Chav Ch. 01


Becky watched, finding herself annoyed at the lad's childish impatience. She had to admit that her sister did have an amazing figure, not only her pretty face and those oh so adult curves but also her pearlescent tanned skin, the healthy glow she seemed to radiate the supple slender form of her neither overly skinny or spoiled by teenage puppy fat. She was as close to perfect as real and un-airbrushed girls could get. And this idiot was just after sticking his dick into her untried virgin pussy without marvelling at the artful framing of the vessel itself.

She scalded herself for the flowery poetry. Where the fuck do I get these ideas from? I sound like some fucking dyke! Horny for my own sister!

"Put a condom on you arsehole!" Jeni snapped suddenly, grasping a desperate moment of bravery.

For a moment the lad looked like he was going to punch her in the face but then he slouched a little.

"Oh for fuck's sake!" He muttered instead and then reached over the side of the bed for his discarded trousers.

A moment later and he was at her again, lying on her, one hand grasping his sheathed up erection, the other pressing into the mattress at the side of her shoulder taking his weight.

To smooth the entry Jeni was assisting by caressing her clit in tight little circles, trying to get herself juiced up.

She might technically be a virgin but Becky was certain she liked the occasional finger-walking session like the rest of the female population.

The lad leaned forward with his hips and insinuated his bulbous knob between her pretty pussy lips then unceremoniously shoved his way in.

Jeni let out a wide eyed gasping moan as he sank his erection into her virgin body, pushing in until he bottomed out, not quite balls deep.

He groaned a raucously loud, satisfied sound, though strangely devoid of eroticism as though showing he was horny belied his own sense of hard man coolness.

Jeni's full bottom lip trembled as though she was on the verge of tears and her whimpers continued.

Becky couldn't help smirk at the look of discomfort and humiliation momentarily scarring her bratty little sister's beauty.

"Fuck me you're fucking tight!" He spat, almost glaring at her beneath him. "Who'd 'ave fucking thought it!"

And then, he was in her, the lad started to fuck. And he fucked hard, slamming his erection into Jeni's tight young pussy like a meat cleaver into an enemy's guts. He pummelled her with a brutalising onslaught, his narrow bony hips hammering up and down like a set of V8 pistons at full revs.

Soon his horniness caught him up and took over he started to groan, voicing his pleasure.

"You feel that little girl!? You feel it inside you? Your first ever dick! Rippin' away in your virgin gash! I'll make you feel it, fuckin' yeah!"

His hands started to move over Jeni's lovely body, cupping her shuddering breasts, reaching under her to grab a firm buttock or the nape of her neck.

Jeni seemed to be in a state of wide eyed numb shock and general discomfort.

Sometimes her expression would crease up, revealing a moment of increased pain, usually when his hips slammed forward too deep. Her eyes had welled up with born, though unshed, tears and she was chewing on her bottom lip, moaning in little light girlish gasps over and over again. It was the perfect picture to get the dominant lad off.

Becky continued to watch, now really getting off on her hot brat of a sister getting it good and hard for the first time. Seeing her discomfort and humiliation. Well, so fucking what! Everyone went through it and Jeni had held off for long enough.

Fuck, Becky had got it like that when she'd been just twelve! And how many times since? She couldn't even count them, she'd certainly endured more rough fucks than normal and as for nice gentle fucks, making love, that was something you only got in fucking movies... Or with other girls, if you were lucky.

Fucking dykes! She made herself think abruptly, not liking where her mind was wandering off to.

The lad was coming, or at least slamming his cock harder and faster than ever, and in Becky's experience, that always came a few seconds before the spunk started flying.

He suddenly leaned back and grabbed Jeni's ankles, hoisting her long slender legs up and back until her ankles frames her head and he pounded into her harder than ever.

With Jeni gasping and moaning more loudly while the lad grunted and panted in time to his hard and increasingly speedy erratic thrusts. The noise was increasing throughout the room and sparking the already horny and impatient interests of the others waiting in the living room.

And then the lad groaned a loud, long, hoarse moan and he stopped thrusting, his hard lean arse quivering with mini-convulsions while his tight ball sack tensed of it's own accord.

