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My series on 'The Widow" were true stories. Though hesitant to write them, they were well-received, (Thank you all!) so I thought I might try my hand at others. But I feel better writing real life stories, at least stories based in real life. 'Based on a true story' means there is a lot of leeway to let imaginations run free.

Brittany is my niece. Having no children of my own, I feel very close to her, and she has been able to confide in me sometimes more than with her mother. This story is based on her confession to me, several years after the fact. She did not give all of the details, of course, so much of what took place is from my own imagination. I hope you all enjoy '"her" story.

Brittany was excited. Yes, she had been accepted to the university that she wanted, but that was no big deal. With her grades most any school would be happy to have her. The real excitement was that she was going to be a cheerleader. Not a sub or anything, a real, live, on-TV-during-the-game, hanging-out-with-the-football-studs cheerleader. And not just that. She was going to be a cheerleader as a freshman. The ONLY freshman, that is. The only girl - check that, from now on she was a woman - the only woman on the squad as a freshman.

She had earned it, though. She had worked hard. The last two years of high school she had set her sights on this day. She had practiced hard, of course, but so much else. She worked out to build her strength and endurance, she watched recordings to see new techniques, she had gone to several camps, she had dedicated her life to cheering. Well, except for boys. She had made time for guys. Not excessively, but enough to keep her satisfied.

But now she was beginning her first year at college - as an adult. She had come to to the university early, with the rest of the squad, in order to practice and get ready for the season. The first week was over. It had been hard, but actually lots of fun. The other girls - women - were nice, and they worked well together, As the youngest one, she had been afraid they wouldn't bond, but that didn't seem to be a problem. She enjoyed these women. Their dedication, their sense of humor. She really felt like a part of the team in every way. It was all so different than the high school girls she was used to. She was enjoying bonding as an adult for the first time in her life, and they had accepted her as well. And tonight was a party. The end-of-the-first-week party. A big, wild, college party, she was told.

She was told to wear her uniform to the party, but the two squad members who picked her up weren't wearing theirs.

"That's just for you, since this is your first party. After this one you can wear what you want," Lisa told her.

"The football players will be there?" Brittany asked excitedly.

"Some," answered Lisa. "At least Ben and Roger, among others."

"Cool," said Brittany. Ben and Roger were the starting quarterback and running back. She was going to meet the stars!

"Oh, you're going to have a great time," Teresa told her. Teresa was the captain, and gave Brittany a sly smile.

"I sure hope so," answered Brittany answered.

Teresa looked back at her. "I hope so, too. After all, you are the only newbie we have this year, and the only Freshman we've had in three years. You will be the main attraction tonight. I guarantee it!

"Remember", Teresa continued, "This is your initiation party. You've done a terrific job this week, and we all love having you on the squad. But everyone has to pass the initiation. You're not an official member until then."

That made Brittany wonder a little about what was going to happen, but whatever it was she was certain she would enjoy it. Wow, it was her night!

They got to the house where the party was being held. Only the cheerleaders were there, but the guys would be there soon. And so they were. The whole starting backfield came in one car, and they were in a great mood. There was some drinking - Brittany stuck to wine, but after the first hour or so she had enough that the room seemed to be spinning at times. And they kept bringing her more.

Suddenly the squad captain stopped the music, the dancing, even the drinking momentarily.

"Okay, everybody," announced Teresa. "It's time for the initiation of our newest squad member - Brittany."

Everyone applauded and Brittany stood and bowed to a round of cheers.

Teresa continued. "Brittany, as you can see, no one else has their uniform on. It's time that you take yours off."

Everyone applauded and cheered again, but Brittany's wide smile faded in confusion. Maybe it was the alcohol, but she was having trouble understanding.

Teresa said, 'Come on, Brittany, lose the skirt."

More cheers, while Brittany stalled. The room was really spinning now.

Teresa said, "Brittany, everybody sees the uniform panties all the time. It's not a big thing to show them."

Well, that makes sense, Brittany thought. It wasn't a big deal if she thought of it that way. She reached down, unfastened her skirt, and let it drop. Everyone cheered.

"Now let's dance," shouted Teresa, and the music started. They started dancing again, but not as partners, and soon they were gathered in a circle watching Brittany.

