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Chat Confession


<MrSmith> Hello Bonnie

<MrSmith> m 39 boston

<BonnieBlue> hello

<MrSmith> how old?

<BonnieBlue> 50/f/co

<MrSmith> ok

<BonnieBlue> people tell me i look younger though

<MrSmith> up late as well, eh?

<MrSmith> or early lol

<BonnieBlue> actually..up early...can't sleep

<MrSmith> much the same

<BonnieBlue> k

<MrSmith> does that mean you're single too?

<BonnieBlue> no

<BonnieBlue> married

<MrSmith> hubby still asleep?

<BonnieBlue> yes

<MrSmith> do you come into chat often?

<BonnieBlue> not that often..u?

<MrSmith> sometimes

<MrSmith> it depends how the mood takes me

<BonnieBlue> sounds familiar

<MrSmith> and I like the anonymity of it

<BonnieBlue> :)

<BonnieBlue> can i ask a question?

<MrSmith> yes

<BonnieBlue> do you masturbate here?

<MrSmith> yes, I do

<BonnieBlue> cool

<MrSmith> do you?

<BonnieBlue> yes

<BonnieBlue> my husband doesnt have much interest in sex anymore

<MrSmith> mmm ... sad

<BonnieBlue> yes

<BonnieBlue> can i ask what u look like?

<MrSmith> 5'8 fair hair blue eyes, average build, I guess

<MrSmith> I used to do roleplay, but I've kinda grown out of that

<BonnieBlue> what do u like now?

<MrSmith> chatting, some confessional stuff

<BonnieBlue> ok

<MrSmith> I can talk opernly here without fear of being recognised

<BonnieBlue> yes

<MrSmith> and share my exploits, that can excite me

<BonnieBlue> really?

<MrSmith> mmm, yes

<BonnieBlue> i can share my fantasies...i know what u mean

<MrSmith> its fun testing the reactions of others

<BonnieBlue> ok..so test me

<MrSmith> and, in some cases, reliving events

<MrSmith> ok

<MrSmith> last week I made my 58 yr old secretary suck me off

<BonnieBlue> oh wow

<BonnieBlue> how did u do that?

<MrSmith> I told her that the company were laying people off

<MrSmith> which was true

<MrSmith> her job was kind of at risk

<MrSmith> also true

<MrSmith> of course, that worried her

<BonnieBlue> yes

<MrSmith> she's unmarried, lives with her elderly mother

<BonnieBlue> k

<MrSmith> a bit of an old spinster, I guess

<BonnieBlue> is she attractive?

<MrSmith> in an old schoolmistress sort of way

<BonnieBlue> k

<MrSmith> slim, nice figure for her age

<MrSmith> but a bit prim and proper

<MrSmith> that was a bit of a turn on for me

<MrSmith> just imagining her sucking on a cock was so unthinkable it was exciting

<BonnieBlue> hot

<MrSmith> I asked her how important her job was to her

<BonnieBlue> go on

<MrSmith> I could see she was getting even more worried, nervous

<MrSmith> she said she really couldn't manage without it

<MrSmith> I nodded, kinda sympathetic like

<MrSmith> I said that she'd find it difficult getting another job at her age

<MrSmith> especially one so well paid

<MrSmith> she looked at me, I could almost see tears in her eyes

<BonnieBlue> keep going

<MrSmith> then I sprung my trap

<MrSmith> I said:

<MrSmith> do you want to suck my cock, Jean?

<MrSmith> he he he

<MrSmith> I love the shock effect

<BonnieBlue> that's really pretty bad

<MrSmith> she colored slightly

<MrSmith> I beg your pardon, she said

<MrSmith> she'd heard, I know, but she didn't really believe

<MrSmith> she was sitting down, I got up from behind my desk and walked round

<MrSmith> let me put it this way, Jean, I said

<MrSmith> I was unzipping my trousers as I spoke, she was looking at me kinda shocked

<BonnieBlue> wow

<MrSmith> you dont have to suck my cock, that is entirely up to you

<MrSmith> but it is entirely up to me whether or not you will have a job tomorrow

<MrSmith> I had my cock out in front of her, it was semi-hard because I was turned on by the situation

<MrSmith> I stroked it in front of her

<MrSmith> the colour had suddenly gone from her face, I was afraid she'd faint

<BonnieBlue> is it big?

<MrSmith> 7 inches and broad

<MrSmith> but I don't think she'd seen a cock up close like that for a long time

<BonnieBlue> did she stare at it?

<MrSmith> fascinated

<MrSmith> I wanted to shock her a bit more

<MrSmith> I watched her expression

<MrSmith> I said that it excited me when I thought of filling her mouth with my spunk

<MrSmith> I could see that disgusted her

<MrSmith> but some color came back into her cheeks

<MrSmith> she was starting to get angry, I think

<MrSmith> think of your position, I said

<MrSmith> then she found her voice

<MrSmith> she told me that it was disgusting, that I was a nasty pervert, that she had never been so insulted, etc etc etc

<BonnieBlue> wow

<MrSmith> but she didn't storm out

<BonnieBlue> was she still looking at it?

