tagGroup SexCheerleader Chronicle Ch. 07

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 07


Note- Thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for all the help with grammar and generally making the story better.


As Rick turned onto Nancy's street his phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID, and saw Nancy's number on the Caller ID.

"Hi, I am almost to your house," he said.

"Great, we are out by the pool, just let yourself in and come on back," she replied.

"Not to be a buzz kill, but where is little Jack?"

"Grandma has him for the day, what kind of mother do you think I am?" Nancy replied.

"An excellent one, I just wanted to be certain the service you wanted me for was not babysitting."

"There will be sitting alright. I will be sitting on your face. Now get your sexy little ass over here," she replied with a laugh.

"Be there in five minutes, goodbye," Rick said, blushing at her last remark. He still was not sure how he felt about being a sex object.

Rick shifted in his seat, trying to move his erection into a comfortable position. He was in Nancy's driveway before he found one. Rick stepped out of the car and began walking towards the house. He tugged on his t-shirt, trying to get it to cover his obvious erection. The front door was locked, but he had his own key. He walked through the house and looked out the window. He could see Nancy and Chance standing in the pool. Nancy was at least topless. He suspected they were both naked.

"When in Rome..."he said to himself and stripped off his clothes before opening the door and walking towards the pool. Chance glanced at him, and then turned back to Nancy. More specifically he turned back to Nancy's breasts. Nancy looked at him and kept watching him until he was at the edge of the pool.

"Where are your clothes? You think you are going to get lucky?" she asked.

"They are with yours, in the house," Rick replied.

"I hope you don't mind, but I need to go freshen up," Nancy said as she climbed out of the pool.

Rick smiled as his guess was confirmed. She was completely naked. Nancy toweled herself off and slipped on her shoes before walking back towards her house.

"I will be back in a few minutes, talk amongst yourselves," she said over her shoulder.

Rick jumped into the shallow end of the pool, feeling a little odd being naked in front of another man. Chance hauled himself out of the pool and sat on the edge like nothing special was happening. Rick hoped he looked half as calm and collected. He wondered what the correct etiquette was for conversation before a threesome.

"So what did you guys do after I left?" Rick asked, immediately wanting to take the words back.

"Not much, a little of this, a little of that. Nancy told me I would need some sleep if I was going to keep up with you today. She seems to think you are quite a stud."

"I don't know about that," Rick said, feeling his face turn red.

"You played the part well last night," Chance replied.

"Have you been up long?" Rick asked.

"Maybe an hour, Nancy got up earlier to take Jake to Grandma. We have been out here about forty five minutes just messing around," Chance said, casting his eyes to the side of the pool.

Rick followed his gaze. He saw a gym bag with sex toys spilling out of it. Setting next to the bag was the strap on dildo, a pair of handcuff, a spanker and a vibrator. There were a few other toys and a bottle of lube on the picnic table by the pool. Rick began to wonder if he had missed something, or if those were still waiting to be used.

"Do you do this a lot?" Rick asked, again regretting his attempt at conversation.

"Not really," Chance answered.

"So you are not like a swinger or anything?" Rick said, having resigned himself to asking stupid questions, well, at least until Nancy returned.

"No, I'm not a swinger. Just the occasional threesome."

"Have you ever been with two girls?" Rick inquired, noticing that Chance's cock was starting to swell as they talked about sex. Rick fidgeted, feeling a little weird about seeing Chance get hard while Nancy was not around.

"Just once, all the other times it's been with another guy. I mean a girl and another guy. I'm not sure which is better. Two girls are almost overwhelming. With another guy there is less pressure to perform and more of a chance to watch. You know, if you are in to that. I am, into watching, that is," Chance explained, looking a bit flustered.

Rick breathed a sigh of relief. Chance seemed a bit more human and less of a perfect lady-killer. Rick tried to relax as much as possible given the circumstances.

"Nancy says you are really good with ropes," Chance said.

"Yea, I learned it for rock climbing and kayaking, and then just kept learning new ones."

"Ever think you would be using them the way you do now?" Chance asked.

"Not in a million years," Rick answered.

"That happens a lot with Nancy."

"What?" Rick asked.

"Things that you don't expect for a million years," Chance replied.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Chance replied.

"What does she want?"

"She wants us to fuck her," Chance replied.

