tagGroup SexCheating on Jessica with Jessica Ch. 02

Cheating on Jessica with Jessica Ch. 02


After my girlfriend had found me having sex with a girl in my backyard she wouldn't even speak with me for a month. As in most cases you'd expect the girl you cheated on to scream and chastise you for days before not speaking to you anymore. Her friends just said that she was incredibly hurt and that she didn't say anything about me when I questioned them. They told me what they thought of me though.

The other girl, Jessica, I broke off our 'affair' a few days after we were caught. I felt terrible and did regret what I had done but thought that it wasn't the end of the world. Anyway, the first time that I spoke to my ex-girlfriend was at an anti-war meeting at school. The United States had invaded Iraq and the Canadians were having no part in it. Jessica and I shared many views and still would go to the meetings that I helped organize and speak at, it's actually how we met.

After one I approached her and she finally agreed to speak with me about what had happened. Of course I apologized profusely and said all of the typical, "I made a mistake... Men are fools... You are the most amazing person I've ever known..." lines. She said that she felt so hurt that she couldn't even stand to see me to tell me how worthless I was. I told her that I felt worthless and that we should go somewhere to talk about what had happened.

We went for a walk in the cold Nova Scotia winter night through the streets of Dartmouth. It was a bearable temperature, about 0 degrees Celsius with no wind chill. Jessica was wearing a heavy black button-down peet coat and the scarf and mittens I had gotten her a few years ago. Her face was unsmiling with a trace of lip gloss, or it might of just been lip balm, on her cute little shiny mouth.

I told her how I was at that party and how I felt so lonely, and so horny, and how I was just sitting downstairs watching TV as the party went on upstairs. I told her how much I missed her and of how Jessica came downstairs and how I stopped her from kissing me the first time. But how I couldn't stop myself and finally kissed then slept with her. By now Jessica's eyes were watering and asked me if I was still having sex with the other girl.

I told her that I never did sleep with her again after we were caught, and of how horrible I had felt up to the moment that I could talk to her again. Jessica told me that she was so angry and hurt that she couldn't leave her dorm room or do anything for weeks. I really did love her and I told her that I would do anything to gain her trust back.

After we had talked for a while I walked her back to her room and asked her if I could see her again, just as a friend, and for some reason she agreed. I was pretty good friends with her suitemate Melissa so I would come over with her on my side and the three of us would watch TV or go out together. I had been such good friends with Melissa that she told me that she thought what I had done was horrible, but after I had talked to Jessica she was friendly again.

Melissa and I had gone out a few times before I knew Jessica, and when I met Jessica I had told Melissa that I couldn't see her anymore. I still hung out with Melissa so much after that while I was dating Jessica that the two of them became best friends and lived together the next year. Melissa was just incredibly cute, she was maybe 5 foot 3 with the nicest round little bottom that I think I've ever seen.

So Jessica and I talked and spent so much time together the next month that she started to get more and more friendly with me and it seemed that she wanted to go out with again. You'd probably think that I'd be, "hell yeah, I love you and would give anything to go out with you again", but no, I had spent so much time with Melissa that I wanted her instead. It had been enough time after the break up of her two friends that when I asked out Melissa she said that she would love to.

After Melissa had told Jessica that the two of us had gone out a few times she changed how she acted around me and gave off an essence of "I don't care what you to do". So the relationship between Melissa and I quickly escalated and we were having sex every chance we got and made out and messed around even when Jessica was around, because she didn't really care right?

Melissa had talked to Jessica about the situation many times and said that Jessica thought that it was fine. It went on like this for a few months before Jessica started wanting to hang out with me alone and said that we were still friends so we should do stuff together. Well, I was with Melissa constantly so it was rare that I spent any time with Jessica. But we did go to a few coffee shops and some movies and Jessica started to touch my arm and run her hand through my hair like she used to do when we were going out.

I told her that I loved Melissa and that the two of us couldn't flirt or do things that we did when we were going out. She was clearly upset and was quiet for the rest of that evening. When I talked to her again she said that the two of us should get back together and that she still loved me, I told her that I loved Melissa and didn't think it would be best for us to get back together and that she should go out with other guys.

After that the three of us were all drinking and watching some movies in their living room. Jessica wasn't flirting with me or anything but was quite distant, she seemed to be having fun though. As we were all rather hammered Melissa told me that she and Jessica had kissed each other on the lips the night before to see what it was like. I thought that was silly and bet them that they wouldn't do it again.

Melissa turned to Jessica and leaned in, putting her wet pouty lips to my ex- girlfriends. They seemed comfortable with it and kept at it for about thirty seconds. I thought this was hot and cheered them on. Melissa turned to me and said,

"Honey, I want to have sex with both of you hotties."

I was shocked and said, "Huh? What do you mean?"

She looked at Jessica and told her that she thought she was sexy and that she wanted to make love to her and her boyfriend at the same time. Jessica just looked kind of dazed and said, "Well, alright I guess." and leaned in and Kissed Melissa, moving her tongue in and out of their mouths. I thought about the situation for about 3 seconds and decided that regardless the two of them would have sex, so I wouldn't be in a good situation if I didn't join in. Maybe Melissa would leave me for Jessica.

