tagLoving WivesCheating Friend's Cheating Sister Ch. 01

Cheating Friend's Cheating Sister Ch. 01


From the day Saima gave me the cassette and left for UK, I had an eye on Shabnam. I waited for the proper time and planned what I should do to fuck her. But due to my good relationship with her husband, I couldn't approach her.

Shabnam, my friend's wife, was a woman of loose character, and one of my friends gave me some audio cassettes in which she was talking with her brother in law. I waited for the proper time and planned what I should do to fuck her. But due to my good relationship with her husband, I couldn't approach her.

One morning, when I was sure that Shabnam's husband would be office and kids in school, I called her house. As I had expected, Shabnam picked up the phone and said,"Hello, who is this?"

"Hello... Shabnam, this is Zeshan..."

"Hi, Zeshan. How are you?"

"Fine, thanks, and you?"

"Me too. Where are you? Haven't seen you for quite a while."

" Thank you, I have been a little busy."

We made small talk, and then I asked her, "Shabnam, is there anyone near you?"

"No! There is no one around me."



I asked her, "I want to see you privately. When can I come and see you?"

She said, "Whenever you can arrange. I'm free now if you could come now to meet me."

"Okay, I am coming in half an hour."

I rushed to her home, and soon I was there.

"Zeshan! It's so good to see you!" Shabnam said as I entered. What pleased me most was that she looked me and nodded and smiled. Shabnam looked incredible wearing a pretty flimsy, dark blue qameez (long shirt) sleeveless and shilwar (baggy trousers). Her hair was braided and coiled, held with a thick hair-ring. A noodle-strap blue satin top hung from her shoulders loosely. The lapels of her qameez swung low, and I could see the luscious swell of her breasts. Her long necklace glistened on her dusky skin, nestling in her deep and inviting cleavage. Though she wore high heels that matched perfectly with the dark blue shilwar she was wearing, she was still several inches shorter than my even six feet.

"When will your husband be back?" I asked.

"Usually he comes back in the evening," she replied.

"And kids?" I asked nervously.

"They come at 3 o clock, but why are you asking all these questions?" she asked.

"I want to discuss some important issues."

"But you look nervous."

"Oh! Yes, I'm a little nervous," I replied.

"Relax! I am here to listen to you. Zeshan, are you fine?" she asked, "Can I get you some tea?"

I couldn't refuse and said, "That will be nice if you don't mind."

"Never mind. Just give me a few minutes. I'll get you some tea."

That gave me a few minutes to recover. Then she came near to me and told me, "Tea is ready, Zeshan." She placed my cup on the table before me and sat on the other sofa with her cup of tea.

Now I could see her. One time, I swear there was no doubt that she had deliberately stuck her tongue out and run it all around her moistened lips.

Her eyes were deep black, but it was not her eyes that drew my attention. Prominent above her flat stomach, her breasts were magnificent and I couldn't keep from ogling them. She had long black hair which hung halfway down her back. She was slim with a flat stomach. Her legs appeared long when she wore her moderate-length qameez.

We couldn't speak. We just sipped tea. The room was plunged into total silence.

"The tea is very strong, and I like it strong." I broke the silence.

I smelled a romantic aroma blowing in the room. It was not mine, it was her perfume.

"Your perfume is wonderful." I took a deep smell. "It is exotic."

"Do you like it?" Her eyes sparkled. She finished her tea.

Then I told her, "Here is something from me for you, madam."

"For me?" she asked, surprised.

"Yes! For you."

And I played the Walkman, looking at Shabnam. As she heard her voice and her brother-in-law's voice, she became stunned and red. I could tell by the surprised look on her face that I had expected!

"What is this?" She looked as though she were about to die.

"Would you like to listen to some more I have?" I said.

"More you have?" Shabnam said questioningly.

"Yes. Don't you like?" I said.

"Um...yeah. It's OK. I guess this was enough," Shabnam said in a deep tone. She looked over at me. "You know, I don't really have anything if it is for money."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Don't worry about it. I wouldn't demand money."


"We'll talk about it."

"OK! But tell me, from where did you get it? What do you intend to do with these?"

"It is none of your business from where I got it, and I haven't decided what I will do."

"Look, we've all known each other, and you are a good friend of both my husband and his brother. This goes no further. What you want from me to settle this thing, I guess I will give."

"I told you we'll talk about it."

She seemed a little shy, and said, "But if word ever got out, my family, my reputation, my life and my children's life would be ruined," she said with tears.

"I'm sorry, Shabnam. You're right, but..."

"But what?"