"Any special way?" Rick asked.

"I had not really thought about it." Chance said, telling a little white lie. He and Nancy had discussed what she wanted that very morning.

"I bet you two of you have done some crazy stuff," Rick said.

"She does like to be restrained, but I don't think she brought any ropes out. We might have to be creative, you know, channel MacGyver or something." Chance explained.

Nancy hurried up the stairs and into her bedroom. She glanced out the window and saw Chance and Rick talking. Nancy stepped into her bathroom and began her cleansing ritual. She was anxious to get back to the pool and have Rick and Chance fuck her at the same time. As soon as her ritual was complete she put everything away and walked back into the bedroom. The two men were still in the pool talking. Chance was sitting on the edge of the pool and Rick was standing in front of him. Nancy stepped away from the window just long enough to retrieve a toy and a bottle of lube from her drawer of fun. She knelt in front of the window and looked at Rick and Chance again. Nancy dripped lube onto the toy, and then pressed the bottle into the small of her back. She felt the liquid flow between her ass cheeks. She set the bottle down.

On her hands and knees Nancy stared out the window. She reached back between her legs and placed the toy against her ass. The silicone felt cool and smooth against her hot, wet skin. Nancy applied a steady pressure, letting her body get used to the feeling. She looked back out the window, imagining Rick putting his hands on Chance's thighs. She felt the dildo enter her ass. In her fantasy Rick began to run his hands over Chance's chest. With that image in her mind's eye she began to slide the toy back and forth. As her body stretched to accommodate the toy Nancy sat up on her knees. She shifted her foot slightly and used her heel to hold the toy in place. As she put her hands on her own body she imagined the two men embracing and kissing. With one hand she caressed her breast. The other hand found its way between her legs. She plunged two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy. Nancy could feel her orgasm building with surprising speed. Furiously she pumped her fingers between her labia. She knew that what she was feeling with her hand and the toy were just a sample of what it would be like with Chance and Rick. Nancy was just starting to think of Rick lowering his head towards Chance's long, hard cock when her orgasm flooded over her. The mental image was gone, replaced by a tsunami of pleasure. Nancy put both her hands on the window sill to maintain her balance. Her body quivered and her muscles clenched in a delightful way. As she opened her eyes she saw Chance slide into the pool.

Nancy dutifully cleaned the toy and put both it and the lube ways before heading back out toward the pool. The two men were too involved in their conversation to hear her approach. She could hear Chance's words drift over the space between them.

"Much better now," Nancy interjected as she appeared at the side of the pool.

"Welcome back," Chance said.

"Why don't you two get out of the pool? I'm not going to suck your dicks if they get all pruned."

Chance and Rick both climbed out of the pool. Nancy walked behind Rick and grabbed his arms. Rick felt the handcuffs on his wrist and heard them closing. Chance stood right in front of him.

"Ever get a blowjob from a man?" Nancy asked.

"What? No!" Rick exclaimed, sounding a little alarmed as he watch Chance drop to his knees. Rick tried to will the erection Nancy had inspired to go away. He looked down at Chance. Rick began to sweat, he felt like he was in way over his head.

Suddenly Chance and Nancy burst out laughing. Nancy let go of his arms and he felt the handcuff's release.

"I'm sorry, "Chance said between laughs, "I had to get you back for pranking me last night. Nancy tried to stop me, but somehow I convinced her to go along."

"Don't be mad," Nancy said stifling a laugh, "I promise I will make it up to you."

"Or we can get her later," Chance said with a grin.

"I'm a little scared of what you two will dream up. I'd much rather just be punished for my misdeed," Nancy said as she slowly dropped to her knees between Rick and Chance.

"Not pruny at all," she said, taking a cock in each hand. Nancy slowly stroked up and down with both her hands. First she looked at Rick's thick hard cock, then at Chance's long erection.

"I suppose I should do something nice for you," she said as she looked at Rick.

She put both her hands on his ass and inhaled his cock, pushing her tongue against it. When she had coated it with her saliva she pulled her head back and wrapped her breasts around it. Right away Rick began to thrust his hips back and forth.

"Slow down," she moaned, "Unless you want make a mess."

