Cheerleader Initiation


"Ah, so kissing is ok then," Ricky said as he lowered his mouth to Ella's. He covered her lips, and opened his mouth slightly.

Not knowing what to do, Ella did the same, felt his tongue move against her lips. Ricky tightened his grip on Ella's ass, kneading it; his hands were pushing her sweats around her ass, exploring her rounded cheeks, sliding up and down the crack slowly. Ella felt something press up against her stomach, and felt the familiar tingle and heat return to her body. Breathless, her head was positively pounding.

The kissing was more intense. Ricky wiggled his tongue around Ella's mouth smoothly, and Ella tried to do the same. She felt like she was standing on the edge of a cliff, looking over the side. Her stomach was tumbling, feeling very strange.

"That's it baby," Ricky whispered, "let's lay down."

Ricky brought his hands to Ella's shoulders and pushed her to her knees. He stood a moment more, sliding his waist close to her head. His erect cock, which hung unsupported under his sweatpants, brushed against her cheek. He clenched it, felt it shift back and forth against her face.

Ella didn't notice, thinking it was just his leg.

Ricky dropped to his knees and pushed Ella onto her back. He straddled her body, his knees on either side of her waist, in a mounted position. He dropped to kiss her again.

Ella was uncomfortable, constricted. This was too far. Standing up was one thing, but laying down with a guy like this...


Ricky wasn't listening. He kept kissing her mouth, then slipped down and began to nibble at Ella's neck. He lowered himself onto her chest and brought his hand up to her right breast, wrapped his fingers around it, took the nipple between his thumb and forefingers and squeezed it over her tank top. Suddenly he squeezed a bit too hard.

Ella yelped.

"Sorry," Ricky muttered. He released her breast, lowered his hand down to her waist. He started sliding it along her stomach, running his fingers playfully around her belly button. He began to move them up, underneath Ella's tank top.

"Ricky..." Ella whispered, voice trailing off. Her mind was confused, unable to concentrate. The feel of his fingertips against the soft skin of her belly, the swirling, was making her lose track of—

"Time!" Ella heard through the pounding in her brain. She struggled to get out from underneath Ricky, to no avail—she wasn't going anywhere until he let her up.

Ricky flopped over on his back and exhaled, long and slow.

'Next time,' Ricky thought. 'I'll get it next time.'

The couple walked out of the closet, Ricky pulling his shirt on in the process. Ella's hair was a bit out of place. She was pulling her tank top down to a healthy round of applause.

Jenny looked at Ella, a stern look Ella hadn't seen before. Suddenly Jenny smiled and winked. Ella put on her game face, but was considering going to bed. Ella didn't want this to go too far; already it had gone further than she imagined.

"Stu, your pick."

Stu stood, seemed to deliberate, decided. "I pick Ella."

Ella was taken aback. She was barely out of the closet when she felt Stu grab her arms, turn her around, and direct her right back into it, with a none-too-subtle push in the lower back. She wanted to protest, but she was one of the cheerleaders, and if this were part of the deal, as long as it didn't go any farther, she supposed it would have to be ok.

Ella stumbled into the closet; before she knew it, there was a click and the lights were out.

Stu and Ella stood, facing each other for one brief moment. The inky darkness slowly gave way to a small ray of light from beneath the door, giving the closet a twilight kind of feel. Ella vaguely saw his silhouetted face, wondered what would happen next...

Abruptly the moment passed—and Stu was all over her. He kissed her hard, running his hands up and down her arms, alternately squeezing with his fingertips. They were locked in a long embrace, kissing while Stu's hands roamed free. He brought them up to Ella's chest and placed them confidently on Ella's soft, full breasts.

Ella protested, almost a whine. "No, Stu, please..."

"Ok Ella, let's at least lay down then," Stu said. He closed in, put his hands on her shoulders and pushed down insistently until she dropped to her knees. He looked down at her, paused. His eyes had adjusted to the lower light and he noted the way she kneeled before him, on her knees, head cast down. A smile filled his face; he felt the confidence of a Sure Thing, knew what the outcome would be.

Stu ran his fingers through Ella's fine, medium length hair. He placed both hands firmly over Ella's ears and eased her closer and closer to his rock-hard cock, until it rested against her cheek. Stu, like the others, wore sweatpants and nothing else, allowing his member to hang unrestrained. He rubbed it back and forth slowly against Ella's cheek, unaware that Ricky had been doing the same thing scant moments before. Head abuzz with anticipation, his length throbbed against her face through the sweats.

