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Chaste Trap


I was once just your average guy, who liked computers, games, and some light domination, but now....

Let me start from the beginning. I used to run an online mud in my spare time. I met a woman there that liked to domme a bit, and we played online. She loved to watch me when I would turn the webcam on, and she would 'direct' me. I loved it.

Eventually, we decided to meet. We met for dinner at a nice quiet steakhouse I know. She described what she would be wearing so I would recognize her. She was every bit as hot as I thought she would be. She was five eight, beautiful black hair, and wearing a dress that accentuated that beautiful cleavage she had. I think the physical part I loved the most was her butt though. THAT part was perfect.

As I said, we went to dinner, and had a wonderful evening. She didn't do anything that night other than kiss me goodnight, and stroke my face, but it felt electric, and I wanted more of it. She informed me she had 2 live in slaves already named Precious and Kitten. That Precious was a guy who loved to be dominated, but nothing sexual, and Kitten was her live-in slave. She mentioned she really loved our date, and we started seeing each other on a regular basis, and eventually got married. We built a house that she, Kitten and I would be comfortable in. Her dominant side showed occasionally with me, but she was always a bit apprehensive. I think she was always scared of pushing too hard, but I always loved playing and eventually, we did set up a playroom. I should probably give a description of our playroom since a large portion of my life was spent there, and portions of the story will be recanted from it.

The playroom was actually a 30' x 30' room with soundproofed walls. We spent quite a bit of money building it, but we also planned to use it extensively. We had put shackles along the walls, a cabinet against the opposite wall with toys in it, and a few other 'toys' that I remember fondly. Every night I would come home from work, and we would spend quality time talking, or watching TV together, snuggled in a blanket, and on nights we were in the mood, we would 'play'. I always knew when she wanted that because she would leave my collar on the front table for me to put on. It was always my choice.

Our ritual had been that I would strip and put the collar on in the front hallway, then kiss her feet, and her pussy to homage her. I still remember on one particular occasion, she led me to the playroom, and showed me one of her new addition she had installed. It was a set of shackles attached to the wall about halfway up the wall, and a bar that was resting on the ground, but was U-shaped and bolted half way up the wall as well. She shackled my hands, and then showed me her surprise. She was wearing a strap-on. This was my first time with one, so I was a bit terrified of it. The bar was actually added to rise, and had 2 fold down legs. It provided a place for me to lean over. After she raised it, she buckled a strap around my balls, and shackled my feet to the legs that were extended from the bar. It was sort of like having your wrists attached to the wall, and your ankles strapped to a card tables legs, except my penis was also strapped in. She took my anal virginity that night, and I learned to enjoy it.

I also bought a gift for her soon after for showing me how good it could be. It was a pneumatic chair. It had been designed by her, and I had it made. The chair still looks like a doctors table to me, but it has places to strap legs in, and strap each arm to the arm rests. The legs can be split apart, and there are 2 pneumatic dildos that can be controlled. It basically turns into the ultimate fucking machine. She loved it.

We both loved each other very much, and still do, but to that point it had always been my choice to put on the collar. It's not anymore. Let me explain.

I had been out rather late with a few friends of mine one night, and came home drunk. She wasn't too happy, but refrained from saying anything. Thing is, that night my buddy had invited me to his bachelor party the following week, and I promised to go. I remembered the promise, but forgot to tell her about it. He called the weekend before to confirm I would be there, and she took the call. That's when things started going bad. She thought I was hiding something, and followed me to the party. I had a few drinks, and of course was flirting some, and having a good time. She watched, her anger boiling to ever-higher planes. Eventually, I staggered out, and went home. She picked a weekend about a month away, and then exacted her revenge.

I came home Friday night to find the collar out, and anxiously stripped, and put it on. She came around the corner, and ordered me to kneel, and kiss her boot. Damn she looked good. She was wearing a vinyl bra, and her tight vinyl miniskirt that showed everything. No panties. I was rock hard in an instant, but bent down to kiss her boot.