Becky couldn't help but let out a little giggle at the wide eyed look of shocked horror on her sister's face as she felt the condom covered meat stretching her cunt, filling with his hot spraying spunk. Her mouth fell open and her eyes squeezed shut, the closed lids forcing the tears to roll down her sweetly flushed cheeks.

The lad groaned and swore hoarsely as he emptied his balls into the no longer virgin cunt beneath him. Then he drew out and released her bent back legs.

As her eyes fluttered open Jeni watched in renewed horror as the lad whipped off the used condom, the elongated creamy tube over half filled with his already cooling jism. And with a cruel though satiated smirk he lifted the condom.

"Here, this is for you sweets." He said, and then up-ended it over her creamy young body, tossing his ejaculated cream over her, flicking out the vestiges across her lovely torso, face and hair before dumping the slimy rubber tube to the yellow carpeted floor.

Jeni writhed and rolled on her bed as if trying to escape the cold touch of the disgusting stuff but it went all over her.

Shivering and in shock she reached for a box of tissues and started to desperately mop up the disgusting slime.

The lad, grinning, sweat soaked and rather flushed himself, grabbed his clothes and sauntered cockily, naked out of Jeni's bedroom. He paused next to Becky, threw a glance toward the open living room door. Shouted: "You're up old man!" Towards the unseen PE Teacher and then grabbed Becky again.

"Clean me up whore!"

"Fuck you, you fucking prick!"

"I said fucking clean me up! Don't give me no fucking back chat!"

Becky didn't really register the passage of the PE Teacher as she was slapped across the face by the lad and then forced hard down onto her knees.

A slimy semi flaccid penis was slapped against her face and lips a couple of times before Becky was able to open her mouth for it. Then she had the whole thing stuffed down her throat.

Unlike Jeni, Becky had never been a natural deep throater, however she'd had a lot of cock stuffed into her throat over the last five years so she had long since trained herself to work through the gag reflex.

It was still overly long though and slimy and had an underlying tang of the skanky stuff they lubed up condoms with. Still he grabbed Becky's head and slammed his already stiffening cock back and forth for a while in and out of her throat.

"Oh yeah, you're fucking good. You know how to do it. I might make you a regular piece." He was groaning down at her. One hand in her hair the other cupping her chin to make sure she kept her head at the right angle so he could feed her his whole length again and again. Becky followed his pace, breathing through her nose when she had room, knowing how to manage a dick stuffed too deep into her mouth. While she sucked and worked her tongue on the underside, Becky listening to Jeni and the PE teacher in the room beyond the hall.

The older man was murmuring softly to the girl, easing her down soothing her. She caught little mutterings here and there.

"...Not like that animal, I'll take it slow and gentle... ...You'll like it once you get used to the sensation... might hurt a bit, my manhood's pretty wide..."

That was another thing Becky has long since learned, men were liars. Anal fucking hurt like a bitch, even with a narrow cock like this lad's. It always hurt, that's why they liked doing it, show their bitches who's boss. And God help any girl who turned them down when they were high or pissed and after arse to slam. Better to give them what they wanted and get them to come fast. Another thing Becky had learned.

This teenage lad was fast, much to Becky's surprise, after shooting the sizable load he dumped on Jeni, she assumed that this oral-cleaning turned blowjob would take five or ten minutes to bring him off. But he grunted nosily and shot his spunk down her throat in barely two.

"Right I'm off." He said pulling Becky to her feet while she wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. "She was worth the cash your kid, taking virgin's stuff and all that shit, but I think I prefer you. I'll come round in the week and give you one, you can show me a good time... You take it up the ass right?" He asked her abruptly, then. "...'Course you do." He answered his own query without giving her a chance.

And then he was gone into the living room to get dressed, oblivious to the ten other men in the room most of which were embarrassed by his display.

Becky didn't even like the arrogant tosser, though he had a nice body and who knew what she could get out of it. She wondered which Oakfield crew he affiliated with. Could he get her higher up with this gang she'd allied herself with? Being new to these estates was never easy. Certainly trying to fit in.

Wishing for a bottle of White Lightning to wash down the spunk with, Becky turned her attention back to her sister's room.

