Chav Ch. 01


But while she had this cash, she needed to hide it well and she needed to do it without anyone seeing her.

Right then, another hundred 'n sixty to find, in what, four hours? What the fuck was she going to do?!

She lit a cigarette and inhaled the sickly smoke while she thought about it.

There was Rochelle the cute black dyke she was mates with. Well, she wasn't really a dyke, she liked lads well enough, it was just that she liked 'fucking bitches' as well.

Anyway, she owed Becky fifty quid. Well, it was time to pay up, she decided, starting to feel the first pangs of desperation.

She crossed the edge of the concrete square with the burned out car following the line of the gallery to Rochelle's dad's flat. But her brother said she was out, maybe at Jaime's.

Becky then had the idea of simply texting Rochelle to find out where she was but almost simultaneously realised that she had left her mobile phone beside her bed at home. She considered nipping back to collect it but she found herself worrying that lad might still be loitering around. And he might still be horny for her. Besides, Jaime's bungalow was just beyond the boundary of the Oakfield estate, so Becky made her decision to head over there on the off chance that Rochelle would be there.

She stepped across the weed and butt-end strewn boundary of her estate and crossed the road.

A cheaply souped up white Ford Fiesta shot by her, beeping it's horn. It slowed down and a skinhead twenty something with a two litre cider bottle in one raised hand leaned out of the passenger window and shouted at her as the car stated to take the next corner.

"Hey chav whore! How 'bout we pick you up, take you t'multi-storey and gangbang you all fucking night long, you can take four at a time can't you!?" He yelled harshly, drunk and trying to amuse his friends.

"Four one inch dicks? Fuck you all! You couldn't get a fucking gerbil off you wanker!" She shouted back, whishing she had a bottle to throw at them. But the car was already moving out of sight around the bend. They probably hadn't even heard her.

The quickest way to Holden street where Jaime lived was the paved alley that ran along the fenced off backs of Vesta Lane, a route Becky always took.

It was almost a pleasant little walk, seven foot wooden slatted fences with little matching gates into the back garden's of the Vesta Lane houses, lined either side of the black tarmac paved walkway, all kept strangely devoid of weeds and litter, maybe by the wind or some fuddy-duddy neighbourhood watch group. It was a world apart from that seedy graffiti scarred wasteland of the Oakfield estate.

Becky saw a girl coming toward her down the alley, heading her way. She was a little thing, only ten or eleven maybe. She was quite pretty though, she was carrying some puppy fat and her hair, pulled up into a tight low ponytail, was practically platinum blonde.

Most interesting of all though was that she clutched a crisp ten pound note in one hand. It was brazen naiveté.

Becky smiled to herself at the easy pickings, flicked her cigarette to the floor and scooped the lock knife out of the back pocket of her denim shorts. She ignored the girl, let her pass by and then turned quickly and grabbed her by the pony tail, yanking her back toward her.

"Hey what're doin'?" She gasped in shock trying to pull free and hurting her scalp in the process. "Gerrof me y'bitch! Gerrof me 'air!"

"Gimme that fucking tenner or I'll cut your eyes out!" Becky snarled, whipping the knife forward into the girl's line of sight. But even as she made the threat, she managed to snatch the money out of the girl's grasp before she had to or comply or refuse.

"Thank you!" She said with cruel irony and then shoved the girl to the black paved floor.

"What the fuck d'you think you're doing, slag?!" A gruff voice cut through the moment of power-high that Becky was enjoying and she whipped her head around to see someone approaching.

He was a tall twenty something gym-freak, wearing a tight, pale red t-shirt, baggy silky looking trousers, with a white tribal pattern running from ankle to knee and white trainers.

He came to a stop only a couple of feet away from her, towering over her and glowering.

Becky went on the defensive.

"What's it got to do with you?! And who're you calling a slag?"

"That's my little cousin, slag!"

"Well she just nicked my tenner off me!" She lied, badly.

"Did she fuck!" He retorted.

His eyes momentarily darted to the knife held low in her right hand, then to his niece, who was slowly getting up off the ground behind the chav slag.

"Her dad asked her to get cigs for him. It's his bastard tenner." Then he turned his attention to his cousin, fishing another note out of his own pocket and handing it to the child.

"Linda, get off to' shop then go straight back 'ome. Me and this chav piece're gonna have a little chat."