Opening her mouth wide she slowly lowered her head and let him slip between her lips. His skin had felt cool from being the pool. Nancy stopped just as her lips passed the crown of his penis. With her tongue she lavished attention on the head of his cock. Almost right away she noticed pre-cum leaking out of him. The shaft of his cock felt like an iron pipe in her hand and she stroked up and down. She let out a giggle as she thought of Rick's alarmed reaction to the thought of Chance doing exactly what she was doing now.

Men are such strange creatures, she thought to herself. It was unlikely that Rick would be able to tell the difference between her and Chance if he was blindfolded. That would be fun, she thought. Getting Chance to participate would be a considerable challenge. A loud moan from Rick snapped Nancy out of her daydream as she realized he was very close to orgasm. If her mouth had not been full of Rick's cock Nancy would have smiled. She stroked his balls with her fingers, trying to coax his cum into her mouth. She heard Rick grunt a split second before his cock began pumping streams of hot liquid down her throat. She eagerly sucked it down until there was not a drop left.

Nancy turned her attention to Chance. She began to bob her head up and down on his penis. Each time she took in a little more of his cock. Each time the head of his dick got closer to the back of her throat. Soon she had almost his entire shaft in her mouth. Nancy moved her hand down to his balls. She relaxed her throat and slid her lips down his cock until her nose pressed against his skin. When she pulled her head back she let his dick spring free. She gulped down air, and then completely swallowed his penis again. She deep throated him one more time, and then stood up. Nancy wrapped her arms around Chance's neck and pulled him down to kiss him. As soon as her lips touched his she thrust her tongue into his mouth. Nancy held him for almost a full minute, then released him and dropped back to her knees. This time she was facing Rick.

Nancy wrapped her lips around his fading erection, easily taking all of it into her mouth. She pressed her tongue against it, milking out the last few drops of his seed. Slowly she stood up, putting her hands on his head. She pulled him down to her level.

"I figure if I am going to kiss you with dick on my breath, it might as well be your dick," she moaned as she pressed her lips to his. She waited for Rick to push his tongue into her mouth, and then responded.

Rick found himself preoccupied with cumming so soon. Much to his relief, her second blowjob revived his erection. The entire time he had been watching her deep throat Chance, Rick had been thinking about what should happen next. He put his hands on her wrists and pulled her away from his face. Rick stood up straight, and then spread his legs to reduce his height. He raised Nancy's arms until her heels were almost off the ground. Rick slowly twirled her around so she was facing Chance. He moved his arms back slightly until the length of his still wet cock settle between the cheeks of her ass. His erection slipped easily between her cheeks.

Chance smiled, admiring the creative way Rick had found to restrain Nancy. He bent down and kissed her on the cheek. He nibbled on her ear, and then slowly worked his way down her jaw. As he kissed her neck his hands cupped her breasts.

"You have the sexiest breasts," Chance whispered as he gazed at them. He longed to take them in his mouth, but could not stop staring at them. Finally he closed his eyes and lowered his head. With his lips he covered the top of her left breast with feather light kisses. When his lip brushed against her swollen nipple, both he and Nancy moaned. Chance wondered if Rick was enjoying the show he was putting on. He dropped to his knees, taking as much of her tit into his mouth as he could. Chance put both his hands on Nancy's other breast, squeezing it roughly as he devoured the one in his mouth. He could feel her tits moving as her breathing quickened. Chance felt Nancy begin to swing back and forth as Rick began to slowly thrust his hips against her ass. He moved his mouth to her other breast and slid his hands down her body. As he flicked his tongue over her nipple his hands came to a rest on her thighs. Chance twisted his hands so that his fingers were on the inside of her thighs. He could feel the heat from between her legs. Chance pressed down, holding Nancy against Rick's cock.

Nancy writhed as she hung from Rick's strong grip. His hands were wrapped around her wrists, and were much more comfortable that any restraint she had worn in the past. She felt his cock sliding up and down against her ass. There was enough lubricant left from her earlier escapade that his dick glided easily between her cheeks. The tip of his dick was just below the small of her back. The feeling of Chance's mouth on her breast caused her to moan aloud again and again. His fingers were tantalizingly close to her sex. She wriggled around, trying to lower herself just enough to feel his fingers on her labia. In desperation she lifted her feet of the ground and wrapped her legs around Chance. She pulled herself down and felt Chance's hand.

