Check Up!


Star stood outside the doctor's office, holding the card her friend Tonya had given her the week before.

"I'm telling you Star, Doctor Johnson has helped me a lot! He showed me that I wasn't sexually dysfunctional like my boyfriend said; that I just needed to relax is all. Go see him. He's gentle and has a great bedside manner and he's really cute!" said the little perky brunette.

"I don't know Tonya. I hate gyn appointments, they're so personal and invading." Star said with trepidation in her voice. "I'll think about it, ok?" Tonya watched her sad faced friend as she walk out of the room.

Since Star's fight with her boyfriend, she hadn't been the same girl. She remembered last weekend when Star came home and told her what she and Brad had fought about. Brad said he was very disappointed in their sex life and told her she was a frigid bitch that couldn't please any man. Since then, Star had been moping around the apartment. Having had a similar problem a few years earlier. Her family Doctor had referred her to Doctor Johnson. The doctor showed her techniques on how to give herself pleasure as well as her boyfriend. Tonya hoped that she enjoyed her session with the "Good Doctor" as she did!

A week later Star is standing outside his office holding the card Doctor Johnson had given Tonya. It was a plain white card with a red heart in the center. "Give this to him and tell I sent you, ok?" Tonya said handing Star the card. "He'll know to treat you very special!" Tonya was smiling as she walked away knowing just how special he'll treat her friend.

Star entered the cheerful waiting room, it was painted in hues of blues and greens, and ahead of her was the receptionist's desk. Star tapped on the frosted glass and watched the pretty young women dressed in pale yellow slide open the glass. "Yes, Can I help you?" The young women asked.

Nervously, Star smiled, "Hello, I'm here to see Dr. Johnson. My name is Star Fields, I've an appointment at 4:45 pm." The young women reached for the appointment book and searched for Star's name. "Yes, here you are, please have a seat, the nurse will fetch you in a few minutes." The pretty blonde motioned to the vinyl benches around the room.

Star picked up a magazine and had just started looking thru the advertisements when a matronly nurse called her name. Gathering her jacket and purse, Star followed her thru the hallway to the nurse's station. After being weighed, blood pressure and pulse taken she was taken to an examination room.

"Doctor Johnson will be with you in a moment." The nurse told her with a small smile, easing her terse face. The nurse laid out two sheets on the examination table and left the room. After about fifteen minutes a knock sounded on the door and it slowly opened. "All right to enter?" A deep masculine voice asked. Star's whimpered a "Yes."

"Hi, I'm Doctor Johnson." The tall man said extending his right hand to Star, she reached out and shook it, quickly removing it and placing it back into her lap. He was attractive with short blonde hair and blue eyes. After asking about her family history and about medications she may be taking, he put down his pen and turned to Star. "Now, how can I help you?" He said with a charming smile. His warm brown eyes gave Star a strange excited feeling deep inside her. Star was feeling a little shy about telling a stranger her personal feelings let alone a man, but he was a doctor!

"Well my boyfriend says I'm frigid, that I can't please him and that I don't have a single inch of erotic sensation in my entire body!" Star said in a rush. "When I told my friend Tonya she gave me your name and this card." Star hands the card to the Doctor. "She said that you could help me. Please! I don't want to lose my boyfriend!" Star says shaking, tears appearing in her eyes.

Dr. Johnson looked at the little card in his hand, then at Star. His gaze traveled over Star. From her strawberry blonde hair caressing her shoulders over her large ripe breasts, narrow waist, full hips and long tapered legs. "Why would any man have a problem making this women scream with pleasure?" He thought to himself. "This card meant she wanted the full special treatment! Hmmm! I've been pretty horny all day, this will be very enjoyable." "Well Miss Fields, I have a form for you to fill out, it states that you agree to a full examination and treatment." Dr. Johnson opens a desk drawer and pulls out a slip of paper, which he hands over to Star with a pen. He watches excitedly as she quickly signs without reading the form and returns it to him.

