tagLoving WivesCheaters Never Prosper

Cheaters Never Prosper

byGrey Eagle 286©

I was very pleased with myself as I drove from the Long Term Parking Garage at the airport and headed home. I was two days early. I had tried to let Grace, my wife, know but the phone was busy every time I tried to call. She must have been on-line. She spent a lot of time on the computer.

I tried to reach her on the cell phone again and again as I made the almost two hour drive home. Busy, busy, busy. As I entered town I did a double take on a car I saw parked in front of a Motel. It looked like Grace's car. Wow! That was the first car I had ever seen that looked just like her little pink Miata.

Ten minutes later I pulled up in front of the house and pushed the garage door opener. Her car wasn't in the garage. I went in the house and headed directly for the office. The glow of the computer monitor greeted me. I reached to turn it off. I stopped and sat at the desk. I looked at the screen saver and reached out with one finger and hit a key. The screen changed to a chat room page.

The page was filled with a conversation between Grace and someone referred to as ST. I could not believe what I read. It was hot sexy stuff. It soon became evident that Grace had been having an affair with him for some time. In the last entry he told her he was real hot and needed to screw her, could she meet him at the usual place to spend the night. She replied, 'yes, yes, yes.'

I sat there in total shock. I couldn't think. I left the computer on and went back to my car. I closed the garage door and headed back towards the Motel where I had seen her car. It was still there. I found a place to park across the street where I could watch her car. As I waited I called my best friend who was also my attorney. His secretary told me he was out of the office and she would have him call me. Then it struck me like a shot to the head. His name was Sam Thurston. ST. I looked across the street and recognized his car parked next to her Miata.

I sat and tried to figure what to do. Confront them? Leave and act like I knew nothing. Sam knew all my business dealings. With his help she could pluck me like a chicken. Play it cool, I thought. I needed help, I racked my brain, where could I turn. Then I had it! I grabbed my brief case and got out my address book. I looked up an old friend. He answered the phone.

"Jack, this is Phil, how are you?"

"Hey, I am fine, where are you, still on the west coast?"

"No, I am back home, well almost home. I need your help and advise desperately. Can I come and talk with you?"

"Sure come on over I'll be looking for you."

"I'll see you in about an hour." I had plenty of time to think as I drove the fifty some miles to his office. His receptionist greeted me and said he was waiting in his office.

I knocked and opened the door and went in. We hugged and shook hands. He led me to a couple of easy chairs and asked how he could help me.

I told him what I had discovered on my return home. I explained to him my worries about Sam being my attorney and doing so much work for my company. He looked at me and said nothing. He picked up the phone beside him. "Will you please see if Steve and Betty can come in here." He looked at me and said, "I want these guys to hear this too."

There was a light tap on the door and it opened. A very attractive woman entered followed by a tall thin man. They sat in the other two chairs and listened to my story. She took notes and asked a few questions.

I told them that I had been away a lot lately on business. I was working on getting contracts to build aircraft parts for a very big company on the west coast. The initial bid had been on contracts worth over a million dollars. I won that bid. I was then asked if I were interested in bidding on another job. I had looked it over. It was ideal for my company, we already had the equipment and tools needed to do the job. Also I had found an error in their math which would make the job much easier. I had disclosed this to no one. The second job would be for 200 million dollars with a ten percent profit in it for me. They had accepted my bid. They would not announce the bid results until the following month.

"I really do not want either of them to get one cent of that money. Can your people handle the legal on the contracts and the divorce and keep her from taking me to the cleaners?"

"Phil, you are in good hands. Steve is our Corporate Attorney and Betty handles our domestic cases. I am sure they have lots of questions for you."

Betty smiled at me, "Mr. Burke, I believe you said you are not due home until day after tomorrow. Is that correct?"

"Yes, I was due home Friday."

"If necessary could you delay your return another day or so?"

"Sure, no problem."

Betty looked at me, "This can be really dirty if you want it that way, or we may be able to negotiate the whole thing very quietly. The more ammunition we have the better. I have a very, very good detective who works for me. If you approve it and sign the appropriate releases he can retrieve all the information from your computer. We may be able to obtain video evidence of her infidelity. Would that bother you."

