tagInterracial LoveChecking on the Neighbors Pt. 02

Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 02


This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read "Checking on the Neighbors Part I" to get the full story from the beginning.

You are reading a work of interracial erotica that contains big dicks, large breasts, and cheating wives. If this content is objectionable to you, please stop reading and find something that suits you.

Liz stood on the pool deck, a few feet away from the edge of the pool. Her black, young, twin neighbors, Robbie and Ray, both stood in the pool, beckoning her to join them.

She felt silly, given the events of the previous hour. It was quite possible that she still had some of the boys' errant cum drying in her hair.

Ray was slightly closer to her. "Why don't you come in?" he offered, moving toward her, then resting his torso on the edge of the pool.

"Not a bad idea," she thought.

Liz could feel Ray and Robbie's eyes on her. The silence ticked by awkwardly.

"I guess I will!" she finally blurted out.

Liz was wearing her tiniest string bikini with a cover-up over it. Smiling, she casually unbuttoned the thin cover up and let it slip off of her shoulders. The material slumped into a heap at her feet.

The boys' eyes were glued to her as she approached the pool. She felt her nipples stiffen. Both of the boys were staring at her tits as she descended the steps into the pool.

Liz waded in up to her neck, feeling the cool water surround her. She felt her nipples grow even harder under the water, and smiled to herself knowing it would be even more revealing to the boys. She walked her way back up to the stairs and sat on one with her waist below the water and her upper body exposed.

Robbie swam up to the stairs from the deeper part of the pool. "So, Liz. What's there to do around here, anyway?"

"You mean on our street, or in the area?" Liz asked.

"Both, I guess." Robbie sat across from her. Smiling.

"For young men like yourselves? Movies, go to the mall, hang out at the lake, Six Flags, Uptown, gun range. That sort of thing."

Liz was relaxed from the several orgasms she just had in the cabana and guessed correctly that Ray and Robbie were also in a pretty mellow mood.

Ray walked over near Liz and sat down in the pool.

"Hey, Robbie, feel like going to the lake...Like, tomorrow?"

"That sounds cool. Let's do that. What time can we pick you up Liz?" Robbie sounded like he was serious.

Liz's first, and probably best instinct was to say 'no thanks, guys. I have plans,' but she didn't. She thought for a few minutes about the thirty-minute car ride out there, how crowded the parks would be around the lake tomorrow, the 30-minute car ride back. She would have to leave the house around ten o'clock and leave the lake around three. She decided that she couldn't be seen in the car with two black teenagers; that just wouldn't work. It would be too difficult to explain to Mandy or Matt if somehow they were to find out.

"You know, I have some errands to run tomorrow. If you two go, I will try my best to meet up with you there while I'm out. Maybe lay on the grass or the big rocks at one of the parks. Why don't y'all text me and let me know where you end up and I will meet you there."

She felt satisfied that she would be reasonably safe from discovery with this plan, but what was she planning? What did she hope would happen? She felt a sexual flutter in her core.

"Okay, Liz. I'll get your number from my mom and text you when we get to the lake." Robbie confirmed.

"Could you bring some beer?" Ray asked, sounding like a kid.

"Uh, no. That could get me in trouble." Liz smiled as she shook her head.

She would have to take her own car. It would be the perfect way to spend time with these two fine young men. She would feel a lot better about flirting with them as well. As it was, she was feeling uncomfortable swimming with them in her sexiest bikini. Anyone could catch her and even that would be scandalous.

"Well, I guess I will expect to hear from you tomorrow then." Liz left the pool without looking back, knowing full well that the two twins were eyeing her round ass as she walked away. It would look wet and even bigger in the tiny bikini bottoms. Liz felt their eyes on her and couldn't suppress a smile.

"Damn man. We're going to hit that hard!" Robbie fist bumped Ray.

"You better fix that hole in the restroom before Dad sees it." Ray reminded Robbie of the gloryhole. They had put the gloryhole in the cabana for the party they were going to throw when they moved in, but their mom canceled it after finding porn on their computer.

"It came in handy though. Never thought we would actually use it!" Ray shared.

"No shit!" Robbie agreed.

