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Cheating Spouse

byDG Hear©

Thank you to WanderingScot for his editing of this story. He makes it a much better read. There are only two chapters and they are both here.

Chapter one:

I find myself reading a lot of stories on-line. I guess because it's free and I do find some of them really interesting. Lately I have been favoring the cheating spouse's type stories. I'm also into the getting even and revenge in these stories.

I like Romance stories but not if the husband is a wimp. You see I found out that I've been a wimp for the last seven years. That's how long I've been married. I used to think it was because I loved Susan and wanted to do everything for her.

Now I understand I did the things she wanted just so there wouldn't be a confrontation. Believe it or not I learned so much about myself by reading cheating wife stories. I couldn't believe that the husbands never suspected anything in these stories. Did they live in the dark ages?

Now I look back and realized that almost our whole married life Susan used me and took me for a fool.


We met in college. I was a senior and she was a sophomore. She was a good looking woman and I was somewhat of a geek. At one of the parties it took a few beers but I was able to approach her. When I asked her to dance she said sure.

We began talking. I used one of the old lines of, "What's a girl like you doing at a place like this?" I told her I was a geek and didn't date a whole lot.

She laughed and told me I was lame but said she would dance with me anyway. We both drank too much and she told me she broke up with her old boyfriend two days before and decided to just go out and have some fun. Her girlfriend told her about this party, so she came to it.

We both ended up drunk and had sex in my dorm room. I left a ball cap on the doorknob so my roommate wouldn't bother us. It was the first time I ever used the cap. My roomy was the one that always got the girl.

I don't remember a lot about the sex that night, but the way the bed looked in the morning we must have had a good time. I got up and took a quick shower and then woke Susan up. She didn't seem too pleased with herself when she woke up. I pointed to the bathroom and she went and took a shower.

She acted a little nicer after the shower. She sure was a nice looking woman. Looking at the two of us, I doubt if anyone would think we were a couple. I made her breakfast before taking her back to her dorm.

I asked her if I could see her again and she told me that she wasn't ready to date again but if she saw me at the parties she wouldn't walk away. Looking back, I think that was her way of saying she thought I wasn't good enough for her.

From time to time I saw her at other parties but she hung with her girlfriends and danced with other guys. Why wouldn't she? She was good looking and available. She did dance with me when I asked her. I didn't know if she cared for me or was just being nice.


I came from a good home and was raised with good family values. The problem is I didn't stick to them at college. I did go to parties and got drunk quite a few times. Other than Susan I got laid by a few of other girls during my college years. Unfortunately they were party gang bangs.

The girls would have sex with anyone for the price of admission. I guess it was one way of getting laid without going to a hooker. I did want a girlfriend but the geek chicks weren't into parties. I put getting laid before commitment.

I was miserable, and my roommate noticed it. Tony de Marco was a good looking Italian boy from New York, who wanted to attend our college for the excellent computer science program it offered. We became very good friends -- he wasn't as shy as I was, but we helped each other with our studies. I can only say that we became as close as brothers -- and no, neither of us knew what Gay meant!

It was Tony that made sure that I got invited to the parties where I did get laid. He had the connections. Now that's what I call a friend.

I suppose the final sealing of the bond between us came on the day we were leaving class, and he slipped on the steps. He fell backwards, and his head struck the concrete. He was motionless, limp, and turning blue in the face, not breathing. From somewhere in my mind came the memory of a story of someone "swallowing their tongue". It had fascinated me, and I remembered what the solution was.

I got behind him, pulled his head back, reached into his open mouth, and hooking my fingers behind his inverted tongue, pulled it back to where it belonged. As his airway opened, his lungs sucked in a huge breath, and as his color started to return to normal, I realized that I was close to tears at the thought of my best friend being hurt.

His eyes opened, and saw me holding his head, my face twisted with emotion. "Mark" he husked. "What happened?"

"Don't worry Tony, you will be ok, just a slip of the tongue!"

