tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCheerleader's Exam

Cheerleader's Exam


Chapter 1 – The Appointment

It was Wednesday, five days after the opening game and the horrific events that followed, and Ella had been summoned to Mr. Anderson's office from her first class.

"Ella, every student who participates in athletics—and cheerleading counts—has to have a physical exam from a school doctor, it's required by the insurance company," Mr. Anderson said in a matter-of-fact tone. He shook his head slightly. "You keep putting this off, but it has to be done."

"But Mr. Anderson, I don't even know if I am going to continue, after what happened last Friday with my outfit. I won't be wearing that again you can be sure!" Ella replied, raising her voice slightly. Over the weekend, she had poured herself into her Physics project, trying to push the game night events out of her mind—and almost succeeded.

She knew what had happened at the game, knew what had happened at Jenny's house, knew that it had all happened to her—but it was as if she viewed it all through the eyes of an observer, like it happened to someone else. She couldn't ignore the discomfort in her vagina—it was still a bit sore—and she had been ready to give her resignation from the cheerleading squad first thing Monday morning, perhaps even withdraw from the school, but…

Everyone had acted as if absolutely nothing had happened. The girls on the squad had been very nice; Mr. Anderson guaranteed that her new suit would arrive in time for the next game; and her stature among the other students as a cheerleader had elevated her position considerably. Guys gave her a wide berth now (though not for any reason she would have liked) and everywhere she went other students were careful to nod and give her every courtesy anyone could ever ask for. It was almost like the story of the topless cheerleader had never happened… at least, not when she was in earshot…

"Ah, so glad you mentioned it Ella, I have something for you here," Mr. Anderson said, reaching for something under his desk. He pulled out a plastic wrapped outfit and handed it to Ella with a nod. "I called them first thing yesterday, and had them send us another with Audrey's measurements. I think you two are fairly close in size, though she may be just a little taller. Regardless, we got it sent express and it just arrived this morning, so that little problem should be all cleared up."

Mr. Anderson looked at Ella expectantly, motioning her to take a look at the suit. Ella removed the outfit from the plastic wrap and looked it over, scrutinizing every inch of the blouse and skirt. These articles certainly seemed bigger, much more satisfactory than her now mangled outfit from the week before. She looked back up at Mr. Anderson again, considered, and decided: I'll give this one more shot.

Ella spoke in her light, airy voice, twirling a lock of her medium length auburn hair between her fingers, "Okay, but I don't know when I can get in to see a doctor, Mr. Anderson, every time I try to schedule an appointment, they say they are backed up."

Ella's mind again drifted back to the events of the last Friday. 'The girls must have been too drunk to notice what was going on in that closet,' she reasoned, excusing them from any blame for what had happened. 'Stone and the guys…well, they had a lot to drink too, maybe it's just better if I try to put it out of mind—'

"—hear me, Ella? I'm talking to you!" Mr. Anderson had raised his voice, trying to break through and get Ella's attention.

Ella shook her head, focused her attention on Mr. Anderson. "I'm s-s-sorry, Mr. Anderson, I was…thinking about the project I am doing for my Physics class…"

"I was saying, the school has a doctor on call for athletics, I can schedule you an appointment any time. Basically, they just check your vitals, give you a Health Certification and send you on your way. I don't think the whole thing would take longer than ten minutes. Would you like me to set it up?"

Ella felt her shoulders hunch over when Mr. Anderson said ten minutes, thoughts of last Friday again insinuating themselves into her mind; she straightened her back, took a depth breath and resolved to be strong.

She was riding an emotional roller coaster, highs and lows following each other in rapid succession.

Standing tall, she proclaimed, "Well, if that's all it is, sure. What is the deadline?"

"As soon as possible, Ella. If something happened before you got your Certification, things could get ugly. I thought you had done this already, so I didn't even know about it until today when the folks down in the athletics department called. They did an internal audit, since the JNCAA audit is coming soon, and your lack of a physical was one of the findings. Listen, I hate to be pushy, but this has to be done. Can you do it today?"

"Today? But I have Math Team this afternoon, I won't have time."

"I'll have the doctor do it on a standby basis, find out if he can see you in the school infirmary at lunch, if that is agreeable. We really need to get this done."

Ella looked at the walls in Mr. Anderson's office, a small frown on her face. Finally, she looked back at him, putting on her game face.