Ella had a feeling she knew what this was—but it was so hard she though it must have been something else, it couldn't possibly be his penis. She let him stand there above her, rubbing against her cheek, across her nose, over her mouth—anything was better than him touching her breasts. She just wanted it to be over, and this wasn't sex.

Stu dropped to his knees and started to kiss Ella again.

They eased to the floor, side by side. Stu moved his left hand to Ella's right breast, closing it over and around her soft fullness. He felt the nipple harden against his palm. Precum dribbled from his cock.

'I really want this shit,' Stu thought to himself, breathing heavily.

Ella squirmed, uncomfortable, but decided to let him leave his hand on her chest, since it was just the one.

Stu squeezed, and then closed his fingers around Ella's nipple.


Stu clamped his mouth over Ella's to stifle any protest as he quickly slipped his hand down and under her tank top. He spread his fingers apart and rubbed them against her smooth skin, up higher until they touched the lower swell of her breast, higher still until he wrapped his hand around it and gripped, quite firmly. He moaned softly.

Ella felt powerless to stop him. He was a big man—all of them were. This was farther than she ever imagined going, but it still wasn't sex. She still felt very hot in her chest and pelvis; her head had a slow steady ache, her thighs quivered almost uncontrollably.

'It isn't sex,' she told herself for what seemed like the hundredth time, so she still didn't try to physically stop him, even though she wanted to. She just needed to end the kiss so she could ask him to stop, surely he would—

"Time!" Jenny called. Ella felt relief.

"Extension!" Stu called, without missing a beat. He slid his hand down to Ella's thigh, rubbed it, and then slowly moved it up into the V between her legs.

Ella wanted to be cool, and accepted by the crowd, but this was getting out of hand.

"Oh...oh, no—!"

Again Stu clamped his mouth over Ella's as he began to explore her pussy over her sweats. He had figured he would have to take it just a little slow, but fuck, this was like boiling water, bitch couldn't take a hint. Stu had little experience with virgins: he always fucked the whores, the easy girls, and he got what he wanted, when he wanted it. A chick being coy was new to him. He slid his hand up and then down, inside Ella's waistband, down again to her trimmed bush...

Ella tried to stop him then, bringing her arm up, but Stu easily pushed it away. He felt the soft down of hair above her pussy, dropped his fingers a little lower, just over the outer lips. Abruptly, with his other hand, he lifted her tank top, watched with satisfaction as her heavy breasts fell out. 'Fuck yeah,' he thought, 'that's what I'm talking about.'

Ella was on fire. Not only had he touched her bare breast, now he was going for more. She wriggled, trying to free herself, but to no avail. Here she was, tank top pushed up, breasts hanging out, getting kissed and felt up by a guy she had only just met barely an hour before. Finally, Stu ended the kiss.

Ella started to protest. "Stu, I—"

"SSHHHHHH," Stu hissed, his face only inches from Ella's. "Just take it easy, I'm not going to hurt you. Be cool, bitch," his voice boomed, filling the closet.

Ella whimpered, reeled from the rebuke Stu had given her. A tear rolled down her cheek, but she kept quiet, stopped moving.

Stu dropped his middle finger down and into the slit of Ella's pussy, pushing it in slowly. He lowered his head and nuzzled her tits at the same time, putting his mouth over her nipple.

'Finally, she's wising up,' he thought to himself with a smile.

Stu licked and kissed her nipples, then took one deep in his mouth, rolled it around, flicked it with his tongue. He pressed up more insistently with his finger, had it inside her up to the second knuckle, probing, searching...

'Damn this bitch is tight,' he thought, sucking her nipples idly. He grazed his thumb softly over her clit, hoping for some kind of reaction. He twirled it softly, slowing, in little circles.

"Ungh," Ella grunted, afraid to move or complain, but conflicted by the reactions of her body. Her nipples were almost painfully hard, and a steady throb pulsed in her vagina. Where his thumb touched was searing fire, threatening to take her so far over the edge...

'Please,' Ella thought, 'isn't it time?'

As if on cue, Jenny said, "Time!"

Stu continued on, finger-fucking Ella in slow easy strokes. He pushed the tip of his finger right up against her hymen, tested it, and withdrew it. He repeated this over and over, sucking and stroking and twirling all at the same time. It seemed like forever, but eventually he slowed down and then stopped.