"Listen, I feel betrayed and angered by what they have done, gather the evidence. If they are seriously in love with each other we can deal with it one way, if it is just sex play, that is something else. I don't know which is worse. How they handle it when I come back will tell me a lot. If they confess to me before they find out I know anything, I might have a little mercy. I am not inclined that way right now, however. Get everything you can, I would love to know how long this has been going on. I want to know if he is the only one. All that good stuff."

She said, "That sounds reasonable, stay in close touch. I will call my guy and see what he needs and when he can meet with you. If we can get her out of your house for a couple of hours he can do a whole bunch of things. His office may be possible too. We will see. It will not be cheap."

I grinned at her, "Just do it, it will be worth it."

She got up and left the room. I was really sorry to see her go. Jack grinned at me, "She is something isn't she. She is my ex-daughter in law. She caught my boy cheating on her. She will help you."

Steve and I sat and talked for an hour, he had some damned good ideas. There was not a lot we could do until the detective got us something to work with. Steve left and Jack asked me to spend the night with him. I couldn't refuse. We had a nice dinner at his place, his wife Angel was terrific, very supportive and caring. I had only met her twice before.

After dinner we sat and talked of old times when he was my boss. He commanded the Navy Seal detachment I was assigned to as a young officer. We had a number of wild adventures together. He was a fearless leader. I didn't sleep well that night. I kept seeing my wife fucking my best friend. Doesn't make for a good nights sleep.

Angel fixed a nice breakfast for us in the morning and I followed Jack to his office. Betty was waiting for us with a nice looking young man. He was the detective, Tom Greer. I signed some papers for him and told him every thing I knew about my wife and Sam. He asked me to call Grace and tell her I was going to have to stay a couple of days longer than I had expected. The main thing was to find out where Grace was going to be for the next few hours. I called and talked to her and she said she was just leaving to play tennis. Then she was going to lunch and then she was going to do some shopping. "Great," said Tom, "lets get going." Betty looked at me, "I heard you say you loved her, she didn't say that to you, does she usually do that?"

"Yeah, she used to. I can't say when she stopped saying that."

"I'll be here when you guys get back or I will be at Jack's."

"We will see you later."

Tom was very good, He installed three video cameras and copied every thing from our computer. He bugged my phones and hid a recorder and transmitter in the brush behind my house.

I showed him the way to Sam Thurston's office. I waited a few blocks away while he somehow bugged Sam's phone and office. When he called on his walkie- talkie I picked him up around the corner. I asked how in the world he was able to get in his office to plant a bug. He grinned and said it only took a second to do it. He said he asked the secretary if her boss was in, and when she said no, he said he didn't believe her, and barged right in. He just needed to get in the door and turned and came back out. She was dialing the police when he told her he was leaving and that he would be back to see Mr. Cooper in the morning with his own attorney. The secretary said, "Wait, this is Mr. Thurston's Office, Cooper is next door."

He apologized and left.

As we drove back, Tom looked over at me, "Don't do anything to hurt Betty. She is a special person."

"I am not going to ever hurt her. I am a married man, I will try and see her when I am free. I have never been so attracted to any woman in my whole life."

"Hey, anyone who sees the two of you look at each other can tell it is going to happen."

"You have got to be kidding me! She is strictly business."

"Listen, she is just as hot for you as you are for her. I have known her for five years. I have never seen her react to any other man like she does to you. You are a damned lucky guy."

We got back to her office and I helped him carry several large cases into Betty's office where he connected some cables to her computer. There was a little control box he showed us how to operate. As he was talking a little green light came on. He flipped a switch and the screen on Betty's computer went from the screen saver to a picture of Grace walking through the living room. She disappeared and the picture changed to one of our bedroom. She sat on the bed and kicked off her shoes. She picked up the phone and hit a speed dial number.

"Hi Sugar, what are you up to?"

A pause.

"When did he check out?"


"He could be back in town. Do you think he knows?"


"Right if he hasn't suspected anything in three years, he is not likely to now. Let me call on his cell phone and see if I can get him. I'll call you back. Bye, Sweetie."

