Chat Hypnosis


The following is a hypnotic mind control story. In it, many things may happen. If you dislike the thought of changing a man into liking cock and/or believing he is a woman, this story is not for you. It also involves anal play and cum play.

The story means to pretend that two people meet in some sort of anonymous chat room and this is a conversation as it plays out. Enjoy!


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like hypnosis, and mind control.

You: hi

Stranger: hey

You: asl?

Stranger: 21/m/usa

You: role?

Stranger: sub

You: ah

You: anything interesting about you?

You: any particular way in which you'd like to submit that is interesting

Stranger: what do you mean by that?

You: some men like to be made more feminine

You: some people want to acquire another fetish

You: some people want to be denied release

Stranger: oh

Stranger: hmm

You: some want to be made to share person information

Stranger: i like being denied release

You: or to suffer some form of public humiliation

Stranger: i also enjoy being dominated by a woman

You: many men do ;)

You: do you have any triggers?

Stranger: kinda sorta not really

You: they are weak i take it?

Stranger: "sleep deep"

You: planted loosely

Stranger: is very weak

Stranger: yeah

You: after an inadequate induction

You: so sad

Stranger: and not helped by the crappy fake roleplay hypnotist types

Stranger: "do you have a trigger ok SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM"

You: yeah...

You: I've been asked if I had a trigger

You: I've said no

Stranger: disconnected

You: exactly!

You: anyways

Stranger: because that's how hypnosis works

You: I know what I want to do to you

Stranger: yeah let's save the ranting about stupid people for some other time

Stranger: haha

You: It involves something pretty interesting

Stranger: alright

You: *BLINK*

You: when you read that word, your eyes automatically blink?

You: isn't that funny

You: *BLINK*

You: they just automatically blink

You: but that isn't the most interesting part

You: I used to do long inductions

You: that worked very well

You: but I've found that that isn't needed

You: all I have to do

You: is to say

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: a few times in a row

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: really it only takes about ten blinks or so

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: and people slip into trance so easily

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: its happening to you already!

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

Stranger: it is

You: *BLINK*

You: very good and soon

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: I'm going to write the word sleep

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: and you will drop way down

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: so easily for me

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: almost ready

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: here it comes

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *BLINK*

You: *SLEEP*

You: down deeper and deeper

You: down down down

You: falling faster and deeper now

You: so easy to just sink down

You: deeper than you thought possible

You: so fast and deep for me

You: and about to come right back up on three

You: but when you do

You: you'll be ready to sink down even deeper

You: at my suggestion

You: waking on three...

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: aware of the room,

You: and


You: hi

Stranger: hey

You: how did that feel?

Stranger: great

You: think you went pretty deep?

Stranger: yeah

You: very good, but

You: not nearly as deep as you'll fall

You: as soon as I say

You: *SLEEP*

You: *SLEEP*

You: deeper down this time

You: falling so quickly

You: deeper and deeper down

You: so open and suggestable for me

You: down deeper and deeper

You: falling down into a deep open trance

You: eyes open

You: fast asleep

You: waking again on three

You: but ready t go into a deeply suggestable trance

You: whenever you see

You: *SLEEP*

You: at mine or another hypnotists suggestion

You: waking on three

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: aware of the room,

You: and...


You: hi?

Stranger: hi

You: so tell me how you feel

Stranger: tired

Stranger: but good

Stranger: trance is fun

You: it is

Stranger: i think going into trance on its own might turn me on somewhat

You: that's something

Stranger: or maybe i'm just associating hypnosis and sex, idk

You: well, I'm about to put you back under

You: are you ready?

Stranger: yeah

You: here we go...

