Cheerleader Initiation


Two minutes to play, still 14-13 Kent over Key Biscayne. Key Biscayne now had the ball, at its own 35 yard-line, and was driving.

As they started the next cheer, Ella felt it—her top button let go, and the blouse was flapping around helplessly. She was certain her breasts were all but exposed now. She had no idea how much...

With every leap, both orbs bounced out of her top, nipples hard, wide areolas clearly visible to all. When she landed, they would be covered, but only barely. Any movement left them virtually uncovered. The next routine called for the cheerleaders to bend over at the waist.

'I can't mess this up,' Ella thought, and forced herself to continue.

In unison the seven cheerleaders bent over, and a small gasp escaped the fans just in front of the cheerleaders. They were magnificent, milky white globes of tremendous size, hanging pendulously from the young cheerleader's chest. They were punctuated by a fine sheen of sweat. A few whistles pierced the night air.

Abruptly, the routine called for the cheerleaders to stand upright, thrust one arm high in the air while putting the other hand on their waist, holding the position. As Ella did so, her full breasts caught on the blouse, and one of them stuck there. Holding her position, Ella was painfully aware that her breast was bared for all to see.

A small roar erupted, and some of the football players on the bench turned to see what the fuss was about. Just as fast, Ella pulled her arms up and covered herself. She knelt down, careful not to bend, frantically searching for her button.

"Ella! Time for the next cheer! We're about to score!"

It was true. Key Biscayne was at the eight yard-line, 20 seconds to go, 3rd down. The clock was winding down. A draw play was called; Stone took the snap, stepped back, and eyed his huge left tackle Ricky Banks. He darted off Ricky's hip, juked the linebacker, and scampered to the end zone.

"Touchdown Moore! Touchdown Moore! Touchdown Moore!"

The stadium roared.

Time for the next cheer—and the story of the bare-breasted cheerleader was born, as for the duration of that cheer, Ella could do nothing to keep them restrained, her naked mounds were jiggling and bouncing as if they were merely part of the show.

CHAPTER 4 -- Postgame Plans

"Thank God it's over," Ella said in the car as Jenny began to pull away from the stadium. After the game, she had changed quickly in the girls' restroom, putting on some grubby sweatpants and a white tank top, minus her bra and sport panties. She hadn't thought to pack any others, expecting that hers would hold up, but it was ok, she would be home soon. She couldn't wait to take a shower and change—

"Ella, why don't you come over for a bit tonight, it'll just be us and a couple of the other cheerleaders, we can have some fun. My dad is out of town on a business trip."

Ella was from Tallahassee and lived in the dorms; she knew Jenny was from Key Biscayne and still lived at home with her lawyer father in one of the biggest houses on the Island—which was saying something, to be sure. Jenny's mother had passed on when she was quite young; it all added up to a very large, very empty house on a Friday night.

Ella considered it a moment.

"My roomie is expecting me, Jen," she offered weakly.

Jenny flipped her cell phone over to Ella, making a smooth turn in her father's Escalade.

"Give her a call, babe, tell her you'll be late."

Ella called, but there was no answer. She left a brief message: "Gerdie, we won the game! I'm going to Jenny's house for a while—just us cheerleaders. I'll be late getting back to the room, see you then." Ella looked at Jenny and smiled softly.

She couldn't help but notice that Jenny had the strangest look upon her face.

"What are they doing here?" Ella whispered. Ella and Jenny had arrived at the house and, true enough, the only other girls there were a couple of fellow cheerleaders: Jenny and Ella, of course, along with Anna and Maggie. But there were also four guys, all from the football team. Jenny's boyfriend, John Boy Wiggins, was there. Stu Robinson, who used to be Anna's boyfriend, was also there. Add in Ricky and Stone, and Ella was starting to get a little nervous.

"We're just gonna watch some MTV, talk about stuff, you know. It's your chance to get to know some of the players on the team. Besides, Stone scored the winning touchdown, and he asked me about you earlier. Stu did too, actually—hell, so did Ricky, all but John Boy. BUT, John Boy's my bitch and he knows better!" Jenny laughed and glanced at Ella.

"Oh...ok..." Ella felt very small, so out of place with all these members of the cool crowd. Plus, Stone was much older—wasn't he like, 21? She had heard he was held back in elementary school, because of a car accident. He cut a very athletic figure: brown hair, brown eyes, 6'4, 210 pounds. 'He is like a walking muscle,' Ella thought.

