tagBDSMCheaters Ch. 01

Cheaters Ch. 01


Terry downed his drink with one shot and waved to the waitress for another. He had already finished two drinks but had been unable to cut the edge off of his nerves. He had contacted a private detective a few weeks ago with suspicion that his wife Lori was cheating on him. He didn't want to believe it, but he had to find out for himself. There wasn't any one thing that he could point to, but Lori had been acting strangely for a few months. Terry had that at first, that it was Lori's new job. The money was good and they were finally in a financial situation to bring some of their plans to life. Lori was still the same. She was home when she said she would be and there was no activities to make him suspicious, but something seemed wrong with Lori. He had tried to talk with her, but she insisted that nothing was wrong.

Terry was half way into his next drink when the detective showed up. She was a petite red haired woman named Gina whom Terry had seen on a local talk show. Her agency specialized in this sort of work and often took whatever measures it took to get the information needed. Gina sat down at the table as Terry waved the waitress over. Gina waited until she had her drink and she was alone with Terry to begin.

"I have to tell you that you were right. There is something going on with your wife." She began.

"Fuck. I fucking new it." Terry growled.

Gina held up her hand to stop him. "I don't think it's as simple as you think. I followed her for two weeks and didn't find a thing. She has been completely honest with you as to where she is going and what she's doing."

"Well what's going on then?"

"Well, I find that when a spouse has a feeling that there is usually something going on. I was about to wrap up the case when I decided to check in on her at work."

Gina pulled a camcorder from her case and opened up the screen. She set it up and gave it to Terry. "I was able to get a few cameras planted in the office and found out quite a bit. Now, you told me that your sex life hasn't changed much, except that Lori seems to want it every morning. This tape will explain it all." Gina said.

Terry hit the play button and the small screen came to life. He recognized Lori's office and the tape counter read 9:05 AM. Lori came into view and Terry watched her remove her coat and turn on her computer. Nothing happened for a few seconds but then Lori's boss Susan came in. Susan closed the door and Terry almost jumped as she harshly spoke to Lori. He couldn't make out what was being said at first, but the cameras' microphone adjusted and then he could hear everything clearly. Susan ordered Lori to climb onto her desk, and to his surprise Lori complied. Terry watched as his wife climbed onto the desk and Susan moved between her legs. Lori was wearing a black skirt, which Susan slid her hands under. Susan pulled Lori's panties off and brought them to her nose. For her part, Lori seemed ashamed. She kept her head down, but even through her hair splashed across her face he could see her face was flushed red.

Susan sniffed the panties before her tongue darted out and lightly danced against the crotch pad. Terry had never seen anything like this and was dumbfounded. He watched as Susan licked the cloth clean and finally discarded it to the floor. She knelt down without a word and gripped Lori's ankles. She pulled Lori's legs up and began to lustily lick her cunt. The camera was too far away for great detail, but Terry was sure that Lori was wet. The slurping sound Susan was making was far to wet for her to just have started getting excited. Susan only kept this up for less than a minute. She soon stood and Terry could see her licking her lips.

Susan opened on of Lori's desk drawers and to Terry's surprise retrieved a sizable dildo. It was fat with a head on each end. Lori didn't move and seemed almost afraid to as Susan rubbed the dildo on her cunt. He heard Lori whimper as Susan pushed the dildo into her. Susan lifted her own skirt and tucked it into her belt. She wasn't wearing any panties. She moved forward and mounted the half of the dildo that was protruding from Lori and sunk down onto it with a steady motion. Lori's hands grasped at her desk, slipping through papers and pens as she tried to steady herself.

Terry could not believe what he was seeing. Susan began to hump the dildo and was soon fucking herself furiously. Lori fought with all of her might to keep from being thrust off of the desk, and the result was her cunt being pummeled by the dildo. Terry got a full earful as Susan growled and a stream of obscenities poured from her mouth. Lori moaned and whimpered as Susan fucked the both of them. The dildo disappeared on ever stroke as it was buried fully inside the two women. Susan's movement became harsher and she actually bit Lori on the shoulder as she climaxed.

Susan kept still for a few seconds after her climax and finally dismounted the dildo. There was no mistaking that it was wet as Susan pulled it from inside of Lori, causing her to stifle a yell. Susan turned the dildo around and began to lick the side that had been inside Lori. She cleaned the one side with her eyes closed while she hummed with contentment. When she was finished, she took the still wet end and held it above Lori's mouth. She commanded Lori to tilt her head back, and Terry watched as his wife obeyed. Susan wiggled the dildo and helped the remaining cream build at the tip. The juice collected quickly and a big drop fell into Lori's mouth. Susan then pushed the dildo into Lori's mouth and held there as Lori sucked it clean.

Terry was still in shock. He watched as Susan placed the dildo back in its drawer. Lori looked on as Susan took her panties and dried her wet cunt with them. When she was done, she handed the sticky panties back to Lori, who put them back on. Susan smoothed her own skirt down. She sneered at Lori before she left and told her in a bitchy tone that she should not be late for work the next day. Terry watched as Lori sat down at her desk. He could tell that she was shaken as she fixed her hair and makeup.

