tagErotic CouplingsCheater! Cheater!

Cheater! Cheater!


"Huuuh...Mmmmmph..Oh yes, yessssss......" the words barely able to be heard as they spilled from my lips.

My hands were gripping the sides of the small vanity in the downstairs half-bath of my house, my neighbor's hands holding onto my hips tightly as he slammed his cock into my sloppy-wet pussy from behind, doggy-style, both of us getting off at the same time. Taking but a second or two to enjoy the after-glow of a good climax, I quickly turned around and dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth to suck the rest of his jism from his dick, licking and slurping him clean, loving the taste of his cum as it slid down my throat.

"Oh damn, baby...damnit but that was good," Steve whispered as he caught his breath as quietly as he could.

"Ya' think?" I joked, standing up as I used a finger tip to push some spillage from the corners of my mouth to my tongue. Pulling my shorts up from my ankles where they had dropped, I shimmied into them as Steve and I exchanged a kiss that was full of tongue.

"You go first while I freshen up, okay?" I said, wanting him to rejoin the bar-b-que that was going on at my house, on my deck, upstairs. It was a gathering of twenty or so friends from the neighborhood that occured once a month except that this time we were the hosts, we being my unsuspecting husband and I.

"Okay," he agreed, opening the door of the bathroom slowly, then exiting to rejoin the party and his wife.

Kinda' cool, I thought as I splashed some water to my face, I'm fucking both of them and neither knows that I'm fucking the other, chuckling to myself at that thought.

It was true.

I first seduced Cathy, Steve's wife, a year of so ago after a night of dvd movies and wine at my house when both of our husbands were out of town on business. We've hooked up at least a couple of times a month since then. I was her first female lover, she was the, oh, I don't know, fiftieth gal I've bedded?

Shit, who really keeps count.

Steve? I had just started fucking him really, this quickie in the bathroom the third or fourth time we'd fucked.

The first time was only a couple of months ago, when Cathy was visiting her mom and my husband was at a convention. I had been thinking about screwing Steve for a while and when the opportunity arose, I invited him over to help with a non-existing plumbing issue, got him high on some good weed and sucked his cock dry, on my couch, in my den, followed by a slam-blam screwing that had me screaming.

Finished with re-applying my makeup and shit, I took a deep breath and prepared to rejoin the festivities, and my unsuspecting husband, upstairs.

Another notch on my bedpost, so to speak, I thought as I climbed the stairway from the basement of my home, one more in a long line of cheating encounters for me...

I'm Jeri, thirty-six, good figure, no kids, married, and a chronic cheater.

Well, I am...but, in what little defense I can offer, it was my husband that started me down this road.

See, what happened is this...

I was twenty-one when Tim and I married after a couple of years of dating. He was older by a few years and had quite the reputation of a Lothario. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't getting a virgin either and he knew it. But, I had been a one-guy gal from the time I started dating in high school and even in college when I discovered gal/gal sex, I was a one-woman gal then.

But, after we'd been married a few years, we started getting a bit desirous of spicing up the old marriage bed, ya' know?

Oh, I was all for it when Tim started talking about sharing fantasies as part of our foreplay, you bet I was. We had started watching some of the 'soft' porn available on cable, and that escalated into ordering some hard-core stuff from the 'net. Well, the upshot of it all was by the time we started sharing our sexual fantasies, I had built up quite a collection in the ol' mind-shed, ya' know?

Long story short, the first time we acted on our fantasies, it was Tim that pushed the agenda for that first encounter.

I was having a lovely time sucking his cock one night after we had shared a doobie of righteous weed when he casually brought up a recurring fantasy he'd been having. In it, he was watching me as I sucked and fucked a couple of black guys and afterwards, after they had left, he ate their cum from my well-fucked pussy.

I have to say that as he told me of that fantasy, I got super-horny at the thought and gave him, in his words, "the best blowjob in the world" that night.

"Sounds kinky," I said as I slowly licked his shaft clean of spillage, "I'm game if you're serious about it."

"I am," Tim replied simply.

Well, all-righty then...