You: *SLEEP*

You: fall deep deep down

You: deeper and deeper

You: sinking down so easily for me

You: just allowing your waking mind

You: to just detatch and float away now

You: so easily and peacefully

You: you are so open for me

You: so open as you sink down

You: deeper and deeper

You: relaxing and opening more and more

You: so calm, deeper

You: deeper down

You: deeper and deeper as you slide

You: so easily down

You: into an open and suggestable state

You: and just relax

You: and float here

You: and as you do

You: I'm going to make a couple deep suggestions now

You: and they will cause you to go into trance more rapidly

You: whenever it is safe to do so

You: if that is okay with your hypnotic mind

You: just say, 'okay'

Stranger: okay

You: good and now

You: on a scale from one to ten

You: ten being very deep

You: how deep do you feel?

Stranger: 8

You: very good

You: and now we are ready

You: to sink down a little lower together

You: and so we are coming to a wall

You: floating in space

You: stretching endlessly down belos us

You: and here where we are

You: labeled on the wall in deep purple

You: is the number 35

You: and if you squiint

You: way down below us

You: at the very edge of what your eyes can see

You: you can just make out the number 34

You: and we are floating down to the 34 now

You: slowly at first

You: then a little faster

You: very safe

You: getting nearer...

You: and here we are at 34

You: and we aren't stopping

You: but rather speeding up

You: coming to 33 now...

You: and passing it

You: then 32

You: and now 31

You: and 30

You: 29

You: 28

You: 27

You: 26

You: 25

You: 24

You: 23

You: 22

You: 21

You: 20

You: 18

You: 15

You: 12

You: 7

You: 0

You: -10

You: -21

You: -35

You: -50

You: -72

You: -100

You: -148

You: faster and faster

You: -211

You: -290

You: faster and faster

You: -400

You: and slowing down now

You: ...

You: and coming to a rest...

You: here

You: at -483

You: very good

You: and just floating deep down here

You: and as we do

You: your mind begins to drift

You: just where I tell it to

You: and your mind begins to drift

You: to a memory of this deep hypnotic state that you are currently in

You: and its forming this memory deep within your mind

You: so that it can return to it

You: at certain times

You: times when it is safe to do so

You: and your hypnotic mind is associating a word

You: with this deep hypnotic state

You: something that it can see

You: written down

You: across a screen

You: or possibly even hear

You: coming from someone you trust to guide you through hypnosis

You: and this word is

You: *SLEEP*

You: thats a good word isn't it?

You: so calm and relaxing

You: so full of the promise of hypnotic trance

You: *SLEEP*

You: is a good phrase

You: and whenever you see it

You: and it is safe for you to go into trance

You: you will find yourself swiftly returning to the deepest of hypnotic trances

You: going deep into an open and highly suggestable trance

You: ready and willing to receive instructions

You: and your subconcious will remember this word

You: *SLEEP*

You: and will bring you into trance

You: whenever you see or hear it

You: and it is safe for you to go into trance

You: and now, with this trigger

You: imbedded deeply within you

You: its time to bring you back up out of trance

You: which I will do

You: with a count to five

You: waking you up momentarily

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: your subconcious remembering your new trigger

You: 3

You: becoming aware of your surroundings

You: 4

You: so grateful to have your new trigger

You: and


You: how is it going?

Stranger: very well

Stranger: that was a fantastic trance

You: thank you

You: I'm glad you enjoyed it

You: because when you are ready

You: I'm going to put you down into one that is even deeper

Stranger: alright

You: but we can talk here

You: for a moment

Stranger: sure

You: anything you want me to do in particular?

You: you said you enjoyed orgasm denial

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: i can't really come up with anything in particular to tell you to do

You: let me know when you are ready to go into an even deeper trance

Stranger: plus part of the fun is seeing what you make me do

Stranger: the surprise and all that

You: are you ready?

Stranger: just a sec

Stranger: i'm going to be prudent here and use the bathroom

You: sounds good

Stranger: alright

Stranger: i'm back

Stranger: and ready to go

You: ok

You: take a deep breath...