In fact Stone had recently signed a transfer letter with the University of Miami, and the U expected him to contribute and start right away. Ricky was the left tackle, 6'5, 295 pounds; he was at KBJC because he failed to achieve a minimum SAT score. His chest and arms were like iron. Stu, a 6'1 shut down corner, weighed 205 pounds, had 4.3 speed and was already better than most cornerbacks at the major college level. He hit guys like a Mack truck, and had the nickname 'Assassin' tied to him, after some of the Jack Tatum-style hits he put on the opposition. Stu had single-handedly put 3 QBs out of business the prior year. The folks at Florida State were very excited about him coming to town—again, assuming he could keep his nose clean at Key Biscayne. John Boy, the smallest of the four, was only 6'0, 180 pounds, but he was the number one ranked wide receiver in JC football. He regularly turned little slants and outs into big plays, breaking a tackle and taking it to the house with his electrifying speed. His transfer was locked into the University of Florida with Jenny for the following year.

'I guess its ok if we just watch TV and talk,' Ella thought to herself, 'but they sure look like they have something else in mind.' Biting her lip, Ella took a seat on the couch in Jenny's living room and sank deep into the cushions.

She hoped she wasn't in for a long night.

CHAPTER 5 -- The Closet Game, Round One

At first, everything went smoothly. Ella was introduced to all the football players, but she didn't stand up or move around; she stayed on the couch and kept her arms crossed over her chest the whole time. She wasn't sure how much of her chest would show beneath the thin white tank top, and she was taking no chances. The football game was over, and so was the hanging tit show that everyone had heard about and/or whistled at nonstop

MTV News came on, and a flicker of it got their attention.

"—seems this game, 10 Minutes, is taking high school and college campuses by storm. The way it works is, a guy picks one girl to go to the closet with him, and for ten minutes, with the lights off, almost anything goes, there are no real rules—except the hard-and-fast ten-minute rule. Basically, it's Spin The Bottle, updated for the 21st century. This is..."

"Hey," Anna said, "let's play!"

Ella shook her head, nervous. No way was she getting in the closet with any of these guys for ten minutes.

"Do you have a big enough closet Jenny?" Maggie asked, glancing at Ella quickly.

"Are you kidding? We got closets for days, let me check the coat closet by the door, see how crowded it is."

Jenny got up and walked to the closet, her mind racing.

This was better than anything she could have imagined.

She opened the door to the closet and hit the light switch, bathing it with bright white light. The closet was eight feet long, four feet across, with deep, plush carpeting. Jenny scrambled around for a few minutes, picking up some shoes and placing them on the shelves above. When she had the floor cleared, she grabbed a thick quilt and spread it out, then returned to the others.

"All set! Who goes first?"

Ella stood and walked to the bathroom quickly, careful to keep her arms across her chest. She motioned to Jenny, who rolled her eyes, rose and followed.

"I don't know Jenny—I've know...with...with a...guy...before..."

Jenny looked straight ahead as though she didn't hear a word.

"All they'll do is kiss and maybe hold your hand. You're serious—you've never kissed a guy before?"

"Well one boy, in high school, but mostly, I'm just too busy doing homework and stuff," Ella replied nervously.

'This just keeps getting better,' Jenny thought. She put a cheery smile on her face. "This will be nothing, Ella, I'll tell them to be gentle with you. Besides, they could pick anybody, Stu used to be with Anna you know, I'm sure he is waiting for just this kind of chance to get her alone." Jenny laughed, and Ella giggled in response. "Be a trooper?" Jenny asked, smiling playfully.

"Ok," Ella said reluctantly, taking a deep breath, "just make sure if somebody does pick me, we only go in for the ten minutes, ok?"


'What could happen in ten minutes?' Ella thought, desperate to convince herself precious little could happen in such a short period of time. After a quick trip to the kitchen for a diet soda and some micro-waved popcorn she went back to her seat on the couch, where she absently snacked and watched the latest Usher video playing on MTV.

"Ok, John Boy is first, who do you pick?" Jenny asked, looking at her boyfriend innocently.

"Jenny," John Boy said, and smiled. The couple held hands and walked into the closet.

"Time!" Maggie proclaimed, and started the kitchen timer Jenny had scrounged up.

The ten minutes passed surprisingly fast, and before Ella knew it she saw Jenny and John Boy walking out of the closet. Everything seemed perfectly fine. Deciding she had overreacted, Ella clapped with the others, congratulating the lucky first couple.

"What did you do?" Anna asked, unashamed.