We met 'them' at a club across town. How he found them, he never said, I never asked. Strange, I know, but...there it is.

We had a few drinks, getting a feel for the vibes from everyone and I took turns slow-dancing with each a couple of times, each dance getting me even more turned on as I felt their cocks rising in their slacks as our bodies moved in unison on the dark dance floor.

Tim casually suggested that perhaps the four of us should go to the hotel room he had rented for the night, our group finding quick agreement with his suggestion.

"Sure you're ready for this?" Tim asked as we made the short five minute drive from the club, my 'boys' following behind in their car.

"Sure you're ready to watch me do this?" I replied, my shaved snatch already on fire with want.

Oh, I was ready, have no doubt about that. In the week between telling me of his fantasy and us meeting up with my two studs, I lost track of the masturbatory orgasms I had thinking about it.

"I am," was his simple response, following with, "tonight...tonight's a 'freebie' for both of us, a night that whatever happens, happens; no harm, no foul."

"Works for me, sweetie...you're going to join in, right?" I asked, more for me to have a sense of boundries, than it was that I really cared if he did or didn't.

Yeah, I know, selfish bitch...it is what it is.

"We'll see....I'll play it by ear, you just go with your own emotions, okay?" he replied, pulling into our hotel's parking garage just then.

Up in our suite, we fixed drinks and passed around a doobie that one of the guys had, me sitting on the couch of the suite between them, Tim sitting across from us, in an armchair, his eyes glistening with excitement.

Slowly, their hands began stroking me, first on my arms, or thigh, on top of my barely-there skirt, their fingers seemingly hot with electricity that sent jolts straight to my little kitty-kat. Reaching, I placed a hand onto each stud's crotch and was rewarded with the feel of hot, throbbing cock in each hand.

Staring across the room to Tim, our eyes locked, the knowledge that my husband was watching me stroke the cocks of two strangers as they fondled me with increasing intimacy, getting me more turned on than I had ever been.

I closed my eyes and relaxed against the couch-back, my gripping and stroking of their rock-hard dicks becoming more intense and heated. They, by then, had my blouse opened, exposing my bra-less 36C breasts, and had worked my skirt above my hips, both of them playing with my increasingly wet pussy while I kissed each, each in turn, the kisses full of exploring tongues.

When they started sucking and licking my titties, one on each, I unzipped their pants (with their help), releasing their cocks into my ever-so-willing hands.

It's a cliche, I know, but they really were, the both of them, hung like Georgia mules!

Somehow, and quickly at that, the three of us became totally naked, hands flying over body-parts . Staring at their thick, black cocks, I knew I had to have one in my mouth, my need to suck a dick never so great in my life.

Actually, I've always liked sucking cock ever since sucking my first one when I was sixteen.

Jus' sayin'.

Without a second thought, I lowered my head to the huge hunk of meat in my left hand, turning my body so that I could kneel between his legs to suck him, offering up my drenched cunt to be fucked from behind, doggy-style, while I sucked off Mr. Lefty.

Mr. Righty was very quick on the uptake, moving to kneel behind me, the head of his hard-on slapping against my well-toned ass-cheeks. As for me, I had my mouth and throat full of deliciously thick, black dick.

Just as I managed to get Mr. Lefty's eight thick inches completely down my throat, Mr. Righty's equally thick, and slightly longer, cock began to fill my love canal, the walls of my pussy stretching to allow him passage.

Then, it was on, folks.

Oh, damn, but how he fuck me...slamming his cock into me, his fingers rubbing my clit from behind as he did so. The harder he fucked me, the harder I sucked Mr. Lefty, much to his delight. And then, before I could stop anything, I orgasmed, my cries of lust soon muffled as Mr. Lefty unloaded his wad, allowing me to greedily suck and swallow as much as I could.

Lifting my mouth from Lefty's slick dick, I flipped my hair from my face, catching sight of Tim in the armchair, his hard but now, not-so-big, dick in his hand, slowly stroking it as he watched me get fucked.

The next couple of hours were filled with me sucking and fucking these two magnificent stallions. There were some pictures taken by Tim. Didn't know he had planned on doing that, but, really didn't care, especially in the heat of the moment...

