tagGroup SexCheater Ch. 02

Cheater Ch. 02


author's note: I have enjoyed writing these two parts very much, I have tried to keep it from becoming a 'wimp husband' story, but I have also tried to keep it from becoming a 'cruel revenge' story. It's my own twist. There may be a third part if there's enough interest after this one. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


Suzie's heart was pounding, her eyes filled with tears. She'd found the hotel that Bradley had checked in at and she was running towards his door now, knowing inside that it was too late, that she'd messed up too badly, but hoping against hope that maybe something would be salvaged. At least she would be able to apologize, even if there was no hope for redemption or reconciliation, at least she could apologize. A purging of her sin to the one she sinned against.

Gasping for breath she pounded on the door, praying that he would open it, almost hoping that he wouldn't because now that she was actually here she realized that she had no idea what she was going to say.

The door opened. His expression was closed and cold, nothing at all showing in his face or eyes; the face that she had loved so well had become a stranger's. Suzie's mouth was dry... she couldn't talk, her heart was in her stomach, knowing that she'd lost him forever.

"What are you doing here?" Ice... his voice was full of ice. Not anger, not hatred, just almost as though he was talking to a stranger. Someone who had bumped into him at the mall. Her heart sank to hear him address her like that... but it was what she deserved really. Anger would have been easier to deal with, but why should she have it easy? At that moment, she almost welcomed the pain that was stabbing into her heart.

"I just..." her voice was a mere whisper and her eyes filled with tears, pleading for him to open back up to her, "I'm sorry... I'm so so sorry..."

"Sorry?..." his voice was a mere whisper and she sank to her knees in front of him, sobbing into the door frame as he glared down at her, feeling his hateful stare on the back of her neck, "Do you have any idea what that was like for me? Do you? Can you imagine? Seeing my wife, my WIFE cheating on me, letting another guy put his dick up her ass? Knowing that he got there first? Do you have ANY idea what that's like?! DO YOU?!" his voice ended on a shout, cracking, cracking like the exterior of him as tears sprang to his eyes at the remembered betrayal. Seeing it all in his head again as Chuck lunged into her asshole, filling it with his seed. Her first cum enema.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry..." she whispered, "I don't know what else to say... I was so lonely, and it was once, just once. I'm so sorry Bradley, you're the world to me... I'd do anything for you and I'm so sorry that I messed it all up. I'm so sorry."

He stood there, her husband, looking down at her with his heart breaking. It was so much harder with her here in front of him... and he couldn't help but believe her that she meant everything she said. The worst part was that she wasn't even asking for his understanding, for him to work with her and try to fix things... she'd obviously been defeated. She knew, she knew everything she'd done was wrong and she was admitting it... and she wasn't even asking to fix things. How could his heart not go out to her? Suzie was at the lowest of the low, and despite her betrayal of course he still loved her. Fool that he was... was he a fool? Was it a mistake to love?

Maybe. But maybe it had been a mistake to go on that trip to. Never coming home on a weekend although he probably could have. Never inviting her out there. And he'd been tempted... God knows, he'd been tempted.

They stood there, frozen for a moment in time as she sobbed into the door frame, weakly and pathetically now, thinking that he was going to slam the door on her any minute. And she would leave, not wanting to inconvenience him further... and she didn't know what she would do after that. But until then she could stay here, savoring the last bit of his presence that she would ever have. Bradley was conflicted... his eyes turning more pitying than angry, and he knew that he wanted her back.

"Anything" she'd said. She'd do "anything" for him... if that was true...

It was wrong to test her, he knew it was wrong to test her, but he had to. Maybe this was his human error, needing to test her, to have her prove to him that she really regretted what she'd done and was willing to do anything to be with him again.

"Come in." he said, quietly, hoarsely. Suzie looked up at him through stunned and tear-filled eyes, the sad eyes of a puppy dog that expects to be kicked for its transgressions and suddenly sees its master reaching out to pat its head instead. Bradley pulled the door open and stepped back, "Come in."

Scrambling to her feet, trying to smile through the tears even though she didn't really know what to expect when she went in there, she knew that she couldn't lose this opportunity. Walking in, she stopped as soon as she was able to see the entire room... there was a beautiful naked woman lounging on the bed looking at her. Stunning, naked... for the first time Suzie realized that Bradley was only wearing boxers when he opened the door.

Shaking, she didn't know what to do, what was expected of her. Was she going to have to watch Bradley with another woman? Was this her punishment? Could she handle that?

"'Anything' you said." he said quietly behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders, "This is Amanda. Her brother works at my office. She's bisexual." he began sliding his hands down her back and under her shirt, Suzie gasped as she realized what he meant for her to do and she grabbed at his hands. Abruptly he turned her around, "You said, 'Anything'."

Looking deeply into his eyes, Suzie's heart and head were in turmoil. But this was Bradley. She loved him. If this was what she had to do... then so be it. She'd said anything and she meant it... and at least she'd be here. This was something they would be able to share, that was theirs, together. And Amanda's of course, but Bradley was HER husband... and if she walked out now he might not be anymore. Looking at him, she swallowed and nodded, closing her eyes as he began pulling her shirt over her head.

Suddenly there was hot flesh pressing up behind her too, softer than Bradley, smaller hands reaching around to touch her breasts. Suzie stiffened.

"You're very beautiful," the other woman whispered softly, "And you have a very handsome husband." The hands moved away, but the woman's body pressed up against her even more and Suzie's eyes flew open, realizing that Amanda was touching her husband. Bradley had his eyes half closed in pleasure as the two women were pressed up against him, Suzie clutching him around the waist suddenly, his dick pressing into her, and Amanda's hands running up and down his sides.