"This room isn't large enough, would you please follow me?" Dr. Johnson stands and holds the door open for Star. He quickly walks down the hallway to the room at the end and opens the door for her. The room was three times larger with no windows. In the middle of the room stood a large examination table with stirrups and straps. A large light hung over the table for illumination. To the right against the far wall stood a wall-to-wall shelving unit, loaded with awards and medical books.

"Miss fields, I'll leave you for a few minutes. Please completely disrobe and be seated on the table. "After the doctor left Star walked over the curtained area and removed her jeans and shirt hanging them on the provided hooks. Then she quickly walked over to the table and covered herself with the sheets lying on the table. Then she sat on the end of the table and waited.

Doctor Johnson went to his office and paged his assistants Mike and Laura. They entered his office a few minutes later. "Laura I have this last patient and then we're closing for the night, Mike can help me; so you can go ahead and leave, and tell Maggie that she can leave as well, make sure she locks up the front office and the doors ok? We'll leave thru the back entrance." Laura smiled, happy to leave a half hour early, the pretty redhead turned to leave saying her good byes.

"Mark I have a "special" treatment in room one. She has a problem with sex and satisfying her boyfriend. I think between the two of us, we'll have her cumming in no time at all. You game?" The doctor said smiling ludely.

Mike nodded, smiling also. "Shall I put a tape in the video recorder and turn on the mics, to document the treatment?" Mike says winking at the sitting Doctor. "Yes, and make sure everyone has left, we want no interruptions tonight."

Doctor Johnson states standing and walking toward the door. "Wait for the buzzer, then enters the room."

A soft knock then Doctor Johnson enters the room. "Well all ready to get this over with?" He smiles at Star. "First I'll do a preliminary exam to make sure everything is normal and functioning correctly, then if it is, then we'll begin your treatment. I promise you, you will walk out of here able to please yourself and your boyfriend. Please lay down and scoot your bottom to the end of the table." the doctor watches Star's shapely tail move to the edge, his cock hardening at the site of her exposed privates.

The doctor tells her to relax as he dons rubber gloves and sits between her open thighs. Her scent wafting thru the room. His cock jumps against his pants eager to slide inside Star. "Now I'm going to touch you and then insert the speculum, ok?" Star agrees. His fingers gently open Star's outer lips of her shaved pussy and slides over the inner labia as he examines her thoroughly doing his job first, the fun later. Then he inserts the speculum into her vagina. With the aid of the strong light he finds a normal, very wet little hole.

After removing the speculum from her vagina he stands. "Now I must check the size of your uterus." Removing his glove under the table and away from her site, he lets it drop to the floor, wanting to feel her with his naked fingers. He adds a little KY jelly to aid in the insertion. Sliding two fingers slowly, enjoying the heat and moister he finds there. Moving his fingers deep inside her is making his cock throb painfully. This is part of his job he loves the most. After checking her uterus he decides to play just a little to see how she reacts. The doctor starts moving his fingers in and out of her pussy slowly fucking her and watching her face. Her eyes close and a small moan escapes her lips. Taking his thumb he gently applies pressure on her already enlarged clit. Star's body twitches at the contact, opening her thighs a little further. Louder moans accompany the massage of her clit. The doctor starts rubbing his cock over the tent in his pants, almost moaning himself.

Reluctantly he pulls his fingers from her aroused body, knowing that she just needs an able lover to make her cum, and he's going to be that man!

Removing the other glove Dr. Johnson walks around to Star's left side. "Now I'll check your breasts, then we're done with this part of the examination." Star nods and lowers the top sheet to expose her large breasts. Her nipples are stiff from the pleasure she received from his fingers. Star blushes at the thought of the wanton way her body reacted to the examination, and the knowledge that she didn't want it to end.

The doctor placed his hands on either side of her left breast and quickly did the examination, having it done he took a little extra time to relish the feel of her sweet tit in his hands. He couldn't help himself from pulling on the hardened nipple, playing with it a little. He looked to her face and saw the beauty close her eyes again, with rapture covering her face. He couldn't wait to see that face when she has her first orgasm!