"My jaw's sore," I whined at Tim's bobbing head between my legs.

True to his word, he was between my legs eating me and sucking up my black studs' cum from my oh-so-well-fucked pussy almost before the door closed behind my two lovers when they left.

"I'm not surprised, as big as their cocks were," Tim said in response while he finished licking the last of their cum from me.

"No shit! But sweetie, I'm not really complaining all that much...I had a great fucking time, literally," I chuckled as we nestled up together in our suite's dishelveled king-bed.

"I'll bet they'll be talking about your cock-sucking talents for a long time. Looked like you were enjoying it, almost made me wonder what it'd feel like," Tim said, surprising me, almost shocking me.

Well, fuck me running, I remember thinking, did he really say what I think he said? Not really sure, I tossed a line out there, fishing, so-to-speak.

"Well...if we decide to do this again and you'd like to try......" I cooed into his ear, the thought suddenly seeming a good idea, the thought getting me a bit turned on, I must say.

"I liked it tonight, the whole thing, the whole sex with others thing...I'd do it again if you wanted," Tim replied as he kissed the top of my head, his breathing becoming labored since I started fondling and stroking him while we talked.

"Yeah," I agreed, "I did too...really liked you watching me."

Flipping over on top of him, straddling him, I lowered my pussy over his hard-on, his cock seeming woefully small after what I had that night, but nevertheless, I fucked his brains out!

We jumped into the swinging thing full bore, even joining a club in our city. Met some great people, sucked and fucked some great cock, ate some mighty fine pussies, all done together, as a couple. It wasn't about six months into the lifestyle that Tim finally gave in to his curiosity about sucking cock.

We were at a couple's home, Jana and Trey, an Afro-American/Cuban couple that we had met on the 'net.

Jana and I were involved in a delicious '69' on their bed while Tim and Trey were sitting on a loveseat watching, watching and stroking their hard-ons. As I eagerly ate Jana's pussy, I would occasionally glance at the boys when I came up for air, me being the one on top.

On one such air-grab, I saw that both of the guys were now stroking each other's cocks, both seemingly comfortable with it all.

Interesting, I remember thinking, positioning myself so that I could watch them while eating her. And, damnit to hell, it was hot to watch, no fucking lie!

And, as if he'd done this a thousand times before (had he?), Tim bent over and slipped his mouth over Trey's slightly larger dick.

I came!

Oh sure, Jana's marvelous oral talents was the reason that I orgasmed, but, watching my husband sucking cock kicked it up a notch or two, truth be said.

That night with Jana and Trey was a night of total bisexual contact.

She and I.

He and him.

The boys sucked and played with each other multiple times, not even caring whether Jana and I were there or not. She had me as her personal pussy slave all night long, knowing how I loved her little black snatch. I let her do it and I fucking liked it. I liked it a lot...

"So, how did you like watching me suck dick?" Tim asked on the drive home from Trey and Jana's.

"I liked it a lot," I replied honestly. It was true. Watching two guys being intimate with each other was more of a turn-on than I had ever thought possible.

"Don't know if I'd do it with just anyone, but, Trey's laid-back attitude surely made it easy to get into," Tim added.

Over the next couple of years, our favorite thing became threesomes with either another guy and, increasingly, another gal. When I had discovered the joy of eating pussy in college, I went on a 'pussy-binge' for a while, eating as much as I could. Since becoming involved in the lifestyle, I rediscovered my love of dining at the 'Y'.

For Tim, it was all good, either way. Having another guy in bed with us, though, was clearly his favorite, especially if the guy was 'bi-friendly'. A lot of time when we had another stud to fuck, he'd just watch, watch me getting fucked by whomever.

His favorite thing became having me sit on our playmate's cock so that he could kneel in front of us, eating me while I'd get fucked. Occasionally, he'd lick and suck the cock that was fucking me, getting us both turned on beyond belief.

So, how does a couple who enjoyed fucking others wind up with a cheating wife?

Good question.

Complicated answer but an answer that will take a couple of stories to tell.

Stay tuned...

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