Before long Teresa stepped up again. "Time to lose the sweater," she said.

Brittany wasn't prepared for that, but she felt hands behind her lifting her sweater, and before she could react it was over her head and off. Her uniform panties were one thing, but standing there in her bra really made her feel exposed. But then Ben was in front of her dancing, urging her on, and she loosened up and began dancing, too. She felt really weird, but she began to understand that this was an initiation. She gave in and decided to go along, putting on a bit of a show while she danced. She had always known she had an exhibitionist streak in her.

When the music stopped, she suddenly felt weird again, but it was just beginning.

"Okay, Brittany," Teresa announced. "Now it is time for your real initiation to start."

The group of people gathered around in a circle again as Brittany was getting nervous. "Okay," she said to herself. "It's an initiation. I've worked hard for this. I'll just do what they say and it'll be over. Then I will have made it! YES!" And in spite of her misgivings about what she was going to have to do, she was thrilled at the prospect of finally having her dream of making the squad come true.

Teresa resumed her 'master of ceremony' duties. "Brittany, you can have a seat right there next to Roger."

Brittany was glad to hear that. Sitting down sounded good to her. She wouldn't feel as much on display sitting down, and on the couch right next to the star running back as well. That was a thrill!

But then Teresa kept talking. "For your first initiation test, we would like to see Roger's dick."

Shocked by the words, Brittany was also confused. What did seeing Roger's dick have to do with her initiation? She had to take it out of his pants, she assumed, shivering at the thought. It wouldn't be the first dick she had touched, but it was strange being in the middle of a crowd like this. To her surprise, Roger undid his own pants, and pulled them down halfway to his knees. His shorts were still on, bulging, and Brittany still hesitated. Slowly, as she watched, Roger slid his undershorts down his legs as far as his pants, revealing a thick, hard penis as the crowd cheered wildly. Brittany felt relieved since Roger had stripped himself - but then worried that there may be more. She was right.

Soon Teresa announced, "Yes, that's what we wanted to see! And now we will see our newest cheerleader use it to show us all how to give a handjob."

Though stunned to hear what she was expected to do, Brittany had to admit she wasn't really surprised. At least not completely, since things had started going in this direction.

"It could be worse," she thought to herself. Looking at the expectant crowd, and the equally expectant Roger, she saw no signs of anyone letting her out of this, so she took a deep breath and looked again at his penis. Sticking up from his lap, it was about the longest one she had seen in her somewhat limited experience. It didn't seem to be too thick, but it was hard and already looked like some moisture was seeping out of the circumcised head.

"Come on, Sweetheart," Roger said, looking into her wide eyes.

Brittany smiled, probably looking as half-hearted as she felt, but moved her hand toward the object of the moment. She decided to just grip the rod from the start, and she could feel it pulsing as she held it. God, she was holding it! How unreal, how uncomfortable, she felt. But she also noticed that she didn't feel as bad sitting there in her underwear as she had before. Perhaps because Roger was even more exposed than she was, or perhaps holding his dick in her hand was more preposterous than being in her underwear, or perhaps she was just getting used to it. At any rate, she had no time to contemplate the fleeting thoughts rushing through her mind.

The penis in her hand was throbbing, and Roger moaned quietly as he pushed his hips upward a bit, making his dick slide in her hand. She realized she had a job to do if she was truly going to make the squad, so she may as well get to it. Besides, this was the penis of a star running back. She had seen him on national television! He might even be in the NFL next year! And here she was, holding his penis!

Her hand started moving slowly up and down the smooth shaft, gradually increasing speed. Her grip tightened and she started making long strokes, her fingers going up and over the head. Brittany shifted in her seat to face Roger, getting a better angle, and allowing her to use both hands on his dick as she began to enjoy it. One hand continued stroking while the other lightly caressed his cock head, smearing some of the precum around, playing with the slit it was oozing out of. She heard some favorable comments from her audience, and thought, "That's me they're talking about." She was proud of putting on a good show.