She snapped her leash on my collar, and led me like a dog to the playroom. Precious was there, as was Kitten. Precious was tied up against the wall with a pair of hose on, and kitten was next to him, crying for some reason. My wife tied the leash to 'The chair' and moved to Precious. He was clad in a jock strap only, and had been sweating badly, and grimacing. She looked at me, and saw my questioning look, so she showed me why. She removed his cup to reveal that he had been placed in a chastity tube that had small spikes turned inward. He also had on headphones that I was to later find out was playing nothing but sounds of my wife/mistress cumming again and again. He had been doing his best to keep from getting a hard on with that playing in his ears for 2 hours, plus having Kitten naked next to him, moaning the whole time. Every time he would get hard, the spikes would rip into his tender flesh, and his hard-on would be held in check by the chastity tube. My wife replaced the cup and snapped the band of his jock strap back around his waist. She began rubbing his ass, giving him an instant erection. He screamed again.

She moved to Kitten next, who was also in pain and pouring sweat. She showed me why. My mistress had rigged an elastic band around Kitten's waist. It had 4 short bungee cords attached to it, 2 in front, 2 in back and 2 chain loops (similar to a garter belt with chains running in the crotch). The front bungees were attached to freshly pierced pussy lips, holding them wide open...tightly. The back 2 were literally hooked into her butt cheeks next to her puckered hole, keeping it spread. The chains held a dildo vibrating constantly against her clit, which was so sore and swollen now that it was hardly recognizable. Obviously she had been enduring this for about the same amount of time as Precious, and had come until she couldn't anymore. She looked dehydrated, and extremely tired.

My wife moved to me next. She placed handcuffs on me, then flogged my ass till it was bright red. She stroked me, and played with me. She produced a razor and shaved every hair off of my privates, keeping me hard the whole time. She nicked me a few times, and would lick the blood off. Eventually, (after I was completely bald down there) she got bored, and left me there tied to the chair and went to torture Precious some more.

She knew I was jealous, so she did it to get me upset, and I knew it. My hard-on quickly shrunk, which is exactly what she wanted. She quickly came back, picking something up on the way. It was bright chrome, and had 2 rings on it. One was angled about 30 degrees, while the other was flat. The 2 were separated by 4 small chrome bars, giving it a total length of about 1 ½ inches. It also had a very small loop at what was to be the top of the flat ring. She slid it on my then limp penis. The angle made me point downward, while leaving the loop at the top for whatever she wished to attach to it. Then she put the 'funnel' piece on. It was a metal 'funnel' that was pushed in my pee-hole far enough that even when limp would be impossible to get out, with 3 metal arms that gave it the appearance of the big 'M' at a McDonalds restaurant no matter what direction it was viewed from. All 3 bars happened to lock onto the first piece, which was too tight to get off now. I was effectively caged, and as I started to get hard, I felt cold steel sliding inside my cock with each bit I grew. It was extremely painful, and I screamed, just to hear her laugh and tell me that was only the beginning.

She slapped my balls making me harder, which slid steel further in, hurting more. She undid my leash, and forced me to walk on my knees to the wall, and sit. She attached my feet to a spreader bar, and attached the bar to that set of shackles halfway up the wall. I started to protest, so she simply put a gag in my mouth, and told me she didn't want to hear anything out of me. Her exact words were "If I hear even one peep, you are going to regret it".

Next she shackled my hands to the base of the wall, so that I was basically laying on my shoulders, with my legs stretched upward and apart, and this ungodly cock cage spreading my pee-hole wide open, and pointing my dick toward my toes. My wife left me facing the wall like that, and walked over to the cabinet. She came back showing me that she was wearing a large strap-on. One much larger than any I knew she had. She worked lube into my ass, then slowly pressed it into me. I felt like my ass would split in half, but realized this was NOT what she was wearing. It was a plug, not a dildo. I realized that because I felt the size shrink as it slid into place. It was fully in, and she decided to leave it. She had bigger plans tonight.

I felt her probe around the plug, then she was satisfied it was in good, and left it alone. Good. I was getting hard from her fingers around my ass, even with all the pain I was currently in. Next I felt something cold in my bowels. After my first cramp, she announced that she had inserted a very special plug. It had a membrane on the front of it to allow things in, but not out. She said she had inserted a strong enema into it, and was expecting me to take every ounce of it. What I DIDN'T know was that she had 4 of them she planned on filling me with.