"I will have to talk to your husband"

"He is not the kind who would easily forgive me or his brother. You know he is a very aggressive man too. He would kill me and all my children."

She looked up into my eyes and smiled, tears in her eyes, before saying in a soft whisper that just drooled with passion, "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Wow!" I asked, "What do you mean?"

She licked her lips and replied, "I am a woman and know what it means when a man does this to a woman."

I knew in my mind that it was going to happen, and I felt my heart pound.

"Would you like to tell me why you are doing all these things with the brother of your husband, while you're a young, pretty, and attractive woman? If you want all these things, you could find a dozen men more handsome than he."

"Well, thank you, Zeshan. I'll take that as a compliment. And don't be embarrassed. No one can ignore such obvious signs of appreciation especially from such a handsome man as you." Her somewhat deep voice sounded incredibly sexy to me.

"But this is not the answer to my question."

"Would you believe me if I tell you I don't like him? I not only dislike him, but I hate him."

"Then why you are doing these things?"

"OK! I should tell you, but promise me you won't tell anyone."

"Yes, I promise you."

"He is blackmailing me."

"Did he know about something you did that was wrong?"

"No! I never did wrong, but he knew about some our financial problems, and I swear I never allowed him to cross the limit, although he tried and always insisted," she said as she looked in eyes. I really couldn't take my eyes off hers.

"But I think you haven't any financial problems."

"Why, thank you, Zeshan, but alas, it's true." Saying this, she pulled in her already flat stomach, which only served to emphasize her perfect, big, peach-like breasts even more, and indicated her rear chassis as well.

She moved closer to me. She smiled, looking directly into my eyes conspiratorially and whispered, "I see the sign you've an appreciation for me in your eyes," she said. "I'll bet you like me and want me; I'm sure because I like you."

This brought a blush from me, and there was no way for me to hide the bulge in my shilwar. I felt my cock harden, and I knew this tempting invitation could not be ignored for long. I had been thirsting for Shabnam from the time Saima'd told me about her. "Of course," I groaned.

Not waiting for an answer, she got up and walked towards me, not caring where we were. She reached for me beyond the sofa and took my head in her hands. She bent over me me and placed her lips on mine. Now I caught her lovely hair and pulled her onto me. She turned to me and dropped onto my lap. Her ass crack was just above my long, thick, erect cock.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her. In spite of the fact that she was 34, she looked ravishing. I felt almost hypnotized, as I hadn't with a woman since Saima'd left.

I put my mouth to hers, and during the long kiss that followed I'd my tongue drilling well into her mouth. She responded, too, making it quite easy for me, returning the tonguing and rubbing her tongue-tip along the edges of my teeth.

"Do you real love me?" I asked, pulling her to my chest. She nodded and shook against me, moving her face to me as we kissed deeply and her tongue grew more and more hungrily into my mouth.

I tried to pull her qameez up to reveal her breasts but couldn't, as her qameez was too tight. So she unzipped her qameez from behind and pulled it up herself, revealing her breasts. They were so beautiful. They certainly stood out proudly. No sag to them whatsoever. She then took both of my hands and guided them to her peaches.

My hands had started kneading them and weighing them. I latched onto that nipple like a starving newborn. I started sucking her right breast and playing with the other breast. I played one after another for a while and started slowly moving my hands down. I sucked her nipple violently and squeezed her breasts continuously.

I was feasting on her breast when I felt Shabnam's hand squeezing my cock through my shilwar.

Breaking from my feast, I kissed my way back up to her lips. Again, as we were fighting to see who could get the most tongue in the other's mouth, my hands were all over her ass and her tits.

Then as we passionately kissed and groped, I was overjoyed to feel her attempting to pull the string of my shilwar to let it down.

"Oh," I thought. "She wants to fuck right here!" I swear I got even harder picturing it! I reached down and started open her shilwar, but she put one hand on mine to stop me.

She was stroking my cock and, dare I say, even admiring it when she looked up and said, "Oh my god, Zeshan, it's so big!"

She whispered softly in my ear and pressed hungrily against me. "Fuck me, Zeshan," she moaned. "Fuck me slowly and really hard."

She hurriedly opened her shilwar by pulling its string. I noticed that she had very smooth, freshly shaved legs. I lifted her easily and, dropping her on her back, laid her up onto the couch. I opened my shilwar, sliding it to my feet, and out came my thick, long, hot, and twitching cock. I went off the sofa and, positioning myself with my knee, grabbed her by her legs and prepared to mount her right there. I spread her thighs wide, and now her cunt was there before my eyes. I had been wanted this cunt for more than few months now and here it was 'all mine' -- unsheathed and unprotected. She'd a slimmer slit than I'd ever seen, and I wondered whether it would accommodate my big shaft.