Ella struggled to catch her breath, face and shoulders flushed bright red.

"I guess it's time to get up," he said, rose, and opened the door.

Ella scrambled to cover herself. She wondered if they could see her, what they might be thinking: here she was, on her back, breasts hanging out, sweats pulled down to her knees. She thought she might just die of embarrassment...

Stu walked out, grinning from ear to ear. He made a motion with his hands as if to say, 'Eh, she's ok, nothing too fancy,' and then laughed about it.

Regaining her feet, Ella struggled to straighten her tank top as best she could, aware there was nothing she could do about her badly disheveled hair or the way everything she wore seemed bunched up under her breasts, up between her legs...

She was quite the sight.

Eventually she made it back to the couch and resumed her seat.

"John Boy is up," Jenny said, and laughed. Of course, he chose Jenny, and they disappeared into the closet. Ten minutes later, it was over.

"Stone's turn."

Stone looked at Ella. Stu had informed Stone, on a kitchen beer run, that although he had really worked Ella over, he hadn't quite taken her all the way. Stone figured he better take it easy too, try to build up some trust. He'd close the deal on the last turn.

"Ella," Stone said. He walked into the closet.

Ella followed sheepishly, closing the door behind her.

To Ella's surprise, Stone did the same thing he had before. He sat behind her, rubbed her arms, kissed her neck and ears. 'This is so much better,' Ella thought, flushed, as she felt the heat rise within.

The familiar pressure again built up in her head, at the tips of her nipples, deep within her pulsating maidenhead. Stone casually reached one hand around and cupped a breast, then did the same with the other hand, but it was ok—he was squeezing lightly, not roughly. Ella sighed softly, eyes closed, a small smile forming on her lips.

He brought both thumb and index fingers to the nipples and pinched them softly, tugging, rolling the nipples around. As they hardened under his touch, he felt Ella breathe in sharply. He smoothly ran his hands to her belly then up, underneath her tank top, up over her stomach and determinedly placed them both directly underneath her substantial breasts. He squeezed, felt the flesh spill between his fingers.

'Big fucking titties,' he thought, his cock twitching in response. He found himself, again, so fucking hard all he wanted to do was turn this bitch over and pound her into submission. Instead, he allowed his fingertips to play over the areola, savoring the feel of their tightness, of the extended nipples. He lowered his head, kissing her shoulder, running a string of kisses along her neck...

Ella felt as though she would pass out. Her breathing increased, became labored as she felt her chest tighten. The feel of Stone's hands, softly massaging what the others had been so keen to take, the smooth caress of his lips kissing her shoulders and neck, lulled her into a deep state of arousal. She allowed herself to relax, fading back against Stone's chest, felt his strength and warmth press against her, solid as a rock. It was almost as if she were in a dream...

The ten minutes passed quickly. Jenny called time again.

They walked out. Ella had experienced something brand new, a kind of connection; she was in a much better frame of mind.

Little did she know.

"Ok, who's up for another round?" Jenny said, giggling, holding a wine cooler in one hand. The guys all said, "Me! Me! Me!"

Ella struggled with the right words, something she could say to get out of it. Unless it was Stone, she didn't want to do this any more. She was scared. But—

She didn't have the courage to object.

"Ok, this is the last one guys, so make it count," Jenny said, still giggling like crazy. Another stash of liquor had been found; she was quite drunk.

"John Boy is up."

"Pass," John Boy said, gazing at Jenny longingly. "I think it's time we went to bed. Who is going to keep time?"

Anna reached for the kitchen timer. "I will," she said, "since this is the last round."

Jenny and John Boy staggered to Jenny's room—but not before Jenny shot one final stare at Ella. "Night Ella," she called, "you'll fuckin' get it tonight."

Ella frowned slightly, paused: "What did you say?"

"I said, you did fuckin' great tonight!" Laughing, Jenny followed John Boy down the hall to her bedroom, thinking to herself 'I hope she's ready for it...'

Anna cleared her throat. "Ricky is up."

CHAPTER 7 -- Ricky

"Ella." Ricky walked quickly to the closet, taking his shirt off along the way. Before he was through the door, he had one hand inside his waistband, scratching an itch...

Ella followed and closed the door, her heart racing. She had to make sure—

Ricky was a madman. He pulled Ella to him, roughly touching and squeezing her body all over. He treated her like a possession, a piece of property. This was nothing like Stone. Ricky was done wasting time; there was business to take care of.