She tried to concentrate on what she had learned stroking a few dicks in high school. Letting one hand drop below the shaft she cupped Roger's balls tightly, getting another in a series of groans from him. She let them roll around in her hand, then pulled the sack down and away from his body. A louder groan then, and Roger's head was leaning back against the cushion, moving from side to side, stealing glances down at what was happening in his lap. Brittany's hand had never stopped pumping, and when she felt his rod get firmer she knew he was going to be shooting before long.

Placing both of her hands on his throbbing shaft, she pumped while rotating her hands in opposite directions. Her grip was firm, maybe hard, actually wringing his dick like a wet cloth, and it brought loud groans from deep inside Roger. He was bucking his hips now, thrusting them toward the ceiling, and his groaning continued from one into another. Finally she felt the unique movement from inside his thick shaft as his cum came rushing up, straining to be released. Roger let out a small yelp as his cum shot out from his tip into the air.

Several people standing in front took a quick step back to keep any from hitting them, but it wasn't needed. Although it shot out with a great force, Brittany aimed it nearly straight up. It shot well into the air, but landed back mostly on Roger's pants, still around his knees. The geyser was greeted with gasps and applause from the spectators, as Brittany slowed her pumping and brought Roger down with caring ease, pumping every bit of juice out of his shaft. Her high school experiences had paid off, she thought to herself.

Teresa threw a small towel toward Roger's deflating rod, and Brittany took it, wiping off her hands first, then Roger's dick and balls and stomach, and finally his pants.

"How was that, Roger?" one of the girls asked.

"Awesome! She has my fucking vote," he answered, gasping for breath, and everyone cheered. Brittany wondered if he really had a vote or if it was merely a figure of speech. But again, she had little time for thought. Things had been moving so fast tonight, beyond her control. But she had to admit to herself that she had fun, and she was enjoying being a respected member of the group, not to mention the star of the show. She took the glass of wine that someone offered and nearly gulped it all down. She didn't know if it was over, but she found herself almost wishing that it wasn't.

About that time her question was answered as Ben stood in front of her, unzipping, while Teresa said, "Our great quarterback, Ben, has volunteered to help Brittany show us all - a blowjob!"

Everyone cheered wildly, and Brittany's eyes bugged out. She looked at Teresa, at Ben, at everyone, trying to find someone who would tell her that it was a joke, but they all looked at her expectantly. Ben slowly lowered his zipper and took another step toward her.

"Oh, my God," Brittney thought to herself. "I have to do this? I just can't!" Then she immediately thought, "But I have to do it."

She took a deep breath, drew up all of her courage, and slid off the couch to her knees. Everyone cheered. With that encouragement she reached out toward Ben's pants and touched the bulge that was there. Another cheer. Then she reached her hand tentatively inside his pants, finding his stiffening rod. She put her fingers around it and pulled it toward the opening. When she pulled it out into the open, the crowd roared in appreciation. She couldn't believe she was actually holding the quarterback's cock in her hand, but the approval of the crowd was spurring her on now.

She looked at the cock she held in her hand, now hardened to it's full length. It was a good-sized specimen, but nothing extraordinary. It had a nice sized head and a slight upward curve to it. She enjoyed looking at it, and was nearly hypnotized by it as she leaned in, bringing her mouth close to it. The crowd held its collective breath as her lips parted slightly. Her tongue slipped out and grazed his tip as cheers erupted in the room.

She took another deep breath and knew this was it. Just get it over with. She leaned a little more forward, opened her mouth wider, and put her lips around his cock head. As she slipped her mouth down his shaft a couple inches, she flicked her tongue over the soft, spongy head. Ben's moan was heard by a few people in between cheers, and Brittany began to actually enjoy what she was doing, at least a little. Still holding the base with one hand, she moved her mouth back and forth, taking half his length in and out.

Her other hand reached up to unfasten his pants. Ben helped her, and they soon were laying on the floor. They both pulled his underwear down as well, giving everyone more of a show. Her mouth went back to his cock, while her hand took his balls, making them swing back and forth before holding them in her fingers and pulling them. There was less cheering now as everyone was getting in to watching the action. Now everyone could hear moans coming from her and Ben both. She flicked her tongue at the tip of his head as she sucked. Her fingers pushed in at the underside of his dick, along the ridge running up the length. It seemed more sensitive as she explored it, stroking with a finger pressing into it and her thumb pressing the top of his shaft.