"Wouldn't you like to know," John Boy replied smoothly, and everybody laughed.

Jenny cleared her throat. "Next up is Stu."

"I pick...Anna," Stu said, and walked over to the closet.

Anna rose and walked over behind Stu. She turned around at the last minute, shook her head and waggled her finger in the air as if to say, 'Stu gets nothing!' and entered the closet. This was following by more giggling.

Ella returned her attention to the TV. Gradually, her arms dropped below her breasts and Stone, who had stared at Ella nonstop, was pleased to see both breasts plainly visible through the translucent top. Her nipples stood at rapt attention, surrounded by dark, silver dollar sized areolas, just the way he liked them. He licked his lips, hoping he would be next so he could take this pretty young thing into the closet and get to know her a little better—a LOT better. 'Jesus,' he thought, his heart pounding in anticipation; his cock was stirring in anticipation.

The timer dinged.

"Time!" Jenny announced. "Ricky next."

"Maggie," Ricky said, and the two of them got up and quickly went into the closet, pulling the door quietly shut behind them.

Ella watched closely as Stu and Anna stepped out of the closet, looking for any signs of funny business. Like John Boy and Jenny before them, Stu and Anna were still clothed and looked like they were having fun. Ella looked back to the TV, returning her attention to the popcorn. 'It's going to be fine,' she thought, 'this is just a harmless—'

Suddenly she felt a shift of weight on the couch as someone took a seat beside her. Figuring it was Jenny, Ella turned and started to speak.


"I'm not Jenny," Stone said, sitting right by Ella. He glanced down at her full breasts, taking in the swell of them, felt his cock stiffening uncomfortably. He hadn't been this hard since life guarding at the beach last summer.

Now he was more than glancing, he was staring, slack-jawed; he could drive nails with the erection he was sporting now. He was so fucking hard, and she was so soft, he just wanted to throw her down and pump her to oblivion. He knew he had to go real slow with her, not spook her by moving too fast; be persistent. Jenny said Ella was nervous and a virgin, a tough nut to crack, but then Stone had a lot of experience.

He'd nail this bitch tonight, he was sure.

Ella pulled the throw blanket off the back of the couch and covered herself, then pointedly returned her attention to MTV. She knew Stone was looking at her but tried to ignore it, play it off.

Again the timer dinged.

"Time! Stoney is up, who is it gonna be, big fella?" Jenny asked, posing for him. John Boy grabbed her and pulled her down into his lap.

"I pick...Ella."

Walking out of the closet, Ricky and Maggie made a 'Wooo' sound as Stone announced his choice, as did everyone else. Ella wasn't sure she had heard correctly.

"Come on cupcake," Stone said, trying to seem harmless.

Meekly Ella rose and followed Stone to the closet, her eyes downcast.

"Starting time!" Jenny said.

As they got to the door, Stone held it open for Ella and then followed her through, closing the door behind him.

It was dark.

Unsure what to do, Ella sat down, hands in her lap. Stone sat directly behind her, wrapping his long legs around her body. He touched her shoulders lightly, rubbing them in small circles. Ella had to admit this felt good, and seemed harmless enough.

"Good game huh?" Stone whispered. The sound of laughter and MTV droned in under the door, keeping the closet from being totally silent.

"Yeah, it was great. I didn't think it would be so much fun," Ella replied gamely. She began to feel warm in her upper back and shoulders.

Stone moved his hands halfway down Ella's arms, still rubbing them lightly, every now and then wrapping his hands around her upper arms and letting his finger tips play on the sides of Ella's breasts, where they spilled out from underneath the tank top. Ella shrugged into herself, trying to escape his touch. She only ended up backing further into Stone's thick chest. Stone moved his right hand up to Ella's head and turned it sideways. He leaned in towards her, nuzzled into the side of her neck. He kissed her softly.

Ella wanted to stop him, but only if he crossed the line. She sighed and considered what he was doing to her; a kiss on the neck was innocent enough. Surely he didn't mean to touch the side of her breasts with his fingertips; that had to be accidental, though he kept doing it. Ella's chest was starting to get warm now, tingly. Nobody had ever touched her this way before, not even little Stevie, when they had snuck into his bedroom two years ago. All she had done was kiss him on the cheek. Did that even count as a kiss? He had been so passive...

Stone wasn't passive; after turning her head, he brought his lips to hers, kissed her gently.

Ella felt a sudden fire, and fought the pounding in her brain. Was it supposed to feel like this? It felt...good. But scary. Too much of this had to be bad.