"Like fuck we are!" Becky snarled using her rising fear to fuel her considerable anger. She moved the knife into more plain view, threatening it's use.

Gym Freak smiled and then took a leaf out of Becky's book. He quickly reached down and grabbed her by the hair, yanking her toward him.

She yelled out, cursing and instinctively lashed out with the knife, the fact that the blade was pointing in the wrong direction didn't seem to occur to her.

Gym Freak used his forearm as a shield and then grabbed her wrist and squeezed. Becky cursed again and the knife fell from her grip.

Keeping hold of her pony tail, Gym Freak let go of her wrist, pulled her abruptly to keep her off balance, and then stooped down to pick up the knife.

"Fuck, it's not even sharp." He laughed, tossing the knife away. "You couldn't kill a fucking insect with that! C'mon."

He dragged her, struggling and cursing, by the hair toward the side of the pathway, stuck a thick finger through a drilled hole in one of the wooden gates and swung the door inwards, hustling the seventeen year old in after him.

He shoved her forward, letting go of her and then turned and shut the gate, slapping the draw bolts at the top and bottom for good measure.

Becky inexplicably found herself wondering how he had known this one was unbolted. And why he was pulling her into someone's backyard. Surely they wouldn't be very happy to have too strangers breaking into their property. He answered her unvoiced question casually.

"These people are on holiday." He announced, waving idly at the direction of the house's patio windows. "And no one's in next door either so we won't be disturbed."

"What're you going to do?" Becky asked.

Now her fear was starting to show itself in the tremulous note of her voice.

"What do you do to slags? Empty my balls up you, of course!"

"Fuck off!" She yelled and tried to dart around him. He laughed, enjoying the idea of a game of catch, of a lay playing hard to get.

Becky's eyes rolled left and right taking in her surroundings, searching for an escape, or possibly a weapon.

It was a small, tidy garden, with a paved area separating the back of the house from the lawn, which was beginning to look overgrown. Half the paved area was taken up with a dull brown though new looking shed, which was securely padlocked.

There were two wheelie bins against the wall of the house between the patio doors and the back door. There was an empty plant pot on the windowsill next to the wheelie bins, that was brimming with scummy rain water. And against the fence by the backdoor was a short line of more potted plants, these ones weed infested and even a couple of discarded wine bottles beside them. Like the windowsill plant pot, the bottles were all full of rain water from the recent downpours.

Becky's eyes locked onto the bottles and the plant pots. She could throw water in his face then run for the gate. But she doubted it would give her enough time to unbolt the door and sprint off down the alley before he was all over her again.

Maybe grab one of the bottles? If she'd been drunk she wouldn't have thought twice about glassing the bastard in the face but devoid of Dutch-courage, she didn't dare.

As her mind scratched around the back garden looking for aid, Gym Freak pounced.

His face was suddenly an inch from hers grinning maliciously, lusty fire burning in his blue eyes. An arm encircled her narrow waist, powerful and immovable as an iron bar and she was hoisted up so that her feet cleared the paved ground.

"Get off me you fucking cunt!" She shouted, slapping at his wide bulging shoulders. He just laughed. Get your fucking hands off me!"

"Shouting like that just sounds like we're having a lover's tiff, no one's going to come." He grinned.

His free hand mauled her body. He shoved between the unzipped flaps of her jacket and squeezed her breasts, exploring their firmness and size and heat, searching out her stiff nipples through her bra and t-shirt.

"Nice fucking fun bags!"

Then his questing hand descended, stroking quickly down her stomach across her narrow bones to her groin which his cupped with his palm against the denim of her shorts, pressing his fingers to her vulva through her clothes enjoying the emanating heat.

His fingers hooked into the gusset of her shorts which was already worn thin and threadbare, he felt the split-mound of her pussy lips against the thin material of her tight thong underwear, all the while grunting and moaning in his excitement.

Becky lost it, she clawed as his face but again he deflected her attack with meaty arms, this time his grin momentarily faded. He slapped her hard across the face, almost jarring her jaw bone.

Becky's struggles more or less ended then and there. She still struggled under his groping grasp and tried to wedge her arms inside his to prise his grip free but her attempts to hurt or injure him were abandoned by that meaningful slap.

"What if I was to start screaming rape? Or shout for help?!" She enquired in a low voice.

