it had when Danny had left for the mission.

"I missed you too champ," Danny said, his voice clogged with emotion.

"Don't go away again," Kylie pleaded.

"I won't," Danny promised.

-20 years later-

Danny and Jessica stood hand in hand as they watched Will and Kira say their vows. Jessica glanced at Claire who smiled through her tears as she watched her only daughter get married. Kylie stood next to her parents and glanced over at David, Jake's and Caitlin's youngest son when she thought nobody was looking. Danny saw it and grinned at his friend over his daughter's head. When the minister pronounced Will and Kira man and wife, Danny glanced over at Jessica and smiled as he wiped a tear away.

Their days as governmental police were over. The corruption from the major's office had sealed the fate of the entire team. Danny kept his promise to never leave his family again, and with the exception of surprising Jessica with a second honey moon, he kept that promise. Danny and Jessica's youngest child, Cory was constantly making fun of Danielle for being a gymnast, and everyone felt that it was just a matter of time before Cory started hitting on Danielle, despite the fact that Danielle was older.

"Congratulations," Jake said, giving Will and Kira a hug.

"Thanks," Will told his father's oldest friend. Kira smiled and looked around nervously.

"What is going on with you? You're married, there's no need to look so nervous, unless of course you're pregnant, in which case, Will should start running now," Jake said with a grin. Danny rolled his eyes and smacked Jake playfully on the back of the head.

"Cal wouldn't kill Will now," Danny said and Jessica laughed.

"Kira, are you pregnant?" Jessica asked quietly. Claire and Caitlin who had been standing within hearing range stopped talking and joined the small group. Claire watched Cal out of the corner of her eye giving Cory a lecture and sighed when Kira answered that she was in fact pregnant. Claire relaxed when she learned that Kira had only found out a few days before the wedding; which had been planned nearly six months in advance.

"Now what do we do?" Claire asked Cal when everyone had gone. Cal looked at Claire and shrugged.

"How about a world wide cruise?" Cal suggested. Claire smiled.

"I've always wanted to see the world," she agreed.

"Then pack your bags," Cal said with a grin.

Thanks for sticking with me guys, I know my writing can be a bit frustrating. I hope you enjoyed Cal and Claire's story.


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