tagInterracial LoveChecking on the Neighbors Pt. 03

Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 03


Special thanks to Literotica member, Smoothed for his help with editing and creative detail.

This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read "Checking on the Neighbors Chapters I & 2" to get the full story from the beginning.

You are reading a work of interracial erotica that contains anal sex, big dicks, large breasts, and cheating wives. If this content is objectionable to you, please stop reading and find something that better suits your tastes.


"Hi Liz. I came home the other day to find the boys were nowhere to be found. Did you stop by and check on them? It's no big deal if you didn't, I just thought you said you would."

Mandy's voice came through the phone to Liz carrying the usual, casual tone, but was tinged with something else, something hard for Liz to place. Was it urgency? Distrust? Liz couldn't put her finger on it.

Liz bit her lip. She'd been purposefully avoiding the twins since last week's encounter in the foyer, unsure of how to proceed with her relationship with the boys, her husband, and the boys' parents, her neighbors, Mandy and Roger. Her attraction to their sons (and their enormous black cocks) was undeniable. She didn't feel like she could control herself.

Mandy seemed mad, and she had every right to be. Liz was supposed to check on the twins twice yesterday, and the day before. In her last attempt to "check" on them, they'd surprised her and she'd been unable to resist their advances. She'd left the Harris' house that afternoon with a fresh load of cum in her belly and traces of a hastily cleaned-off facial drying in her hair. She loved being used roughly by the boys, but soon after, she became overwhelmed by guilt and shame.

Despite her guilt, Liz had become obsessed with her big black cock threesome fantasies. She scoured the Internet for new, more stimulating videos, but they all paled in comparison to her real-life experiences with the twins. How could she go back to a sex life with only Matt? Her husband was an amazing lover, but how could he compare with two young men? Two young men who were well-endowed? Matt wasn't black, and Liz realized that this fact completely removed the exciting taboo element from her sex with her husband, something that she got with Robbie and Ray. She was becoming depressed thinking that her sex life had seen its best days and now had to return to normal.

Liz did her best to assuage her desire for dark meat by avoiding the boys and masturbating frequently, still fantasizing about them. She felt she couldn't continue this pattern, it was exhausting and embarrassing, and she was afraid she would inevitably get caught. She was also afraid that her need for the two giant black cocks would become an addiction. She had never seen a cock as big as either one of the twins, in person, or online, and she had two!

She continued with Mandy,

"Mandy, I'm sorry, I haven't been feeling well lately. I'm sorry I let you down."

Liz sincerely apologized. Mandy could hear in her tone that she was troubled about it. Mandy sighed, knowing her boys could be a handful. It was too much to ask of Liz and she knew it.

"I know it's asking a lot. I was just wondering since I hadn't heard from you in a few days. Not a big deal, really, I just need to know they're okay while I'm at work. Those two can be trouble!"

Liz felt her face flush with a sense of guilty irony. Mandy's warning came a little late.

Liz cleared her throat and replied, "I'll be sure to check on them this afternoon," doing her best to sound confident.

"Thank you, Liz. I owe you one!" The two ended the call. Liz slumped over in her chair and stared out the window. She felt trapped.

She knew that whenever she sees the twins, she'll be faced with the primal desire to have sex with them. Prior to her time with them at the lake, she had never had a threesome. Now, she feels like every time she has sex it's going to be a threesome with Ray and Robbie. They were a package deal in her mind.

Matt had become an afterthought. She hadn't had sex with her husband in... what... about a month?! It's not that she didn't love her husband, in fact, he was the most attractive man she had ever met. He was a great provider, he was good to her, and he was good in bed.

The problem was that she knew she just couldn't say no to her two young, hung neighbors. They were taboo, forbidden, unknown, and unexplored. The way they treated her, the way they used her, and they seemed so cavalier about it, it was too tempting for her to resist. She had most men wrapped around her finger with as much as a smile. Now she felt like she had no control.

And she had to admit, she liked that. There was a deep desire within her. What scared her was this: the desire wasn't for this torrid affair to stop; the desire screamed inside her for MORE.

Liz moped around for a while, read a little, and tried to distract her mind. She put her swimsuit on and laid out by the pool. She set the alarm on her phone for three and resolved to swim laps until then. She would forget about the boys until her alarm sounded, then go check on them at that time.