"Huh? Well let me up, ok? I'm fine!"

After the medics finished examining Tony, they gave him a clean bill of health, and we went back to the Dorm.

As we walked toward the building entrance, Tony stopped, as he spotted the stretched limo parked in front, the driver standing next to the rear door.

With a shrug, Tony walked to the limo, and as he neared the car, the driver opened the back door, and his Father stepped out.

Angelo De Marco was an impressive figure -- six feet and 220 lbs, with a smile to match. He hugged Tony, sighing in relief as he realized that his son was ok.

"Dad -- this is Mark -- he..." Tony spoke.

"I know who he is!" Angelo smiled. "Mark, I owe you for saving my son. I am in your debt. Any time you need help, you contact me, ok? Do not forget -- I mean it -- any time." He husked as he shook my hand.

Five minutes later, Tony was gone -- back to New York, leaving me to wonder if I had ever really had a friend.

Then I met Susan my senior year. After our one time together, I did see her on campus once in a while and she was always nice to me. I guess I thought she might have feelings for me. I decided to ask her out again and she said ok. She seemed a bit different from the last few times I talked to her. Not as carefree as she was at the parties.

We went out to dinner and to a movie. She actually held my hand and smiled at me. We had sex in the car. She took off her jeans and panties and straddled me. Damn it felt good. We did it three times, and the last time I didn't use a condom. I remember asking her if she wanted me to wear one now and she told me no, she wanted to feel me come in her. I figured she must be on the pill. I grabbed on to the cheeks of her beautiful ass and shot my cum into her. It felt great. At least this time we were not drunk after dinner and a movie.

I asked her if she wanted to go out the following week again and she said yes. I guess I had a girlfriend. We saw each other the next few weekends and she told me we had a problem.

"Mark, I'm pregnant. You're the only man I've been with. What are we going to do?"

I was rather shocked. I was brought up to do what I felt was right even though I had the feeling Susan had used me. I was dumb enough to go along just for the sex. I guess it was now time to pay the piper.

I would be graduating in a month and already had a position lined up in my dad's insurance office. I had taken the business courses to help me be a licensed insurance agent.

Susan had been raised by her grandparents. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was twelve. Her Grandparents told her they would help her with her education. She wanted to be a legal secretary.

This is where the tires hit the road. I was for a woman's right to choose but was still against abortion. I would have a hard time killing my child. I guess it's different if it's someone else's choice.

"Let's get married," I said. "I have a good position waiting for me next month and you can continue your education. You can take one semester off when the baby is first born. We can do this. I love you and want our child." I really wasn't sure if I loved her or not but I wanted to do what was right.

I knew the alternative was to pay for an abortion and I really didn't want to do that. I doubted that she loved me but we agreed to get married. I wrote home to my parents and told them that I would be getting married after graduation.

I did tell them that Susan, who they never met, was pregnant but we loved each other and would be getting married soon.

I mentioned that my dad owned an insurance agency. It was actually a bit more than that. He also sold real estate and had an auction business. We weren't rich but rather well off.

Susan and I were married a month after my graduation. We invited Susan's grandparents to the wedding. They really seemed like nice people and were happy for Susan and me. They did thank me for doing the right thing by Susan.

They talked to me alone for a few minutes. "Mark, we know that Susan can be a bit wild and stubborn and we did our best with her. As you probably know she gets mad when she doesn't get her way."

The truth was I didn't know anything about her. We got drunk, had sex, then about two months later we ran into each other and started dating. Next thing I know she is pregnant.

I figured she found out about her pregnancy and was scared. So, she started dating me. We got along and she figured I was the way out of her dilemma. The thing is, she is a beautiful woman. She has a nice personality and as I later found out, she is quite an actress.

My parents liked her and she was always helpful around them. We started out renting a nice three bedroom house with an option to buy within one year. I thought we were actually good together. The sex was good especially the first couple of years.