She pushed a couple of buttons and my cell phone rang.

Betty held her hand up flat so I let it ring. It rang twice more and she nodded for me to answer it.

I put it on speaker and answered. "Hello, is that you Grace?"

"Who were you expecting? Paris Hilton?"

"Yeah! She keeps pestering me. Calls all the time. How are you?"

"Fine, when can I expect you home so I can make reservations somewhere nice for dinner?"

"Well it looks like it will be Friday at the earliest before I can wrap things up here."

As I was talking Betty said loudly, "Come on big guy, let's party."

Grace said, "Who was that? Who are you with? Where are you?"

"I am at the plant, you heard some of the secretaries talking to each other. I moved to a motel to be closer to the plant. Saves me lots of time."

"What is the number at the motel?"

"I'll have to call you with it when I get back there. OK?"

"OK, what's that music I hear?"

"OH, it's break time and they play it on the speakers. I'll call ya later. Bye."


I clicked off.

We watched Grace sit and think. She stood and pulled off her blouse and jeans. She removed her bra and panties and flopped back on the bed. She picked up the phone again.

"Hey Sammy, He is still out on the coast. I think the bastard is cheating on me. He was with some bimbo who kept wanting to party."


"Yeah, I'd love to catch him too! Don't know how though.

When are you coming over. I am tired of Motels. I like my own bed. I'll leave the garage door open. Just drive right in. OK?"


"Bye, I'll be waiting."

She got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. She returned in about five minutes and went to her dresser and removed some clothes and put them on the bed. She stood in front of the wall mirror and put dark pink lipstick on her nipples and areolas then rubbed it in. She put a foot on the chair and spread her legs and put some of the pink on her pussy lips. She rubbed that in too. She got some cologne and dabbed some behind her ears and between her breasts. She went to the bed and got a garter belt and black hose and put them on. She went in the closet and came out wearing very high heeled shoes. She posed in front of the mirror. She held out her breasts and turned an looked at her self from various sides. Then she stepped into some sheer black panties and looked at herself again. She went to her dresser and came back with a black bra. It was a sheer ¼ cup bra that pushed her breasts up and left the nipples exposed. She looked at herself again and smiled. She picked up a transparent negligee and put it on. More posing. She wore her hair short so she just brushed it out and patted it in place. One last check in the mirror and she walked out of sight. The screen went black. It came back on with a view of the living room. She went to the wet bar and made two drinks. She put them both on the coffee table and went to the kitchen and we heard the garage door open. She returned with a silver bowl full of nuts that she also put on the coffee table.

I looked around the office. Betty looked up at me and said, "She is really beautiful, isn't she?"

I had to agree.

Jack had joined us too. He just said, "Damn."

We heard the garage door close and a man entered the room. It was Sam. Grace jumped up and ran to him. He kissed her for a long time. Then he held her at arm length and told her how gorgeous she was. They kissed again before they sat down. He sipped his drink then leaned over and pulled the negligee aside and kissed and sucked on her nipple. I got up and walked over to the window and looked out. I heard Sam say, "So you think ol' Philip is shacking up out there do you?"

"It sure sounded that way."

"Well he always bragged to me about how much pussy he got when he was out of town."

"He did? That just doesn't sound like him. I never knew him to brag about anything."

"Not to you but he did to me, his old buddy."

I turned and said, "Not true, never happened."

Betty walked over to me and put a tiny hanky to my eyes to wipe away the tears. I put my head down on her shoulder and cried like a baby. She held me and patted my back. Finally I stood and said, "Well, I think I got that out of my system, thank you, very, very much for being there for me." Betty said, "No problem, my shoulder is available to you any time. I think we all need a good stiff drink."

I looked back at the screen to see Sam carrying my wife toward the bedroom. I had to turn away again. Jack said, "You don't have to watch this. Betty needs to listen for other things we would like to have on tape. Let's you and I take a walk."

I glanced at the screen and saw Grace's mouth around his penis. I walked out the door.

Betty came out and joined us. She gave me small sad smile. I smiled back. She said, "I know exactly how you feel. I caught my husband in bed with my best friend."

