Chatroom Sex


He and She meet in a chat room on the net....

H: Do you want me to give you an orgasm?

S: Ha, you give me an orgasm? here and now? how?

H: Well, let me show you!

S: Ok, you can try!

H: How are you dressed just now?

S: Only in a top and undies

H: See-through top?

S: Yes

H: What material?

S: Silk

H: What colour?

S: Black

H: Feels good on your body?

S: Yees!

H: Feel your nipples through the material!

S: Ummm, they are getting harder...

H: Good, tweeze them a little!

S: Mmmm, they are growing..

H: Good for you, are you getting a little horny now?

S: Yes indeed, go on please!

H: What undies you have?

S: Silky knickers

H: What colour?

S: Black

H: Stand up and caress yourself through the silk! Your stomach and your buttocks..

S: Mmmm, feels good, I am getting more horny, please go on!

H: Let a finger slide down between your butts and tell me what you find there, deep down!

S: Naughty you, that’s my asshole

H: Right, and if you go a little further..

S: My pussy

H: Good, getting a little wet there?

S: Yes

H: Press your finger in and move it a little so you get juices on it!

S: Ahh, yes I do

H: Take your finger to your nose and tell me what you smell!

S: I smell my pussy, I am getting so horny, please speed up!

H: Oh no, we have so much time and you enjoy it, right?

S: Yes, but...

H: Put your hand on your stomach outside your pants and then go down slowly with your long finger, tell me what you find!

S: I feel my little hairy bush and then...

H: What then..

S: My cunt and it is wet..

H: Very good, find your clitoris?

S: Yes...

H: Tease it a little!

S: Mmmm, it feels soo good, can I cum now, please, let me do it hard!

H: Oh no my dear, slow down, you know we have time...

S: Yes, but..

H: No but, take your finger away, lick it and sit down!

S: Yes, Sir... I am sitting now

H: You seem to be so horny, when did you cum last time!

S: A week ago

H: How and with whom!

S: With myself...

H: How and where?

S: I woke up in the Sunday morning and must have had a wet dream because I was so aroused and wet..

H: So what did you do?

S: I went out of bed naked as I was and opened the curtains..

H: Hmmm, are you a little exhibitionistic?

S: Yes I am, I even walked out on the balcony

H: Is it thrilling you when you think somebody can see you?

S: Yes....

H: Ok, what did you do then?

S: I took out my vibrator and lie down on the floor in front of the windows where a lot of people opposite could see me...

H: Whoa, sorry not to be living in the other house. Did you see someone looking?

S: Yes, I pretended not to look but at least three guys where watching

H: Did you give a long show?

S: No, I was so horny and excited by being watched that I put the vibrator on full speed and had a big cum that got my body into uncontrollable spasms...

H: So now, a week later it is time again?

S: Yes please, help me to an orgasm as you promised!

H: Ok, I will be kind to you, stand up and take off your top and the undies!

S: Done

H: Sit down and push your pigo on the edge of the chair so you have full access to your vagina!

S: Done, Sir...

H: Which is your normal fuck finger?

S: The right hand’s long finger

H: You only use one finger? You have a quite tight pussy then?

S: Yes, it is..

H: Put your finger in slowly so deep you can, don’t move it though

S: Yes, it is all the way in

H: Tell me what you feel!

S: Warmth and wetness on my finger and a lot of tickling in my vagina...

H: Good, rotate the finger very slowly now, feels good?

S: Yees.. Please let me cum now!

H: Oh, no, we still have time to get you really horny before you will come, enjoy it!

S: Please...

H: Bend your finger and find your G-spot!

S: Yes I am right on it..

H: Tease it hard!

S: Ohaaaooo, feels sooo good, can I...

H: No, take your finger out!

S: Yes..

H: Take both your hands and squeeze your nipples hard and tell me when they get to their max sizes!

S: Now, Sir, they can’t get bigger, please...

H: Good, then let your hands go on the inside of your thighs and caress slowly all the way up to your cunt!

S: Yes I do

H: Put you fingers just under your pussy and tell me what you find there!

S: It is wet of my juices

H: Take up as much as you can on your fingers and lick it all up!

S: Yes, I did

H: What do you want to do now?

S: Finger myself hard until I come...

H: Ok, horny, I will let you do it on one condition

S: What condition?

H: That your finger will touch your clit and your G-spot at the same time

S: I will do so, Sir, can I now?

H: Yes. GO!!

(30 seconds later)

S: Arrrrggggggghhhrrrrrrroouuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh

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