After the birth of the baby Susan took a semester off, which was only ten weeks. She transferred to a college that was only a few miles away. She was able to drive to school without any problem. My mom watched our daughter Trina while Susan attended school.

I enjoyed my job. I sold insurance and real estate. I did help out at the auctions but no way could I be an auctioneer. Dad and his employee Bob did the auctioneering.

I didn't know how most married couples acted since my parents were the only ones I lived with. I did think they seemed to be closer than Susan and I appeared to be. Our life for the first two years was me working and Susan going to school. At night we stayed home with Trina. We watched TV and Trina played on the floor.

Maybe twice a week we had sex. It was good and I always did my best to see that Susan came. I don't ever remembering her complain. Susan went on the pill after the birth of Trina. We didn't want any more kids for now.

Things seemed fine until after Susan graduated. I asked her if she wanted to work in our firm but she said wanted to do billing or be a secretary in a law office. She did get her wish. She began working in a large law office. She was hired in as a receptionist.

I thought the extra income would be nice but Susan spent it all on herself. Don't get me wrong here. I made a good living and provided for all our needs. Once Susan started getting a pay check everything we owned wasn't good enough.

She had to have a new car. Of course it had to be a sports car. Then she started in on the furniture and appliances. I told her I would not buy all new things. If she wanted to have all new things then she could pay for it.

She was stubborn and had to have her way just like her grandparents said. She held off on having sex with me for over a month. Finally I caved in like a wuss. I told her I would pay for half of the new furniture and appliances.

I never did see a dime of any of the rest of her money. I wasn't even sure what she made. When it was time to file our tax return she said her bosses said we should file separately. Since they were lawyers I went along with her. I did find out later they never told her that. She just didn't want me to know how much she made.

She did buy all her own clothes. Which I might add, she had a closet full. Some things she wore seemed a bit short or overly sexy for an office but whenever I brought it up, it started an argument every time.

It wasn't six months after she started working that she said she needed a night out with the girls. She needed what she called her own time. So, every Friday night I knew she was going out with the girls. She was usually home by midnight. I really didn't have a problem with that.

I played golf twice a week so I had no right to complain. When golf season ended I joined a bowling team with the other agents in our office. Dad's business was our sponsor.

This was pretty much our routine till Trina started school. Susan would set out her clothes the night before and I always got up with Trina and we ate breakfast together and I always dropped her off at school. I would be the one to pick her up unless I had an appointment, then mom would take her to her house till either Susan or I picked her up.

As time went by Susan and I seemed to become more distant. It was gradual but I could see it happening. She never really cared for my friends but would act cordial towards them when we saw them. Behind their backs she called them geeks, nerds and a few other choice words.

She had a different set of friends. They would be the ones she would invite over to visit and play cards and such. I always played the part of the good husband, always trying to avoid an argument.

I never cared for her friends either. It was like being back in college. The talk was often about sex and the parties were always drinking parties at their houses. There would surely be an argument if I didn't care to go. Sometimes it looked like the men would get a little frisky with Susan. If I mentioned it to her she just laughed at me. Truth is I was often the butt of the joke.

Some nights Susan worked later and later. During this time, Trina and I became best friends. She would confide in me and tell me everything that happened at school. I was there every evening to help her with her homework (what little she had), and she loved studying. I attended the teacher's conference and was there for Trina in whatever she did.

Susan still treated Trina well when she was home. It was always, 'honey this' and 'honey that' when all Trina wanted was her mother to be around more often. If Trina ever mentioned something she wanted her Mother to attend at school Susan always said she had to work to help put bread on the table.

We've been married going on seven years and I have often gone on line after putting Trina to bed. I began reading these stories about cheating wives. I read story after story and was finding out that Susan had been doing these same things for years. Was I paranoid or was Susan cheating on me?

I had no doubt that I had been living with a cheating wife. She was a good actress though. I started watching for tell tale signs like telephone conversations. She would often stop talking or change the subject when I entered the room. She always deleted any messages and cleared the Caller ID regularly.

