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Cheerleader Initiation



Game night—first of the year. Late August in Key Biscayne, Florida was still warm enough to be summer in most parts of the country, ideal weather for the first junior college football game of the season. It was almost 7 pm, only minutes from the opening kickoff. The stands were packed to the gills, a showing to be expected of the defending National Junior College champion.

The cheerleading squad was doing its best to ratchet the crowd up to a fever pitch, and their efforts were working to great effect. Jenny Thompson, cheerleading captain, began the next cheer.

"READY, OK! Here we go..."

Ella Sanders was breathless, stunned by the number of fans in attendance. She had no idea there would be this many! She thought back to last year, the last week of school, and her meeting with Mr. Anderson...

CHAPTER 1 -- The Beginning

"Ella, it's simple. Major colleges and universities will want to see some kind of campus involvement from potential students. Sports, cheerleading, class officer, that sort of thing." Mr. Anderson smiled benevolently at the first year student and spoke again. "Your grades are perfect; you are taking the highest level classes, so nothing to worry about there. The only thing I think you should add to your junior college resume would be the student body involvement I was just telling you about." Mr. Anderson paused, looking Ella up and down. "You seem very fit—you don't play any sports at all?"

Ella bit her tongue, thinking. Absently she brushed a strand of soft brown hair behind her ear, revealing perfect skin, brilliant green eyes, and white, even teeth. Her features seemed chiseled. She shook her head no and looked down.

Mr. Anderson peered at Ella again, a more penetrating stare than before, sizing her up. She was only five feet tall, of slight build, moderate chest size. He figured she weighed all of 100 pounds. Mr. Anderson knew exactly what she was made for.

"Ella, I am the advisor for the cheerleading squad. We need a tumbler—that is, a slender young lady to do a few acrobatic throws, and I think you would be perfect. It would be for the football season, which is only eleven games, plus the playoffs of course, I'm sure we'll make it back again this year." Looking Ella in the eye, the school counselor raised one eyebrow expectantly. "What do you think?"

"Mr. Anderson, one question—would they accept me? The cheerleaders, I mean. They seem kind of...territorial." Her voice was light, unsure, something that continually left her frustrated. No matter how confident she was about something, she was unable to carry that sense of rightness into what she was saying.

Mr. Anderson laughed and nodded his head in agreement. "Indeed they are, Ella, but we need you, you'll be wonderful. I'm sure you would do just fine, if you wanted to give it a shot."

Ella thought for a moment, nodded her head, asked: "What do I do?"

Over the summer, practices went very smoothly, nearly trouble-free, with one notable exception—Ella had to stop tumbling. She had grown like a weed over the summer months, surprising since she was already eighteen years old. Her body was taking its final, major steps to womanhood and the breathtaking beauty she would become, she sprung two inches in height and her hips flared noticeably. It was her breasts, the way they swelled, becoming much fuller than before, that was the biggest change. They went from comfortable Cs to full Ds, maybe DD, by the end of the summer. All told, she put on an additional twenty-five pounds, leaving her perhaps a little pudgy—but if ever someone looked good carrying an extra twenty-five pounds it was Ella Sanders, she was quite literally a brick shithouse, a natural beauty guys couldn't help but notice. It was fair to say she got a lot of unwanted attention these days...

Ella may have had natural good looks, she always had, but she never consciously went out of her way to emphasize them. She preferred to be the shy, quiet girl in the shadows, the one nobody paid any attention to. After that summer, however, male attention was unavoidable: her body was like a magnet that constantly drew attention, pointed stares that lingered on her curves whether she noticed or not. In her mind, boys had never really paid attention to her before and she saw no reason for them to now, regardless of the changes her body had undergone. After all, she was still one of the geeks, member of the Honors Society, Science Club, and the Math Team. Even geeks draw attention: long stares, narrowly focused on her girl-next-door curves, accompanied her everywhere she went. She was being sized up, graded, and found to be fine, mighty fine. If only she had noticed, been just a bit more observant, she would have caught them in the act, would have been concerned that maybe, just maybe, some of them were...well...dangerous...

Jenny Thompson, the cheerleader captain who was transferring to the University of Florida the following year, had taken Ella under her wing during the practice-filled summer.

"You'll be great, babe, just keep practicing and working hard!" Jenny would say, or something similar, while the seven cheerleaders were grinding through yet another repetition of their routines.