"Sure, let's do it today. I better have time for lunch after!" she added, chuckling.

"I'm sure you will, this is nothing."

Ella beamed a smile. "Good—'cause I'm kind of hungry today."

Mr. Anderson laughed, picked up the phone, and called the doctor.

Chapter 2 – The Infirmary

Right after third hour, Ella rushed to the infirmary. There she found the college nurse, Mr. Burton, reading the latest Sports Illustrated.

"Heya Mr. B," Ella said, walking in.

"Oh, hi there Ella. How are you today?"

Mr. Burton was an older man, in his late 50s, and he loved his job. Basically, students came to him sick, and he told them to take a couple Tylenol and get some rest. It was the easiest 20 bucks an hour he could imagine making anywhere.

And the females were nice to look at, too.

Mr. Burton looked Ella up and down with his eyes, pausing at the full, round breasts with the slightly hard nipples that shifted lazily beneath her plain green t-shirt. She wore a denim skirt that fell below her knees, and those weird soft rubber shoes all the young people were wearing these days. He looked back into her eyes—sea green, arresting, they captured his attention and just would not let go.

'Thoroughbred material,' Mr. Burton thought to himself, wishing he were a few decades younger so he could make a play for a filly like this. He smiled, a twinkle in his eye.

"The doctor should be here soon. He didn't answer his page, so Mr. Anderson gave the Health Department a call, and they are sending over a sub. He told them it was important so somebody should be here any minute."

Ella nodded absently, placing her books on a shelf by the door. Just then, the door to the office opened and a young man walked in.

'He can't be more than 22,' Ella thought, wondering if this was the doctor who had been summoned. 'He's got to be an intern or something!'

"I'm Dr. Tarsal. I got a call to do a physical for an athlete," the doctor said, looking around.

Dr. Tarsal was dark complexioned, of medium build, black hair, brown eyes, and wore sweats. He looked down, realized how he was dressed, and looked back up sheepishly.

"I was about to go to the gym when I got the page. I hope my attire is ok?"

"Um, sure, Dr. Tarsal." Ella looked confused. "Has there been some kind of mistake? You aren't an intern, are you?" Ella asked nervously.

"Heavens no! I get this a lot, I look kind of young I guess, but I'm actually 27, finished my residency just last summer. So, what do you say? I had a racquetball court at 11:30, I can still make it if you want to cancel—"

"No, no, it's ok. Let's just get this done. This is my lunch break, and I'm hungry," Ella said, standing with her hands behind her back. This caused her breasts to push out, straining the material of her shirt. Her nipples became more prominent.

Dr. Tarsal saw them, licked his lips nervously.

"Of course, of course." He turned to Mr. Burton. "Could you excuse us, please? I have to conduct a survey and an exam, and there are privacy issues—you understand."

The nurse nodded and said, "Of course." He grabbed his magazine and walked out with a nod to Ella.

Dr. Tarsal closed the door behind Burton and locked it with an ominous "Click."

Dr. Tarsal pulled out the table, covering it with a long sheet of paper he unrolled from the end. He grabbed his chart and turned to Ella.

"First, we need to get a weight, so I need you to remove your clothes and step on the scale, please."

"Eh, remove my clothes, doctor? Mr. Anderson said this was just a formality." Ella felt her cheeks get hot; she was not amused.

"Well not for me it isn't—I have a liability too, you know. I have to be sure you are fit before I can sign this paper." He held the Certification slip up for Ella to see.

'He is a doctor,' Ella said, 'but he's so young.' She reached for her shoes, cautiously started taking them off.

Dr. Tarsal sensed she was nervous. "It's ok, Ella. The quicker you get on the scale, the faster we can get this done." He smiled, his cheeks dimpled, and he looked very much like her older brother.

That settled it.

Ella nodded, relieved, and finished taking off her shoes. She dropped her skirt to her ankles, reached down and picked it up as she lifted her feet, and then took off her t-shirt. Her breasts stood proud, nearly perpendicular to her body. Soft mammary flesh crept over the top of her bra, jiggling slightly. The outline of her areolas was plainly visible. Her exposed stomach was flat; her thighs sleek and toned.

"Ah, usually I have patients remove all their clothes, but I suppose you can keep your undergarments on, they shouldn't add much," the doctor said, motioning to the scale.