Stone covered Ella's mouth with his, and brought both his arms around her, hugging her back tightly to his chest. He felt her nipples, very tight, against his arms, and put his hands on the upper swell of Ella's remarkably full breasts. It felt so good, the first time, easing his way into things. No need to rush. Stone eased his hands down over her breasts, relishing the soft feel. He tested her lips with his tongue, gauging her reaction.

'Oh my God,' Ella though, her head nearly exploding with the pressure she felt. 'He's touching my breasts!' His fingers squeezed, gently at first, but then a little tighter, gripping, closing around the nipples...

Just as she was about to object, she heard faintly, "Time!" and sighed with relief. Very quickly, Ella rose and stepped out of the closet.

The light was intense, and Ella raised her arms to block it out. As she did, everyone (including John Boy, who should have had eyes only for Jenny) couldn't help but notice her prominent nipples and dark areolas through the little white tank top, practically screaming for attention.

Jenny noticed them, too; she noticed the way Ella's plump breasts bulged, stuffed into a too-small tank top. And she noticed John Boy, giving them a long once over.

'Well, that just won't do. No, that won't do at all,' Jenny thought as she stood, crossed the room, and began to whisper in Stone's ear. Whatever she was saying, he seemed to approve: a predatory glare slowly spread over his face, followed by a wolfish grin.

Stone abruptly stood up, motioned Ricky and Stu into the kitchen.

Ella would be getting around, with almost no holds barred...

"See, that wasn't so bad," Jenny whispered to Ella as she took a seat, nudging her elbow.

Ella smiled and replied, "I guess not. He was pretty nice about it."

"They just want to kiss a little, maybe hold hands. Nothing major," Jenny said, looking into Ella's eyes. Ella nodded understanding.

"Hey, I have an idea," Stu said over the chatter. He had just returned from the kitchen, fresh beer in hand. Everyone quieted for him. "Why don't we give each guy one extension? That is, if we are gonna keep playing."

"Sure, we can go another round, it's only just after midnight," Jenny said.

"I have to go," Ella said, looking around sheepishly.

"Ella, that's not gonna happen," Jenny said quickly. She smiled in a way that was anything but nice. "Looks like you're stuck here for the night. Daddy's gone for the weekend, you can have his room."

There was a perceptible pause, as if everyone in the room was digesting what Jenny had just said. It seemed that everyone in the room was smiling—

—everyone except Ella. Getting the clue and having no way home, Ella nodded in resignation. She was staying the night.

Looking around, Ella blinked. The girls were drinking wine coolers. All the guys were drinking beers. Why hadn't she noticed before? There were several empties in the kitchen; they had obviously been drinking all along! Stu, misunderstanding Ella's confusion, looked back at her and said, "Check the fridge. There's more in there, if you want."

Suddenly, Ella was very nervous, but hid it with a sip of her diet Coke. She reached for some popcorn, noticed half of it was gone. Thankfully, Stone sat on the loveseat opposite the coffee table, rather than right beside her. Ella still felt a subtle heat in her chest, a dull ache in her temples. Her inner thighs were tingly. Being in the closet had been...exhilarating, and scary. Surely nobody would pick her this time.

CHAPTER 6 -- Round Two

"Ok, first up this time is Ricky."

"I pick Ella," Ricky said without pause as he headed to the closet.

Slowly Ella got to her feet and made her way over.

Ricky closed the door and turned out the lights.

Ella hadn't noticed the lights last time, she supposed they must already have been turned off when she and Stone entered before. She couldn't decide if she'd rather have them on or off; not that it mattered, really, as Ricky was wasting no time getting started.

Still standing, Ricky reached out, put his arms around Ella and clumsily pulled her closer. At the same time, Ella vaguely heard Jenny talk about turning off the TV so they could listen to her iPod. Suddenly, Eminem was blasting the living room, telling them all about the Real Slim Shady. Ella realized she couldn't hear the words over Ricky's heavy breathing.

"What did you give up for Stone?" Ricky asked, matter of fact. He dropped his hands behind Ella's back, rubbing them over her ass slowly. He squeezed, and pulled her closer.

"I...uh...we just kissed...a little..." Ella didn't know what to say. She felt her breasts pushed into Ricky's chest, realized he must have removed his shirt as soon as the door closed. She squirmed a bit, wanting to be out of his grasp, but if he were content to simply rub her bottom, she would let him get away with that. She just had to keep things under control...

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