Chav Ch. 01


The Oakfield Council Estate somewhere in England. Chav babe Becky Taylor has stolen her mother's weekly £300 loan shark repayment.

Following a harrowing rollicking from her irate mother and threats of further severe consequence, Becky has until midnight to replace the money...

Part 1 - 7 O'clock.

Stacey glanced down to the concrete square of ground that the Oakfield estate flats besieged. Crossing the expanse in the glare of the setting sun was a chav slut that Stacey only really knew by appearance. She was new-ish to the estate and had already insinuated herself with the Oakfield south flat's gang. Stacey lived at the north end herself.

The short slender brunette looked like some cute slutty girl barely into her teens, but Stacey knew her to be older (certainly over eighteen). Her hair, a glistening wet-look was brown and tussled in waves with streaks of dirty blonde peaking out from underneath. It was kept away from her face by a cream scrunchy, drawn out from the back of her scalp into a pony tail. Her small ears were adorned with two pairs of gold hoops and gold studs as well. She was wearing a cream cropped jacket with gold and black crossed thread grid-detailing.

Visible beneath the unzipped jacket was a plain black and tight fitting high-necked top, that showed off the mass of cheap mock gold bling slung around her slender neck. It swung side to side to the fast pace of her hurried stride, sliding across the acute upper curves of her perky, upward thrusting tits. And her tits were big, bigger even than Stacey's.

Sky blue denim shorts with ripped away legs, that were at least a size too small and enticingly hugging the perky curves of her round high buttocks, covered the sheer black tights caressing her shapely legs that themselves ended in faux fur lined black suede boots with silver buckles running down the outside leg from calf to ankle.

"Who the fuck's she supposed to be, anyway?" Stacey thought to herself, contemptuously flicking ash from her cigarette.

Becky Taylor's head was buzzing. Not with the joint she'd snaffled from her mother's ready-rolled stash in the kitchen drawer but from the threat her mother had left her with before storming out of their council flat for Christ knew where.

"You better have that fucking money back here by midnight, or it'll be you who goes 'round to Garton's and tells him what you did with his money. See what he does to you then! I ain't taking the blame for it! You stupid, stupid little tart! It was bad enough having to take his cock when I sealed the deal. Tore my arse he did!" She scowled momentarily at the painful memory, unconscious rubbed her backside. Then looked back at her elder daughter.

"Why can't you be more like your sister?" She whined, then turned on her heel and finished with a loud slamming of the front door.

"Fuck you, mum!" Becky yelled after her, but the threat of having to visit the loan shark was already beginning to sink in.

Becky had scraped fifty quid together from a couple of girls she had lent to last week and a little loose change she had in her sock drawer. Blind luck that they hadn't already pissed it away and were fair about giving it back.

And she had a few ideas forming about getting the cash but she didn't see how she could get anywhere near 300 quid.

She had more owed to her and they'd have to pay up, quick-fucking-smart.

She didn't think there was much worth selling. Most of their valuables had long since been hocked for drugs or to make last week's loan repayment - and that he been a close run thing.

She was almost across the square when she spotted the lads, all shell suits, attitudes and baseball caps. Her heart started to pound as she realised how late it was getting. Not the best idea to wander around Oakfield after sunset. At least not alone.

But then she breathed a sigh of relief - they were Southern Oaks. She was in with them, they wouldn't hurt her.

And then as she came in closer, she saw they were just starters, low ranking but eager to prove themselves.

She had even been fucked by a couple of them at a party last week, she vaguely recollected.

They were looking at her and chattering between them, rough, high pitched, thick accents

"That's that Becky Taylor, She's well fuckin' hot!"

"She's a fuckin' dirty bitch is what she is!"

"You sayin' you wouldn't?"

"'Course he fuckin' would!! He'd shag her fuckin' brains out, man!"

"Like you did last week Mick?" There was laughter at that.

"Fuck you! I was fucking pissed!"

"You fucking shot your load after about ten fucking seconds!"

"Fuck off man!"

"She fucking yawned you prick!"

"You want a fucking shiv in your fucking eye do you?!"

"Relax it boy! I'm riding you, fucking relax, prick!"

Then one of them leaned forward and caught Becky's eye.

"Hey Becky Taylor!"


"Why not come over 'ere, get your mouth around this." He shouted, levering a pale half-mast phallus out of his elasticated waist band. Becky eyed the hardening cock coldly. It was actually quite thick... For an immature weasel.