He quickly finished the right breast and covered her chest again. "Now Star, I find nothing wrong with you physically. So I think I should do a few tests and experiments to see how you react. Maybe we can find the problem. Ok?" Dr. Johnson says reaching below the table for the left wrist strap.

"If you think it's what I need Doctor. I'll do what you say.," said Star.

"I'm glad you feel that way, please place your hand in the strap, this will assist you in the test." Dr. Johnson says holding out the strap. Knowing the video is running and showing Star's compliance.

Star gives the doctor her wrist and watches him strap it to the table, and then she watches as he does her right wrist and both ankles. Then watched as he walked over to the desk and pushed a button. "Mike I'll need your assistance now, please come in." A few minutes later a young man entered the room. This new man was about average height, much shorter then the handsome doctor. Mike had dark brown hair and brown eyes. His ready smile helped Star relax again. "Yes Doctor Johnson, you needed me?" stated Mike as he walked into the examination room. "Yes Mike, we need to do the sensitivity test for Miss Fields, is EVERYTHING ready?"

Knowing Dr. Johnson was asking if everyone had left, He replied, "Yes, everything is ready to start."

"Then we'll start, please take your place Mike. Miss Fields, these tests are, shall we say a little unorthodox, but if you bear with us, you will be a happier women in the end. Just relax and enjoy the sensations you will be receiving." With a nod from Star, the doctor slide a small stool between Star's open legs and sat down. Mike stood beside Star to the left, his hands on the edge of the table. He looked down at the pretty women, mouth watering at the sight of her beautiful erect nipples poking thru the sheer sheet, looking forward to sucking her and making her moan.

"Now Miss Fields...Star. Mike and I are going to spend the next few hours giving you the best sex in your life." The doctor said with a huge smile on his face.

"What?" Said a shocked Star, straining against her bonds. "You can't do this! Let me go!"

Mike and the doctor exchanged knowing smiles. "Well Hun, you signed an agreement saying you wanted me and my assistant here to fuck your brains out and that you release us from any legal obligations. So all you have to do is be a good girl and enjoy!" Looking back at Mike, "When ever you're ready Mike, you can do whatever you want to our little patient here" The doctor stated. Mike agrees with a happy nod.

Mike gives Star a smile and starts to remove his clothes, Star stares in fear at the nude assistant as his pants and shorts hit the floor. His throbbing, thick 8" cock showing Star that they are serious. She moans, still pulling on the restraints. "Please let me go, I won't tell anyone about this!

Doctor Johnson smiles from between Star's open thighs, "Now don't fuss, You'll enjoy everything we do, just relax."

The doctor starts kissing the inside of Star's right thigh, taking in her sexy aroma. Sliding closer to her awaiting nether lips, gently giving her little nips with his teeth. He opens her outer lips with his fingers and licks her with the tip of his tongue from anus to clit. Star's body stiffens from the intimate contact. Mike in the meantime massages her beasts and leans down to suck on her stimulated rosebud. Taking his time to tease and scrape it with his teeth.

Star's reactions are immediate, soft moans come from her mouth as she closes her eyes. A deep curling sensation fills her taut abdomen, with the massaging and sucking of her breasts and the expert licking from the doctor, she quickly relaxes and is enjoying the increasing pleasure. The doctor teases her clit sucking and flicking the nub to throbbing hardness; her juices are lapped with each teasing stroke of his tongue.

Sweet tension fills Star's body and her first climax builds, her hips rocking against the doctor's face. Her legs shake as her unaccustomed body feels each tender movement of hands and tongue; the combination is almost more than Star could take. With a loud cry of relief, Star cums, thrashing against her bounds, rubbing her wet pussy on to the doctor's greedy tongue. He moans aloud as he swallows and licks every sweet drop of her first orgasm.

Watching her face the doctor slides two fingers into her dripping hole, Star gasps as they fill her and slide in and out, shocking her at the intense feeling. The doctor licks her clit while quickly fucking her to another more intense orgasm. Star's screams, clamping her thighs around the doctor's head and shoulders.