She dove in and immediately locked into the freestyle pattern of swimming. Stroke overhead with one arm, kick, then stroke with the other. Turn and breathe. Stroke, kick, stroke, and breathe.

Liz glided through the water, hit the side of the pool, and proficiently flipped over, pushing off of the side as she reversed direction. Stroke, kick, stroke, and breathe. Repeat. Her body knew mechanically what to do without her needing to think about it.

With a flash, the image of Robbie smiling down at her, brandishing his thick, dark erection popped into her head.

She voluntarily pushed the memory out of her mind. Stroke, kick, stroke, and breathe.

"Don't think of the boys," she mentally willed herself. "Just... forget about those powerful teen cocks... those orgasms... How many had I had there in the foyer as they passed me between themselves like a play doll? Four? Five? I think I lost count after five."

Her pussy throbbed. She remembered feeling Ray's cock pulse powerfully as it deposited his hot cum against her cervix.

"No!" she yelled mentally. "Don't think of the boys, just don't," she resolved.

Stroke, kick, stroke, and breathe. How many laps was that? She turned her head to breathe again and was met with the shrill sound of her alarm.

She stopped abruptly, grabbing the side of the pool and pulling her dripping body out of the water. She patted herself dry, slipped off her wet bikini bottoms, and stepped into a summer skirt. She wore a white button-down shirt to hide her breasts that were falling out of her red bikini top.

Liz was determined to sneak up on the twins and make a note as to what exactly they were doing. She would then be able to text Mandy an update without anyone seeing she was even there.

It was a sincere effort to avoid their irresistible charms.

At Mandy's house, she keyed-in the passcode to the front door and quietly let herself in. The house was still. She could hear the ticking from the grandfather clock in the dining room and nothing else.

'Shit.' She realized they either weren't home, or they were asleep. This required more time searching for them and more opportunity to be discovered.

She mentally prepared herself to sneak upstairs to check if they were sleeping, although she realized this was probably a long shot. As she made her way to the staircase, she had to pass the kitchen. She peered through the deserted kitchen.

'Hmmmm," she mused softly, padding over to the large bay window that overlooked the pool and patio. A blur of motion caught her eye. Was that a basketball? She didn't get a clear look. There was a muffled splashing, but she couldn't see low enough to look into the pool.

Liz walked around to the back door. She wanted to sneak a peek into the pool, but would be seen if she just went out through the kitchen. Her heart pounded as she snuck around. She knew Mandy wanted her there, but still felt like she was doing something wrong. She just hoped that neither of the boys would spot her.

She could feel her bare pussy pulse with excitement, and at that moment she wished she had worn panties.

As she crept around the side of the house, she saw Ray in the pool. She recognized his hair and his long, lithe arms as he faced away from her, shooting a ball into a small floating net.

Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her and before she knew it, she was in Robbie's strong arms.

"Hey Liz, critiquing Ray's shot?" he said playfully, gathering the squirming blonde and tossing her over his shoulder like a 10-lb. sack of potatoes.

"Robbie! Put me down now!" she screamed, half joking, half serious, and kicking her legs.

Robbie closed the short distance to the pool quickly.

"Ok, Liz, you got it!" Robbie laughed and launched her into the water.

Liz unceremoniously splashed into the pool. Ray turned around and gathered her, helping her get her bearings.

"God... COUGH... Robbie!" Liz complained, struggling in the billowing material of the soaked summer skirt.

"Oh come on, you were probably all hot and sweaty anyway," Ray said, smiling. He straightened her up and without asking, simply yanked the skirt down off of her waist.

Liz's head was swimming and it barely registered that Ray had removed her skirt. She was again reminded that she wasn't wearing panties.

"You need to warn me, Robbie! What if I'd had my cell?" she asked angrily, squinting up at him as he stood over her, on the edge of the pool.

Robbie laughed, looking down at her. Liz's thin, white cover-up had become completely see through in the water. The wet material clung to her oversized breasts. In the commotion from being thrown in the pool, her tiny red bikini top had shifted and was no longer covering her nipples.

Robbie stared at her enormous, wet tits and her large, pinkish-red nipples.

"Damn, Liz, we missed you! And, I could tell that you didn't have your phone. No pockets!" he laughed.