She kept pushing her head down, forcing the shaft to drive deep into her mouth. Her tongue was licking his rod inside of her mouth now as she was really getting into this, turned on by the hard, throbbing cock inside her mouth. The crowd around her held less importance to her, sometimes she totally ignored them. Her mission was to give Ben and his hard shaft a good time. She also could feel her panties getting wet with her juices as she was getting very turned on by now. Ben was pushing into her as well, his hand on her head, starting to fuck her face with his cock. She felt the head reaching all the way back into her mouth, at the entrance to her throat, as she tried not to gag on it. She had never deep throated anyone, never even tried, but at this moment she wished she had learned how so she could do it for Ben.

Brittany was sucking harder now, and pumping faster on his shaft. Ben's hips were thrusting towards her as he was getting close to orgasm. She could feel the change in his penis and knew it would be soon. Ben breathed hard, shoved his hips forward, and cried out as his cum came rushing up and out his shaft. She took it all in her mouth, as she didn't want to have cum splashed all over her face in front of these people. She swallowed some, just enough to keep up. She hadn't let a single drop out of her mouth, and it was full of cum. A voice asked if Ben had actually cum, so Brittany turned toward the voice and opened her mouth. Cum poured from her mouth, dribbling down her chin and causing another cheer from the onlookers. Her tongue moved more cum toward her lips and more came dripping out, forming a little stream running down and over her breast. This was a turn-on for the crowd, and they cheered her for the great job she did. Brittany enjoyed their applause.

She swallowed more of Ben's cum, and more streamed down her lips and breast, as she licked off his softening cock. She hadn't let go of the base, and she ran her fingers up the shaft to force every bit off cum out. She licked the last drop off the head, and cleaned off the shaft with her tongue. Many murmurs of delight from the spectators told her she had done a good job. She reached for the towel and wiped off Ben's cock first, then her mouth and hands. She was mopping up her breast and bra when she felt someone tugging at the clasp in back.

"Let's get this out of the way," a female voice said as her bra dropped off her breasts, showing them to the crowd. At this point Brittany didn't even object. Damn, she was tired. Her jaw hurt and her hand was sore from jacking two cocks. Did she need to do the other two guys as well? She was both worn out and turned on at the same time. Her panties were soaked, she was sure. It probably showed. Her pussy was aching to be touched, but she didn't want to do that in front of all these people. If she had to jack or blow the other guys, she would. She would even enjoy it. But at this point it would be more mechanical. Just one more guy. Or two more guys. She was kind of numb. What she really needed was to go someplace and take care of herself. Now THAT would get her attention.

Actually, Teresa got her attention.

"Now for the good stuff," she announced. "Brent is first up to fuck our newest cheerleader. She's not a virgin, Brent, but she is young. Are you ready?"

Ben answered, "Hell, yes! I'm about ready to burst!"

Brent and 'Tank" were other backs on the team. They were not really stars. Unlike the other two, they had no real hopes of getting into the NFL, but they were still well-known and definitely well-built.

It took a moment for it all to register with Brittany. When it did she said, "No, not that!" Not many people heard her, and she actually wondered if she meant it. Fucking one of these guys in front of this crowd just naturally seemed wrong, yet she was so turned on by the events so far that her pussy really needed some attention. Her mouth nearly watered thinking of one these hard guys shoving one of their hard dicks deep inside her, even while she thought of how wrong it was. But overriding all of her feelings was the thought that this was her initiation. This might keep her off the squad if she refused. Surely it would not, but maybe. And she was not about to take that chance after all of the work and dedication of the last two years. And then there was the fact that she honestly felt the need to get fucked.

So it was that Brent stepped out from the crowd, cupping his entire crotch in one of his big, beefy hands, and knelt down to where Brittany was sitting on the floor. He flung his shirt off, revealing six pack abs and a large, hairless chest with bulging biceps. Brittany looked, longingly, at his masculine form, for a moment wishing she could have that body before she remembered that she was about to get it. Another quick wave of regret was washed away quickly with feelings of both inevitability and lust.

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