Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 03


Matt looked at Mandy. Then took the phone in his hand and looked at the first picture.

He saw what could not be. His beloved wife of sixteen years in what looked to be Mandy's pool sucking on a huge black dick. He shrank the picture to see one of Mandy's sons grabbing her by the hips. It was obvious he was fucking her.

Matt began to tremble and felt nauseas. He ran his free hand through his hair. Closed his eyes hard, then looked at the image again.

Putting the phone down, he looked up at Mandy.

"What the fuck is this?!" His voice was quiet, but full of emotion.

"I'm sorry." Was all she offered.

"When did you take these? How long..."

"I only found out yesterday evening, after we spoke."

"You took these yesterday!?" Matt was dumbfounded.

"Yes. I'm sorry, Matt, but there was no way I wasn't going to tell you, and rather than go back and forth, I thought I would just show you the pictures. One reason why I took the pictures in the first place was that I didn't think you would believe me."

"There's more!?" Matt's eyes widened.

"There a few more photos and a short video. Everything is on the phone. I wanted you to see for yourself, and to prove that the sex was consensual...just in case."

Matt tapped the phone a few times, shifted in his seat, then looked up at Mandy.

"This is beyond belief! I don't know what to say. She has everything. I thought we were happy."

Matt then opened the video.

The video showed the same position from a slightly different angle. He pressed play and was immediately sorry he did.

Loud moaning suddenly came from the phone. He quickly paused it, looking around the shop to see if anyone had heard.

He muted the volume and continued.

It was painfully obvious that his wife was thoroughly enjoying herself. This was no sexual assault. It was indeed consensual, and Matt wondered how many times the three of them had had sex.

After a few moments, he put the phone down. His eyes filled with tears.

"Matt, I know how you feel. Roger has been unfaithful to me as well. We hardly talk anymore and the marriage continues mostly for the sake of the boys."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Mandy. Liz and I don't have children, so as of right now, we are done. I can't go back to that."

Anger was beginning to set in.

"This is probably why we haven't made love for the past month."

Mandy reached out to hold Matt's hand.

He took her hand with both of his and squeezed it firmly.

"How do you keep from killing Roger? Because that's exactly what I want to do to Liz right now."

"It's not easy. I just focus on my job. When I'm home, a little red wine and an old movie on cable help a lot. But there's no replacement for the loss of sex and physical intimacy. That's the hardest part."

"Could you delete that please? I couldn't take it if it were to show up on the Internet somehow."

"I will delete it." Mandy assured Matt, although she knew she wasn't going to delete the video just yet.

Matt's head was pounding. He had no idea what to do next. He felt like going home and kicking Liz's ass out on the street, but she was also his best friend. The enormity of her betrayal was truly devastating.

The two sat silently for several minutes before Matt asked, "What would you do, Mandy? If you were me?" Matt gazed into Mandy's deep, sultry eyes.

Mandy was growing more attracted to Matt with each passing moment. He was a sincere, yet confident man. She liked that. He was genuine.

"To answer your question, I wouldn't do anything right now. Wait until we get a chance to talk more. I know you two have been together a long time. I know you love her, and I know she's gorgeous, just wait a few days. In the meantime, though, I wouldn't trust her."

"How can I?" Matt responded. "She had a threesome with two young neighbors!"

"Listen, Matt, I'm pissed too. They are my boys, my children. They may be eighteen, but they're still in high school for God's sake! I'm pissed at her almost as much as you are, but I also have a cheating husband as well as two perverted sons who apparently watch far too much porn."

Mandy continued.

"Why don't we continue to meet and talk about it. I have no one to talk to about Roger's affair, or this, and I know you probably don't want to talk with anyone about Liz's cheating either."

Matt agreed.

"There's no way in hell I'm going to mention this to anyone." Matt said.

"I'm going back to work. I have your number. I'll call you. Is that okay?" Matt began to get up.

"That sounds good. Between the two of us, we will work out a plan." Mandy got up with Matt.

The two reached out for each other simultaneously and hugged.

Matt felt Mandy's warm, firm embrace and returned it. He'd never been this close to her. She had an atmosphere more than a scent. Matt found it surprisingly heady. They hugged longer than he was expecting. Longer than would have been appropriate under different circumstances.

