tagBDSMCheerleader Chronicle Ch. 08

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 08


Special thanks to Cheer_Smartie526 for fixing my awful grammar and making some great suggestions that made the story flow better.


The clicking noise made it real. Courtney felt the metal cuffs press into the skin on her wrists. Rick closed the handcuffs just enough to let he know they were there. She looked left and right, as if she was concerned someone would see her. That was unlikely, since they were in the garage of Rick's parent's house. She wondered if Rick could hear her pulse pounding. To her the noise was almost deafening. He might not be able to hear her excited hear heartbeat, but there was no missing her swollen nipples. Even with a shirt and bra on they jutted out noticeably. This situation was unimaginable even a month ago. Now she was sweating in the summer heat being handcuffed. Soon she would get fucked by a guy she thought for was gay for years. He slipped dark sunglasses onto her. There were pads glued to the lenses, effectively blinding her, but without the obvious blindfold. They were about to drive somewhere, and he did not want anything to attract attention.

Rick smiled as he guided Courtenay into the passenger seat of the car. It was almost exactly a month ago that he had received a late night text from her that changed everything. All it said was

911 need help right away.

He thought about ignoring it. He was with Nancy. He was Nancy's boy toy, or booty call as she liked to say. She was ten years older with a sex drive that at least matched his. She was the one that insisted that he respond to Courtney's plea. When he found out she wanted to meet at the police station he was intrigued, and hopeful that karma had finally caught up with her. At the time he thought Courtney was the perfect specimen of the bitchy head cheerleader. She was tall, sexy, and blonde with large breasts and a perfect ass. She was also arrogant, bullheaded and sometimes mean. The only thing about her that did not fit the cheerleader stereotype was her intelligence. She actually was quite smart.

Courtney sat down and felt Rick buckle her in. She heard the car door shut, and the garage door begin to open. The sound of Rick's door closing was followed by the noise of the engine coming to life. The muscles in her stomach clenched. She was certain her panties were soaked. Rick had been her savior, and now he was going to be her master. In the quiet darkness she thought about the night everything changed.

She had been on a date with a guy from the local college. He ran a red light and the police pulled him over. The car and expired registration, no insurance and he had a warrant for some unpaid speeding tickets. With the car impounded she had nowhere to go. She managed to keep the police from calling her parents. She was in a grey area, being a few days shy of 18 classified her as a minor, but made her old enough for the police to release her on her own. Rick was the one member of the cheerleading team she thought she could intimidate into silence. If her parents found out she had snuck out with a college guy she would be grounded well past graduation. She was shocked with Rick arrived with an older woman. She had long believed Rick was gay. He was neat, thin and quiet. Too kind to be a jock, and too well dressed to be a nerd, gay was the only category in Courtenay's world he fit into. At first she thought his passenger was a transvestite, but as soon as the woman stepped out of the car, Courtney had no doubt about her femininity. She was quite attractive, and dressed in a tight leather outfit. She did not recognize the woman, but the woman recognized her. Courtney began to cry, out of concern that Rick's companion would tell her parents. What the woman said changed everything. She said "I know your secret, so I will tell you one of mine. After we take you home, Rick is going to tie me up and fuck me in the ass. I won't say anything about you as long as you won't say anything about us."

Courtney had kept the secret, and so had they.

Rick smiled as he pulled out of the driveway. After he rescued Courtney they had actually become friends. He began to understand her behavior. For years they had butted heads on the cheerleading squad. He was the only guy, and everyone thought he was gay. Courtney did most of all. The girls routinely walked around topless around him. Tonight he would do more than just admire her tits. He was a little surprised that she wanted to be tied up. She seemed to enjoy being in charge. She was head cheerleader and senior class president. Maybe she realized that since they had graduated she would have a different role in the real world. Rick turned onto the dirt road that led to his family's cabin. It had been years since anyone lived there. The house was built in the 1920's. It had the basics, running water and electricity, nothing more.

Courtney felt the car turn off the paved road. Finding out that Rick was not gay had been quite a shock. At first she felt violated. He had seen her breasts. He had seen all of their breasts, the entire cheerleading team had routinely changed outfits in front of him. True, he had protested at first, insisting he was not gay. She did not believe him, and mocked anyone who did. For years she had the entire squad thinking he was harmless. He did hair, painted their nails, and even shaved their legs. The shock turned to something else in the car with that woman. She described in great detail what he had done to her, and what she wanted next. By the time they dropped her off and she snuck back into her room she was thoroughly aroused. She masturbated that night, thinking of Rick and his slutty older woman. Now she was hopeful some of those things would happen to her. She had finally stopped obsessing about it, but she was getting some chewing gum out of Rick's backpack and noticed the handcuffs. The sight brought it all back. She had been unable to hide her erect nipples from Rick. He could have seduced her in minutes, but chose to make her wait. Now she was on her way to be tied up, whipped and fucked for her crimes against him.

Rick looked over at his passenger. She was adapted quite well to her role as captive. Before they left he had explained the basics. She knew her safe word, and understood that she could stop everything by saying it three times. Rick had already decided he would stop after a single utterance. Since the night he had picked her up from the police station they had become a lot friendlier. Their budding friendship would be tested tonight. The temptation to get back for the years she had taunted him would be tempting. If he could stay focused on making this something she enjoyed, he knew it could be the start of something fantastic.