His grin vanished again while he replied.

"You wouldn't be that stupid... Just take your punishment like a good girl." He added and then whipped her around in his embrace so she had her back to him, took three quick unbalanced steps to the wheelie bins and dumped her face down over them, so her legs dangled helplessly over the side.

A thick heavy weight of his hand and forearm planted itself firmly on her lithe back and across the top of her buttocks pining her onto the lid of the bin.

The hand planted onto the small of her back might as well have been the whole of him sat there, nothing she could do could budge it. She braced her arms under her on the bin lid and pushed, trying to lift herself off but it was useless, he was too strong.

Of course, all the while Gym Freak's free hand mauled her arse and pussy lips through her shorts. Becky squirmed and spat curses struggling against the unwanted sexual assault,. She detested the overexcited feel of his fingers, like those of a child just given a new toy to play with, caressing and pinching the groove of her honey centred peach, stroking little fast circles around the hood of her tingling clitoris, only two thin layers of cotton between his flesh and hers.

Then the same fingers hooked around the threadbare denim crotch again and with a hard sudden tug, which rocked the bin, Becky's shorts found themselves ripped into a miniskirt.

The sudden moment of hard aggression snatched a frightened squeal from Becky as the gusset of her denim shorts came away in the Gym Freak's iron fist.

"That's fucking better!" He elated with a happily grunt, lust colouring his smooth voice. He let the threadbare tuft of cloth flutter away in the summer evening air.

Then he reached beneath the skirt to peel the thong and tights quickly down to her knees.

"Mmmm! Nice ass!" He commented, clamping both hands on her firm peachy bottom.

"Get the fuck off me you cunt!" Becky squealed as a broad thumb passed across the puckered mouth of her sphincter.

"Try and get up and I'm gonna punch you right in the cunt!" He said, though his sexual pleasure in his voice somehow belied the violence of his threat. He was simmering with sexual excitement.

She felt him kneeling down, both hands pressing tight on her cool buttocks, squeezing into her flesh and muscle, spreading them apart. Then his face was against her soft warm pussy, his lips touching, tongue dipping forward to taste her and Becky quailed in helpless revulsion.

"Ohhh! You bastard! You fucking bastard!" She moaned as his tongue started to cause sensations that she didn't want.

"Like I said. Slag." He laughed in response to her flowing juices and cooed a little, a throaty gurgle.

And then he was busy with his tongue, lapping at her flowing honey, enjoying her mental torture as much as the sweet taste of her.

It was a few moments of slurping oral and fingers digging lovingly into her ass cheeks before Gym Freak came up for air.

Becky, panting, felt one hand leave her arse for a moment and then a wave of sickening panic nearly bowled her over as she heard gym freak's trouser zip coming down, a smooth metallic purr that meant it was all over for her - he would be going up her any moment and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She squirmed again, this time craning her neck to try and see behind her, to see the form that her punishment was going to take, it's size and it's girth, but laughing, he wouldn't let her as, once more, a hand slammed down hard between her shoulders pinning her in place.

"Wriggle much?" He said grunting, and Becky gasped as she felt the hard, spongy heat of his erect truncheon slap down onto the cool flesh of her pert buttocks, one and then the other, drumming her resilient flesh back and forth with his hard cock.

She twisted as much as he would let her, while he stroked the underside flesh of his erection up and down her ass cleavage, stroking her pussy lips, spreading them and then teasing her with the flow of her own warm honey.

"So you've got me wet you twat, so fucking what!? Let's just get on with it!"

"You're in too much of a hurry slag." He replied gleefully. "And you're jumping to a few too many conclusions. I'm not going up there, this is meant to be punishment for mugging my cousin. I'm going up your backdoor instead." He said with a malicious laugh.

"No please! Stick it in me if you have to, but do my pussy, don't rape my arse, please!"

She was desperate. The memory of Jeni's face as she took a fat cock up her arse still fresh in her mind.

"No chance, I'm giving this nice little ass a good hard seeing to!" He laughed.

Becky strained her neck, twisting herself as much as she dared to see behind her. She needed to see his cock, see what he was going to stick up her butt.

But try as she might his anatomy was out of her view, then she caught sight of it after all, a warped reflection in one of those water filled wine bottles. And it looked gargantuan. Long and horribly thick, the fat bulbous helmet that topped the forearm size shaft looked almost purple it was that swollen by his lust, with a wide flaring base that made her wince at the thought of stretching her ass hole.

