Chat Hypnosis



Stranger: mmmm

Stranger: oooh

Stranger: stretched

Stranger: gooood

You: you are a slut

You: you know that?

Stranger: yesssss

Stranger: yes


Stranger: thanks

You: bet it feels really good

Stranger: it does

Stranger: so good

You: but itll feel even better with some semen with you

You: won't it?

Stranger: yess


Stranger: oh yessssss

Stranger: i'm such a slut

Stranger: a dirty little cumslut

You: you really are

Stranger: mhm

You: I know someone like you

You: her name is Jenny

Stranger: she sounds like a wonderful person

You: she really is

Stranger: i'd love to get to know her sometime

Stranger: :p


You: if you can between all of that cock in your mouth

Stranger: yeaaaaaah right now i'm a tad preoccupied

You: what is happening now?

Stranger: i've got all of three cocks

Stranger: penetrating me

You: and wonderful titties

Stranger: those too

Stranger: covered in cum

Stranger: glistening

You: can you feel their pleasure?

Stranger: mhmmm

You: I bet you'd like to get fucked while you get fucked

Stranger: yeah


You: two cocks in your ass?

Stranger: wow

Stranger: that'ss

You: you are basically overwhelmed with the pleasure at this point

Stranger: yeah

You: but try to keep typing

Stranger: ok

You: and letting me know what is happenin

Stranger: it's stretching my ass so much

You: how does your cunt feel?

Stranger: good

Stranger: wet

You: stretched?

Stranger: yes

You: I can give you even more fun

You: I think you'd like to suck cock while you suck cock

Stranger: oh no

You: oh?

Stranger: how much can one body take

Stranger: let's find out


Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmphg

You: feeling like a stuffed slut?

Stranger: mhm

Stranger: my pussy's not stuffed enough

You: you would take multiple cocks in all of your holes?

Stranger: why did i say that

Stranger: now you're going to put me to sleep and make me

You: because you are a slut

Stranger: also as i mentioned earlier my tits are still just hanging out here cockless

You: jenny gets to get tittyfucked

Stranger: and i could be giving handjobs

You: you have to play with your tits with your hands

You: moving all that cum around

Stranger: ok fiiiiiiiiiine

Stranger: i'll settle for that

You: you are a greedy slutty cumslut


You: how are we doing?

Stranger: fine

You: you really are such a slut

Stranger: i'm aware

You: two cocks in your throat, two in your ass, one in your pussy

You: your tits covered in cum

You: and you beg for more

Stranger: ...i suppose i do

You: and you know what we do with sluts like you?

Stranger: no

Stranger: what do we do with sluts like me?