"Maybe when you've... Grown up a bit more." She retorted tartly.

"More'n enough ere' for you bitch." He said roughly. "Fucking more'n enough!"

Becky stuck her tongue out and steered her direction a little wider of them.

"Oh, fuck her. Anyway, you should try clapping eyes on her little sister, now that's fucking talent!"

"Fuckin' right too! Fuckin' twice as hot as that piece."

"Fucking get'em both together man! Fucking shag one, shag the other, then make 'em put on a show for you..."

"You've bin thinking a bit too much about this, you prick!"

"Fuck you, cunt! I'm getting fucking sick of you."

Their raucous noise trailed away as Becky headed for home. Their distant banter starting to turn argumentative.

However, they had given her the beginnings of an idea. Her brat of a sister could make her money easily.


"Gimme yer fucking phone Jeni!" Becky snarled. "Or d'you want smakin' down!"

"Why do you have to be such a bitch, Becks?" The pretty teen (eighteen at least) snapped at her big sister.

"Why d'you have to be such a bratty little mother's girl! I fucking hate you! But I tell you what, you're gonna do what you're fucking told or I'll tell mum all about you and yer dad writing letters and chatting on Twitty or whatever it's fucking called."

Jeni Taylor's lush brown eyes widened with shock, her full sensual lips quivering slightly.

"You wouldn't dare! She'd fucking freak if she found out I was talking to Dad."

"So what? Do you really think I give a shit?"

"I don't believe you..." Jeni said.

But Becky knew her. She could read her sister like a book. She saw fear in her lush brown eyes. Defeat.

"Try me. Jen. She'd throw you out in a second. And he can't help you from where he is, can he?"

"Beck's please, don't... You'll break her heart."

"Give. Me. Your. Fucking. Phone."

But then she caught sight of it half concealed under a book on the bedside cabinet and snatched it up, shoving the younger brunette cutie back down onto her bed.

Becky flipped open the handset, thumbed through the phonebook and then sent a text message to every male name in the listing plus a few others she had in her own memory:

-Wnt fuk me? Fr sml fee?-

-txt my sis 07858212224-

Of course, the replies started rolling in almost at once.


Twenty minutes later Becky sat in the living room of her mother's flat with a dozen men and boys of varying age.

Becky had already auctioned away Jeni's three cherries and the bidding had been fast and fierce, much to Becky's glee.

There were three winners, a boy from Jeni's Science class at her old school had paid twenty quid for her very first blowjob (maybe more than it was worth - but who was Becky to complain, that's how bidding wars upped prices.)

One of the older lads from the Oakfield estate had bid for and won her pussy for forty pounds, cheap compared to her oral cherry.

Best of all, Jeni's old high school PE teacher had put in a solid seventy pound bid to take the girl's anal virginity and though frantic to win, other bidders from the estate hadn't managed to match his initial offer.

The rest paid ten quid for a quick ten minutes with her. With the next in line going in after ten minutes whether the previous had finished or not.

That made Becky two hundred and twenty quid right there. And she was kicking herself for not thinking of this venture earlier, if she hadn't had to rush through it she could have sent a few pics of Jeni around, hyped it up for a few days to get interest spreading and get more interested parties... Too late now.

Besides, Jeni herself, had thrown a spanner into the works.

"I want half of the money!" Jeni had said.

"Fuck you! This is for our mum's loan payment you selfish little tart!"

"Yeah, that you fucking stole!" Jeni spat back. "Besides, I'll be the one doing all the work. And what d'you think this'll do to me at school if it gets around?!"

"What makes you think I give a shit?"

But Jeni had her own sleeve-concealed card to play.

"'Cause I know last year, you got John to fuck you. And that was why he left." Jeni responded smugly.

"So, can't blame me if he was a fucking paedo creep!" Becky retorted, impatient and annoyed but Jeni saw anxiety behind her sister's angry, overly made-up face.

"'Cause Mum loved John. He was a nice bloke and she wanted to make a go of things with him. It'd break her heart to find out you forced him out."

"He was a perv. All he wanted to do was stick up my arse!"

"I heard you, you stuck up slut! You offered it all to him on a plate! You were all over him. And then after you'd done the business you threatened to tell Mum what he'd done and forced him to leave! How do you think Mum'd react if she found out."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"You're making me have sex with strangers! You're pimping your own fucking sister you bitch! Just to save you own skin, why shouldn't I...?!"

