tagLoving WivesCheating Confession Letter

Cheating Confession Letter


This is an email/letter that is 100% true. I've never told my boyfriend what happened that vacation and this is what I'd say if I did tell him.


Dear Dakota,

I have a bit of a confession to make. This past week on my girls vacation has been amazing. I'm so sorry baby but I did something naughty. I cheated on you, with two guys. The girls and I were at a beach party and things got kind of crazy. I started grinding on one guy named Hayden and another guy named John. I know it was wrong baby but my hand grazed Hayden's cock and it was huge! He took me by the hand and lead me to his resort room, John followed. We started watching tv and both guys started teasing me, saying my boobs looked really sexy and teasing me about showing them my panties. After seeing Hayden's bulge I relented and took my shorts off, I said they would have to take theirs off too. When Hayden's huge 9 inch cock sprang out of his boxers I gasped. John walked up behind me and started grabbing my ass. What happened next set me off.. John spanked my round ass.

As soon as his strong hand made contact with my ass I lost all control. I couldn't believe I was in my bra and panties in front of two hot studs cheating on you. Whatever bad feelings and regret I had left in a second, and suddenly it turned me on thinking of you watching me suck these big cocks. It turned me on knowing that I had two alpha males with their cocks out. I was going to be a whore for these two sexy guys. I didn't have a choice baby, their dicks were so much bigger than yours, and they were taller and stronger, I submitted to them like a naughty little slut. Your girlfriend took her tight shirt off and Hayden unsnapped my bra. My big boobs bounced out and I cupped them my hands and shook them. They both said had great my tits are. John spanked me again and suddenly I heard my phone ring, it was you. You didn't know at the time but I wrapped my little fingers around Haydens cock and said, "Hey babe." in a breathy voice.

SMACK, I moaned.

"What was that?" You said.

I started stroking Hayden and he said, "Who is that?"

"Its my boyfriend." I smiled and whispered so you couldn't hear. Hayden grabbed my hair and lowered me to my knees. As you were talking all I could focus on was his big cock.

"What are you doing?" You said.

SMACK "Just hanging out baby." I said as my lips inched closer and closer to Haydens cock. Hayden looked down at me and said, "Is your boyfriend this big?"

I smiled and looked up and kissed his shaft, I mouthed "NO." and shook my head. As you talked I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and wrapped my lips around Hayden's huge cock and sucked all the way down my throat. It felt so good sucking a dick that could poke my throat. At some point you said, "Isn't that cool?" I gagged loudly on his cock and got out a, "uh huh." But Hayden grabbed the back of my head and stuck his cock back in my mouth. I felt so slutty baby, it took all the willpower I had to not tell you what I was doing.

Your reading this right baby, I sucked Hayden's big cock while I talked to you on the phone and I've never been hornier. I hung up on you and smiled up at Hayden, I said, "Make me your cock sucking slut Hayden."

"Whoa, your a dirty girl arent you?" Hayden said.

"Yes baby only for you." I said.

"What about your boyfriend?" Haven said.

"What about him?" I said as I continued to bob my head up and down. I wish you could have seen me Dakota, I wish you could have seen your pretty girlfriend on her knees sucking a bigger cock. You know how you always say you want more blowjobs, well it turns out having a big cock and a muscular body gets me on my knees in a heartbeat. I bobbed, sucked, slurped, and gagged on Haydens dick until it was covered in my saliva. Eventually, I saw a black figure in my peripheral, it was John recording on his phone. I made eye contact with the camera and kept slurping my tongue up and down his cock.

John said, "You like sucking cock behind your boyfriends back Hayley?"

"Oh my god yes I love it!" I said, "I'm such a naughty slut!" And right at that moment Hayden's cock twitched and throbbed and he started breathing heavy, he was about to cum. I bobbed my head and lashed my tongue faster looking Hayden right in the eye.

"Cum all over me baby!" I said. "Give me a bigger load than my boyfriend can give me!"

Haydens cock twitched one more time and he thrusted his big cock and started cumming down my throat. He came so much I gagged some of his semen back out on to my boobs. I stared at him and sucked and licked every drop out of his cock. I was so turned on I couldn't let go of it.

I know your probably upset Dakota, I want you to know I still love you with all my heart and I still want to be your wife... but I want to be Hayden's slut too ;) Maybe one day I'll show you the video of your fiancee sucking cock and getting cummed on. Right now its just for me so I can remember the prelude to the greatest sex I ever had. Yes that's right, this little blowjob was only the beginning, Hayden and John would eventually fuck me until I screamed, maybe I'll share more later if your man enough.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC06/12/19

No wife

No wife in this whore. She is a diseased slut fit only to walk the streets. He'll find out soon.

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by Anonymous05/27/19


a future cat-lady you pay no mind to.

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by Anonymous03/15/19

Laughably bad

In the first place, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. So why is this story posted in the LOVING WIVES section? If you can't get that part right how do you think the rest of the story can be worthwhilemore...

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by Anonymous01/17/19
by Insignia09/17/18

A sign of the times

Just grab them all by your pussy girl. Once you become famous you can do that. Keep moving on them like a bitch. Shit you might be the first female Prez. Continue practicing your craft. The story was amore...

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