He felt a slight rise in his crotch just about the time they broke off their embrace.

That evening, Matt came home to find Liz taking a nap. It looked as though she had been busy framing pictures and rearranging some furniture. Matt was too upset to assess whether he liked what she was doing or not.

He would normally give her a kiss to wake her up and spend some time with her over a beer or glass of iced tea, but today he decided to sit on the front patio and call Mandy.

The two talked for about twenty minutes on how to proceed. They both felt that confronting Liz and the twins was not something they wanted to do, not yet anyway. They agreed to meet for coffee before work the next day.

Matt was thankful that Mandy was in his life at that moment. This fallout was a lot to go through. Mandy was going through the same thing, only slightly ahead of Matt. She seemed genuinely sorry about the whole situation and just wanted to make things easier for him. He felt he had found a true friend in her.

Just then he heard the door open. It was Liz.

"There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Liz came out to the shaded, stone patio at the front of the house and sat on a padded wrought-iron chair.

She didn't try to kiss him, which was strange as she would normally kiss him whenever he came home from work.

"How was your day?" She asked. Her cheerful tone was tinged with anxiety.

Matt tried his best to keep his anger at bay.

"Fine. Worked with a partner on that negotiation coming up next week. I will be working longer hours for a while."

Liz couldn't take more time alone. She truly feared that she was going to "slip" and wander next door, or that the twins would come looking for her and she wouldn't be able to refuse them face to face.

"Oh, yes, I remember." Liz looked down.

Matt sighed and tried to act normal.

"How was your day, baby?"

"Boring. I cleaned the house a little. Framed some pictures of your family and our trip to Spain. Tomorrow I may shop for a new sofa for the living room by the kitchen."

Liz continued to explain how parts of the house needed new furniture and paint and where she was going to go that week to get these things.

The two had dinner while watching an old movie. Matt got out some red wine and pretended to watch as he thought about what Mandy must be doing at that time.

Liz noticed a change in Matt. It was almost like he was angry with her. This only added to guilt and remorse she felt at having cheated.

When Mandy came home, she discovered Roger was again going to be late. She also had to listen to her sons complain about no Internet. All of this was somehow more tolerable now that she had Matt to share her secret with. She looked forward to seeing him alone again. As soon as the twins were in their rooms for the night, she slipped into her own bed. Thoughts of Matt's tight, round butt and his handsome face ran through her mind. She began touching herself, thinking of his strong embrace, how she noticed a sudden nudge before they broke their hug that morning.

An intense orgasm overcame her. Mandy gasped and arched her back, frantically stroking her sopping pussy. The pleasure and subsequent endorphin rush brought on the most peaceful sleep Mandy could remember in months.

The next morning, Matt found himself to be in better spirits. Still sore from yesterday's news, but looking forward to his meeting with Mandy that morning.

The two met at the same coffee shop as the day before and talked about their spouses and the physical and legal options they both had.

They agreed that they both had quite a bit to lose with a divorce. They would each have to divide their assets and move. Mandy would have custody of the twins, at least through their senior year in high school. It was complicated and there were multiple levels of potential issues, legal and personal. At the end of their second meeting, it seemed that divorce was probably not going to happen anytime soon.

They did however, discover that they were very fond of each other and after about a half hour of very pleasant conversation (even as they discussed their spouses cheating and the logistics of a divorce), the two decided to meet at the coffee shop every morning before starting their day.

For the next two weeks while at home, they began to text each other updates. Matt would text about Liz saying she was bored and her unsuccessful efforts to have sex with him.

Mandy would share those nights when Roger had his so-called late-night football meetings.

They also encouraged each other to not give-in to their spouses and have sex. It was part of the punishment, part of the retaliation. They took solace in each other and their daily, friendly texts became flirtatious.

What they didn't text, and what each was beginning to wonder, was when their self-imposed celibacy was supposed to end.

Mandy and Matt were actively fantasizing about each other at night and masturbating to the thought of having sex together, although neither of them knew it. Matt had become mentally preoccupied with Mandy over the course of the two weeks since she revealed the affair.