I noticed that after she went out with friends she would always wash her clothes the next day, especially her undergarments. There were many other tell tale signs I read on the story page. She never wanted sex after coming home from a party. If I was away at a meeting Trina would often be staying at my parent's house.

I thought of getting a private investigator to follow her but what was the point. We lived in a state where everything in divorces was split fifty-fifty.

I thought of getting surveillance equipment like they did in the stories but I had no doubt she was fooling around and besides, couldn't afford it. My main concern was Trina. She was the reason I stayed with Susan. If there was a divorce I might not be able to see Trina very often. She was my life.

Susan started going to her friends more often. She used anything as an excuse. Once in awhile I did go with her but I never enjoyed myself. She would often flaunt herself around the other men. It was liked she dared me to do something.

It was at a point that nothing I did was good enough. Nothing we owned was as nice as her friends have. We still had sex but I was lucky if it was once a month. She wasn't enjoying it anymore. I felt like she was doing it out of pity for me.

I stayed with her for Trina sake which I now knew was the wrong reason.


The shit hit the fan one day. I came back a day early from a trip. This time I did like I read in the stories and didn't call home first. It was evening when I arrived. There was a strange car in our drive.

I got out and quietly walked up and unlocked my front door. The living room light was on but no one was in there. I could hear sounds coming from our bedroom.

"Fuck me, give me that cock you bastard." It was Susan fucking on our bed.

I was pissed but not surprised when I saw Brad fucking the hell out of Susan. He ran the exercise center that Susan went too. He was always flirting with her, this time he got caught.

One thing I might mention is that Brad's wife Jill is a model. She does mostly face and hand modeling but does have a knock out body. She isn't one of the skinny rail types you see on runways.

Why would a man cheat with a seven when he had a ten at home waiting for him? I've know Jill for a while and she is one of the few people that Susan knows that I like.

Brad had just shot his load in Susan when I walked in on them.

"What the fuck!" I said.

"What are you doing home, you're suppose to call first. So, now you know. Get the hell out of the room so we can get dressed." exclaimed Susan.

"Yeah, maybe I'll give Jill a call and invite her over." I replied.

"You tell Jill and I'll kick your mother fucking ass, you wimp!" said Brad.

There I was standing in the room. Brad was right, he could kick my ass but at least I should have put up a fight. I thought 'what's the use'. I'd just get my ass kicked and Susan would get the pleasure of seeing it. I left the room and heard them mumbling but they had closed the door.

Brad came out first. "Listen you wimp. I meant what I said about Jill. If she finds out then you go to the hospital. Do you understand asshole?"

"Just get the fuck out of my house," was all I could reply.

He walked over to me and pushed me up against the wall, made a fist and laughed. Then he turned and walked out. I stood there like a true wimp.

Susan came out and stared at me. "OK, so now you know. I tried to hide it from you but knew someday you would find out," said Susan.

"I want a divorce. I'm going to start the paperwork tomorrow. I wish you would just leave." She looked at me and laughed.

"You won't divorce me. You haven't got the balls. Besides that I would get half of everything you own. You can't afford it. Plus you'd miss your precious daughter. What are you going to tell her?"

"I'll tell her the truth. Her mom is a cheating slut and we're getting a divorce. She's a smart little girl and I'm sure can handle it. Hell, you're not here half the time anyway."

"I'm not going anywhere and you're not man enough to make me. I suggest you move in the guest room if you don't want to be with me," replied Susan.

I left the house and went and picked up Trina. I had to talk to Trina and tell her the truth. I wish I could keep it from her but there was no way I could stay with her mother. I picked her up at school and took her out for pizza while I talked to her.

"Trina, I have something to tell you. It's about your mother and I."

"You're getting a divorce aren't you Daddy?" She said to me.

"Why yes, but I wanted to tell you so you wouldn't get too upset. I'm sorry Honey, but we... your mother and I can't stay together any longer."

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