I fondled Melissa's left firm breast in my right hand, as I leaned in to kiss her neck and blow in her ear. Melissa continued to kiss Jessica as she reached her hands under the back of Jessica's shirt and undid her bra. Jessica leaned back and pulled her shirt off while looking into my eyes. Her chest was fantastic, she had perfect B's and the tightest tummy. I immediately started to take off Melissa's clothes while Melissa kissed down Jessica's neck, and took a nipple in her mouth.

My girlfriend was suckling my ex's tit and massaging the other one, as I pulled Melissa's shirt up and undid her bra. I played with Melissa's tits with one hand and fingered Jessica's nipple with the other. Melissa took her all the way off and unzipped her jeans revealing her typical no-panties style. Jessica got out of her pants just as quick while I aided.

Melissa looked at Jessica in just her panties and said, "I want to go down on you honey." Jessica just bit her lip and nodded. I thought that I'd see where this was gonna head and sat back on the couch. Melissa pushed Jessica back on the couch so she was in a lying position and spread her legs a bit. Melissa slid Jessica's panties off revealing a nicely trimmed pussy.

She dove in and ate her out with a passion. Jessica was grabbing the material of the couch and moaning in a very sexy manner. I had by this time taken my pants off and was playing with my dick through my boxers as I watched an amazing show. Melissa was totally naked and straddling Jessica's face by this time ready to get eaten out by her best friend. Jessica grabbed Melissa's hips and pulled her pussy onto her face.

Now that the two of them were 69ing I thought that it was a good time to get in on the action. I went over to where Jessica was working on Melissa's cooch and ran my tongue from the top of Melissa's ass crack to the bottom where Jessica was licking and sucking her clit. At the bottom I kissed Jessica on the lips upside down and stuck my tongue in her mouth.

Then I went back up to Melissa's asshole and licked in and out of it with my tongue, and also licking up and down her ass crack as she started to go into convulsions from her strong orgasm. It would of been quite a sight to see our two faces buried in Melissa's nether regions, she told me after that that was the most intense orgasm that she had ever had.

After Jessica finally came screaming, Melissa got off of her and onto her knees in front of me, taking my cock in her mouth. She tongued the length of it and sucked the engorged head like a pro. While she was doing this I was making out with Jessica and fingering her puss. Jessica's pussy was so wet that I thought there was going to be a stain under where she sat.

I decided that I would never get a chance again to do Jessica so took my cock out of Melissa's mouth and laid Jessica back in missionary. Melissa stood back and watched as I was met with the resistance of Jessica's virgin pussy, working my way into her. Jessica just bit her lip and looked at me as I was entering her. Once the small amount of pain was over there was little bleeding but Jessica didn't seem to mind, she said,

"Ok, Fuck me now."

I was doing her like I loved her, sliding in and out of her pussy slowly and deeply. She was moaning and telling me to go deeper. Melissa walked over and kneeled next to Jessica and made out with her as I picked up speed. Jessica was moaning into Melissa's mouth as I picked up quite a quick and hard pace.

We were fucking like crazy when Melissa worked her way down to Jessica's breasts and tried to keep in time with us to feed Jessica one of her tits. Melissa just looked at me lustfully as I fucked her best friend.

Jessica came in an explosion, screaming and cursing. I pulled out of her pussy and put my dick back into my girlfriend's mouth. She tasted Jessica's pussy juices off of my cock and reached her hand under Jessica's ass, I think she was fingering her butt because Jessica quickly started to squirm.

I pumped shot after shot of cum into Melissa's mouth and when I was finished watched my girlfriend kiss Jessica and share my cum with her friend. They both made out and semen was starting to ooze out of their mouths and run down their chins.

I stuck my half hard still dripping cock into Jessica's mouth as Melissa continued to finger her ass. Jessica had never given a blow job so I gave her time to get used to the feeling of a penis in her mouth. She blew me like a lollipop and got me hard again quite soon. It was so hot, my ex-girlfriend with my cock between her sweet formerly virgin lips.

Melissa got up and pulled my dick from Jessica's mouth while pushing me on the couch. She positioned herself facing away from me and pushed her pussy down on my dick. She fucked me while she took Jessica's hand and pulled her over to her and they sat together on my lap making out and fondling each other's tits.

Melissa was always a good fuck, but she went at it with an extra gusto this time and we humped with intensity. After Melissa came I got her off of me and put Jessica on the couch doggie style, I entered her fiercely and pumped my cock in and out of her while she lay her head forward hair covering her face. Her perfect ass was in my hands as I lay into her for probably ten minutes, she said that she had blacked out when she came, then I blew my load deep into her tummy.

The three of us lay there for a while and I made out with Melissa for some time before we all fell asleep. We repeated what we had done the next night and then again a week later but Melissa and I felt that it had become to crowded.

We told Jessica that we couldn't have sex with her anymore because we wanted to concentrate on each other and told her that we loved her and would always be her friend. Jessica became depressed after this and transferred the next semester.

It sucked that such a nice girl had been rejected twice and it was mostly my fault. I love Melissa as much as I ever loved Jessica, but there was something so genuine and amazing about Jessica that I ruined.

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