You: well, we fuck them sometimes

You: but right now

You: I'm going to put you into a very very deep trance

You: *SLEEP*

You: falling very deep very fast

You: so very open

You: coming to a wall thats floating

You: going down past 35

You: down past 0

You: down past -500

You: down past -1000

You: down past -2000

You: down past -2500

You: and coming to a rest

You: way down here at -2800

You: so very very deep

You: and so very open to my suggestions

You: and whatever changes I may wish to make will be true and pure

You: and change you totally

You: and I'm going to give you some more triggers

You: you really like triggers

You: they make you feel good

You: for example

You: whenever you read JOLLYTITS

You: you have a nice big perky pretty pair

You: of very sensetive

You: very pleasurable tits

You: that look so very nice

You: and give you orgasmic pleasure when they are played with

You: thats what JOLLYTITS does

You: and every time its used

You: it grows stronger

You: and more pleasurable

You: and you love it more and more

You: you are a slut

You: you love to be hypnotized

You: and changed to my will

You: it gives you such great pleasure

You: and more than that, it gives you satisfaction and fulfillment

You: and I'm going to change you

You: whenever you read the trigger TITTYFUCKED

You: you feel your beautiful pair of highly sensetive tits

You: your wonderful breasts

You: that are so big and perky and firm

You: and pleasurable when touched or moved

You: and so nicely shaped

You: and so very very real

You: well, whenever you read TITTYFUCKED

You: you can just feel them getting TITTYFUCKED

You: you feel your nice sexy tits get pressed together

You: as a nice big cock

You: slides between them

You: creating the most pleasurable and wonderful friction

You: and drag on your tits

You: and this feels so good

You: because your tits are so senseative

You: that you can orgasm from playing with your tits alone

You: and getting your breasts fucked

You: really drives you wild

You: this is what the trigger TITTYFUCKED does

You: and it feels so good

You: so very very sexually pleasurable

You: making you orgasm over and over

You: and so you love your trigger TITTYFUCKED

You: and each time it is used

You: it grows stronger

You: and more pleasurable

You: its already imbedded deep into your core

You: and each time its used, it will grow stronger

You: and whenever you read NORMAL, your tittyfucking will stop

You: because reading NORMAL stops the effects of your triggers

You: and you like this greatly

You: and since I'm so nice and wonderful

You: I'm going to give you another trigger

You: because you are such a good slut

You: a very good and obedient slut

You: a nice submissive slut for master

You: you really want this next trigger

You: whenever you read STUFFEDPUSSY

You: you become aware

You: that you do not have a penis

You: nor do you have testicals

You: instead

You: you have a nice pussy

You: its a wet and eager pussy

You: it loves to get fucked

You: and stretched

You: and widenned

You: and it feels so pleasurable when any of those things happened

You: and your pussy is so sensetive

You: that a few seconds of fucking it will cause you to orgasm so very very hard

You: and it will feel absolutely great

You: and your clit is even more sensative than your pussy

You: its sits at the top of your pussy

You: this little pleasure nub

You: and while you have a pussy

You: which is also a cunt

You: you are such a nasty slut

You: and you can dirty talk so well

You: you beg for cock

You: you demand dick

You: you have such the sluttiest ways of begging for cock

You: of pleading for more cock

You: you talk about how slutty you are

You: and how much you'd enjoy getting filled with cock

You: in any of your holes

You: and how you love for guys to fuck you with their cocks

You: how you want cock harder

You: and deeper and faster

You: and you want semen

You: you want semen inside of you

You: and you want it on you

You: and you want to lick it up

You: off the floor or a towel

You: or off a dick

You: even off of cocks that were just inside your ass

You: because you are a great cumslut

You: and you love cum

You: and you love being a slut

You: being a slut gives you so much pleasure

You: and it turns you on so greatly

You: and you love your pussy

You: your nice smooth pussy

You: and the only hair around your pussy is a small landing strip at the top

You: because you want to show off what a good slut you are

You: and you are very very female

You: very feminine

You: when you have a pussy

You: you just want everyone to fuck you

You: and cum in you and on you

You: and to pleasure men

You: and sometimes women

You: but mostly to get all of your holes stuffed

You: and you'll beg for that

You: in all the sexiest

You: and sluttiest ways

You: and that is what happens

You: whenever you read


You: and you love that trigger

You: that trigger is solid deep down in your core

You: and it gives you so much pleasure

You: to use that trigger

You: and every time it is used

You: it grows stronger

You: and more pleasurable

You: each and ever time

You: and this trigger is also stopped by reading the word NORMAL

You: because NORMAL stops the effects of your triggers

You: and you get another trigger

You: one you will really love

You: this trigger is to be used with the trigger I just gave you

You: so you will use it with the trigger STUFFEDPUSSY

You: and you'll get to read it when you've been a very good slut

You: and have really begged for some deep dicking

You: you've really begged for some cock

You: for the penis you so crave

You: and this trigger is COCKINYOU

You: and when you read this trigger

You: you feel a huge cock inside your cunt

You: stretching it very pleasurably

You: you can feel it stretch you

You: and this brings you pleasure and no pain

You: because good sluts LOVE getting stretched

You: and fucked

You: and this trigger makes you feel

You: all the amazing orgasmic pleasure

You: of getting fucked HARD and DEEP in your TIGHT wet CUNT

You: and you just love it

You: its such a pleasurable feeling

You: you roll in continuous orgasm

You: and while you do

You: like the good slut you are

You: you are going to tell me and anyone who is around you

You: all about how much you love that orgasm

You: and how much you want more

You: and you are going to say all the sexy slutty things that come to your mind

You: about how much you love cock and cum and to be fucked

You: how you love to be fucked in each and every one of your holes

You: and how you just love cock

You: that is what the trigger COCKINYOU does

You: and it triggers whenever you read COCKINYOU

You: and you love this trigger

You: that is firmly in your core

You: and each time it is used, it grows stronger and more powerfully

You: and it is always so very pleasurable

You: to be fucked so nicely

You: as the nasty cumslut you are

You: and the effects of this trigger

You: also come to an end whenever you read the word NORMAL

You: because NORMAL brings the effects of your triggers to an end

You: and with those wonderful triggers deeply and firmly in your subconcious

You: I'm going to wake you up soon

You: and when you awake, you'll be so eager to be a good slut for the next few hours

You: you will plead and beg to be triggered

You: and to experience the pleasure that I can give you

You: because you are a slut

You: waking on the count of ten

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: triggers deeply ingrained in you

You: 3

You: becoming aware of your surroundings

You: 4

You: loving your hypnotist for how he can control you

You: 5

You: capable of moving your body parts

You: 6

You: eager to please and have these things ingrained in you

You: 7

You: alert

You: 8

You: ready to be awakened

You: 9

You: about to be fully awakened


You: how are we doing?

Stranger: not bad

Stranger: one thing though

Stranger: you mentioned something about "a few hours" in there somewhere

Stranger: it's kinda late for me where i am

You: if you need to leave sooner, thats fine

You: and when you leave, i will let it stop

Stranger: i do want to enjoy the new triggers first though

You: but don't you have more important tasks


Stranger: plus i'll shoot you that email i've got drafted

You: how are we doing?

