tagFetishChastity Denial

Chastity Denial


It's been a week. A week of denial and torture. You remember accepting your position, now wondering why you'd taken the dare.

"I can take anything you got," you said. "Let me have it."

I grinned evilly, you remember now. I obvious knew what I was doing to you.

Lodged in your pussy is a hard dildo. Not just any dildo, but one molded from my cock. It's not that uncomfortable, but, well, it's been in there for a week. A long, miserable week. But that's not all. Your ass is also stuffed. You thought it was just a plain plug; you've since learned otherwise.

After inserting these, you actually laughed. Then I brought out the chastity belt. That wiped the smile from your face.

"You're mine now," I said. I was right.

The belt pushed both the plug and dildo deep inside of you. Not so much that it was painful, but enough that you can't ignore them.

The first day was a challenge. Working while being stuffed like that has made you so wet and needy. You came home and all you wanted to do was touch yourself. You tried everything you could to get around the strap between your legs, but nothing worked. I watched you squirm the whole time.

Day three came and you were a wreck. You came home begging to be fucked. All you wanted was a release. I grabbed you by the hair and forced you to your knees. You kept begging so I forced my cock down your throat just to get you quiet. I hold your head still while I almost rape your skull. You love every minute of it and all it does is make you hotter, more needy. I groan as I shove the head of my cock all the way in and erupt down your throat. Your fingers are clawing at your thighs trying to find release. I finally stop. I released you and walked away without a word, knowing you're almost catatonic with need.

Day four brought something new. As I made you suck me for the second time of the day, I held up a small remote. I pressed a button and your world almost stopped. The dildo in your cunt began to vibrate while getting longer then shorter. Your clit was on fire as your need almost overtook you. You sucked my cock harder until I came and the vibrations stopped. That time I didn't need to push you off of me; you fell over into a fetal position, desperation etched on your face.

Day five was torture. The dildo turned on at random points during the day, forcing you to go into hiding so that no one would find you in needy lust. As you walked up to the door, knowing you were going to be sucking my cock in less than a minute, you felt your ass stretch. You almost fell over from the feeling. You walk in and see me with that evil grin you began to hate.

"Feeling a little full today?" I said.

While sucking me dry, I told you that the plug would get bigger each day until it came out. Your only response being a moan and your pussy creaming more.

By day seven, your brain can no longer function. Your need is so palpable that the only part of your body you can feel in your aching cunt and stretched ass.

But you survived it for today you get to be released. Today you get to be free. I see the need in your eyes as I pull out the key. I never did say that the ordeal was over, now did I?


It's time to be let out of your prison. You want out in the worst way and to just be fucked. Your pussy aches, but knows it won't be quite that easy.

I have you lie down on the bed naked. Your arms and legs are tied to the corners as you lie on your back. Your nipples are hard both from your arousal and the chill in the room.

I climb between your legs and carefully unlock and remove the chastity belt. I then slowly remove both the butt plug and dildo. I see both of your holes stay gaping open having adapted to the size of both.

To your utter disbelief and horror, I get up from the bed, flash you a grin, and carry everything into the bathroom. You hear the water running as you struggle in vain to get free. You can't believe that I'd just leave you there in your need. You want to cry out but know that doing so will only make things worse.

It's only a few minutes before I return. In my hands is a bowl of water and a towel. You look at me curiously, wondering what I have planned. I sit between your legs again, setting the bowl and towel down. You watch as I proceed to pull out a shaving blade and some cream.

As you watch, I proceed to shave your entire groin bare. The feeling of the blade touching every inch of your sensitive areas makes you nervous and slightly tempers your arousal. You keep very still, knowing that any movement could cause a nick.

I look you in the eye and say in a stern voice, "Don't you dare cum." I then proceed to wipe down your groin, cleaning off the remaining shaving cream and cleaning you from your weeklong ordeal. The feeling is warm and comforting, but arousing at the same time. You again feel the heat of your desire begin to boil again.