I was cramping severely, and now my belly was swollen from all the liquid inside. I needed to go SO bad. She simply pulled the tube out of the plug, and let me wait. I cramped. I wanted to be in a fetal position the cramps were so bad, but I was curled against the wall. She noticed I was trying to push the plug out, and made sure I couldn't by pumping up the inflater.

She also noticed me sweating, and looking miserable, so she fed me a piece of chocolate (which happened to be ex-lax I think), and something to drink. Now I had to go even worse. I was screaming, and she laughed. She left me there cramping, and unshackled Precious. She promised him relief, and brought him over to me.

They unshackled my left leg, placed a black vinyl pant leg on it, then shackled it back to the bar. They repeated this with the other leg, and stretched the pants over my ass. Now there was no way to take the plug out. She revealed that there was a tiny slit in the very bottom, that she pulled my balls through. The slit was so small though, that my balls were getting numb. I think I passed out from cramping, because I don't really have a good memory of what exactly happened next. I remember seeing Precious with a silver ring. Then...nothing.

When I awoke, the pants were back off, and my balls hurt, but I was also lying on the floor. My wife walked over, and squatted over my face, and ordered me to eat her. I immediately started, then bucked from cramping. She pushed on my stomach, and I felt like dying. She ordered me, "EAT ME NOW!" I did. I licked every last crevice of her lips, and sucked her clit. I played with her hood, and probed deep within her. She started to cum in my mouth, and wound up pissing down my throat. She got up, and had precious help me stand (which was considerably hard due to the cramping and the plug still in). I could think of nothing save exploding into a toilet. She hooked a leash to the new cage, and led me to the bathroom. I had been needing to go badly, and she asked 'do you want to go 1 or 2? You get a choice, but not both'.

What was this? I immediately said 2, and she helped me to squat over the toilet. She turned the knob to deflate the plug, then told me to take it out myself, but that I better not get any shit anywhere but in the toilet, or I would pay. I held my cramps as best I could, and yanked the plug out. It felt like I ripped my entire asshole out with it, and a steady torrent came streaming out. I eventually finished, and she placed her heel against my stomach and told me not to get up yet, that we needed to talk.

I sat there, not knowing if this was my mistress speaking to her sub or my wife talking to her husband, but I sat there listening. She told me, "Dear, you know I love you very much, and I know you love me. I saw you at the bachelor party last month, and I get jealous. I saw you flirting, and looking at other women, and I simply couldn't stand it. And it's because I know you love me as much as you do, that I know you will accept what needs to happen next. See, I never want to feel that jealous again." I asked her what she meant, and she had me stand and look in the mirror.

I was shocked. She had Precious pierce my scrotum in 3 places, and fed a silver ring through, so that the top of my scrotum was encircled by this ring, and was a part of it. He had soldered it closed, so there was no way of taking it off. It also had a short chain in the back that had a locking clip dangling behind my balls, and in front was a lock between the cock cage piece and my ring! I could never take it off again! She had also left the funnel piece on, and locked it to the other one.

She had screwed a plug of some sort on the end that stopped me from urinating as well. When I asked what it was, she said it was a steel rod used to push things into the catheter slide. She had put it in to make sure it was truly water tight.

She explained that this was her insurance that I would never be unfaithful, since she was the only one with the key. I was trapped. I asked her to remove it, that I would be faithful, but she told me that wasn't good enough. Then she got mad at me for making her feel like she wasn't wanted, and that I didn't love her because I wanted to fool around on her. She then said those fateful words that will echo in my ears for the rest of my life. She said, "You will be mine forever, like it or not".

She attached the leash to my new cage, and jerked me to the other room.

She had me lie on the bed, then strapped me down. She kept moving the cage around and playing with it, telling me she was 'ensuring it was a good fit', but her warm hands against my cock was still arousing me...and bringing pain every time. She was finally satisfied, and unlocked the end of the contraption, allowing me to pee. Afterward, she left me to my own thoughts of escape and just how serious this had become.