Liz was still a bit dazed in the bright sunlight. Robbie was talking to her and Ray was behind her with his hands on her hips. She could feel his muscular chest push into her back. The lump in his shorts poked against the top of her butt and her lower back.

She was staring at Robbie's wet trunks, just above her. She was dazed, remembering how big his cock felt inside her, how it swelled even bigger and harder as he unloaded his cum deep inside. She could see the outline of his prodigious cock, thick and long.

'Jesus help me.' She thought.

Just thinking about the enormous cock had a hypnotic affect upon her, which seemed to cause her to move in slow motion. Ray was standing behind her, rubbing her shoulders. His fingers casually made their way to the buttons of her wet top, which he quickly removed.

"Wait..." Liz said absently as Ray took off the button up. Her undersized bikini top was askew. She clutched at it in an attempt to cover up, but Ray had unhooked the strap in the back. Her huge breasts spilled over her arms as she tried to hold them back.

"Hey, I was wearing that!" Liz complained, turning to Ray. She had snapped herself out of her trance. "Come on, that's not fair," she said only half smiling.

Ray gathered Liz toward him with one hand and held up her top with the other. "Oh, this little thing?" it was just out of her reach. She'd have to let go of her breasts to grab her bikini top.

Liz couldn't help but smile broadly in Ray's arms. She laughed and stretched her arms up to get her top, pressing her bare breasts against Ray. Just as she felt the edge of the fabric, Ray tossed the small garment to his brother.

Ray's smooth young skin felt exciting to Liz's touch, just as Robbie's had when he threw her into the pool. As she turned to Robbie in their little game of keep-away, she felt her resolve melting away. She longed to be handled by the twins again.

Robbie sat down on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water. Liz waded over to him, now completely naked, followed closely by a grinning Ray.

"Come on, give it back," she said sweetly to Robbie. She closed the distance between them and moved between his legs.

"What, this?" Robbie played, raising the red top above Liz. "Its right here, just grab it."

Liz felt the wet material at the tips of her fingers and reached. Robbie jerked it up suddenly, and Liz hopped slightly, her large wet tits bouncing and wobbling playfully. Robbie continued moving his hand until he was holding it over his own head, drawing Liz close to him.

They looked into each other's faces, just inches away, both smiling. The sexual energy was off the charts. Liz moved in close to Robbie. She noticed Robbie's thick erection surge between them.

Liz's hand closed over Robbie's just as Robbie moved his upper body down toward her. The two entwined in a passionate kiss. Liz felt Robbie's hand firmly grip her bare, wet breast and they kissed in a building frenzy.

Robbie kissed Liz aggressively. Their tongues were forceful and deliberate. Liz began moaning openly at the thought of his surging rod, held back by his wet trunks. At that moment, Liz was given over to her desires to be used by these two young men again. She was swept up in the sexual moment and joined right in as if they had never left off from last week.

Robbie broke the kiss, startling Liz slightly. He saw the lust in her eyes; she wanted it. He pushed her back slightly and sat up as Liz put her hands on his knees. Ray was behind her, holding her hips and playing with her ass cheeks, rubbing and squeezing them.

"If you want your top back so bad..." Robbie started, untying his shorts, "...then just..." he reached inside and abruptly yanked his cock out. It sprang out, wobbling as it grew stiffer. He deliberately hung her small bikini top around the base of his thick, dark rod. "...grab it..." he said finally, smiling, using one hand to push his jutting member toward her.

Despite herself, Liz looked down at the twitching black cock. She knew she wanted to resist, she wanted to be a good wife, but she couldn't help herself. Her mouth was already watering. Her heart was pounding. Her pussy was hot and aching to be filled.

She observed every inch of his beautiful dark cock. The bottom had a thick tube surrounded by the muscular shaft. It surged toward her, the head flared out, stretching and growing. His tip gently brushed the soft skin of her dangling breasts.

Her eyes moved from the black rod up to its owner. Robbie's smiling young face stared back at her with a look of eager encouragement. She moved her hands from Robbie's knees and wrapped them both around his shaft, just above her red bikini top, nestled in his pubic hair.