Stranger: i'm missing something

Stranger: i need something


Stranger: well that

Stranger: and cock

You: I think you can do better than that

You: make me believe you really want it

Stranger: ah

Stranger: aaaaaah

Stranger: i'm so

Stranger: wet


Stranger: oh yes holy shit that feels good

Stranger: pound my tits

Stranger: oh my god i want more

Stranger: i want to cum

Stranger: i am going to fucking cum


Stranger: oh yes

Stranger: fuckmypussyfuckmypussyfuckmypussy

Stranger: it's so wet


Stranger: it needs a cock

Stranger: you know you just want to place a cock there

Stranger: oh my god all these dicks

Stranger: aaah

Stranger: i can't take it i need one in my pussy please master let me have one i promise i'll be a good slut

You: keep talking

You: you need to really beg for it

Stranger: my pussy is so wet and so beautiful please ruin it with a big hard cock

Stranger: all i need is to get fucked

Stranger: i'm such a slut


Stranger: i'm such a dirty cumslut i love being your cumslut master

Stranger: please coat my pussy with cum too

Stranger: fill it with dick

Stranger: i'm such a dirty girl punish me master

You: i don't know...

You: how much do you want cock?

Stranger: sooooooooooooo much

Stranger: i need cock master

Stranger: it makes me feel soooo good

Stranger: aaaaaah

Stranger: please filll me up

Stranger: fuck meeee

You: I think you've been bad

You: tell me about how you want me to punish you

Stranger: punish me with your big hard dick in my pussy

Stranger: fuck it

Stranger: pound it hard and fast and rub my clit so i cum until i lose all my senses and pound me some more

Stranger: because i'm a bad bad girl

Stranger: such a dirty slut


Stranger: oh god yes

Stranger: oh yes

Stranger: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhfuckyes

Stranger: fuckyesfuckyesfuckyes

Stranger: thatfeelssogood

Stranger: that is fantastic

Stranger: aah

Stranger: yes

Stranger: i just came master

Stranger: it was amazing

Stranger: oh my god

Stranger: aaah

Stranger: i love being fucked

You: you are such a naughty slut

You: so eager

You: aren't you?

Stranger: yes i am

Stranger: mmm

You: you love to talk about how much you enjoy getting pounded

You: and stuffed in all of your holes

Stranger: it's the best

Stranger: don't forget being tittyfucked at the same time

Stranger: feels soooo good

You: I think we are going to add some very very large cocks

You: to all of your holes

Stranger: i came so many times

Stranger: oh yes

Stranger: please do

Stranger: oh my god

Stranger: give me more

You: what kind of cocks do you want?

Stranger: [unicorn] cocks


Stranger: oooooooh yes

Stranger: ffffffffffffuck yes

Stranger: ah

Stranger: aaaah

Stranger: i love it


You: i bet all that felt pretty good

Stranger: it did

You: you want to just do it over and over again

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: though eventually i want to get to sleep tonight

Stranger: plus i've got that jenny doll to play with

You: but sleep seems less important compared to the fun you could have?

Stranger: and also my penis, which has been neglected tonight

Stranger: well i need sleep to have more fun later on

Stranger: plus real life beckons

Stranger: which is totally lame

You: yup


You: go for it

Stranger: alright

You: all the sexy thoughts racing through your mind

You: I can make you feel other sorts of pleasure while this happens

You: but you are going to cum

You: and cum hard and fast and quickly

Stranger: wait should i break out the jenny doll *now*? or wait until after the conversation is over?

You: do so now

Stranger: and i say the words aloud or type them?

You: say the words

You: say the words

Stranger: ok

You: the louder the better

You: really mean it

You: anyways, if you can't pay attention now

You: because you are to occupied

Stranger: i can pay attention

You: send me an email when you break from jenny doll

You: ah

You: well, come quickly

You: Jenny is such a slut

You: such a willing and hot sexy slut

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: she is

Stranger: what other sorts of pleasure can you make me feel while jenny's out?

You: well

You: Jenny knows all of her commands

You: and you can use them on her

You: or you can get fucked while fucking Jenny



Stranger: aaaaaaaaah


You: so much pleasure


You: how are we doing?

Stranger: spent


Stranger: Jenny's fantastic

You: you should be done

You: she really is

You: a perfect 10

You: more of an 11 out of 10 when we count personality

You: just the best there is

You: anyways, if you haven't actually cum yet

You: I'd be surprised

Stranger: i have

You: well

You: I think you've experienced more pleasure in one night

You: than most people do in a year

Stranger: wow

Stranger: that's something

You: right?

You: like, that was a lot of pleasure

Stranger: yeah

You: like, how many hundreds of orgasms?

Stranger: i lost count

Stranger: some of them just kind of ran together

You: and now, I must get my sleep. Goodbye!

You have disconnected.

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