Mike's cock is so hard now it's drooling pre-cum onto the floor. Moving to the head of the table, he climbs onto it and places his knees on either side of Star's head, dangling his angry cock inches from her relaxed face. Feeling the movement from his climbing, Star's eyes open and widen at the huge cock hangs inches from her mouth.

"Now baby, it's time to learn the proper way to suck a man's tool. Open your mouth." Mike commanded. Star shook her head. "No! I won't do that! I've never sucked a man's...cock! Get that thing away from my face!" Star says angrily. "I don't suck my boyfriends, why should I suck yours?" The doctor walked over to Star's right side and turned her face to his. "Now you have a choice, suck Mike's cock or leave now and lose your boyfriend to someone who will!" The doctor returned to his place between her open legs.

Reluctantly Star opened her mouth, grimacing at the texture of the gland entering his mouth. Mike watched as inch by slow inch entered into her open lips. The sight made him swell even wider. When he was satisfied to the depth, he began to slide in and out, receiving wet sounds of Star's sucking reaching his ears. "Suck me good Star, that's the way! Not so bad is it, giving me a lot of pleasure and teaching you is giving me a great blow job!"

The doctor watched as Mike fucked Stars mouth. He was on all fours now, with his hands on the table next to Star's waist. His hips moving up and down keeping a slow deep penetration in Star's mouth. He smiled as he heard Star start to moan while sucking Mike off. She's starting to enjoy it.

Doctor Johnson reached down and pulled out the hidden step in the bottom of the table. Then after removing all his clothes, he steps up and in between Star's gaping thighs. Stroking his cock, he reaches out and teases Star's pussy with his fingers, feeling how wet she was getting sucking Mike.

Taking the huge head of his hard cock and rubbed Star's wet folds to lubricate it, then he firmly taking her hips in his hands--slides deep into her pussy in one swift stroke. Star's body stiffens with the entrance, arching toward the ceiling. Her nipples return to rock hard points at the intrusion. Her deep moan of pleasure is mumble around Mike's busy cock.

The doctor waits for her body to relax again, then starts the pulsing movement, his hips grinding against hers with each stroke, his ball sack slapping against her ass, keeping tempo. The table rocks slightly with both men fucking Star. Star's moans fill the room as both men have filled her.

Star's sex sleeve wraps tightly around the doctor's invading cock as it advances and retreats over and over. Deep fiery sensations flood Star's body. Never has she ever felt so alive and desirable. The sweet excited tension has returned to her young body as she nears another climax, it's intensity heightened by the moans and grunts from both men as they use her body. Shortly her velvet folds clamp down on the doctor's cock as the spasms rack her body. Mike's throbbing member absorbs muffled screams and moans. Her climax triggers Mike's as he moans aloud, his face grimaces as if in severe pain, as long heated streams of his cum shoots deep into Star's throat. Almost gagging her at first, she quickly swallows his seed.

A few moments later Mike climbs off the table, and watches the doctor as he continues to pump his cock deep in Star's dripping hole. The doctor looks over to Mike and with a nod towards the wall shelves. Mike smiles and walks over to the wall shelves. With a movement from his hand, he releases a lever, releasing a queen sized Murphy's bed, and flicking on a light to brighten this side of the room. then returns to the doctor.

Doctor Johnson watched Star's face and he slowly screwed the lovely redhead. "God she's beautiful!" He thought, "her boyfriend must be a totally idiot, not to make this women his sex slave." Wanting to prolong this wonderful sensation, and not cum yet, the doctor pulled out of her, with a wet pop. "Are you willing now to continue your treatment, over onto the bed where it will be more comfortable for all of us, with out restraints?"

Star was deeply disappointed that the doctor had removed his cock from her excited body. She looked at him in a lustful haze and shook her head "Yes, I would like that."

Having removed the straps, both men assisted Star to the awaiting bed. She sat down looking at the doctor. "What now, Doctor Johnson?" she asked getting nervous again.

(To be continued)

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