Suddenly Amanda had pulled away and was pulling both of them towards the bed. Suzie stumbled almost in a daze, Bradley's hands catching her before she fell on the floor, caressing her happily. He was almost glowing... of course. This was a fantasy that he had shared many years before, sex with two women, one of them being her of course... she'd always said she'd never share him. But she had shared herself, really it was only just. An eye for an eye. Part of her told herself that two wrongs don't make a right... but she wanted to make this right and if it would make it right for Bradley then she would find a way to deal with it. At least she was included, at least she was a part of it.

At least she wasn't having to watch it, years later, on a tape.

So when Bradley pushed her onto the bed and moved aside for Amanda, Suzie kissed the other woman back. It was strange... soft, gentle... very different from kissing Bradley. As Amanda moved away, her mouth traveling down Suzie's body, Suzie could see Bradley kissing Amanda's shoulders and back, slowly working his way down to the curve of her ass. She let out a slight moan as she realized what he was going to do, but the moan changed as Amanda chose that movment to suck Suzie's nipple into her mouth. Although Suzie had never been attracted to other women, what Amanda was doing felt very good, and she lifted her hips slightly as fingers trailed up her thighs and brushed over her pussy. She was wet.

Amanda moaned around Suzie's nipple, and Suzie looked around the other woman to see Bradley down at her ass... what he was licking Suzie couldn't tell, but she had to quelch a sudden rush of jealousy. Fingers pressed into her pussy and she gasped, Amanda's teeth bit down gently on her nipple as she entered Suzie's body, her fingertips curving up to press gently against Suzie's g-spot. Moving even further down, Amanda's mouth ended up at Suzie's pussy, licking gently and making Suzie writhe with excitement.

Although Suzie was being eaten out and fingered, she felt like a passive observer as Bradley suddenly reared up behind Amanda, pressing his dick to one of her holes. Amanda moaned into Suzie's pussy as her husband pressed forward... Suzie clutched at the other woman's head in sexual excitement even as jealousy and despair ran through her... what if Bradley liked Amanda's holes better? What this became something permanent that he wanted?

She moaned as Amanda's tongue became more frantic and she actually sucked Suzie's clit into her mouth. Would it be so bad to do something like this more often? Oh dear... Suzie convulsed as she began to cum, Amanda moaning loudly into her swollen pussy. She hadn't meant to cum so soon... in fact she hadn't meant to cum at all. Certainly she hadn't thought she would.

Amanda kept licking at her as Bradley fucked her from behind, Suzie moaned gently and shook, her hands twining in the other woman's hand as she watched her husband's expression. He was lustful, both when he was just concentrating on fucking Amanda and when he was watching the girl on girl action. There was something loving and forgiving in his eyes too though, when he looked at his wife... he really believed that she really was sorry and willing to do anything for him. Part of him wanted to stop this, but at the same time, he was getting his fantasy fulfilled. And Suzie was starting to look more and more passionate, more like she was enjoying this. He was shocked when she started cumming, but it just fueled his ardor even more.

Watching, rubbing her pussy against Amanda's mouth, Suzie saw her husband suddenly pull out and shift upwards. Amanda started squealing into Suzie's pussy, making Suzie arch her hips at the new and pleasant vibrations, and she realized that Bradley was pushing into Amanda's asshole. He groaned, his eyes rolling upwards as he invaded Amanda's ass, it was so tight and slick with the juices on his dick. He tried to go slowly and carefully, although it was very hard not to just start slamming in and out of that fanastic hole. Her ass clenched down hard on him and he groaned, pushing all the way in until he was buried in her back door.

Amanda bean to eat more frantically at Suzie's pussy, licking and sucking as Bradley began to move in and out of her tight ass. His hand slipped down around her hip and into her pussy, rubbing her clit and sliding one finger in and out of her pussy hole. Suzie was humping Amanda's face, her own passion rising because she knew what her husband was doing to the woman who was eating her out... and although she still felt jealous, it also turned her on.

Brad's eyes were filled with his lustful wife as he pumped in and out of Amanda's pussy, abandoning his attempts to be gentle as she pushed back against him. The three of them raced across the finish line together, Amanda came first, her screams into Suzie's pussy set her off; the fanastic feeling of Amanda's rippling ass and the erotic display of his wife's orgasm kicked Bradley off. He gasped, thrusting wildly into Amanda's tight hole and filling her with his cum, his hand tight against her spasming pussy.

Watching from below, Suzie sighed with completion as her second orgasm wound down and she could see her husband finishing his own orgasm in Amanda's ass. They looked at each other... and both of them knew that things might be ok. It wasn't right now, and there was still a lot of work ahead of them, but it might be ok.


Later, after Amanda had left, and Suzie and Bradley had another round, they lay in bed talking and cuddling.

"You know," Bradley caressed his wife's ass, "You've been very bad... I think I should get to punish you again."

"What for?!" Suzie asked, genuinely surprised.

He grinned at her, "Well, you've had sex with another man AND another woman."

"Are you telling me you want to have sex with another man?" Suzie arched her brow at him and wiggled it suggestively.

Bradley smacked her ass, making her jump and squeal, "No, but I can think of some other things. You did say 'Anything'." He grinned.

"I have the feeling I'm going to regret that..." she complained as he rolled on top of her.

It wasn't perfect... but at least they were joking around now. Things would be ok.

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Huge mistake

Brad's eyes were filled with his lustful wife as he pumped in and out of Amanda's pussy, abandoning his attempts to be gentle as she pushed back against him. The three of them raced across the finish linemore...

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