The screen went dark as the scene ended. Terry was stunned and didn't know what to say.

"This happens every day. It seems that this woman Susan is holding your wife's job over her head. I think she forces her to do these things on the threat that she'll lose her job. She has a fetish for eating male seed out of a woman's vagina, or a 'cream pie' as it's called. That's why your wife has been having sex with you every morning. It doesn't appear that your wife is a willing participant in this. I think she feels like she has no choice."

Terry felt partially responsible. He had made such a big deal of her new job and what they would be able to do. Lori didn't want to set any of their plans back and was going through all of this for their sake. He knew that he needed to do something about the situation. His mind was racing as Gina began to talk to him.

"We usually only provide the information that a client asks for, but I did find out a few things about Susan that you might find helpful. I've never seen a woman act like this before and I hope you can give her the comeuppance she deserves." Gina explained. She pulled a manila envelope from her briefcase and handed it to him. Terry hadn't even thought about getting even with Susan, but his mind was now moving in that direction.

Lori arrived home before Terry, which was the norm and had already started dinner by the time he arrived. Terry hadn't decided how to broach the subject of what he had seen and let the evening unfold as usual. Terry tried to see if he could notice any signs of change in Lori, but was again unable to do so. They relaxed and watched television after dinner and it was during a program police drama that Terry brought up the subject.

"It's amazing how these detectives are able to dig up the truth. Even when the people involved try and hide things, the truth still comes out." Terry said during a commercial.

"Yeah, I guess that's why they take the job." Lori responded while flipping through a magazine she was reading.

"It just makes me wonder why these people don't try and get help? If they would come clean in the beginning it would save them a lot of trouble."

"Maybe they just figure that there is no way out of the situation and that it's not worth dragging other people down with them." Lori said with a noticeable edge to her voice.

They show started again and Terry let the conversation drop. He could tell from her voice that he had struck a nerve. When the show broke for another commercial Terry decided it was time to push the conversation to its ultimate end.

"I think I'm going to crash early tonight. You've been wearing me out in the morning. I don't know how you do it every morning." He said to her.

"Well you know a woman's body goes through many changes over the years and I've always enjoyed a good fuck in the morning." Lori explained. Terry was very observant of how her hands hand tightened on the magazine and how her head was held stiff.

"Yeah, I read in a magazine that many women really enjoy sex in the morning."

"I called you this morning but the secretary said you were in your daily meeting with your boss and couldn't be disturbed. Susan seems to be a hard-ass. The secretary seemed almost scared to interrupt your meeting."

Lori nodded and kept looking through her magazine. "Susan really believes in her morning meetings. She believes it's the best way to start a day and gets angry if you interrupt it." She explained.

"Yeah, it's like getting interrupted while having sex." Terry quipped.

"What?" Lori asked, putting down her magazine for the first time. She had a surprised look in her eyes.

"You know. Everyone hates to be interrupted while having sex." Terry explained.

Lori looked visibly shaken but Terry wasn't going to let the subject drop.

"The way describe things, I wonder if I should be suspicious about your morning meetings. Maybe there's something going on in those meetings." Terry said with a chuckle.

"I..." Lori began to speak, but the words caught in her throat. She finally broke down as tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't look at Terry as it became clear that he knew what was going on.

"So, why didn't you tell me?" Terry said flatly. He really felt bad for his wife, but he knew that she needed to reveal what was going on, for her sake as well as his.

"We've been doing so well with my new salary. I fudged a few things on my resume and Susan found out. She can terminate me for it, and we can't afford for me to be out of work." She explained while trying to wipe her eyes.

"I hired a detective and she planted a camera in your office. I've seen first hand what goes on." Terry explained

"Oh no!" Lori exclaimed and bolted from her chair. She ran from the room and into the bathroom.

Terry allowed her a few minutes before he followed. He found her splashing water on her reddened face. He stepped up behind Lori and wrapped his arms around her chest. He pulled her to him as she continued to cry.

"It's going to be alright. We'll work this all out." He said, trying to comfort her.

"You don't understand...you don't understand." She kept repeating.

"Okay, then tell me. What else is there?" He asked. Terry was now fearful that there was more going on than he knew about.

"I tried...I tried. I hate her for what she's doing, but my body betrays me. I try not to..." she said while trying to choke back her tears.


"I can't help it. She treats me like that and I respond. I try not to, but I...enjoy it." She finally blurted out.

Lori had always been submissive. Terry knew it, and had always fed her desires. He didn't blame her for what was happening, and certainly could not blame her for how her body reacted. He almost wanted to laugh at the situation.

Terry walked Lori into the living room and pulled her down onto the couch. He let her cry until she had got it all out of her system and then began talking about the situation. He explained how he felt and reassured her that he did not blame her. It took hours before Lori was calm enough to really deal with the situation. Her shame and sadness quickly turned to anger and she was soon ready to deal with Susan. It was at this point that Terry knew she was ready to hear his plan.

**End of Chapter 1**

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