Courtney quietly struggled against her restraints. She could not believe how turned on she was. After Rick had taken her home that night she began to think of him differently. They began to spend time together outside of cheerleading practice, and he became a frequent star in her fantasies. They began to understand each other's faults, and appreciate each other's gifts.

As they drove she thought back to her first date with Rick. She was not even sure it was a date. It had not gone well. Her subtle hint about wanting to hook up was answered very directly. When she asked him out he had told her quite directly not to wear panties if she wanted to fuck. She decided she wasn't going to let him take charge. She wore a pair of plain cotton underwear. As soon as he picked her up he slipped his hand under her skirt and across her ass. He said nothing about it. The evening was still fun. He took her to eat at a food truck had the most incredible Asian fusion food, followed by a wonderful independent film at the local art house theater. Seated in a dark corner, he had handcuffed her wrist to his. He caressed one of her breasts, urging her to play with the other. When she finally acquiesced to his request she quickly soaked her plain white cotton panties. After the movie he dropped her off without so much as a good night kiss. That night in her fantasy he wore the handcuffs while she imagined riding his cock to orgasm, all the time he begged her to stop. It was only after her climaxed, as she put her things away, that she noticed he had slipped a small vibrator into her purse. She was unable to resist it, and soon she was coming again. It was the first time she had climaxed twice in the same night. Both times she was thinking of Rick. Tonight she wore exactly what Rick asked for. She wore a shirt with buttons, a bra that fastened in the front, a skirt and no panties. She had no doubt that she had already soaked the seat cover in his car.

Rick pulled up next to the cottage. It was a small place with large front porch. He grabbed a bag out of the car and led Courtney up the steps. He flipped over a small table on the porch and put the overstuffed cushion onto it. Gently he lowered Courtenay on to the pad. Her torso fit neatly between the sturdy legs of the table. She squirmed nervously.

Courtney was not sure what was going on. She knew they were outside, she was on something soft, but her head and legs hung over the side and thick posts pressed against her shoulders and hips. She felt Rick wrapping rope around her thigh. He was using a lot rope. He moved on to her other leg, then her arms. When he was done her arms and legs were tied to the thick posts.

"I can't move, "she said

"That's kind of the idea."

"So now what?" Courtenay asked.

"Anything I want, that's what." Rick replied.

"What if I don't want it?"

"You just have to take it princess, just like everybody else. Welcome to the real world."

Courtenay winced slightly at his comment, she knew it was true. Before graduation she had ruled the school. Being tied up was actually something of a relief. She lay on her back, stuck like an upended turtle, and her eyes were still covered. She felt Rick heft the table so she was sitting upright.

"Have you ever had a dick in your mouth?" he asked.

She hesitated for a moment, then answered, "Yes."

"How many, how many dicks have you sucked?"

"I dunno."

"How many?" he asked insistently

"Thirty six? Maybe Thirty seven?" she respond quietly.

"Is that including me? Because you are going to suck my dick tonight."

Courtenay grinned; she was starting to like this game. She enjoyed blowjobs, and was quite good at them. She could bring men to orgasm in a matter of minutes. She did not particularly like to swallow. She usually had them come on her tits.

"I guess with you it will be thirty eight," she replied. She half expected to hear him call her a slut, and maybe that was true. He did not, his response caught her off guard, and made her chuckle.

"You sure do have a pretty mouth," He said dryly.

In her head she heard banjo playing, and wondered if she would be squealing like a pig.

When she stopped giggling Courtenay heard the unmistakable sound of a fly being unzipped. She opened her mouth, hoping she did not appear too eager. The tip of his cock pressed against her lips, and his hand grabbed a knot of her blonde hair. Slowly his throbbing hard cock invaded her mouth. It was about average in girth, but she was surprised by its length. The shaft kept gliding over her lips until finally the tip pressed against the back of her throat. She felt him pushing her head down onto his cock. It wasn't the first time a guy had tried to force her to deep throat him. It was, however, the first time she enjoyed it. Courtenay willed her muscles to relax, and Rick's penis slipped down her throat. Finally he stopped. She felt like she had a garden hose in her mouth. He withdrew his cock from her throat and began thrusting it in and out of her mouth. She strained against the ropes that held her arms, and found it aroused her even more. He put both his hands on her head and gently pulled her hair as he fucked her mouth. Her nipples were so swollen they ached. She could taste him leaking into her mouth. Courtenay pressed her tongue against his rigid shaft. She did not want him to come one her tits like all the others. She wanted to fully satisfy him with her mouth, even if it meant she would have to spend another night with her hand between her legs, imagining it was his cock.

Rick could not look away from the sight of her lips wrapped around his dick. The skills she had acquired sucking those thirty seven dicks were quite impressive. He had fully expected to last a long time with her. He had imagined doing this a thousand times, but his hand was nothing like her mouth and throat. He expected her to fight him when he forced his penis down her throat, but she had taken all he could give her and practically begged for more. Now, as he teetered on the edge of orgasm she was pressing her warm, soft tongue against him. She had to be aware of the pre cum that was leaking from his cock. It would serve her right if he just flooded her mouth. Instead he tried to pull out. As he moved his hips back she craned her neck forward, keeping as much of his dick in her mouth as she could.

