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Cheating Spouse Ch. 02


Consider this: A man gets into an accident and he wakes up in the hospital with a doctor looking down at him. The doctor informs him that his injuries are serious. That he is now paralyzed from the waist down. That he will never walk again.

He gets angry. He wants to strike back but there is nothing he can do. He cries over his loss but gradually he accepts his injuries and learns to get around in a wheel chair. Through an accident in fate, he became a paraplegic.

Getting back to you: You and your wife are a typical couple, married fifteen years with three small children. You and your wife have sex maybe once and sometimes twice a week.

Then about a year ago your wife became very sexually active. She couldn't get enough of you. She was always so sexually aroused that she had to have sex with you maybe four or five times a week.

This went on for about thirty days. Then just as suddenly as it started it stopped. She was no longer interested in sex, in fact, she would put you off. Did you notice that she was no longer nude in front of you? That she always kept herself covered, never giving you the opportunity for sex.

And what was wrong with you? Why were you always masturbating? You ask yourself, "Could she be having an affair? No! Not her. She adores you."

You start checking up on her and sure enough she is having an affair. A guy named Joe. He stepped into her life about a year ago. He started making advances on her which caused her to become very sexually aroused.

In that thirty days she got her sexual gratification from you as she tried to resist Joe's advances until she finally succumbed to her passions.

Having discovered that you are now her cuckold, you become angry and file for divorce. You are going to get even with her. You split your assets between her and the lawyers. She gets the children. The courts always rule in favor of the wife so you will have to pay her child support every month till your children are eighteen years of age.

You know that the money you give her each month she will be spending on the lazy dead beat that moved in with her. He will be seeing her nude body every night, feeling her breasts, sucking her nipples and sinking his cock into her warm, wet pussy or her mouth while you will be living alone, looking for her replacement. All because you lost your temper and refused to live as her cuckold.

Rather than divorce you could demand that she break off her relationship with her lover and maybe she would. She or both of you could go to counseling to get your marriage back on track but all of the counseling won't stop her from wanting him. It won't stop her from thinking of him when you are making love to her. She may even resent you for coming between her and her lover.

When people first go to work in a candy factory, the company lets them eat all the candy they want because the company knows that after a week of eating candy the workers get tired of it and they don't want it any more.

So it is with a wife's lover. If you tell her that she can be with him any time she wants then you take away the forbidden fruit aspect of it. Once they can see each other any time they want then they may grow tired of each other much like a married couple become familiar with each other.

The newness and urgency is no longer there.

Through an accident in fate, you become her cuckold. You become angry, you want to strike back but there is nothing you can do. Like the man in the wheelchair you adept to your infirmities.

Now that you know that you are her cuckold, confront her. Plead with her at her feet not to leave you. Tell her that she can be with her lover any time she wants only please don't leave you. Cry. Have a good cry in her arms. Let her know the grief and shame that she has brought upon you.

With your pledge of love to her, the balance of power has changed. You are no longer the head of your household for she is now the dominate partner. You are now in a female led relationship. Maybe it's more of a little boy, mommy relationship. Just like when you were a little boy, your mommy loved you and cared for you. She would tuck you in your bed. There was no sex for she would go and sleep with your father.

Most cuckolds loose the ability or the will to have sexual intercourse with their wives. They have been emasculated and they feel that they can't compete with their wife's lover and the wife may not be that enthused to have sex with her cuckold.

Her pussy becomes a restricted area to her cuckold. He can look but he cannot touch although some wives will allow their cuckolds to touch and taste their pussy with their tongues.

Her lover now has exclusive access to her womanhood. If the cuckold is lucky, his wife will lie down beside him and stroke his cock while she describes all of the intimate ways that her lover makes love to her. As a cuckold, I can say that it's very exciting and memorable.

There are many men who want to live in a cuckold relationship. I don't see why but they do. Maybe it's the excitement the wife brings into the marriage. With me it was an accident of fate. I didn't ask for it. Becoming a cuckold was thrust upon me but I adjusted and learned to live with it. It has been exciting at times so if you discover that your wife is cheating on you, before you jump into divorce, consider living in a cuckold relationship. She may turn out to be the most exciting woman you have ever known.

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That author isnt only weak he is a weak idiot!!

Maybe your lechery is your problem! Try for one time to think with your brain and not with your cock!!

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