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Cheating Slutwife

byR Taylor©

Warning: this story contains a cheating wife and other cuckold themes. If this is not your cup of tea, feel free to skip it. If you like this sort of stuff, I hope you enjoy. It is 100% a work of NON Fiction.

Forward: Anne Marie is 40 years old but she doesn't look a day over 27. She is 5'7", 120lbs. Her legs are incredible, her ass is delicious and her face is "model" quality. She has a pierced belly button and one pierced nipple. She has a tribal butterfly tattooed on her lower back, and oh yea, Anne Marie is a true slut.

* * * * *

Got and email from my nasty wife the other day. I thought you might enjoy it as much as I did.

Tell me if you do.


Hey Babe,

Miss you today.

Ummmm...Guess what? Give up? OK, I'll tell you. I'm a slut! That's right, you read that right. I mean, you DO know that, don't you? The thing is, I was very naughty. This time it was different, though. This time, I actually had the guts to seduce a man and fuck him like a porn star, but this time I did it all without you knowing it. THAT'S HOT! And Babe, I am SO gonna fuck him again. Maybe, if you're a good boy, next time I'll let you watch.

Well I'm sure that by now you already have like a thousand questions for me, and I'll give 5 to 1 odds that your dick is starting twitch, so sit back, relax, and let me tell you the whole story.

You were actually with me the first time I laid eyes on him. It was about three weeks ago, we were walking into the supermarket when I saw this HOT guy walking out. You were off getting a shopping cart or something, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him as he walked across the parking lot. About half way to his car, he must have felt me staring at him because he looked over his shoulder and our eyes met. He was gorgeous babe, so fucking fine. He is about 6'2", 220 lbs. Ripped bod; dark, dark skin. Oh My God, he's HOT. Anyway, he looked me up and down, smiled and kept walking to his truck. I had seen the truck around town before, and I knew at that moment I would see it again. I just knew I was gonna fuck this man.

Flash forward to this Tuesday. I'm driving home at around 2:00 in the afternoon. I'm stopped at a red light and I look up to see that truck right in front of me. Babe, I couldn't help myself, I actually followed him. Now this is the good part. He pulls into a driveway about three blocks from our house. I don't know where I got the guts, but I pulled in right behind him. He saw me and walked up to my truck.

He said "Hello" and then he smiled.

I got so wet babe, HE HAD AN ACCENT. He told me his name was Manny. It turns out that he is from South America, I think it was Brazil. He looked delicious. I figured I was in this deep I might as well go crazy. I told him how hot I thought he was and asked him if he would like to call me sometime.

He said, "Definitely."

So I gave him my number, smiled at him and backed out of the driveway.

That night, babe, you know, when we had sex; in my mind I was fucking him. I was an animal that night, you remember. The next day, I swear I was so horny in the morning that I used my toy on myself. Every minute imagining this hot, young....Oh, I forgot to tell you, he's only 25..., dark god of a man impaling me with his cock. At twelve noon, my cell phone rang.

He said, "Hello Anne Marie" in that sexy accent of his.

My hand went right to my wet pussy. He asked if we could meet to "talk". I told him I would be their in five minutes.

When I pulled into his driveway he was waiting outside for me. He invited me in but I told him that I would rather talk a bit outside first. We walked around the side of his house and sat up against these two rocks in his yard. I told him that I was married and that from time to time my husband likes to share me. He asked me why I would want to fuck another man, if our sex life was as good as I said, and I told him that sometimes (ok, a LOT of the time) I just like to act really nasty. I also told him that I am a little addicted to big cock and that I could tell just from looking at him that he was big. He smiled and said that he was sure that I wouldn't be disappointed. He then asked me if he could kiss me.

I just smiled and said, "No, not yet."

We talked for a while more. He told me a little about himself.

Then he asked again, "Can I kiss you?"

This time his accent was just too much for me to take and I said "Yes, you may kiss me now."

He leaned over and took my bottom lip in his mouth. He the traced my lips with his tongue, and finally after I couldn't take it anymore, he put his tongue inside my mouth. We sat there on the rocks and made out like teenagers until I told him I was ready to go inside.

He walked me up the porch steps and put his hand on my waist. I was worried that my pussy would drip all the way down my leg. I was wearing the short black skirt that you bought me and a short sleeve white top. Honey, before I left our house I took my panties and bra off. As we walked into his kitchen, I could feel my nipples popping through my shirt. My nipple ring was in plain site and my pussy was literally twitching. He asked me to sit down at the kitchen table, but I told him that I would rather see "upstairs". He walked me up to his bedroom, and at that moment sweetheart, I knew that I was now HIS slut. As soon as he shut the door, I jumped him. I licked his lips and my hands reached down and grabbed his tight ass through his jeans. He walked me over to his bed as we were kissing and laid me down on my back. All I can say babe is that at that very moment I was hotter than I have ever been before.

