tagInterracial LoveChecking In Ch. 02

Checking In Ch. 02


Note: It is recommended that you read "Checking In" before you read this story in order to understand the events that follow.


Jade and Rocky were lying on the bed, exhilarated after their first experience together. Rocky was sprawled out next to Jade's naked body, his hand finding its way to her soft face where it circled around her cheeks and back to comb into her silky hair which was now slightly damp from sweating. Gazing at her with his languid expression he was amazed at the feelings that this unique creature had created in his body as it reacted to her every touch. With traces of cum still visible on his skin and his hand exploring her upper body, Rocky was still trying to let the feelings subside from the amazing release. Taking note of his own body, he noticed that his cock still refused to completely soften. He broke the silence first with a sigh.

"Mmm...that was terrific, Jade. I needed that. It has been way too stressful these last few weeks."

He looked into her lovely eyes, then down at her naked body, with only her soaked panties pulled slightly down to the side giving him a clear view of her moist and juicy pussy lips.

"Jade, I do feel a little guilty for dragging you in here; I'd hate to have you lose your job because of me. If you can't stay I'd understand, but looking into your eyes, at your beautiful body...I can't seem to get enough of your touch and your scent."

"Some jobs are worth losing when the excuse is this satisfying," Jade answered.

He leaned in and kissed her once more, their naked bodies sliding against one another; him feeling his strong, hard muscles and shoulders against her soft frame. His hands ran through her hair as he kissed her lips passionately, his tongue tasting every inch of her mouth. Rocky's hands massaged their way down her back to rest on her firm buttocks as his mouth found her neck and continued down to her supple breasts. His slow ministrations continued to call to her body as she felt the heat start to rise from between her thighs. He broke the kiss and smiled.

"Well at least you're not the only one risking something here, I turned off my phone to make sure that we remained....uninterrupted. Mmm...I loved feeling your hot lips and velvet tongue over my cock, drinking every drop of my cum. I think it's about time I returned the favor."

Jade's hand slid down his body to grip his cock one more time before he gently pushed her down into the bed, placing his head lower on her body. His face kissed a wet trail up her legs to her hot inner thighs. Feeling his warm breath on her delicate skin the anticipation almost got to her as she cried out one short, soft moan when his lips just barely brushed against her tender folds. He grabbed a hold of her panties with both hands and aggressively pulled them down and off her legs, his fingers feeling the sheer soaked material hinting at her arousal.

He began to pull apart her legs, staring at the lovely folds in front of his hands traveling up to her inner thighs. She could feel his hot breath against her skin when it made its way down her navel, marking a wet trail towards her open pussy. He spread her fully, appreciating the beauty of her inner lips. He licked his finger and slid inside. Quickly realizing that she was already well lubricated from their foreplay, he removed his finger to reach forward with his tongue to touch her wet lips, tasting her sweet juices for the first time. Watching her body react to his intimate caress he leaned forward more and buried his tongue inside of her making her cry out.

"Oh...Rocky, I love the feel of your tongue, wet and hard inside me. Don't stop, don't stop!"

His tongue started to circle within her, trying to taste every inch of her, probing her moist inner lips; he withdrew to lick the outside of her wet hole now covered with drops of her juices. Tasting her slick and eager cunt his fingers twisted in her folds searching for her clit; her body tightened when he touched its little hood and revealed the nub to charged atmosphere of the sex-filled room.

He used his tongue to thrust inside of her again, tracing his fingertips over and around her clit; stimulating her like she had never felt before. Her taste and smell drove him wild with need. Rocky could feel his cock jump to life, pulsing and throbbing reaching its full length. As he continued to taste her soaked folds, a drop of precum leaked out the top of his engorged head; he moaned as he felt it slipping down the hard veined length of his rigid cock.

Enjoying the sound of his wet tongue lashing against her slick lips he started rubbing little circles on her clit, causing moans to escape from her hungry mouth. His pace increased egged on by her ever loudening moans and hard, short breaths indicating that she was close. He leaned forward to suck on her clit, his tongue flicking it in small circles with his hands keeping her pussy open as her legs started to tremble. Her whole body opened to him as he felt her juices as they started to run down his chin and onto his neck. He eagerly lapped up the juices awaiting her inevitable explosion.

"I'm close; I can't believe this is happening..."