I finish and return to the bathroom, dropping off the items. I return shortly, nude. My cock bounces in front of me, turning you on even more. Your eyes are riveted on it, your desire evident just by your eyes. Just to see it more, I wave the head right in front of your eyes.

I lean down and force my tongue far into your mouth, forcefully kissing you. I continue to French kiss you for several minutes, further increasing the heat in your groin.

After a time, I move down between your legs again. Slowly I begin to trace the outer lips of your pussy. Up and down my finger moves, tickling and tantalizing your already overcharged labia. I'm careful not to touch your clit, driving you crazy with need.

Suddenly, I begin to drag my finger along your inner lips, causing your body to jerk a little. The feelings begin to overwhelm you and you start to moan and squirm.

"Oh god. Please touch me," you say.

I don't alter my movements at all but keep driving your desire higher. You keep asking for more and I continue to deny.

"Please make me cum. I need it so bad."

I very lightly place my finger on your clit, making sure that almost zero pressure is applied. Your breath catches in your throat.

"What? My little slut needs something?"

"Yessss. I need to cum soo badly."

I move my finger down and just barely put my fingertip inside of you. "You want me inside of here."

Your only response is a moan. I proceed to untie you and stand you up. We move to the end of the bed.

"Are you ready? Are you ready to be turned into a sex toy for me?"

"Yes, please. Use me for whatever you want."

We move down to the foot of the bed and I roughly push your upper body over the footboard, forcing you up on your toes. I push on your back so you lie forward on your bed putting your ass in the air. Quickly, I bury my penis all the way inside of your vagina. You scream in desire as I bottom out.

"Fuck me. Fuck my pussy hard!"

You continue uttering obscenities non-stop as you feel your orgasm rise in your loins.

I grab your hair and raise your upper body off the bed quickly as I jerk your head to the side. I growl into your ear, "Don't you dare cum. My fucking cunt has to beg to cum. You better get started bitch." I release you and your body falls back onto the bed.

"Oh god, please let me cum. Let your filthy cunt cum. PLEASE!"

I continue to plow your pussy, driving myself mercilessly along my full length while you beg incoherently. I feel your pussy tighten as your orgasm continues to build. Your ranting has gone completely desperate.


Just as I know you won't be able to hold back anymore, I pull out completely and begin slapping your ass mercilessly. You squirm from pain, need, and disbelief.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Your scream is piercing and long. You're absolutely beside yourself as your pussy lips grope at empty air looking for any type of contact. You start to babble and cry, begging for more.

Your body continues to squirm and your hips rotate as your sex gapes. You hear me moving behind you, but you are lost in your own desire to care until you feel something press against your clit. You come to your senses, stop fidgeting, and become quiet.

I bury my manhood inside of you once again, holding it still inside.

"What are you waiting for? FUCK ME!!!"

"Oh, you'll get yours in time, but you'll be the one doing the fucking. Shall we begin?"

"God, yes."

Your clit explodes in sensations as vibrations pulsate through your groin. Your eyes lose focus as you quickly feel your orgasm rise again. You feel it growing deep within your stomach and spreading through your limbs.

A split second before your release the vibrations stop and I yank my cock from your sopping hole. Your scream is once again deafening. I once again lift you by your hair and yell into your ear, "Shut up, bitch! All I want to hear from you is begging. One more outburst like that and you won't get anything. Do you understand?"

"Please let me cum. Please let me cum. Please let me cum." It's all you can utter.

I let a few minutes go by and start the process over again. Your chanting is interrupted occasionally with moans and squeals, but continues incessantly. My cock in your tight hole only inflames you while the vibrations rock your world.

Your voice increases in volume as your orgasm approaches again, quicker this time. Cruelly, inhumanely, and with utter disregard for your need, everything stops again when your orgasm nears. This time you're barely able to contain your scream, but know that I'm serious about stopping if you do.

This process continues for what feels like forever. A constant alternation between near-orgasmic bliss and crushing emptiness becomes the whole of your existence. Your brain is only able to focus on your need to orgasm.