<MrSmith> not while she was shouting at me, but after she had lost steam, she was still sitting in her chair, still with her eyes fixed on the end of my cock

<BonnieBlue> she probably hadn't seen one in years

<MrSmith> actually shouting is sort of the wrong word, but you know what I mean

<MrSmith> more of a tirade

<BonnieBlue> k

<MrSmith> a heated protest

<MrSmith> I knew that I had almost won, if she wasn't going to do it, she would have left

<MrSmith> and maybe reported me

<BonnieBlue> true

<MrSmith> but the risk is all part of the excitement

<MrSmith> I told her that she was lucky that I was a pervert, because I was giving her a chance she wouldn't have otherwise got

<MrSmith> and she should think of it as just a few moments unpleasantness

<MrSmith> and wasn't her job worth that?

<MrSmith> I was still stroking my cock in front of her face

<MrSmith> I like to think how nasty it must have looked to her with precum leaking from the tip

<MrSmith> she had calmed down a lot

<BonnieBlue> oh wow

<MrSmith> still looking at the tip of my cock she asked in a quiet voice, almost a whisper

<MrSmith> I will keep my job, Sir?

<MrSmith> I almost laughed at the 'Sir'

<BonnieBlue> wow

<MrSmith> promise, I said

<MrSmith> you'll never tell anyone?

<MrSmith> our little secret, I said

<MrSmith> she opened her mouth, but didn't move any closer to my cock

<MrSmith> so I moved towards her, took hold of her head by the hair and pushed my cock inside her mouth

<BonnieBlue> wow

<BonnieBlue> did she suck it right away?

<BonnieBlue> please don't stop

<MrSmith> once my fat cockhead was inside her mouth shje settled down to sucking on it

<BonnieBlue> wow

<MrSmith> I kept hold of her head, but with my free hand I was able to reach down and grope her tits

<BonnieBlue> did she like that?

<MrSmith> no, she tried to squirm away, but I held her fast

<MrSmith> my cock felt so hard ;)

<BonnieBlue> yeah i bet it did

<MrSmith> I knew it wouldn't be long before I came

<MrSmith> I started fucking her face

<MrSmith> when I felt my juice building up inside me

<MrSmith> I forced my cock hard into the back of her mouth and released my jizz down her throat

<MrSmith> then I pulled back to fill her mouth properly

<MrSmith> I wanted her to get the full taste of my semen

<MrSmith> she was struggling at that point

<BonnieBlue> lol

<MrSmith> when I let go she pulled away coughing and retching on my cum

<MrSmith> I took advantage of the moment to finish by jerking off over her

<BonnieBlue> wow

<BonnieBlue> hard to believe

<MrSmith> she looked a real sight

<MrSmith> my cum dribbling down her face

<BonnieBlue> mmm

<MrSmith> one tit out where I had groped her

<MrSmith> when she had cleared her mouth and throat she looked up at me

<BonnieBlue> what was she doing

<MrSmith> you filthy dirty bastard, she said

<MrSmith> that made me laugh

<BonnieBlue> omg

<MrSmith> I wiped my cock on her blouse

<BonnieBlue> amazing

<MrSmith> she pulled it away trying to cover herself up

<MrSmith> I felt kinda mean

<BonnieBlue> i would think so

<MrSmith> but I also kind of liked abusing her like that

<BonnieBlue> mmhmm

<BonnieBlue> i think it is hot

<MrSmith> she was trembling a little

<BonnieBlue> i bet

<MrSmith> I wasn't sure what to do next, I hadn't really thought it all through

<MrSmith> so I told her to take off her clothes

<MrSmith> she refused

<MrSmith> she said she'd sucked my thing and I should let her go now

<BonnieBlue> ok...

<MrSmith> I looked at her, I wasn't sure what to do

<BonnieBlue> ok...

<MrSmith> but I wanted to do something more, humiliate her just a bit more

<BonnieBlue> mmm

<MrSmith> I told her I wasn't going to let her go until I'd had a feel of her cunt

<MrSmith> I used the word 'cunt' because I liked how nasty it sounded

<BonnieBlue> yes...it does sound nasty

<MrSmith> she obviously wasn't going to help me, so I pulled up her skirt that she was trying to hold down

<MrSmith> and pushed a hand up between her thighs

<BonnieBlue> omg

<MrSmith> she let out a little cry, bUt I got her legs apart and pulling her knickers aside ran my fingers along her slit

<MrSmith> then I slipped a finger up inside deep into her cunt

<BonnieBlue> wow

<MrSmith> her eyes opened wide and she gasped loudly

<BonnieBlue> u r daring

<MrSmith> she was slick and wet

<BonnieBlue> i can imagine

<MrSmith> then I pulled my finger out, wiped it on her skirt and told her she could go

<BonnieBlue> nice

<MrSmith> she took a while to sort herself out

BonnieBlue No such nick/channel

<MrSmith> I think she was going as quickly as she could though

BonnieBlue No such nick/channel

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