Ella thought to herself it was all fine and well for Jenny to say that, because Jenny was perfect. 5'8, 140 pounds, slender but curvy, golden hair, sky blue eyes, killer smile, the most popular girl in school hands down.

It was so unfair.

Nevertheless, through her hard work, the other cheerleaders accepted Ella—she learned all her routines flawlessly. Everyone was excited about the upcoming football season.

CHAPTER 2 -- The Uniform

On the morning of the first game the cheerleaders were called to Mr. Anderson's office over the intercom.

"I know they're late, but the new cheerleader outfits are finally here." Mr. Anderson smiled, handing each of them a plastic-covered packet with a red, white, and blue outfit sealed and neatly folded inside. "I expect you girls to be dressed out in these for the pep rally this afternoon, alright?"

The cheerleaders nodded, collected their things, and headed off to their respective classes. As she walked, Ella looked down at her packet—there didn't seem to be a lot of material there. Since the outfits had been custom fit she wasn't too concerned about how minimal it looked, and let it slip from her mind.

Of course, the fitting had been last June...

Ella walked into the girl's locker room after lunch. Jenny was already there, dressed, sitting on a stool by the sinks.

"Oh my God, Jenny, you look awesome!" Ella proclaimed. The blouse was red and white, sleeveless, 4 buttons in front, and went down just to Jenny's waist. The navy blue skirt was mid-thigh length, just high enough to look nice, just low enough to avoid sleazy. The outfit really did Jenny justice—she filled it nicely in all the right places, without hanging out in any of the wrong ones, a perfect fit. Ella was more at ease about wearing hers now, seeing the look it had on Jenny; Ella had been sure it would look sluttish.

"Well get yours on, babe, let's see how you look," Jenny encouraged, motioning to the outfit Ella had draped over her arm, plastic wrapping still intact.

Quickly Ella made her way to a stall, closed the door, and began to undress.

First off were her Nikes, then her Tommy Hilfiger jeans, and finally the loose t-shirt she always wore, which she pulled over her head. Shirt off, she shook her hair out, running her fingers through the shoulder-length strands. She took a moment to look at herself in the small mirror on the back of the stall door.

'Damn,' Ella thought, cupping her breasts with her hands, 'they keep getting bigger.' She had moved up to a 36D from the 34C she had worn at the end of last year, but now spilled creamy flesh noticeably over the top of even the bigger bra. She could see a slight nudge where her nipples were—she got the thickest, most padded bras she could find, and still her seemingly always rigid nipples would show at the most inopportune of times. Every day since school had started two weeks before, Ella would catch some guy staring at her chest, thrust unexpectedly far from her body, nipples poking out just so.

"Remember to wear the strapless, babe, or we'll look like shit out there," Jenny called from the sink, where she was checking her makeup.

'Right,' Ella thought, and reached for it in her bag. Ella heard all the other girls in the locker room now; they had all arrived and were getting ready for the upcoming pep rally. Quickly Ella removed her bra, her breasts barely dropping after their support was gone. They stood out proudly from her body, a bit bigger than would be balanced even with the extra weight the summer had put on her.

After getting the sports bra on, Ella looked at the mirror again and gasped. Her nipples stuck out half an inch in this smaller, thinner bra. Her over-large breasts hung over the cups a bit much for her taste, and the dark, silver dollar-sized areolas were plainly visible. Why was this bra so small? She had bought it only a month before.

Movement caught Ella's eye; she looked down and saw two tennis shoe clad feet beneath the stall door. She inhaled quickly and instinctively brought her arms up over her chest. Slowly she shifted her gaze up to the face above the door.

Jenny grinned back at her wickedly.

"Wow babe, you're a woman now!" Jenny laughed, twirled, and walked off.

Ella removed her panties, revealing a neatly trimmed patch of hair—she kept it that way so it wouldn't catch in her clothes—and bent over slightly to put on the athletic panties. She managed to shrug them all the way up and over her hips, but they were very tight and she felt a slight pressure on her mound as she positioned them squarely between her thighs. She rubbed her fingers over her outer lips gently, feeling the tightness of the fabric. Her breath caught.

"Oh my God," she whispered. With everything so tightly bound, her lips were ultra sensitive. She allowed her finger to settle for just a second, and then quickly withdrew it.

Ella had ever masturbated—far from it. She was waiting for the man she would marry before she had any kind of sex play. Still, when she bathed, she sometimes felt a pressure, a light buzzing sensation, when she cleaned herself 'down there,' and wondered what would happen if she lingered on it for very long...