Mandy had gone as far as to have saved several pictures of Matt she had found after searching for his name online. She looked at the ones that showed him in a swimsuit while on a beach during a recent vacation. He posted these to his Facebook account when he first opened it, about a year ago.

Liz had been relieved of her "checking-in" responsibility and therefore had no reason to visit her neighbors without Mandy being home. She made sure her car was parked in the garage and she did not respond to the two texts the boys sent to her last week. As far as she was concerned, the tryst was over.

She felt cheap, slutty, and awful. It appears Matt was less interested in her, almost as if he knew about her and the twins. Lately, he seemed to be very busy with work and his work involved more interaction with Mandy than ever before. She noticed a couple of texts from her neighbor the other night, but thought nothing of it.

Liz was also getting very horny lately. She had to constantly put sex out of her mind and she couldn't imagine what she was going to do about it.

At the beginning of their third week as co-conspirators, Mandy and Matt met, as usual, at their coffee shop near their law offices; only today, Mandy wasn't dressed for work, but was in jeans and a light blue tank top.

"Is it casual dress day at Smith and Levy?" Matt joked taking a good long while to look her up and down.

"I'm not going in today," She said resolutely, "I have several personal days that I've saved up and I'm using one!" She smiled.

"That sounds fantastic! I hope you're able to take some time for yourself today."

Matt sat across from her at their regular table, encouraging her.

Mandy settled into her chair and leaned toward Matt asking, "How was last night?"

The handsome man stared down at the table, immediately taken by the somber thought.

"I didn't say much. It's still tough not to lash out and start yelling, it's not getting any easier yet...I don't know how you do it, Mandy."

Mandy reached out and took his hand briefly.

"I cry, that's how I do it. I cry and I drink wine and I go to bed. At least I used to. Not so much lately."

She smiled warmly at Matt and began caressing the side of her cup.

Matt knew exactly what she meant. The two had become very close in this short period of time and he found her to be a regular source of encouragement; he frequently fantasized about her.

Matt continued, "I want her to pay for her cheating. I want to punish her. I don't know if I want a divorce yet, but I'm not ready to forgive or forget."

"Yes," his friend agreed.

Mandy leaned forward to bring her leg up and under her body, now sitting on it as she spoke with Matt. She noticed the movement caught Matt's attention as she exposed her cleavage to him. She was thrilled that he looked for slightly longer than what would be an incidental glance.

She made sure to press her arms together-trapping her breasts between them-as she listened to give him more of a show.

"I've always wanted to give to Roger what he gave to me: no sexual contact, no emotional or physical intimacy, and no time; but I have needs too! And I'm torn between wanting 'it', and wanting to punish him by not giving in, or even letting him know that I want 'it' for that matter. You know what I mean? This week was easy. He only approached me once."

Matt congratulated her and added,

"I definitely understand not being able to be intimate or have sex. For the past month, she has either been too tired, or somehow unavailable."

Matt continued,

"We used to have sex about four to five times per week. On a slow week, we might have sex three or four times. But now, and since the twins have been in the picture, it's been nothing, even when I tried to be romantic, she would refuse. So, knowing what I now know, there's no way I'm giving in. She's lost a good deal of her appeal."

Matt noticed that Mandy was shifting around in her seat a lot. She had this sexy tank top on and some sort of push-up bra that was causing her breasts to press against the fabric and over the low neckline of her shirt.

He was becoming hard while watching her body move.

The two sat silent for a moment. There was a sexual energy that was being exchanged, and they both felt it. Mandy had a flirtatious look about her. Matt picked up a huge sexual vibe and was surprised how attracted he was to her at that moment. He had never had a black girlfriend, never really thought about it until now.

After more silence, Mandy asked,

"So, how was she? You know, if you don't mind my asking. How is, was, Liz in the sack?"

Matt quickly put his coffee cup down for fear of spilling it.

"Wow! Okay. I wasn't expecting that. Ok, Mandy, I'll tell you. She was great. She knows how to use all her assets in bed. She likes to both...give and receive, you know?" She likes a variety of positions, and she used to be horny most of the time."

Matt quickly continued his summary.