"Okay, okay half!" Becky snarled, backing down but silencing her cute and shapely sibling. "But it means you'll have to work hard on all them dicks and ball sacks to earn enough!"

"Well you'd fucking know wouldn't you!"

"Oh fuck off and get in the shower!"

"I can't believe you're making me do this..." Jeni muttered heavily as she started toward the bathroom.

"Right, you three who have bought her cherries. You can go in but only one at a time. Stick to the hole you've paid for. And cash up front." Becky said, half wondering what she'd do if the whole gang made a move for Jeni's room at the same time. They'd probably kill each other to be the first to fuck her, or kill Becky if she tried to stop them. For some reason however, maybe the prospect of not getting to fuck the teenage babe, they were all behaving and looking to Becky for instructions.

"Okay you first." She nodded at the boy Jeni's age, Grahame something-or-other. "Let me just warn you she doesn't know shit about sucking dick, so you'll have to take the lead. Fuck her mouth and shoot your load but don't expect a proper blowjob. And don't take too long!"

Becky stood by the open door to Jeni's room, watching as the first of her cherries got popped.

Becky hated her sister. Well, maybe not hated... She was jealous of her.

She was a nicer person. Which everyone who met her liked to point out. "She's so adorable your sister, sweet and good natured and kind." Becky was sick to the back fucking teeth of hearing how nice Jeni was.

She was more intelligent, a grade 'A' student and total fucking suck-up.

She got along better with their mother, when mum was sober and not too high or too low.

And she was far prettier than Becky which rankled the elder sister more than everything else, she thought.

Becky was hot and she knew it, the attention she got from lads told her, boyfriends told her, even looking in a mirror told her. If she had been an only child or had a brother instead of her cute bratty sister she would have been favourite, revered by everyone because she was so fucking gorgeous.

But her undeniable good looks and erection-inducing body were overshadowed by Jeni's heart-melting looks and her balls emptying figure. Becky imagined, with some jealousy, that Jeni's body could make lad's spunk just by looking at her.

In comparison Jeni was all tits and ass and could probably trounce three quarters of the page three girls in the Sun, Star and Mirror.

The classmate who had won the blowjob auction stared at Jeni with awe. She lounged on her bed fully clothed, unsure of how to play her part, slutty and in control, like her kid liked to pretend, or to show the reluctance and anxiety she was obviously feeling, and apparently shocked to see the first of the gang was someone she was already acquainted with from school.

"Grahame Collins!" She gasped.

"You're gonna suck my cock, aren't you Jeni?" He announced, almost stammering in his nervous excitement.

"Have you paid up?" Jeni asked..

"Yeah." He replied. "'Course!"

"Well, get it out then, I can't suck it if it's in your pants now can I!" She said, mocking him slightly.

"Aren't you getting your clothes off? I want to play with your boobs."

"You've paid for a blowjob. And that's all you're getting." Jeni countered, pushing suddenly questing hands away from her jutting young chest.

Then she pressed Grahame back onto her small pink duvet covered single bed, surrounded by stuffed toys she'd collected in her preteens.

Obediently, Grahame lay back and Jeni at once took the initiative, reaching for his fly and opening up the front of his faded jeans with deft fingers.

She levered his erection out and closed her small fist around it's root, squeezing and watching the blood filled muscle tense and expand under her pressuring grasp. Grahame groaned and arched his back.

Jeni leaned over his crotch and lowered her mouth onto the shaft.

Grahame groaned and Becky watched with amusement as the boy strained with the efforts of controlling his pleasure. Desperate not to spunk straight away.

And then Becky found herself becoming more and more surprised by her sister. She knew Jeni, she had always flouted the interest of boys to focus on school work and was completely inexperienced in sex stuff but here she was pushing her full rosy lips down from the bloated crown of the phallus all the way to the root. She took the full six inches into her mouth with barely any gag reflex at all. But after that her knowledge and imagination floundered somewhat, one hand caressed his scrotum while the finger and thumb of the other held the stem of his cock steady but she didn't know what else to do with her mouth, so she came back up, drawing another long moan out of the boy's barrel chest and then licked at his glistening cock head for a few seconds before sliding her lips back to his stubbly pubic hair again.

"Told you lad, you'll have to grab hold of her head and slam that meat in and out if you wanna get off."

The boy's excited compliance to Becky's suggestion silenced Jeni's attempt to dispute her sister, as he grabbed her long dark wavy tresses in both hands and took over control of her mouth, driving her head forward and back, forcing her to bob up and down in his lap.