Of course she left it on over that weekend, and instead of taking it off Monday morning (which I had prayed would be the case) she said, "Why remove it? It won't show under your clothes...unless you take them off for someone." Shit. Well, she was right. It didn't show, but I wish it had now. At least then I could have thrown a fit and stormed out of the office to have it removed. But, hindsight IS 20/20. Let me explain.

I wore the damnable contraption all week, and my balls healed nicely. The next weekend she told me that she was going to leave it on me, but that all the stress and everything else...well, she thought we needed a 2 week vacation to talk and see what happened with us. I jumped at the chance to redeem myself and put in for 3 weeks the next Monday. She squealed when she heard I would be off for 3 weeks at the beginning of the next month. I figured, well, ill try to live with the contraption until then.

During the next weeks I DID learn what the chains in the back were for. She had them placed there to hold a specially made butt plug. They hooked into the end of it, and it locked it into place. Tightly. Other than finding new uses for her toy (which generally scared me to death) things went well, and she said she had our vacation already planned, but wanted to keep it a surprise. I figured it must be something like a cruise, because the she had made an appointment for me to a doctor that I didn't know. I just thought 'vaccinations for overseas'. I was wrong.

We showed up at the doctor's office, and were seen immediately. That is unusual in itself, but they ushered me to a room, and split us up, saying they needed information they would get from her while I undressed. They basically put me in a broom closet and told me to undress. I still remember the floor being kind of dirty looking, so I put my clothes on the only bench there. I didn't want them to get dirty at least. I was just worried about the doctor seeing the damn cage. Then thought, well, maybe I should show it, he can at least get me out of it!

As soon as the last piece of clothing was on the bench, it slid into the wall, taking my clothes with it! Crap! Now I'm stuck in here! I stood there waiting until a nurse came in. She ordered me to sign waivers, then left. She didn't flinch, but I had just been mortified. She returned shortly and said, "I will be performing the initial exam. Raise your hands and place them behind your head. And please, stand up straight." She felt my stomach for knots, then began examining eyes and tongue. She moved behind me and I felt a stethoscope on my back and her telling me to 'breathe'. How could she not see this thing on my dick? She was completely ignoring it! I guess we aren't the only kinky couple around after...."Click"

I had been thinking so much, I didn't notice the handcuffs until I heard the ominous clicking of metal inside metal. I whirled around with an expression of sheer terror I'm sure. She quickly grabbed the cage, and examined all around it saying "It IS a very good fit." She then hooked a leash onto the loop at the top, and pulled me down the hallway in handcuffs and the cage! She was even stopping and talking to people along the way. I wanted to scream. I was terrified of what was to happen, and mortified that so many were seeing me like this. How could things POSSIBLY get any worse?

She eventually led me into a very dark room, and led me to a table. Well, maybe table isn't the best description. It really looked more like a sawhorse that was padded. She hooked my cuffs on a hook above, then turned a knob. It rose until I was almost lifted off the ground. She then locked my ankles to the sawhorse. The nurse called an assistant in, and he sat there on the other side of the sawhorse. She yelled "NOW!" and hit a button. Next thing I knew, the cable was released, and I was falling. Since my feet were locked, I had no choice but fall forward over the sawhorse. The assistant quickly grabbed and secured the handcuffs to a hook in the floor, then pushed it down in a recess. I was now trapped. Completely. The nurse and the assistant left (after she swatted my ass).

After a few minutes of trying to get a bit more comfortable, I heard the door open and close again. I just wanted to be home. My OLD home. Where my wife and I were happy.

I heard a man's voice behind me, but they were out of earshot, so I couldn't really tell what was being said. They were walking toward me, and the next thing I heard my WIFE'S voice replying to him! The man walked next to me and introduced himself as Dr. Haskell. I started protesting the treatment and the next thing I knew, there was a gag in my mouth and someone beating my ass raw. The doctor looked at my wife and said "So rude. Yes, he will require quite a bit of training to learn respect for people." He moved behind me, and I felt my ass cheeks being spread. He said, "Yes, I DO like the design of this one. It should work VERY well for you."

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