Ella stepped up to be weighed, aware that she was nearly naked with a man she didn't know.

'It's like going to the lake,' she reasoned. 'Besides, he's a doctor, he sees women like this all the time.'

Dr. Tarsal leaned in, adjusting the balance. His eyes were at the level of Ella's breasts, and he turned his head slightly to get a look. They were magnificent, heaving slightly with each intake of air. He turned back to the scale.

"Ok, that's 129 pounds, a good size for a young woman your age. It's going to be tough to keep the fat away from here," he said, poking her in the rib lightly with his fingertip, "as you get older. Keep an eye on it."

He stepped back.

"Ok, I need you to come sit on the table here. We'll just check those vitals, cover a couple quick survey questions, and then wrap this up."

Ella moved over and had a seat on the table.

Chapter 3 – The Exam

Dr. Tarsal stepped in behind Ella, eased in until he was close to her back. He looked over her shoulders, could see the full round swell of her breasts as he did so. He put his stethoscope on Ella's back and instructed her to breath normally; told her to take a very deep breath and hold it.

When she did that, he slipped around to her front and rested the scope on the swell of her right breast. It was high, full, and so incredibly soft. His fingers played lightly over the smooth skin; he watched as little goose bumps spread over the exposed, creamy white flesh.

"Ok, let it out."

As she did, her breast seemed to deflate, falling slowly. Dr. Tarsal again slid his fingers around the scope, touching the skin of Ella's upper breast.

'What is he doing?' Ella wondered, confusion in her mind. He was touching her breasts, and looking at them very intently. He was the doctor, but still, was this necessary?

"I need to check for lumps, Ella," Dr. Tarsal said, seemingly answering her unspoken question. "You're only 19, true, but this needs to be done as part of your routine preventative care."

Dr. Tarsal reached his arm around and undid the clasp of Ella's bra with one hand.

"Doctor—" Ella barked, surprised. Her eyes bulged in frustration.

"Ah, sorry, I thought you were in a hurry. This should only take a minute. Can you lay back, please?"

Ella slowly dropped to her back, holding the bra over her chest as she did so.

Dr. Tarsal stepped to the back of the table, above Ella's head. He reached down and eased the left strap of her bra down to the elbow. He shifted around to the side and casually pulled the cup away from her breast.

He was stunned.

Her flesh was ideal, clear, unmarked. It looked too perfect, like a painting. Her areola was dark and round, almost two inches across; the nipple stuck out rudely. The mound of her breast was utterly soft, yet firm; perfect.

He ran his fingers around the nipple lightly, then used both hands and began to push in on the fullness of her breast, circling around it slowly. He would pause, move back, and then start over again. This seemed to take forever; he kept repeating it.

'Why is he doing that?' Ella thought, anxious for this to be over. She looked up at the ceiling, bit her lip, and tried not to think about it.

Finally he had worked his way to the center. Dr. Tarsal grabbed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled it slightly, then squeezed it unexpectedly hard.

Ella gasped.

"Oh, sorry, have to check for any discharge."

He did it again, a bit harder, and Ella choked back a sob. She felt tears of shame gathering in her eyes. This man was taking too long to examine her breasts!

Dr. Tarsal moved to the other side, and again pulled the cup of her bra back, exposing the milky white orb.

He started rubbing the left one then, again in circles, but this time was different. He looked into Ella's eyes with defiance. They seemed to say, 'Stop me.' He rubbed, squeezed, fondled, groped Ella's breast, and she was powerless to resist him.

He was the doctor.

He got to the nipple and again squeezed it, too hard. Suddenly he moved his head down, quite close, getting a direct view.

Ella felt his breath on the tips of her sensitive nipples, causing them to harden uncomfortably. The nipples protruded in stark contrast to the soft curves of the perfect breasts they capped.

"Interesting," he said. "Curious."

Ella managed to speak: "What?" Her cracked voice was barely a whisper.

He returned to the other side and did the same with her right breast, again moving his face very close to the nipple. His light breath on her areola caused it to crinkle, caused the nipple to harden again. He took the nipple between his fingers, rolling it around, squeezing it. He grabbed it and pulled it out. He pulled it out further, watching the areola and skin stretch. He released it, watching it settle and jiggle slightly. He was breathing heavily.