It all hit me at once, the fact that I was here alone with this big, dark stud and that I was just moments away from having him use me as his fucktoy. I'm sorry, but the fact that you thought I was just running errands was a HUGE turn on. I got such a thrill in doing this without your knowledge and approval, that I was almost embarrassed with myself. Almost, but not quite.

He slowly pushed up my skirt and spread my legs wide. He stood over me and told me that I was dripping all over his bed. The he asked if he could taste me. I think I just giggled but he knew what I wanted. He slowly started to lick me. His tongue was soft and he licked from my ass to my clit like he was licking an ice cream cone. Damn, he might as well have been a professional pussy eater, because I was feeling things that I have never felt before. He put first one; then two; and finally three of his big fingers inside of me, while he sucked and licked my clit. My pussy swallowed them. I was moaning now and writhing around on the bed. When I came on his hand and his face, it was incredible. I actually squirted all over his face. He looked up at me, licked my juices off his lips and leaned over to feed me his fingers that were just inside of me. Baby, I licked and sucked them dry. I felt like such a whore sucking on his fingers like a cock.

He stood back up and finally took off his shirt. His chest was incredible, his abs were like "BAM", and his stomach was so flat I just wanted to lick it. That is until he unbuttoned his jeans and they dropped to the floor. When he pulled his cock out...OH God...that beautiful cock (I'm gonna make myself cum while I'm writing this to you). When he pulled his cock out, I was the happiest little slut in the world. It is, umm how should I say this, quite a bit thicker than yours and a little longer too. It was the thickness that made my jaw drop. He spread my legs even further and looked me straight in the eyes while he entered me. Slowly at first, just teasing me with the thick head, just so I could get used to the thickness. Then he fucked me deep; deep and slow. His thick cock touched parts of my pussy that have never been touched at the same time before. He pumped me like this for a long long time, and all the while I was screaming and begging him not to stop. I kept telling him how fucking hot he was and how his thick cock was making me feel. He abruptly pulled out of me and roughly threw me over on to my belly. He pulled up my hips, so my ass was high up off the bed, and then he spread my pussy with his hands and put his cock inside of me again. Honey, he fucked me like this for what seemed like hours. He had me on my knees, ass up, and he fucked me like a whore. Every inch of his cock was now pounding me. I was so afraid the neighbors would here me begging for his cock. Although I tried to hold back, I started to cum again. Cumming in that position with a "Big" cock inside of me almost made me pass out. He kept pulling me back to him by my hips and thrusting deep inside of me. I came for like 45 seconds straight, and when I was just calming down I felt his cock start to throb. I knew he was about to cum. He pulled out of me and threw me on to my back. He brought that beautiful, brown cock to my lips and I took it in my mouth. Babe, he started to cum and I sucked every drop from him. I felt his HOT cum on the back of my throat and I felt it go all the way down to my belly as I swallowed. I have never seen a man cum so much, and babe, you would have been so proud of me, I swallowed every single drop. No mess.

After milking every drop from his balls, we walked over to his computer and I pulled up that site where you posted my naked pictures. I showed him some of my pics and as we were both still naked, I could see that he was rock hard again.

He then stood up and said "Come here, I have something to show you."

Well, me being the "dumb blonde" that I am said, "Oh, ok sure, what is it?"

He turned me around again, bent me over his bed and fucked me hard. I mean HARD. That's when my cell phone rang. I reached for it and saw your name come up. As he was pounding my pussy, I answered the phone.

You said, "Hey babe, I just got home, what ya doing?"

I told you that I was just finishing up with some errands and that I would be home in a few. It was at that moment that I realized that all kidding aside, I truly was a slut, a whore and any other nasty thing you could possibly think of. I mean I know we have fooled around a lot saying how slutty I was and all, but now there was no doubt about what I really was; what I really AM.

After we hung up, he slammed me, honey, and after a while we both started to cum again. It was awesome to cum at the same time as him. He pulled out and finished cumming all over my ass.

I finally was able to drag myself out of his house and come home to you. I kissed you when I got inside, and wondered if you could taste his cum on my lips and in my mouth. That night, I purposely didn't shower before bed, and if you remember correctly I made you kiss and lick my ass before I let you fuck me. I couldn't believe that you didn't notice how sticky it was and I still wonder if subconsciously you could taste him on me. When you put your dick inside of me, I have to admit I really didn't feel you all that much, but just thinking about you licking my ass, licking the places that Manny had cum in buckets, got me off again.

Well, that's that. I'm HIS whore now, babe. At least for a little while. By the way, we are meeting him tonight for drinks. I think you're going to like him. You better, because I don't know if I could stop fucking him now, no matter what.

I love you. I'll see you tonight.

Forever Yours,

Anne Marie

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