My tongue was in her mouth trying to push itself all the way into her throat as I attempted to get my dick into her cunt. It took me a few seconds to realize that she was trying to say something. "Wait...wait... "

"What? Come on...Shabnam..."

"We can't do this without a condom."

"I don't like condoms."

"Please!" she begged.

"Shabnam, please. I want to fuck you right here. I can't wait any more. Let me put it in you like this. I will not come inside you. I promise I will take it out." I couldn't control myself, and I shoved my cock with one brute thrust into her cunt. My cock drilled her cunt, deeper and deeper, going in till I was buried to the hilt, my balls pressed against her ass.

"OH mother! Uhhhh, yes! Oh my mother, Zeshan!" she cried in pain, her back bowing. "Unhh ufff yeh!"

I paused to take a breath with my cock meshed in her pussy lips. Shabnam was biting her lower lip. "Oh, you brute, are you going to crush me? Please be gentle; you are tearing me."

"I must say that your pussy is really tight and warm."

"But you tore it." Shabnam blushed.

"Sorry, but I couldn't control myself."

After that, I tried for better self control. After all, I didn't want to hurt her, so my strokes became gentle.

While my cock was in Shabnam's pussy, I reached around her to feel her succulent breasts, to play with her nipples. One hand remained there and one came down to her clit. What a feeling!

Shabnam raised her legs in the air, opening them wide for me as I held myself up on my arms above her.

I kept fucking her, and she kept moaning. Her hands were holding the sofa from the sides. As I was really rocking her hard, the impact was moving the sofa, and Shabnam was moaning. Her pretty feet were flailing above my thrusting ass. She said, "Please, please rock me, kill me, and kill me. I want to die, I want to die, please fuck me hard." She was urging me to fuck her hard. She said, "Harder, kill me, kill me." She was crying in pain and wanted more and more.

The couch was squeaking a little under the intense force of my thrusts. Her lovely breasts were bouncing up and down to the rhythm, and she was biting her lip to reduce the volume of her moans.

I started to move faster and faster. Her legs were floating in the air and body moving closer to me. After some time, I was moving faster and faster. She told me, "Please be careful. Don't release your semen inside me."

I was pushing harder and harder and started moaning.

I was losing it. It was beyond my control. My cock pistoned in and out of her a few more times before, finally, I slid it out of her vagina with an audible 'slurp'.

A long, thick stream of white fluid shot out the end of my cock and splattered across her taut stomach, some of it even catching the underside of her breast.

Shabnam was gasping for breath, chest heaving as she watched more of my cum fire out in a thick stream, again landing on her tanned belly.

She was lying on her back, and I was on top of her. She blushed, saying, "I'm lucky enough to get all these things in one day."

Our bodies were slippery with sweat. "I hope that you enjoyed it and that it is enough for today," she whispered, sliding her tongue through my ear.

Of course it wasn't, but it was incredible.

We were caressing each other and kissing each other I asked her for another round, this time in doggy style. She lay on her knee and arm, and I penetrated her rear. She screamed in pain, but as I rocked her she began to enjoy it. I started working on her breasts.

I fucked her one more time before I left. Shabnam said that in her life of thirty-five years this was the only day worth living for. She asked me to visit her.

We continue this for few months. Then she asked me to stop coming there, as her husband was suspicious of her.

I didn't see her for a month, and I was missing her too much. So one day I called her. She was overjoyed at my call. We exchanged pleasantries and spoke about general things.

"How can we meet?" I asked.

"You have to think about it," she said.

"If I could, then why am I asking you?" I asked.

"Zeshan! I also want it, but I have told you that if we started meeting frequently with each other, my husband would know someday. Then how would we explain why we meet?" she replied.

"What will we do to meet?" I asked.

"Can you do anything?" she asked.

"Yes! I can do anything," I said.

"If you can, then rent a house somewhere. You could probably get me anytime you wanted," she said.

"Yes, that is a great idea," I said.

"This is the only way."

"Let's see," I said.

And soon I took a small rented house, and we started from where we had left off. We still we meet there when we want. We are still experimenting and trying anything with each other.

For Shabnam, sex is a continuous affair -- nothing is enough. I adore Shabnam; she is really the horny goat, and my wellspring of love for her is bottomless. To me no woman is more perfect. Smart, sexy, she ceaselessly thrills me with her uninhibited sexual play.

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