tagInterracial LoveChastity's Lessons Ch. 04

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 04


The next couple times that Charity went to visit Jeremy he would either lay her down and fuck her with her legs spread -- sometimes wrapped around his waist, other times with one or both over his shoulders -- until he got her off, and then he'd cum in her mouth or on her tits. She didn't know why he liked to cum on her tits, but she liked to try and catch the spurts of white froth in her mouth, plus it saved her from having to wipe the sticky stuff off of her flesh. And every time he'd play with her asshole, pushing one and then two of his fat dark fingers into her back hole as he ate her out or she rode him. By now she was used to it when he would push his fingers into her tight ass, it even felt good to have that extra sensation of something opening up her tight little asshole.

Still it made her a little nervous when she returned to the clearing and he wanted to do something new.

"Get on all fours," he told her. Chastity did so, getting on her hands and knees and looking up at him expectantly. His cock was hard and ready, that thick black girth that she had come to adore so much... her mouth watered with the desire to suck on it. Instead, Jeremy walked around behind her... she trembled at his touch as his hands caressed her ass, pulling her cheeks apart so that he could look at her little asshole. Would today be the day that he put his big black cock up her ass?

"Soon," he whispered, answering her question as his thumb circled around her asshole. Chastity moaned a little, pushing her ass at him...

His hands began roaming over her back and her ass, squeezing at her flesh. Chastity moaned, especially when his hands came around to her front and began squeezing her breasts. Looking down she could see his dark hands kneading the tender mounds, playing with her nipples, and she shuddered with erotic pleasure at the sight of his dark skin pressing against her pale flesh. Jeremy pressed into her from behind, his dick rubbing along the length of her wet pussy, making her yearn for him to turn her over and spread her thighs open for him.

Instead, he pulled one of his hands away from her breast in order to line himself up with her pussy, and he began to push into her from behind. Chastity gasped with this novel sensation as his dick rubbed the insides of her pussy in a completely new way. Jeremy pushed into her from behind, all the way until his groin met up with her ass cheeks, she could feel her ass pressing against his body and it made her moan and wiggle as she luxuriated in this new self-indulgence.

Then he pulled out and slammed in again, taking her breath away and rocking her body... she found it required much more effort to keep herself up on her hands and knees than it did to lay on her back and spread her legs. It also bothered her that she couldn't see him fucking her now... but at the same time she really liked the way she felt completely in his control in this position. His hands moved around and started kneading her breasts again, making her moan as she pushed back against him.

With every thrust, she could feel her elbows buckling a little more, and her wrists were starting to hurt and she didn't like how that distracted her from the pleasure she was getting from being fucked from behind. So she lowered herself to her elbows, which had the pleasant effect of making her ass high in the air while she was in a better position to be on the receiving end of Jeremy's thrusts.

Liking her new position, Jeremy slid back, putting his hands on her hips so that he could admire the way his cock looked splitting open her pink pussy, little white girl on her knees and taking him from behind. Blonde hair spilled across the grass, Chastity moaned as she was impaled, again and again, and now he could see her ass cheeks shake with every thrust. Wetting his finger in his mouth, he pushed it against her asshole and was pleased to see that her body easily opened up and accepted it.

Chastity's groans of pleasure got louder as he added a second finger, watching as his darkness took her in both holes at once. Big black cock splitting open her little pink pussy while his dark fingers disappeared between her ivory ass cheeks... it was a sight to take his breath away. And the next time he had her, he was gonna be taking that sweet ass.

Pulling his fingers from that tempting hole, he used both his hands on her hips to pump her from behind even more powerfully, glorying in her cries of pleasure as he rode her. Chastity's ass in the air wiggled and she clenched as Jeremy plowed into her, her cheek rubbing against the soft grass of the clearing, nipples tickled by the greenery beneath her. She could see what they looked like in her mind, powerful attractive black man fucking the younger white girl from behind, on her hands and knees, being taken like a beast.

Part of her wanted him to cum in her, to feel his dick spurting into her pussy, like horses or dogs when they bred would... but she knew that he wouldn't. She moaned at the thought though, rubbing her pussy and ass seductively against him as his fingers gripped her hips tightly. His thrusts were coming harder and faster, and even though she was more stable on her elbows, she could feel him pushing her forward.

Reaching underneath her body, Jeremy sought out her clit with his fingers, and Chastity let out a cry of rapture as he began rubbing the engorged nub of pleasure. Her legs and arms trembled with the effort of holding herself up as ecstasy threatened to overcome her senses, and Jeremy continued to pound at her from the rear. As his fingers continued to rub she could feel the heady tingling rush of her orgasm over taking her, and she collapsed before him... he followed her down, his dick thrusting hard into her pussy and impaling her as she lay on the grass before him.

She could feel him growing bigger inside of her ass she writhed with elated gratification, and her orgasm grew as she thought he might lose control, that his big black cock would spurt white cream into her pussy... but then he pulled out and left her empty, she could feel the sticky warmth spreading across her ass cheeks and back, and she rubbed the front of her pussy against the ground, letting her orgasm continue as Jeremy spurted over her backside.

They both stayed in their respective positions, gasping... Chastity felt like her body was made of jelly, she felt so drained and shaky. Then she moaned a little as Jeremy's lips and tongue pressed against her asshole, teasing the sensitive nerves and making her body jerk.

"Next time," he murmured.

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