Her body started to react by convulsing around his head. Trying to hold out a little longer, she grabbed the bed spread with her clutching hands but it was no use. Her legs clamped around his head, her hands abandoned the bed spread and clutched his head against her; wanting to feel the full range of pleasure as it washed over her and into his hot mouth. She started to scream and jerk her body against his head, he kissed her wet pussy lips and moaned out "cum for me Jade". With one final lick of his tongue, she screamed out her orgasm as it exploded from her body in one long stream of sound, her juices seemed to almost shoot out from the force of the orgasm. As he watched her ride her orgasm the sight encouraged his cock further, her open soaked pussy invited thoughts of making their connection complete. As the orgasm subsided, she looked down at his face, dripping with her juices.

"I can't believe what just happened. I never came that hard before."

"Mmm...tell me about it," he said licking his lips. "I've never seen a woman squirt like that before."

She laughed a little and tried to turn her body over but is stopped by his head so she lay back down. Seeing her naked, vulnerable body spread before him, made him want to spread her legs and fuck her right then. He saw her eyes hungry with need as she looked at his cock, large and ready to take her. He positioned his hips to better accommodate such a large tool.

Her hands stroked up his arms to his shoulders, her eyes now looking into his. She leaned up and closed her eyes as his mouth found hers. The kiss was long and deep, his lips caressing hers. She moved closer to him so that she could feel his hardness against her body. He took on of her hands and guided it to his erection. She grabbed his cock and started stroking it up and down while he still kissed her soft lips.

Opening her eyes she knew by the look on his face that there needed to be no more words between them. They had grown past words leaving only touch and feel to guide them on this last leg of their orgasmic journey. Looking deep into her eyes he groaned a little as her jerking motions started to quicken. Lust filled his eyes at the sight of her hand pumping up and down on his stiff cock. She let her hands release his member to help her lie back on the bed and spread her legs.

"I need you now Rocky. Please don't deny me," she said, guiding his cock to her opening.

He moaned as the thought of how they first met flashed across his mind. They were finally going to feel each others bodies to the fullest extent.

"I need you too Jade, I need to fuck you now," he said as his cock plunged into her.

She threw her head back as she felt every inch of hard penetration sliding into her. He withdrew once he was completely sheathed inside her, the ridges and veins of his cock teased her as they slipped by her lips and clit. With his cock completely out he teased her again rubbing the slick swollen head against her outer lips, not sliding it in just yet, reveling in the delicious torture that he was causing her.

"Oh...Rocky...oh...please I need you...please," she moaned.

Finally his slick smooth cock-head rubbed directly against her clit before ending her agony and thrusting inside of her, fucking her wet, tight hole.

"Oh, yes! Oh god...mmmm...that feels so good," she moaned, lifting her hips to meet his every thrust.

He quickly found his rhythm as her legs wrapped around his ass. He pounded her again and again; her pussy gripped his cock every time he slammed into her, clutching the hard shaft, not wanting to let it go. Every time she squeezed his cock, milking it as it left her, he moaned and grunted, each movement taking him to the point of no return. He looked down at her naked body and he saw her playing with her breasts with one hand while the other had a finger or two in her cunt. He closed his eyes and let his body take control. They were both savoring the feeling of emotion, living in the moment. She rubbed her clit faster and faster as his rhythm sped up to match her feverish pace. In out in out, it was dizzying.

"Oh, I'm close...Rocky I'm close..."

With every thrust and each grip of her pussy, he felt his cock pulsing inside of her, which made her juices flow and his pace quicken.

"Mmm...Jade, I don't think I can hold back...any longer..."

With both of their bodies pressured, he sheathed himself inside of her, completely filling her up feeling her pussy walls contract around his shaft. Her legs clamped down hard holding him to her body.

"Ahhhhh.....I'm coming Jade, ahhh..."

She heard more grunts and moans leave his mouth before his seed spilled into her womb, triggering her own release.


The words were lost as Jade screamed her orgasm, her juices gushed from her opening drenching Rocky's cock as he blasted jet after jet of hot sticky cum inside of her, filling her up. The sensation of his cock exploding inside of her caused her body to shake and her legs to tremble when the orgasm finally started to subside. They both held their bodies close together as they fought to slow their ragged breathing.

She felt his cock twitch inside of her, apparently happy to be residing in her most intimate hole. He felt his knees weaken and slumped slightly, enjoying the endorphins as they danced along his skin. Feeling his body slump, Jade rolled them over so that he collapsed on his side, his body worn out. He held her close to him lying on the bed, both of their gazes looking at their bodies before traveling up to stare into each other's eyes. Still trying to catch her breath, Jade spoke first in an intimate whisper,

"Thank you, Rocky. This has been the most amazing experience that I have ever felt before."

Lightly touching her face with his trembling fingers, he smiled softly.

"Jade, I'm just glad we could share it."

Her hand reached over to cup his face before they both closed their eyes and leaned in for a long, deep, slow kiss.

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