Liz went home and played the good wife to Matt. Making him dinner and engaging in conversation. He wasn't in the mood to have sex, so she went to bed fantasizing about what was going to happen at the lake the next day. She was planning some teasing, perhaps skinny dipping or topless sunbathing, but little else. She was beginning to shy from the idea of actually having sex with either of them. They were trouble. Not so much because they were dangerous, but more so because they were young, arrogant, and careless.

When she woke, Matt had already left for work. She took a shower and was looking for clothes to wear on her special trip.

She chose a zebra-patterned bikini with an American flag T-shirt and a white cover skirt to go over her swim suit. She was both nervous and excited at the prospect of seeing those two enormous cocks out in the open and not sticking through some strange hole in the wall.

Robbie texted her on her cell:

'Ready? We will be at lake by 11:00.'

She responded:

'See you by the park with the giant rocks by the shore. You can't miss it.'

There was little in the way of traffic on the way to the lake. Liz made good time and was driving on Lake Road not long after eleven o'clock.

In the car alone, Liz couldn't quiet her mind. Despite her trying to avoid the thought, she couldn't help but obsess over the two giant black penises of those two boys. She wanted to see them again, to touch them, but at the same time, didn't want to give the black twins the compliment by revealing the fact that she was so attracted to them. Her pussy was wet with anticipation.

She rounded the final turn and approached the lake. The more popular beaches were on the south side, but Liz went to the less popular northern shore, toward the remote parking lot near the giant rocks. This was where she told the twins to meet her.

Liz crested the hill overlooking the beach and her heart skipped a beat. There was only one vehicle in the lot: the twins' large white pick-up truck. She eased her small car into a spot a few spaces down from theirs. She gathered her bag with towels, suntan lotion and a cooler she filled with sangria and walked down to the lake side park.

Robbie and Ray had a large blanket laid out in the pure white sand near the water. They had just put suntan lotion on and were about to lie down when Liz came strolling down from the hill where the parking lot was located. Robbie was first to see her.

"Hey, look at this." He prodded his brother.

"Damn. She is about as fine a woman as I have ever seen." Ray licked his lips.

"Hey guys!" Liz waved, jiggling and strutting her way to the beach. She set her bags down at one end of the blanket.

The lake was a rather larger recreational destination mostly used by fisherman and water skiers. There were never many people on the shore, and when the temperatures were in the high 90's, the beaches were nearly empty. The park Liz selected was remote, and they were the only ones there.

The two boys rose to greet Liz. Each one put their large hands around her waist and kissed her on the cheek in turn.

After their brief greeting, Liz wasted no time getting comfortable. She slipped out of her skirt, then peeled her T-shirt off over her head to reveal her bathing suit.

"Woah! I like that! Zebra pattern, eh Liz?" Ray jabbed Robbie.

The twins eyed her shamelessly. Liz's huge, pale tits bulged against her top. The zebra-print was stretched so thin that Liz's darker areolas were visible in the white stripes of the pattern. Her cleavage was spilling out in smooth curves. When she bent to put her skirt and T-shirt into her bag, the twins could see part of her outer nipple peek over the bikini top.

Her bottoms were doing only slightly better at holding her ass in place. Half of her cheeks were exposed and the low-cut front of her bottoms revealed that she kept her pussy trimmed. The twins were excited to see her tan lines, meaning this was a more revealing bikini than she typically wore.

She had been told that she looked like Jordan Carver and today she looked even hotter.

"I guess I will lie between the two of you on your blanket." Liz spread her towel on top of the blanket as the twins watched in awe as her body swayed and jiggled with every motion.

"That's sounds about right." Ray said in response.

Liz's pussy was on fire. She could feel how wet she was. It was dripping down her leg! She needed to take a dip in the water to hide the sheen of her juices, shining visibly at the tops of her thighs.

"It's hot! Let's go for a swim." She suggested.

The three walked to the water and waded in. The water was warm, not the best feeling on a hot day, but it felt good to get wet at least. Liz dunked her head under the water as the boys swam around her like sharks stalking their prey. They splashed around playfully, moving closer and closer to her. Just as they were about to close in, Liz waded toward the beach and started to walk back to the blanket. The boys followed her up the sand.

She sat on her towel in the middle of the blanket and got a bottle out of her bag. It was coconut oil and Liz began applying it to her silky, toned legs.