"Before she began cheating, I can recall only once or twice when she turned me down. She usually had multiple orgasms, two or three every time we had sex."

Matt relaxed in his chair. He loved where this conversation was going. Even though he was discussing his sexual relationship with his wife, Mandy was somehow taking his mind off Liz and was getting him sexually worked up. He had never cheated on his wife. The thought never really crossed his mind, until now.

"Your turn, Counsellor. How is, was, Roger? Big, black stud football player, right?"

Mandy leaned into the table pushing her tits out more. Matt's eyes stared boldly at her perfectly curved, light-brown breasts. She loved the effect she had on him.

Mandy cleared her throat.

"He is a big, black football player, yes. No doubt about it; but, sexually, he is more about what I can do for him than what he can do for me."

Mandy was looking deep into Matt's eyes. The two were in their own world in their booth at the coffee shop.

"Although he's a quarterback on the team, he is a receiver in bed." She pouted with the side of her mouth in a sort of scowl.

Matt laughed, "Clever! I like that!"

Mandy continued,

"He typically liked one or two positions, that's about it. I learned to modify my needs to ensure I had orgasms, but more often than not, I didn't."

Mandy paused, troubled by the difficulties of her marriage, but then continued.

"Hey, why don't we talk about each other instead of our cheating, no good spouses? What do you say?" Mandy was smiling.

"Sounds good to me!"

Matt looked down again at her luscious breast cleavage reminding himself that it had been about a six weeks since he had had sex.

Matt felt Mandy's foot bump into his under the table.

"Sorry." He looked under the table and moved his feet so that they were to the outside of hers.

"I'm not." Mandy shot back at him with a wink and a smile.

Matt felt her feet rest atop his own, and then slide up each leg slowly, seductively. She had taken her heels off and was using her bare feet to caress his leg.

"Tell me more about what you like, Matt." Mandy laid out her challenge.

Matt eagerly took the bait.

"I like women who respond to me in bed. Not someone who thinks they're doing me a favor by having sex with me."

"Um hmm," Mandy agreed.

"A woman who enjoys sex as least as much as I do, hopefully more, who can and will have multiple orgasms."

"It's getting hot in here!" Mandy was fanning herself with her napkin playfully.

"One who can get lost in the passion of love-making. Who likes it fast and hard, as well as deep and slow."

"Good God, Matt. Okay. Stop."

Mandy's face was slightly shiny and her eyes wider than they were a few moments ago.

It was her turn.

"My turn. I like all of exactly what you described. All of that, but I would add anal."

Matt's hand was trembling. Liz didn't care for anal sex and it was at the top of Matt's sexual "wish-list." At eight inches and thicker than most, Liz felt Matt's penis was too big for her ass (Ray and Robbie didn't have a chance, although they both fantasized about fucking Liz in the ass).

Mandy continued.

"I love a man who is into me, pardon the pun. One who really wants to fuck me for who I am, to please me, and not just get off. Sex is an event, an occasion to me."

All Matt could do was nod in approval and wipe the sweat that was collecting above his brow. This was torture...he was noticeably aroused.

Mandy switched gears.

"So, Matt. What should we do about our spouses? Confront them? Divorce them? Separate? Retaliate?"

"It sounds like you've put a lot more thought into this than I have, Mandy. I think for now, I plan to retaliate and perhaps confront and separate at some point. Not sure about divorce, but that is definitely on the table."

"We're in the same boat, Matt. It will be so much easier to have someone like you to talk to through this process."

"Well, as much as I would like to keep talking with you, I guess I'd better get back to the office."

Mandy pouted as she rose to walk Matt out of the shop.

"I'll text you later." Matt and Mandy faced each other just outside the coffee shop on the busy street. Both were feeling nervous, jittery. Mandy made her move and reached up to hug Matt, only her hug was more face-to-face.

Matt embraced her hard and went straight for her lips. The passion that was building between the two had finally been allowed a minor release in their kiss. Mandy had a longing to her kiss, and cooed in surprise at Matt's forward move. Matt was surprised at how well Mandy kissed. Her lips wet and warm, her tongue was soft, yet very proactive in seeking his out. He knew the moment their lips touched that their strong chemistry could lead them into bed.

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