'No time,' Ella thought and stepped into her skirt, pulling it up around her waist. The skirt hung slightly above mid-thigh, higher than she would have liked, certainly higher than Jenny's. Frowning, she continued getting dressed, pushing her arms through the sleeveless blouse and pulling it up over her shoulders.

The buttons were a stretch. The blouse was just too small. After sucking in her breath, Ella managed to get all four buttons done. She took a long look in the mirror, sizing up her body and the way it was stuffed into her ill-fitting cheerleaders outfit.

"Oh no..." Ella's voice trailed off. "Jenny," she called out; her soft voice, barely more than a whisper, hung in the air.

No answer.

Louder: "Jenny."

"Yeah babe, what's up?"

"Can you help me a sec, please?"

Ella heard a rustling and footsteps padded her way. The stall door shook but didn't open.

"Open the door babe, it's locked," Jenny said.

Ella unlocked the door; Jenny edged in, looking Ella over as she entered the stall.

"Jesus, Ella."

Jenny thought Ella's outfit was borderline pornographic. The bulge of her full breasts jiggled in plain view, half a moon visible above the top of the blouse. They moved almost on their own at Ella's slightest motion, heaving massively and swelling well above the blouse with each breath. The buttons struggled, barely able to contain the massive chest beneath.

"Turn around babe, let's see how it looks on you."

Ella turned—the skirt was higher in the back. Ella's thighs were rounded, her legs medium length, totally unmarked. She was showing an awful lot of skin.

'Well, she'll get us plenty of attention, that's for sure,' Jenny thought to herself.

She spoke: "You look great, babe. We'll order you a new outfit right away, this one might be a tad small, but for now it's gonna have to do. I guess the end of June fitting was a bad idea, eh?"

Ella smiled weakly. "I think it's too small," she squeaked, not wanting to upset the cheerleading captain.

"Girls, come here a sec," Jenny called, stepping out of the stall. She turned to Ella: "Come on out babe." Jenny turned and mouthed 'Say it's ok' to the other girls soundlessly before turning her attention back to Ella.

Ella stepped outside the stall door, hands clasped tightly together.

"Turn around for us babe. Now girls, tell Ella how she looks."

"Nice," said Maggie.

"Very nice," Audrey said, clapping her hands together.

"Tasteful," Anna said. Jenny almost snickered.

"You don't think it's too small?" Ella asked them.

"Oh no, of course not. We're cheerleaders!"

All through the pep rally Ella felt the stares. Every eye in the student body seemed transfixed, glued to her madly bouncing breasts, which were struggling desperately to escape their confinement. Half an orb would become visible with each bounce on a cheer, then disappear and reappear seconds later.

Ella felt her chest working its way clear of the bra, the heft of her heavy breasts slowly slipping up and over the paltry cups attempting to hold them in place.

Suddenly, she felt quite different. The top button of her blouse had popped off! Her blouse was hanging open at the top. Quickly, Ella bent over at the waist to look for her lost button.

This was even worse for Ella—every male present had his sights focused squarely down her mostly open blouse, staring with naked lust at the deep curves of her heaving, milky white flesh. There was a canyon of virginal cleavage on display.

"Oh my fucking God, look at that," drifted, barely audible, to Ella's ears. She flushed deep crimson, still looking for the button. "Big fuckin' tits," a voice whispered. The crowd was murmuring now.

Feeling a piercing gaze on her trembling breasts, Ella abruptly looked up.

"Uh...hi..." Ella offered weakly. Quarterback Stone Moore stood a few feet away, arms crossed. His eyes were trained squarely on her swollen breasts.

Stone looked up and grinned crookedly.

"Oh...hi there...Helen is it?"


"Oh yeah. Ella, of course."

Stone smiled his most charming, disarming smile. "Looking for something?"

"Uh...yes...my button..."

"Ah, here you go," Stone said, holding the button out.

Ella reached for it, her blouse flashing open as she did so.

Stone stepped backwards.

Ella stepped forward, breasts flailing wildly.

Unabashed, Stone stared directly at them, willing them into exposure.

Ella took the button.

"I'd get that fixed before the game," Stone said. His eyes never left her chest.

CHAPTER 3 -- The Football Game

Seconds from kickoff.