The PE Teacher had Jeni standing by the side of her bed leaning over with her hands braced against the dishevelled pink bedding, now stained and darkened with sweat and other fluids.

The teenager old was looking back at the older man, eyes wide with apprehensive fear. He was standing behind her still fully dressed with his erection, a short but fat member throbbing with it's hardness, jutting out of his unzipped flies. His hands were on her naked buttocks stroking the firm tanned peach with soft circular caresses, almost idolising her perfect flesh. His expression reflecting his reverence for the you beauty bending over before him.

"Are you sure you don't have your old PE kit? Or even a school uniform?"

"I told you Mr O'Brien, they're all in the wash." Jeni said as politely, playing along, even as her trepidation built.

"Oh well, never mind. Just relax, I've brought some of my wife's Vaseline to make things go easier. You really do need to relax though my pretty, my manhood's rather thick and it'll hurt to start with but once we get into the stride of things you'll enjoy it, I promise." He gushed.

It was obvious he was in a rush to get into her ass but something was making him at least appear to be nice and caring, maybe he was worried that if he did hurt her she would report him. Well it was going to hurt, Becky knew it and if he was worried about his job he should never had made the offer in the first place.

The fact that Jeni had his mobile number in the first place suggested something untoward... Maybe Becky could blackmail him once he'd had his way with her sister... She hadn't thought of that... Things were looking up after all.

"Can't you hurry it up granddad? There're others waiting you know!"

"Hey, I've paid for this privilege! I'm not about to spoil things by rushing!" He grunted patronising, but then threw her another sidelong glance. "Saying that, you could help me along a little if you like, kneel down behind me and fondle my balls while you're licking my arse. That always make's me come quicker!" It was obvious by his grin that he was just trying to shock the teenage chav and turn himself on a little more by being overly revolting, throwing images into both of their minds and enjoying the look of revulsion on her pretty young face.

"Fuck off that's disgusting. Just get her buggered and then get the fuck out!" She snarled, flushing. And keeping to herself the fact that she'd had to do that exact depravity once before to Michelle's ex when they'd been involved in a drunken threesome once a few weeks ago.

The older man just laughed and turned his attention back to Jeni. He spent a minute scooping finger-fuls of Vaseline around her sweet looking puckered anus and onto his bloated straining cock head and then lined up his shaft and started to gentle press forward.

Jeni let out a little resigned whimper even before there was anything to whimper about. And again Becky found herself getting excited by her little brat of a sister about to get it good and hard. Seeing her discomfort and humiliation at the mere initiation of her loosing her third and final cherry. The sweetest and hardest of the three to pluck so someone had said to her once, just before he'd rammed his considerable meat up her own tight arse for the first time. She couldn't even remember who that had been, just that it had fucking ragged like nothing she'd experienced before, and afterwards she hadn't been able to sit down for a week. And that the continual bleeding for nearly a whole day afterward, had frightened her a fucking hell of a lot too.

The loud anguished moan from Jeni snapped Becky's attention back to the anal assault going on before her eyes. The anal assault Becky herself had caused, and was profiting from.

Her gaze focused at the moment that the swollen purple crown of the older man's fat erection popped suddenly past the tight entrance of Jeni's tight little anus.

"I told you to relax, kitten." The man said, apparently in response to the pain filled noise she was making.

Two inches of cock disappeared into her rapidly forced open arse hole, before the muscle fought back, trying to close up and cinching vice tight around the still slippery girth of the wide cock.

"It hurts!" She whimpered, her knees almost buckling, her fingers scratching at the bed clothes for purchase.

Told you so, Becky said to herself with a slightly sadistic smile, she'd been there and felt it. And now her cocky, swot of a sister was getting a little of the treatment Becky had all but grown used to. She was no better when it came down to it. She got the same treatment and it hurt just the same.

The old man, surprising Becky by his continuing attempts at chivalry, anointed the fiery anal ring that encircled and compressed his jutting hardness with a little more Vaseline before he took hold of her narrow waist.

His long fingers almost touched around the front of her flat slender belly.

"Ready for more...?!" He said with jovial excitement. His question was rhetorical, but Jeni answered it anyway.