Ray held out his hands, palms up.

"Need some help?" He asked.

Liz squirted a generous measure into his large hands. "Absolutely." Liz smiled.

Robbie sat at her feet and began rubbing her toes. He focused first on her left foot. After a few moments, he casually placed her left foot on his wet crotch and switched to her right.

Liz could feel him stiffening against her foot. He'd put her heel against the side of his shaft. It felt warm and thick under the thin wet fabric of his shorts.

Liz was wet from the anticipation of their first, sexual contact face-to-face, and there it was. She nearly squealed with excitement, although, this was no way to slow things down. As Robbie was grinding into her foot, Ray settled in behind her, massaging the coconut oil into her soft skin. His attention moved lower, to her shoulder blades. He kept rubbing, moving on to the sides of her arms.

Liz bit her lip. She knew what he was doing. She accidentally let a moan slip as she felt Ray's strong, slick hands move to caress the outside of her huge, hanging breasts.

Ray was kneeling behind Liz. After a few broad strokes on the sides of her tits, he simply pressed them together. His movements became more forceful and he started smashing her tits together from the sides, abandoning the pretense of applying suntan oil.

With Ray jiggling her, the small bikini stood no chance of holding back her melon-sized breasts. Liz's hard nipples popped out of the skimpy bikini top almost immediately.

With her breasts nearly entirely exposed, Liz began to grow nervous with the pace of this attention. They needed to slow down a little or they would be fucking in a matter of minutes. She began to anxiously look around in an effort to survey their surroundings.

The peaceful lake stretched before them. It was so vast that there was no chance of anyone catching the trio from across it. To their sides was bare beach with some fairly large rocks, a steep embankment and overgrown fields leading up an undeveloped hill. To the other side was a small, sparsely populated grove of trees. She could see all around her with the exception of behind her, where the car lot was situated about fifty yards away and one hundred feet above where they lay. She couldn't see the lot, only the trail leading to it.

Just as a final precaution, Liz turned around to check in the direction just behind her. She stretched around Ray who moved to the side to allow her a view as he continued to grope her.

There, not but thirty yards away was an older, pale, white man in a bathing suit with a towel around his neck and donning a Texas Rangers baseball cap approaching.

Liz straightened up and motioned to the twins.

"Jesus! Didn't you see him?" She asked Robbie. He had put her feet together at the soles and was now fucking her feet through the material of his swim shorts.

"Oh, shit!" Robbie dropped her feet and moved away from her.

Ray turned around and watched the older man veer to the side and lay his towel up and behind the three lovers. He was careful to stay out of their field of vision. They could only see him when they looked back in his direction. He was only about one hundred feet away as he sat on his towel looking out at the lake.

"What should we do?" Liz was panicked. She had taken such extreme measures to avoid getting discovered and now she was not only discovered, but was being observed, caught with the hands of two young black men upon her. She wanted to run away and hide until Robbie revealed another way to look at the turn of events.

"He's here because he sees two young, hot black studs with their paws all over the hottest white woman in the state of Texas. Anyone would wander closer to get a peek."

"You're right, Bro. He knows what he's doing." Ray agreed.

"Okay, so let's go and come back another day. We can swim at my pool at home, later." Liz was still uncomfortable and pissed off that someone would purposely select a spot on the beach so close to the trio.

"Fuck that! Why don't we give him a show?" Robbie smiled a devilish grin.

When Liz heard Robbie's suggestion something stirred deep within her. Some sort of unrealized fetish, or deep-seated desire came to the surface of her consciousness. Her wet pussy suddenly became a sloppy, soaked mess in a matter of seconds.

"Actually, that sounds interesting, now that I think about it." She responded. "Why don't we just continue and keep an eye on him to make sure he's not a cop?"

The three agreed and continued what they were doing prior to being interrupted, keeping a slightly cautious eye on the man some ways behind them.

Robbie moved back down to her feet only now he used the coconut oil to lubricate her soles. He rubbed the oil into her feet while keeping an eye on their spectator. Liz was turned on and softly panting in reaction to Robbie's rubbing. She looked on excitedly, watching him. He knelt and pushed the waist of his swimming suit down. His erect monster sprung up into the open air.