"Suck when I pull back." Grahame grunted hoarsely as he lifted his hips off the bed deeply and firmly fucking her mouth.

Becky's experienced eye estimated he had less than a minute before he'd be emptying his balls.

Becky grinned despite herself as she notice Jeni's little tongue slide out from between her spread lips to lap at the underside of the boy's shaft on the outstroke.

Jeni took his cock well, as it thrust certainly into her throat but he went too deep and she gagged, bubbling spittle pouring out of her lips. But Grahame just slammed his hips faster and harder.

Soon enough he yelled out and stop moving, thoughtfully drawing his cock back so only the crown was in Jeni's mouth while he emptied his balls into her mouth. Becky watched her little sister gulping down the hot spunk over and over. Finally Grahame slumped back on the bed and let go of Jeni's head.

"Right." Becky said at once. "Time's up, get the fuck out, others are waiting."

The boy, probably scared of the other eleven males in the living room, tiredly shoved his cock, slick with saliva and still dribbling cum after flow, back into his trousers and shuffled for the door.

"See you after, Jeni." He muttered. Jeni responded with silence. She was gulping down water from a pint glass on her bedside table.

"Worth every penny. Every fucking penny." Grahame murmured at Becky as he passed her.

"Next cherry popper!" Becky called over her shoulder.

Becky leaned back and looked across the hall into the living room.

A tall youth about her age, with a lean muscular body, shaven head and cold, though not unattractive, arrogant features, stood up and peeled off a skin tight t-shirt. His muscled torso was defaced with a large blue black amateurish tattoo of a naked and impossibly endowed glamour-puss pole dancing around a giant AK-47 assault rifle.

He muscled his way through the room into the hall, caught sight of Becky, smiled an angry looking dangerous grin and grabbed her roughly by the nape of her neck.

Becky gasped as she was pulled against the hard body of the tall teenager. He pulled her face hard against his and stabbed his tongue like a stiletto blade into her slack mouth while his free hand roamed her tense, shocked body at will, cupping and cruelly molesting her firm little arse, shoving hard bony fingers between her buttocks where the too tight denim shorts followed their perky curves. Becky moaned against his flicking tongue as his fingers prodded at her asshole and then her tingling pussy lips. His hand came up and cupped her more-than-handful breast through the black top beneath her jacket and tweaked her nipple once he found it. He twisted her nipple tightly, inducing pain, while he pulled his mouth off hers. Becky felt a stinging sensation through her tits as he manhandled her, tasted the tobacco and booze on his breath as he muttered to her.

"Just a taster, to get me in the mood, see?" He practically snarled.

He tugged nastily on her raw nipple one last time and then released her and pushed his way past and into Jeni's room.

He threw a glance back over his shoulder as he pushed the teenager's door to.

"I might have a piece'a you after n'all bitch." He grunted at Becky as though making a statement of fact. "An you're a proper slut ain'cha so it won't cost me nowt."

Then his attention was on Jeni.

"What's this shit?! I paid to fuck, get them fucking clothes off an' spread yer fucking legs wide!"

Jeni caught her sister's eye who was peering, with anxious butterflies dancing in her stomach, through the two inch gap in the almost shut door. But Becky wasn't about to interfere. She merely shrugged at her little sister and watched.

"Get them fucking tits out! And show us this gash I've gone and spent my booze money on!"

Fear impelled Jeni into responsive action. She quickly started to shed her clothes as the lad kicked off his shoes and dropped baggy jeans, boxers and sporty socks all into one quick peeling motion.

Jeni was halfway through unbuttoning her blouse when the lad clambered up onto the bed, quickly shoved a hand up under her short tartan mini skirt and ripped her thong off then battered her creamy, supple thighs apart with impatient hands. He flipped the skirt's miniscule length up onto her flat toned stomach and grinned. Jeni felt herself flushing as his eyes bore into her cute pussy, the lips pouting gently, the soft well trimmed pubic hair crowning the goods.

Then, still impatient with the not-so quickness of her undressing, he grabbed her blouse and tore it open. He forced it down her slander arms and threw it to the floor. A hand gripped the lacy bra between the filled cups and yanked at it ripping upward. With a gasp the school girl threw her arms up so the garment came off more easily. But by this time she had seen the lad's cock. It was long, like a hard baton, bloated and ruddy with his excitement. Though not all that thick, she thought as he shoved her forcefully on her shoulder and climbed onto her luscious nakedness.

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