I looked at her. "He was crazy."

"Thank you, I know it doesn't make you feel any better, But I do share your feelings."

"Oh yes it does, it shows I am not the only stupid fool in the world. Actually, I guess there are vast legions of us.

Sex is a very powerful drive. I guess the shrinks would say it was our fault because we didn't satisfy their needs. I sure tried, I thought I gave her everything she wanted. All she had to do was ask if I didn't know what she wanted. I guess I should have known she wasn't happy. I thought she was. She never once dressed for me like she did for him."

"I did all that and more and my husband still cheated on me."

"You dressed up like that?"

"I sure did, I don't know if I looked that good, but I tried. I dressed as a slut, as a school girl or anything else he wanted. I tried to fulfill his every fantasy. I have to confess I enjoyed it. I loved trying to please him."

I saw a tear in her eye. I reached for her hand. "It still hurts doesn't it?"

"Yes it does. Neither of us will ever forget what was done to us. Our worlds were shattered. How can you forget that?"

I stopped and looked at her, still holding her hand. I raised it slowly to my lips and kissed it softly. "Maybe a person can find another love to ease the hurt."

"I hope and pray a person can do that. I know we both have a lot of love left to give the right person. I am just afraid of being hurt again."

"I know. It leaves you vulnerable again, but I am sure that the right person can cure my pain. I have to believe that or life is pointless."

"You are right. I feel the same way. I am still looking."

"Please wait for me. I will conquer this hurt and be a new man soon. I want to know you better. I am attracted to you more than I have ever been to any other woman. Including that one." I jerked a finger toward the office.

"I feel the same way about you. I will wait as long as it takes."

I pulled her to me and very gently kissed her sweet lips. God! Where did that come from, I got an instant erection. I pulled away and turned from her. I heard her sob and she had her hands over her face. "What did I do? Do I taste bad. What happened?"

I took her hands. "Sweet girl, nothing is wrong with you. It is me. I didn't want to scare you."

She looked at me, "What do you mean?"

"Baby Girl, when I kissed you I got an instant erection. That has never ever happened before. I felt no stirring in my loins, no tingle, just zap, instant hard on. It startled me and I didn't want to scare you."

"Am I wrong or is he still hard?"

"Yes he is. I can't walk. Let's sit on this bench. Please don't be frightened."

She grinned at me, "I have to confess, when you kissed me my juices started flowing and my panties are soaked."

We sat and grinned at each other.

I said, "Let's get this damned divorce over with. I won't kiss or touch you until then."

"Don't wish for what you may not want. If I put all my efforts behind it, it could happen very fast."

I looked in her eyes. "Please hurry."

The next day Betty asked me to come to her office. When I got there she told me she had some tapes I should see. She sat me down and told me that this was going to be rough. She flipped a switch. The screen showed Grace sitting on our bed. Four black guys with huge dicks surrounded her. She grabbed one penis and pulled the man closer and stuffed it in her mouth. She took two more in her hands and alternated sucking on them. I turned and walked away. Betty turned it off. She flipped another switch and the screen showed Grace and Sam lying in my bed talking. He told her to take me to the cleaners. He told her he would handle a divorce for her for ¼ of the money. She said she would think about it. She said she was happy the way things were now. She had all the free time in the world and could fuck whoever she wanted, she lived in a nice house, had a new car and all she had to do was fuck Phil once or twice a month.

"She has it made." said Betty, "She doesn't want a divorce."

I said, "I have news for her, I desperately want to be free of that back stabbing slut. I don't want her to get a penny. I know that is probably not possible but please try."

Three weeks later I watched a meeting between Betty and Grace on a monitor.. Betty had told her she had papers for her to sign and that it was in her best interest to be there. Betty showed her selected parts of the tapes she had. She said, "You have two choices, You can sign these papers which give you ½ of the proceeds from the sale of the house and your car paid in full plus $50,000 in cash as a settlement for a divorce.

The other option is you go to court for a jury trial and see what you get. We have fifteen hours of these videos. What do you want to do. I need an answer by noon tomorrow." Grace got up and left the office without saying a word.

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