Liz pumped Robbie's cock and he reached forward, taking her by the hair and pulling her back into his face. Their lips met again, resuming their fevered kiss. She moaned and their spit mixed sloppily. She felt Ray behind her. He shifted her hips back slightly and pushed her legs a little wider apart.

At that moment, the three of them felt an unspoken bond. Robbie broke the kiss, pulling Liz's head back by the hair. She looked down at the black tower in her hands. She felt the other cock nudging against her pussy. Both her mouth and pussy, anticipated the feeling of being stuffed full. Her craving grew from anticipation to need. She needed to be full of black cock and the boys knew it.

Robbie pushed Liz's head down onto his cock. Ray penetrated Liz's pussy at the exact same time as Robbie's filled her mouth. There was a collective moan that all three expressed at having come together in the familiar threesome.

The two males inserted into their female: a complete sexual circuit. There was instantaneous rhythm that took control of the trio as they began their sexual dance.

Ray's pace was slowed by the water. He was forced to fuck Liz using long, slow strokes. Liz enjoyed having sex in the pool for just that reason; it slowed the movement and made fucking more pleasurable. Ray's hands gripped Liz's thin waist and filled her as deep as he could. He felt the water currents created by his thrusts swirl in and around his balls. Liz freed her right hand and began rubbing her clit. It took all of a few seconds for her to cum in warm gushes onto Ray's steel-hard dick.

Her moans and cries were garbled and distorted as her mouth was full of Robbie's dick. Saliva dripped in bubbles and strands down his shaft as she bobbed her head energetically. His dick was long and thick, so Liz had to bob up and down in a long motion to accommodate his large tool. She sucked and moaned through her orgasm, backing herself fully onto Ray. She relished feeling his dick deep within her, riding the last wave of her orgasm. She removed her mouth from around Robbie and breathed deeply, a long line of saliva stretched between them until it broke off.

The twins switched places as Liz continued to catch her breath.

She started licking Ray while Robbie drilled her from behind.

"The water is slowing me down," Robbie complained.

"I hear you. It makes it tough to get a faster rhythm," Ray agreed.

Liz was focused now on Ray's cock. Using both her hands to stroke it while her mouth sucked on the top half.

She was humming as she feasted herself on the meaty shaft. Smooth, slippery strokes and the ever-satisfying feeling of being full of cock caused her to tremble with sexual pleasure in endless blissful waves.

Robbie, Ray, and Liz were making an awful racket as they splashed, groaned, slapped onto to each other in the large pool.

Mandy had her cellphone pressed to her ear.

"Roger, you said we could go to Lavender's tonight. Not tomorrow. Tonight. I took the afternoon off so I could get my nails done and look sexy for you!"

Mandy was not happy. She had been looking forward to this date-night for two months and it looked like her husband was still reviewing plays, or some other bullshit he said he did for the team.

"Just forget it." She ended the call, not even waiting for a response, and slowed her car as she approached Liz and Matt's house.

"There's Matt." She said to herself.

Mandy rolled down the window and called out.

"Hello Counsellor!" She teased.

She liked Matt. Over the past several weeks the two had run into each other many times both at court and in the neighborhood. They had fun with the fact that they were both lawyers as well as neighbors.

Mandy noted Matt's tight slacks and his nice ass. She was surprised she had never noticed his butt before.

Matt held his suit jacket over his shoulder and looked like a model out of a magazine. He was a very handsome man, even more so when dressed in a suit for work.

Mandy could definitely see what Liz saw in him. Slightly muscular and toned, six feet tall, beautiful brown hair that he wore slightly longer, charming smile, blue eyes, and intelligent. Mandy had heard he was the most successful partner in his firm.

Mandy was also acutely aware of how long it had been since her husband had touched her sexually. Her pussy grew wet watching the handsome man.

Matt turned around with his perfect smile and walked toward Mandy's car.

"Counsellor Harris." Matt extended his arms across the driver's door of the car.

"Any interesting cases?"

Matt thought Mandy was beautiful. She looked especially sexy in her white spandex shirt that clung to her full, round breasts. She looked great dressed in white. It contrasted with her smooth, black skin. She had a wide, radiant smile that revealed a truly beautiful woman both inside and out.

"Actually, I was going to ask you the same thing!" They both laughed.

"Any news of two mischievous teenagers in the neighborhood?"

Matt turned his attention to the Harris home and then back at her.

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