You: *SLEEP*

You: deeper and deeper

You: falling so quickly

You: back to the wall

You: shooting down past 35

You: down past 0

You: down past -100

You: down past -200

You: down past -350

You: down past -500

You: down past -700

You: and now down as deep as -800

You: and stopping here at -862

You: very good

You: you love your new trigger

You: it works so well

You: and every time you use it it grows stronger

You: you love your trigger

You: you love for it to bring you under and make you easily able to accept new things

You: you are so open

You: so deeply in trance

You: open to any suggestions I may make

You: and in my generousity

You: I'm going to give you a few new triggers

You: triggers that will be imbedded deep within you

You: whenever you ready


You: you cock becomes hard and stiff

You: and you grow very aroused

You: and sexy images of hot women

You: and hot men pop into your mind

You: reading the phrase


You: makes you do this

You: it triggers you into being so very hard

You: and thats not the only trigger I'm giving you

You: whenever you read


You: it undoes the HARDROCKSHAFT trigger

You: ane makes you return to your flaccid normal state

You: again, when you ready NORMAL

You: it does this

You: and when you read


You: you feel like you are being made fast sweet love

You: up your ass

You: your anus being stuffed so full

You: as your ass gets swiftly fucked hard

You: this is what happens whenever you read


You: and there is something else

You: whenever you read NORMAL

You: it stops the feelings you get from the HOGMAMUFFIN trigger

You: and you stop being fucked in the ass

You: for the time being

You: and there is one more trigger

You: that you will receive

You: whenever you read


You: you can just feel semen

You: covering your face

You: and your chest

You: and the inside of your anus

You: and you enjoy being covered in cum

You: and you love being a cum slut

You: all this happens

You: whenever you read KUMPUGSLUT

You: and that trigger, also wears off

You: whenever you read NORMAL

You: and you like these triggers

You: and whenever any of these triggers are used

You: it makes them stronger

You: and they grow much much stronger

You: whenever you orgasm as a result of their effects

You: and with these triggers and the *SLEEP* trigger

You: deeply imbedded inside you

You: I will be waking you up

You: on a count to five

You: 1

You: your eyes can move around

You: 2

You: so grateful to your hypnotist for your new triggers

You: 3

You: aware of the room

You: 4

You: eager to use and permanently solidify your new triggers

You: and...


You: hello

Stranger: hey

You: want to see some cool stuff?

Stranger: sure

You: you are excited by what I'm about to do


You: you feel something now

You: isn't that right?

Stranger: yeah

You: tell me

Stranger: i've got a massive erection


Stranger: and images of just sexy people in my head

You: keep telling me what you are experiencing

Stranger: and now

Stranger: i feel like i'm covered in cum

Stranger: and it's turning me on

Stranger: this is embarrasing

Stranger: this never used to turn me on before


Stranger: oh god

Stranger: that feels so good

Stranger: ii'm being pounded in my ass

Stranger: yess

Stranger: why does this feel so good

Stranger: i never

You: is it getting to be to much for you?

Stranger: aah

Stranger: it's

Stranger: feels good

Stranger: don't know anymore

You: are you masturbating?

Stranger: yes

You: are you close?

Stranger: no

You: good

You: I'm not done having fun with you

You: so you can go back


You: go back to normal

You: how are you feeling now?

Stranger: ...that was strange

Stranger: heh. my ass feels sore.

Stranger: but i am not covered in cum nor turned on by that or anything penetrating my ass

Stranger: also i'm typing with two hands

Stranger: so there's that

You: yeah, thats pretty nice

You: you like mostly women, right?

Stranger: yeah

You: have you ever had anything up your ass before?

Stranger: ...yeah

You: you probably enjoyed this more

You: anyways, we aren't done having fun

Stranger: i did

You: I'm going to bring you into another very deep trance

You: very soon

You: I hope you are ready

You: because its beginning soon...