"Nothing," Dr. Tarsal muttered, and Ella was relieved. Her relief was enough to make her forget her discomfort, forget the alarm that had wrung in her head when he started playing with her breasts.

She was sure he had been playing with them—it was like the guys, rubbing, pinching, feeling, squeezing, all but sucking. It wasn't mechanical or medical, as she had imagined it should be. This made images of last Friday night come barging back into her subconscious, images of Stu and Ricky and Stone, of sucking, of fucking, of cum spurting—

"Ok Ella, your breasts seem fine, weight is good, and respiration is good. I think we should do an internal exam—can you scoot down a bit please, put your rear end at the edge of the table?"

Ella wasn't sure she heard right.

"Internal exam?"

Dr. Tarsal looked up, right into Ella's eyes.

"Yes, of course, to ensure your health and fitness. It's on the form."

Ella pulled her bra cups back over her breasts, covering them, and then began to slide down. She had to let go of her bra to grab the table; her big tits swayed with each shimmy of her body as she moved down, the cups shifting slightly to show more and more of the just-covered pearly white skin.

Dr. Tarsal pulled two legs out of the table, popped up the stirrups, and turned around. He grabbed a small blanket, turned back to Ella.

"I need you to slide off your panties, Ella. I have a blanket to cover you."

He handed her the blanket. Ella realized the blanket was too small to cover her all over—it was only a towel really—so she covered her waist, reached down, and slid the panties down a bit. She tried to sit up to remove them completely, but the doctor leaned in.

"I'll get 'em from there, Ella, you can just lay back," he said thickly.

Ella did as she was told. She was prone, lying on her back, a small blanket covering her waist. She felt the doctors' hands linger on her thighs; he pulled her panties down over the knee, and then all the way off.

All she had left on her body were her ankle socks, the short ones with green and white flowers.

Ella felt sweat building on her forehead. She gulped, blinked, and wondered how she had ended up like this. It seemed so… familiar…

"Now I am going to use the speculum. I'll ease it in, then you will feel me opening it for the exam."

Ella nodded. She had barely heard his words. She just wanted this to be over.

Dr. Tarsal grabbed the plastic speculum, removed it from its plastic wrap, and leaned in.

"First I have to take a look at your outer genitalia, to make sure everything is in order."

Ella felt his whispering touch over her lips, and her head began to buzz. She fought to restrain the tears that threatened to overwhelm her—this was so humiliating, to have this man she had never met standing between her legs.

Dr. Tarsal bent down, his head disappearing under the blanket that was spread over Ella's knees, for a closer look.

He traced her crimson outer lips, running his fingers along them softly. He ran a finger up to her clitoris, pulled back the hood, saw that it was bright pink.

Ella squirmed, felt a heat on her upper chest and neck.

Dr. Tarsal stood and took a look down at Ella. Her upper chest was flushed bright red.

"Ok, time for the speculum, Ella."

He reached down and pushed the speculum inside Ella's vagina, slowly. When it was fully inserted, he opened it, showing his penlight into the opening.

It was amazingly pink, with some abrasions—recent sexual activity.

"Not a virgin, I see?" he asked, glancing up at Ella.

Ella was looking at the ceiling and didn't respond.


"Yes?" she answered. He had her attention.

"I see that you aren't a virgin."

Ella gulped. The speculum was still inside her, hanging out, and the doctor had laid his hand on her inner thigh when he stood. She looked into his eyes and nodded slightly.

"Well, there seem to be some abrasions as well, some light puffiness. Is everything ok? This is a sign of extreme sexual behavior—not exactly the safest thing for a girl your age, now is it? You should be using condoms at the very least, if you are going to be this sexually active."

Ella felt a tear falling from the corner of her eyes. She wasn't like that. She was a good girl! But the guys... it was their fault... She couldn't answer. She shook her head no, as if to say it wasn't the safest thing for a young woman her age to be doing. Images of Stone, leering as he penetrated her, came to her mind…

Chapter 4 – The Internal Exam

The doctor nodded. "Yes indeed, not safe at all these days. You should definitely use lubrication, to limit the stress to your vagina," he said, shaking his head judgmentally. "Alright then, I have to do the manual exam now, to check your ovaries. You will feel a slight pressure while I put my fingers in, but this shouldn't take long."

Dr. Tarsal snapped a latex glove onto his right hand.

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