My voice pierces your fog like a ray of hope. "What would you do to cum?"

You pant like a dog as you say, "Anything. I'll do anything. Name it and I'll do it. Just please let me cum."

"Anything? Would you give yourself over to me completely to use how I see fit?"

"Yes. I'll be anything you want, do anything you want. Use me."

I sink my cock inside of you, but refuse to move despite your fidgeting. "You're already my filthy fucking whore, so what more is there?"

"I don't know. Just name it and it's yours! Please make me cum!!!!!!"

"I'll let you cum, but only if the belt, dildo, and plug go back in after we're done. This time for two weeks. That way I know my cock will always be on your mind and your cunt is in my control."

"No. No. Please. Anything but that. I'll die if you put that back on."

The vibrations start again, but only for a couple of seconds. "Are you sure that's your final answer?"

"Anything. Please, name it. Anything but that."

This isn't what I want to hear, so the torment continues. The vibrations go on and off to keep you on edge. Your imagination goes wild coming up with alternatives to the gruesome belt. Your mouth continually utters more and more depraved acts, hoping that one will be to my liking. All to no avail.

Forty-five minutes. That's all it took to break you. Your body's desire breaks your will nearly drove you insane before you relented. To you, forty-five minutes could have been a week and you just can't take it anymore.

Your voice is hoarse and is only a whisper in between your sobs. "Okay. I give up. Two weeks. Just please end it. I beg you. Anything you want, just please let me cum."

I stop everything and lean down closer to you. "What was that? I couldn't hear you."

You know darn well that I heard you. I just want you to admit your defeat again. Louder, "I give up. Two weeks. I'm your whore to use as you want. I want to cum."

I turn the vibrator on high and watch your pleasure build again. You've stopped talking and are wholly consumed by the vibrations in your groin. Your orgasm is only two seconds away...

... and I stop again. Your body goes into convulsions of need.

"Two weeks. I promised two weeks. You said I could come if I promised two weeks!"

I am utterly enjoying you suffer. Your body, my filthy whore's body, is in such desire that your brain shuts off.

I flip the vibrator on again and bury my entire six inches into your ass in one thrust. Your vision explodes, you ears fill with silence, and the world stops as pain and pleasure burst into orgasm. Your entire being is consumed with that one, long awaited need.

I watch your body bounce around like a rag doll for a full five minutes while I keep my manhood in your ass. I enjoy your movements on my cock and hold in my own orgasm.

You come down from your high slowly as your senses return to earth. Your breath is ragged and sweat pours down your body. Your body goes limp and a huge smile crosses your face.

"That was incredible. Thank you. Thank you."

I grab your hair once more and pull you up. "Who said you were done, eh bitch?"

Your eyes open in confusion. I yank your hair even further, forcing you onto your feet fully. The vibrator is now lodged even deeper into your clit and my cock is so far into your bowels that you almost feel it in your throat. I reach around and grab your tits roughly as the vibrations increase in intensity again.

Your brain erupts again in orgasm. Not nearly as long this time, but more intense, deeper. My fucking your ass doesn't help either. You come down, still feeling me abuse your hole.

I pinch your nipples hard and another orgasm overtakes you. I slap your tits and another. I yank your hair, and another. I bite your ear and another. You lose count of the number of orgasms that come over you and your vision dims and your body becomes your brain's worst enemy once again. I hold you up on that evil vibrator and my burn rod of flesh as you can only mutter, "Please stop. I can't... No more."

You asked for it. You begged for it. I'm only giving you what you're going to pay for with your two weeks of denial. I'll make you be terrified of an orgasm while making you beg for it. Your own desire will be your own self-torture. You'll never forget this experience.

The last thing you feel before you pass out is my cock erupting in your ass. Your vision goes black and you go limp against me.

An unknown time later you awake groggily in the bed alone. Instantly you feel the plug and dildo held inside you by the belt again. You burst out in sobs knowing that your fate is sealed once again, this time for two weeks. You fall asleep crying to begin your endeavor once again.

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