You: *SLEEP*

You: falling deeper very swiftly

You: sinking very very quickly

You: into a very deep trance

You: now we are coming to a wall

You: floating and space

You: coming up to a 35

You: and going down past it

You: down past 0

You: and down past 100

You: and down past 300

You: and down past 500

You: and down past 800

You: and although way down past 1000

You: and coming to a rest here

You: at -1200

You: and this is a deeply hypnotic state

You: a very deep state

You: now you enjoy your triggers immensely

You: those triggers are planted in you so very solidly

You: they are at your core

You: your very essense

You: you could no more remove those triggers

You: than you could remove your chest

You: they are so very very deep

You: and all of these triggers please you deeply

You: and in the deep hypnotic state that you are now in

You: so very open to suggestion

You: you are going to take on a few more meanings to your triggers

You: and a few more triggers as well

You: whenever you read


You: not only will you feel the full force

You: of being deeply fucked full force up your ass

You: as your ass is SPLIT

You: so wide and deep

You: but you will feel immense pleasure from this

You: and the feeling of being fucked in your ass

You: will turn you on so greatly

You: and it will feel soo very good

You: so sexually pleasing

You: so arousing

You: you could orgasm from the wonderful feeling

You: of being fucked so deeply in your ass

You: and from that feeling alone

You: and every time this trigger is used

You: and you feel this feeling

You: the trigger will become stronger

You: and the ass-fucking will become more pleasurable

You: that is what happens

You: whenever you read


You: and you just love it

You: and now you are going to receive another trigger

You: and this trigger is THROATJAMMED

You: because whenever you read the trigger


You: you will feel a great big cock getting thrust deep into your willing mouth

You: down into the back of your mouth

You: and into your throat

You: as you give this cock a good deep blowjob

You: and you will deep-throat this cock

You: and the idea of sucking cock

You: will turn you on immensely

You: and make you so very horny

You: and feel so very good

You: that it makes you want to ooze precum

You: that is what reading THROATJAMMED will do

You: and ever time you read THROATJAMMED

You: and the THROATJAMMED trigger is used on you

You: it will become stronger

You: and the experiences will become more powerful

You: and this triggered experience will also come to a stop

You: whenever you read the word NORMAL

You: because that is what the trigger NORMAL does

You: and now im going to wake you pu

You: wake you up

You: and you are going to be horny to experience your new triggers

You: and cement them so deeply into place

You: as they forever become an indelible part of you

You: waking you up on the count of seven now

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: your subconcious remembering all your triggers

You: 3

You: becoming more aware of your surroundings

You: 4

You: eternally grateful to your hypnotist

You: 5

You: capable of moving your limbs

You: 6

You: ready for the new triggers

You: and

You: 7


You: hi

Stranger: hey

You: how do you feel?

Stranger: good

Stranger: a bit horny, actually

You: i bet this has been an eye opening experience

Stranger: it has been

You: are you horny

You: possibly for HOGMAMUFFIN

You: all the


Stranger: oh god

Stranger: oh god yes

Stranger: that

You: whats happening?

Stranger: that feels

Stranger: i'm getting pounded

Stranger: up my ass

Stranger: it feels sooooo good

Stranger: i want to cum

Stranger: oh my god

You: perhaps you'd like to be scewered like a pig

You: as you get rammed from both ends


Stranger: oooooooh

Stranger: why is this turning me on so much

Stranger: i'm such a slut

Stranger: oh my god this os so good

Stranger: aaah

You: let me know when you cum


Stranger: oh my god i love being a cumslut

Stranger: aaaah

Stranger: this is so fucking hot

Stranger: ah ah yes

Stranger: i think i came

You: you aren't sure?

You: how can that be?

Stranger: my ass

You: your ass came?

Stranger: that's what it felt like

You: ill let things return


You: so this should make talking easier

You: and more NORMAL

You: how did all that feel?

Stranger: i was too busy focusing on what i was feeling with my ass and mouth to masturbate

Stranger: it felt good

You: and you came without using your hands?

You: thats pretty slutty

Stranger: something like that, yeah

You: I hope you enjoyed it

Stranger: i did

You: because its time for

You: *SLEEP*

You: falling quickly into a deep hypnotic trance

You: sinking lower and lower

You: very very fast

You: coming up to a wall floating in your mind

You: going down past the number 35

You: down past 0

You: down past -100

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