The sheer number of fans at the game staggered Ella; her excitement was tempered by worry about her blouse and how much of a show she might give tonight. She had sewn the button back in place, double looped, and it held—for now.

To Ella this was like the pep rally, where all eyes seemed to be staring at her overexposed breasts. The difference was, this was thousands rather than hundreds, and Ella felt very small, powerless to back out on her duties as a cheerleader, especially since Mr. Anderson had been so serious about asking her participation. She didn't want to let him down.

'Tough it out,' Ella thought to herself.

Ella had complained to Jenny after the pep rally; Jenny's response still rang around inside her head, and Jenny had repeated those words again as she drove Ella (who didn't have a car) to the game.

"For the team Ella, just suck it up. It's only one game; we'll get you a new outfit before the next one." Her voice sounded slightly annoyed, almost irritated.

So, Ella convinced herself she could suck it up for the game. She didn't want to let Jenny down...


Miraculously, the blouse had stayed put, even though Ella knew by the soft breeze that played over her wobbling breasts just how exposed they really were. Her bra was badly misaligned, and she felt the too-tight sport panties crawling up her ass and increasing the pressure on her pussy lips with every motion. She had to get to a bathroom and adjust herself.

Finding a sign to the restrooms, Ella realized she would have to navigate a crowd around the concession stand. She wondered how all those people could stand to be so close to each other—shoulder to shoulder, chest to back—and wondered if she would manage to get back through before the start of the second half.

As she walked into the crowd, Ella felt bodies close in around her and press up against hers, hands and arms touching every part of her body. She was turned around once, then twice; her body was being jostled every which way. She ended up with her chest mashed up against a tall mans back. Her breasts swelled, a lot of curved flesh rising above the top of her blouse.

Suddenly a hand rested on her ass, comfortably, as though it belonged there. Ella tried to put her hands down to remove it, but she was pinned too tightly to do so. The hand worked her skirt up, then tried to insinuate itself under her panties. Thankfully the panties were too tight for this; but no matter, the hand shifted its attention, began persistently rubbing over her mound and outer lips, a light but constant presence. Ella felt a buzzing sensation within, a terrible pressure building between her legs. Her cheeks flushed, beads of sweat shone on her brow.

'Just stop,' Ella thought to herself. She felt eyes staring down from her left, and turned, looking up.

Mr. Anderson.

Was he staring at her chest? And where was his...

"Ah, Ella, how are you?" Mr. Anderson croaked, licking his lips nervously.

"I...uh...I'm ok, just need to get to the restroom."

"Ella, it's the other way dear." Mr. Anderson said, nodding back in the opposite direction.

With newfound vigor, Ella struggled through the crowd. Hands touched her ass, rubbed it, grazed across her breasts. Another hand reached around and cupped her left breast, squeezing it tightly. Ella shrugged it off and continued to the restroom. She had to get herself fixed up; the second half would be kicking off soon, so she simply plowed through all the touching and grabbing.

This must come with being a cheerleader...

'Damn,' Ella thought, looking at herself in the mirror, 'how is it holding?'

Her bra was nearly ruined. Her impressive rack simply outmatched the flimsy material of the bra. Her panties faired little better, having worked themselves up into a high wedgie.

'I can't do it,' she thought, frustrated. 'I just can't finish this.'

She adjusted her breasts in the bra, centering them as best she could, then went looking for Jenny.

Jenny was irritated.

"Ella, it's just another half. Besides, I'm your ride, remember?" Jenny looked Ella up and down, nodded. "You look great, come on, you can do this! We're cheerleaders!" Jenny beamed her best smile at Ella, then turned and made her way back to the field.

Key Biscayne JC led Kent JC 7-0 at the half. A defensive struggle, there were only 127 yards of total offense in the first two quarters of play.

The second half saw a little more action and scoring. Key Biscayne had a pair of field goals in the third quarter. Kent JC had managed two touchdowns, one on a fumble return, and now led Key Biscayne 14-13. There were six minutes left in regulation, with Kent in possession at midfield.

"Push 'em back, work 'em back, wwaaayyyyyy back!" the cheerleaders screamed, emphasizing the cheer with little hops.

Ella was miserable. Her bra was constantly springing her breasts up past the top of her blouse, and she feared more than once both breasts had actually leapt free. She felt like the bra was just a bunch of material beneath her heaving chest, pushing her breasts further and further up; but she had no time to adjust them, Jenny had the crew cheering nonstop.

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