"Down," he commanded. Ella paused, looking at where his eyes should be. In the semi-darkness, she couldn't find them, couldn't ask the question with her eyes that she was unable to voice aloud.

A moment passed. Another.

Finally, she mumbled: "Please Ricky, I don't want—"

"It doesn't matter what you want. Not here. Not now. DOWN," he repeated as he finished, and this time there was a force of will she couldn't deny.

She slipped to the floor, rolled over onto her side.

Ricky followed her down. Lying beside her, he pulled Ella over flat on her back and yanked up the flimsy tank top, watching with enormous satisfaction as her big breasts fell slightly to each side. He finished pulling it over her head and tossed it aside.

"That's right bitch, show us those big fuckin' titties," he whispered as he lowered his head and started to suck, teasing her nipples with his tongue. He moved a hand to Ella's pants, started to push them down.

Ella whimpered. "Please," she begged, her voice very faint.

Ella, eyes now accustomed to the low light, watched him carefully; saw the hardness, the unwavering nerve.

The certainty.

He didn't have to answer; instead, Ricky continued pushing her sweats down, past her thighs, until they were bunched up around her ankles. Whistling softly he ran his fingers up and down Ella's perfectly shaped thighs.

He shifted position, kneeling between her legs; he gripped both thighs firmly with his hands and pulled them apart. He placed a hand between Ella's legs, over her outer lips, and felt her incredible heat. He started rubbing her lips with his fingers, tracing their folds. She was wet from the work over Stone had given her.

"Yeah, fuckin' virgin, rriiiiggghhhhhtttttt," he said, snickering softly.

Ella just knew it had to have been ten minutes already, but nobody called it.

Suddenly he put a finger inside her, prodded; he had to be sure, before he passed it up.

'Damn, it's true,' Ricky thought in disbelief. More than anything, he wanted to take it, right there. Too bad he had promised Stone he wouldn't...

Ricky got up, stood directly over Ella's prone body.

He couldn't believe it, the sight of the new cheerleader lying underneath him, big fat titties, huge nipples. 'Fuckin' aye,' he thought as he calmly shucked his sweats down and off, flicking them to the side with his foot, 'we like this shit.'

Ella heard the rustling above and realized Ricky must have been taking off his pants. She had had her eyes closed—she couldn't bring herself to look—but instinctively she pulled her legs tightly together.

She wouldn't give that up, no matter what.

Ricky lingered a moment, still savoring the sight. Ella finally opened her eyes; in the dim light that filtered under the door, she saw his cock standing straight up, twitching, touching his belly it was so hard. It was big, to her at least, although it was only seven inches long. She was terrified.

Ricky dropped to his knees and straddled Ella's chest, putting a knee on either side—the same way he had before. 'Of course, we both wore clothes then,' Ella thought regretfully. She watched with detached shock as Ricky reached down and squeezed her breasts together, sliding his cock between them.

"Yeah," he said thickly, looking up into Ella's eyes. He grinned crookedly, squeezed the breasts more firmly together. "Big fuckin' titties, gonna load up all over 'em." He began to move back and forth, slowly.

Ella bit her lip, felt her eyes water. Ricky's musk filled her nostrils; the wet sound as his cock slid back and forth between her breasts filled her ears. She desperately wanted this to be over.

He moved slowly, rhythmically back and forth, working his cock between her plump breasts. He would pause, slap her nipples with his cock, then put it back between and begin moving again. All the while, he kept rubbing his thumbs over the nipples and wrinkled areola, enjoying the silky feel. He exhaled slowly, paused, and then started, a little faster than before. "Fuck this feels good," he said as he stopped again, captivated by the contrast of her dark brown nipples against the pale quivering breasts. He licked his lips expectantly, realized he couldn't put this off much longer.

It just felt too fucking good.

Ricky resumed his movements, gradually increasing his speed until he was pistoning madly back and forth between the twin mounds. Suddenly he stopped, jerked, paused, rose slightly, and quickly took hold of his cock with his hand. He stroked it, squeezed tightly, and grunted viciously.

Ella felt something hot and wet hit her right nipple. Ricky kept stroking; Ella felt a drop land on her throat, then a ribbon of cum landed on the right side of her lip and face. Shocked, she jerked her head to the side. Ricky waddled up, began slapping his still rock-hard cock against her lips, spurting little drops on Ella's lips, nose, and cheeks—even her forehead.

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