The pressure on her back lifted momentarily and a moment later the reflection moved. As Gym Freak picked up the bottle before coming back to her still bent over form.

She moaned and whimpered, her half naked body quivering a little, waiting for the thing to hurt her, and almost at once he was pressing up against her buttocks and thighs and the heat of his hard muscle shaft burned her pussy lips. Then his fat knob levelled out and forced its way into her and Becky let out a long low whinnying sound as the fat length of meat pierced her embarrassingly soaked cunt.

"Ha, ha. Like that do you?" Gym Freak muttered gripping her cool, smooth ass cheeks and pushing all of his shaft into her pussy.

"Hhhhmmm..." Becky responded despite herself.

"I just did that for the lube factor." He laughed, then pulled out and pressed his now lightly lubricated erection up against Becky's sphincter.

"No!" She wailed. "I can't... Don't make me... Ugghhh!"

Gym Freak ignored her and started pushing, trying to gain entry into that lovely little anus, pinching at the fat stem of his engorged cock in one hand, trapping the hardness inside while squeezing Becky's ass tightly with his free hand.

She held her breath, trembling beneath him as the insistent pressure against her sphincter increased.

Then she let out another long whimper, responding to a sharp pain as the hot crown of his large cock asserted itself against the puckered mouth of her arse. The blunt heat of that heavy crown startling against the cool flesh of her exposed buttocks.

"You really should relax you know, it'd make it easier on you." Gym Freak commented lightly and then, as Becky turned to throw some jibe back at him over her shoulder she saw with shocked tearful eyes Gym Freak tipping the bottle of icy rain water over her buttocks.

Her whimpering hiss quickly burgeoned into a guttural gasp of icy shock and continuing exertion as she reacted to the freezing lash of the icy water splattering her arse cheeks, running between them and down her inner thighs.

Gym Freak laughed, threw the bottle aside and now with both hands gripping her pert buttocks, he shoved forward again and this time her sphincter stretched open around his insatiably pushing erection.

The tight elastic ring of her anal mouth gave way and Gym Freak's fat bloated phallic crown slid suddenly into Becky's tiny asshole.

"Jesus fucking Christ!! She all but screamed as her tightly clenching defence completely failed and her sphincter was compelled to accommodate the invading mushroom base of his hot crown. The large cock head popped audibly deep into her rectum, leaving the remaining meat battling for entry against the now defeated, though still fighting, ring of anal muscle.

"Fuuuck! That hurts!! You bastard! ...Ohhhh! ...Ahhh! You fucking sonnovabitch! I fucking hate you! Cunt!" She snarled through her pain clenched teeth.

"Oh fuck yeah!!" He grunted exultant as he forced more difficult inches of his thick hardness into her tight little arse. "You've really got a great ass for fucking slag, it's so fucking tight!"

And then with one last shove he was all the way up her and immediately drawing back to thrust all the way in again.

He drove into her anus with a hard, deep, assault, slow to begin with, but increasing his speed once he found a good rhythm.

The bin shook on it's wheels, rocking back and forth, aiding Gym Freak's penetration of Becky's anal tunnel. Becky herself was squealing in her anguish, her feet slamming against the plastic side of the bin like drum sticks rattling out a military march.

But for Gym Freak the noise was a little excessive, so he reached across to the window ledge and grabbed the plant pot. With a malicious grin, he dumped the freezing cold contents over her head.

Becky screamed even more in shock at the cold shower that had suddenly drenched her, so Gym Freak half heartedly clonked her on the back of the head with the plastic plant pot.

"Pipe down...!" He growled at her while tossing the empty plant pot over onto the lawn. "...You don't want to attract too much attention, you might end up getting train ganged..."

That suggestion was enough to get Becky to drop a few decibel's right away.

"A lot of my mates around here, you know and they wouldn't say no to having a piece of you. We've all got a thing for you teenage skanky chav sluts."

This time as he resumed his hard drilling thrusts, her squeals had descended to milder curses and moans and whimpers.

So Gym Freak railed on her brutally for the next ten minutes, shoving his tightly cinched length in and out of her searing guts, tugging on her hair to help propel his deliberate sadism. All the while voicing his obvious pleasure with rough gleeful grunts.

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