Liz remembered his cock well. It was the first black dick she'd seen in person. Gigantic, obscenely large, and black as a starless night. Now she could look at it in the bright light of day.

Robbie placed his cock between her feet as he angled the soles together forming a hole of sorts with her arches. He then slowly began fucking her feet with his enormous rod. Liz had never seen such a thing and certainly had never had her feet fucked like this.

"Where did you learn that?" She whispered.

"I've probably imagined twenty ways I could fuck you." He chided.

"Hey, our audience is on his knees trying to get a better view." Robbie reported as he continued to slowly fuck Liz's soles.

"Do you think he's a cop?" Liz asked with concern. She made no move to stop the young men as they enjoyed her body.

"I know he isn't."

"How do you know?" She asked.

"Because he has his dick out and he is playing with himself." Robbie chuckled.

Liz shuddered and then about came in her bikini bottoms. The thought that someone was watching her being fondled by two black men was too hot for her to handle. She was awakening a lustful, slutty side to her personality that was causing her to feel overwhelmingly sexual.

As if on cue, Ray squeezed her massive tits from the sides again and smashed them together. Her top slipped off completely, bunching below her exposed double Ds. Liz's head tilted back as she moaned in delight.

"Oh, fuck, Ray," escaped her mouth as she closed her eyes.

Encouraged by her passionate groans, Ray used one hand to unhook her top. It sprang off of her torso like a coiled spring. Her white flesh was fully revealed. Her erect, pink nipples freed at last. Liz's huge tits sat high on her chest, still perky and dewdrop-shaped. Ray quickly scooped up each breast and continued his massage.

Liz was getting into Robbie's foot fucking. He had each of her small ankles gripped tightly in his hands. Robbie was slowly thrusting his long, fully erect cock back and forth between her feet. Liz couldn't help but feel like his monster cock would be halfway up her torso if he was inside her.

She also thrust her chest out into Ray's clutching hands. Her pussy was throbbing intensely as she thought about the old white man jerking off, watching their every move.

Liz whispered to herself, "this is crazy..." But no one heard her words.

Ray was getting extremely aroused. His cock was growing quickly and running out of room in his swim suit, so he decided to remove it completely. He rose to stand behind Liz. His movement drew her eye and she looked up.

Liz was shocked to see his lithe, black, muscular body rise over her. He untied his shorts and pushed them down. Above her, his thick, eleven-inch pole bobbed out, extending out over her in a nearly fully erect state.

Liz's eyes bulged as they travelled along his length. She naturally opened her mouth wide without realizing she was doing it. She was salivating so much that a clear strand of drool slipped down her parted lips, dripped onto her breast, and trickled straight down her torso to finally land on the towel. She was panting with lust.

Ray simply stepped out of his shorts, then stepped back toward Liz, stepping around her body until his cock hung in front of her face. He plugged his black meat into her glistening mouth. She accepted about four or five thick inches of shaft before he hit the back of her throat.

They were treating their voyeur with quite a view. One black man standing in front of a buxom blonde woman who had her arms perched behind her while another was on his knees fucking her feet. The older gentleman took his bathing suit off and was jacking off.

Ray reached down to gather her blonde hair in his grip. She began moaning and humming in ecstasy. He felt Liz begin to bob her head on his wide, dark shaft as he held her hair. Her thick lips were stretched wide. She looked desperate and kind of pathetic, moving her lips back and forth on his massive cock. She was only able to handle a few inches, which became shiny with saliva.

Ray knew the scene he was creating for the old man. He knew there were very few opportunities to witness such a sexy sight.

He removed his cock from Liz's greedy mouth, and sat down on the blanket with his back to the old man, behind Liz. He positioned himself with Liz's body between his legs. His cock sat straight up stiffly.

"Turn around," he ordered calmly.

Liz needed to be fucked, badly. She ached to finally feel one of these huge monsters spread her pussy wide. In a quick motion, she moved from sitting upright, facing toward Robbie and the lake, to being on her hands and knees and facing Ray, away from the lake. She arched her back, presenting her round, white, perfect ass up in the air for Robbie. Her mouth opened again, now hovering just a few inches over Ray's stiff rod.

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