Rick felt his arms getting tired. He had been doing pretty well until Nancy took her feet off the ground, forcing him to support her entire weight. His efforts were rewarded by her squeezing the length of this throbbing erection between the cheeks of her slippery wet ass. The burning in his arms distracted him just enough to hold back his orgasm. He could see Chance sucking on her breast, but had no idea what else was going on. With his last bit of strength Rick lifted Nancy up and laid her across the picnic table. Chance grabbed her ankles and lifted them high in the air, pushing them towards Rick. He took her ankles from Chance. Rick held her dainty ankles and wrists in his hands. Rick moved his hands outward, exposing Nancy's breasts and vagina to Chance. Rick's eyes focused on her wet, swollen labia. He felt his half-hard cock ache at the sight.

Chance hesitated for a moment after Rick took Nancy's ankles from him. He watched as Nancy tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. He knew what Nancy wanted, but it appeared Rick's attention was elsewhere. Chance chuckled to himself, then leaned forward and put his hand on Rick's quasi-stiff cock. Before Rick could react Chance placed it between Nancy's waiting lips. Rick jerked back a bit, but then relaxed and slowly filled her mouth with his dick. Satisfied that the plan was working, Chance slowly dropped to his knees and put his head between Nancy's legs. He slid two fingers inside her and slowly wiggled them. Soon Nancy's muffled moans reached his ears. Chance began to circle her clit with his tongue.

Despite the appearance of her position, Nancy found it quite comfortable. Rick held her wrists and ankles firmly, so she did not really feel the weight of her arms and legs being above her. Rick's erection was a fantastic distraction. It made her forget all about the pressure of having her head hang off the edge of the table. Her tongue was pressed against the top of his cock, which was a bit unusual. She moaned with pleasure as he began to slide his cock deeper into her mouth. The taste of Rick's pre-cum leaking out overpowered the lube that coated his dick. She moaned again when she felt Chance penetrate her with his fingers. A few seconds later she felt Chance's tongue begin to tease around her clit. Nancy held completely still, enjoying the feeling of having two men inside her. She felt Rick's cock begin to press against her tongue as it stiffened. She watched him lean forward, trying to keep it inside her mouth. She knew he was fighting a losing battle. The next time he pulled his hips back his erection popped out of her mouth and pointed almost straight up. She ran her tongue against his balls as consolation. She knew the plan was to move on at this point, but did not say anything. Rick seemed to be enjoying watching what Chance was doing, and she certainly had no complaints as Chance's tongue finally reached her clit. Just as she had asked, Chance was trying to hold her on the edge of coming.

"I want you both," Nancy moaned.

On that cue, Chance stood up and grabbed her ankles, pulling them out of Rick's hands. He slowly lowered her legs and let them go. Rick followed his lead, lowering her arms and releasing her wrists. Nancy stood up and took both Rick and Chance by the hand. She led them over to one of the lounges by the pool. Rick noticed it was the one by the bag of sex toys. Nancy put both her hands on Chance's chest and pushed him down onto the lounge. She bent over to the bag and retrieved a condom, then knelt in front of Rick.

"You might need something to make this a little less, um, intense," she said has she rolled the condom onto Rick's full erection.

Rick smiled at her, feeling a bit relieved.

"I want both your cocks inside me," Nancy ordered as she straddled Chance.

Rick was speechless as he watched Nancy guide Chance's long hard dick into her pussy. She sank down on to him until she could go no further, then she put her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks apart. Rick put one leg on either side of the lounge as he positioned himself behind Nancy. He put his hand on his cock and guided it up against her. Rick noticed she was looking over her shoulder at him. She smiled and nodded. He slowly thrust his hips forward and he watched himself slid into Nancy. He stopped when he was about halfway in.

"More," Nancy cried.

Rick buried himself inside her. She felt incredibly tight. He felt Chance begin to move.

Nancy reveled in the feeling of fullness. She strained to accommodate Rick's thick cock. Chance's dick seemed to take forever to slide all the way in and out of her. Both men put their hands on her breasts. Chance cupped them from below, pinching and tugging on her swollen nipples. Rick softly stroked the tops of her tits. She realized she was probably going to cum before they did. Each time Chance thrust into her he pressed against her clit. The feeling of two cocks pistoning in and out of her was overwhelming. She felt her breathing begin to quicken. Nancy gripped the side of the lounge as the first twinges of several climaxes surged through her body.

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