"Please, Mr O'Brien, please..." Jeni pleaded, gasping through tears and breathless despair. "Wait, I... Please, just wait... I don't... Aaaahhhhh!!"

Becky half squirmed, half grimaced. She could almost feel the fire spreading through Jeni's body as the man slammed forward with his hips, shoving another couple of inches into her tight little arse.

Oh but she was getting it good.

The worse cocks for anal were the fat ones and, fucking Christ, was that one wide! Like a coke can!

Becky's mind whirled with conflict. She enjoyed a sadistic glee at the fairness of goodie-two-shoes taking some cock-humiliation for once. The panty-dampening horniness of the sheer voyeuristic delight of the sights and sounds of some old guy hammering his fat dick up her sister's hot little arse. But, of course there was also an irritating though undeniable sympathy. Becky had been there and knew well how it felt to be in that position and on some level she loved her sister and she certainly envied her brains and looks. And that made her feel somewhat sorry for her plight.

But not that much. Becky told herself with a little grin. Her fingers slipped down past the waistband of her denim shorts and through the dampness of her soft pubic mound.

She started to masturbate as she watched the PE Teacher digging his fingers into that juicy arse, drawing back to reveal more of the ruddy, cinched cock, before he hammered forward again. This time he deposited the entirety of his fat shaft up her luscious little arse.

Jeni screamed out at the final heartless and invasive thrust. Her young body quaked in the hot torment suffusing her, torso bucking, head thrashing and throwing her pretty brunette tresses around her head like a dark-cloud, while her eyes squeezed themselves shut trying to blot out the pain, tossing hot tears down her flushed anguished face.

The old man, with an impassioned groan of exquisite pleasure then started to shove back and forth with his hips. His hands scrabbling all over Jeni's prone, tensed body for adequate purchase he dug his fingers into her small, pert buttocks, her narrow hips, tiny waist, slender shoulders, upper thighs, reached under her for those full quivering breasts. He grasped at her hair, and the nape of her neck, even at her throat while his hips pummelled her. Bringing constant and desperate wails and whimpers out of her.

He had lost all compassion now, as Becky knew he would. He was sodomising the gorgeous girl for all he was worth and was making the most out of enjoying his illicit, illegal venture.

Becky felt no obligation to stay any longer. She had all their money and once this old fart was done up her arse, then others would only have ten minutes each to play with her. Then Jeni could clean herself up and get back to her previous revision or whatever she had been doing.

She drew her slick finger out of her hot snatch and adjusted her shorts.

And then, with one last look at Jeni and the PE Teacher - who was now clamping a hand over the girl's open mouth, in an attempt to stifle the whimpering pleas for mercy she was constantly squealing while his other hand slapped down hard on her perky little arse again and again - Becky shrugged and turned her back on the bedroom.

Even after she'd slammed the front door shut she could still hear her sister's muffled cries from the bedroom. She was reminded of that weird foreign film the lad had been watching at that house party a couple of weeks ago, that European tit bitch from Matrix was in it getting raped in a corridor or somewhere. She hadn't seen much of it, they had been making her suck two cocks at the time. But the lads, enjoying that particular scene a bit too much, had turned the volume up to hear her muffled cries as she was cruelly raped on the floor.

Then they had wanted to re-enact it with as many of the partying girls as they had been able to get their hands on. So the scene had stuck in her mind since. Oh, yeah... Irreversible... That was the name of the film...

Part 2 - 8 O'clock.

"Right... Okay... that's... What... Hundred and ten quid so far... plus the twenty from Jane 'n Kylie..." She told herself, counting out the wad of fives, tens and twentys in the shadows of the taped off stairwell. "So a hundred 'n thirty."

She'd heard some chick had got gangbanged there, some nurse or something. It had been filmed and sold on the black market.

Since then some graffiti artist had popped in and emblazoned an extremely graphic and anatomically impossible representation of it. It was actually very well done - which of course meant it had been defaced already by less talented taggers, who had added silly knob outlines and glasses and beards to the rapists.

Becky shuffled a little. She was nervous in here and as well she should be. The brutality of the protracted rape, which a lot of the older lads had seen, either live as it had been happening, or on film later, had prohibited most people from passing anywhere this stairwell. People, especially the girls, avoided it like the plague.

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