"I'm going to come," he stammered.

The words were music to Courtenay's ears. She moaned loudly in response, hoping that the vibrations would push him over the edge. Her wish was fulfilled. His cock jerked in her mouth has copious amounts of cum poured into her cheeks. She guzzled it down, sucking hard to draw out every drop. Only when she was certain he had nothing left did she unclamp her lips from his penis. She licked her lips in case anything had leaked out.

"Wow, you really know how to suck a cock," Rick said breathlessly.

"You say the sweetest things."

"That came out wrong."

"I think it came out just fine, " she replied with a giggle.

"Stop it."

"The only way to shut me up is to kiss me, unless that wonderful cock of yours is hard again, " she said.

Courtenay was shocked when she felt his lips press against hers. She thrust her tongue into his mouth. She wanted to test his determination to kiss her. None of the men she had gone down on had put up with more than a peck the lips after she sucked them off, even if they did not come in her mouth. Rick did not flinch. In fact, he reciprocated, exploring her mouth with his own tongue. Courtenay felt a tingle between her legs, she was certain there was a puddle on the floor below her.

Rick broke away from the kiss. He briefly considered ending the evening, leaving her wanting. She had unknowingly done that to him for years. He quickly realized he could not do that. He grabbed the legs of the table and slowly lowered it to the floor. Courtenay was on her back again. He reached down and began to unbutton her shirt. It fell away revealing her breasts. They were straining against her bra. Her nipples looked like they were about to pierce the silky fabric. He smiled when he noticed she had worn a bra with a front clasp, just as he had instructed. She could have worn one that was super glued shut and he would have just cut it off. Switching to plan B on their first date had been almost impossible. She had looked stunning that night in a tight, short dress. If she had worn a thong he probably would have let it slide. Her deliberate defiance could not be tolerated. He had taken great satisfaction in knowing she at least found the vibrator he put in her purse. It had a small wifi chip in it that told him when it was on. It had been on for almost ten minutes that night, and almost every night afterwards.

Courtenay felt him unfasten her bra. Her breasts tumbled out, but just slightly. She had been blessed with magnificent tits. They were large and firm. Even without the support of a bra they barely sagged. The cool evening air chilled her sweat soaked skin, and relieved some of the aching in her nipples. She felt something brush against the skin on her belly.

"Remember this?" he asked.

"Not yet, do I get a hint?"

"When you found it in my backpack you got quite excited. I thought your nipples were going to get so big they would pop your bra off."

"The whip?"

"It's called a flogger. But if you like, I will bring a whip next time," Rick replied

"No, no, I don't want you to hurt me," said insistently.

"You say that now, but I bet you are begging me to hit you harder in just a bit," Rick growled.

He swished the flogger across her breasts. When the leather tendrils landed on her nipples she let out a squeal of delight. She felt him flip her skirt onto her stomach and begin to drag the flogger across her sex.

"I'd have taken care of that for you, no need to go to somewhere," he said, looking at her bare pussy.

"I'm sure you would have. In fact you probably would have gotten off to ripping the wax off and hearing me scream," she replied.

"I would have done something to distract you, something like this," he said.

Courtenay felt the flogger gently stroke her swollen labia, and a moan escaped her lips. He did it again, this time from above so it hit her clitoris. It was blissful torture. She wondered if he would be able to get it up again. It was her experience that some guys never recovered from her blowjobs. The tendrils were back on her breasts, swirling around her nipples, taunting them.

"Please, please," she pleaded softly, "touch me."

Rick grinned. This was going so much better than he expected. She actually seemed to be enjoying what he was doing to her. He half expected her just to endure it out of guilt. He no longer felt the need to exact vengeance upon her. Instead he wanted to drive her to a level of pleasure he had never imagined. He reached down and removed the glasses from her face, and she blinked in the moonlight. He wanted her to see what was happening. As flicked the flogger against her left breasts, he bent over and put his lips on her right breasts. His mouth encircled her nipple and he inhaled deeply, drawing air across her swollen flesh. When she moaned in response he brushed his tongue against with the lightest touch he could manage. Her chest surged forward, seeking more contact. He ducked away from her, and repeated the process several times.

"You fucker, you better have a hard on to fuck me soon. That little plastic toy you left me just is not going to do it tonight, 'she hissed.

Courtenay heard the flogger hit the porch. She watched as Rick crouched down between her legs. She heard a ripping sound, followed by the noise of a condom being unrolled. She had not asked him to wear one. She said nothing, hoping it would make him last longer than he had in her mouth. He reached out and put his hands on her breasts, squeezing them firmly. It felt fantastic. She tried to thrust her hips towards him, but the ropes did not budge. She finally took the time to look at her bindings. The consisted of thick cotton rope wound around her thighs and arms, finished with elaborate knots. Additional knots held her to the thick table legs. It actually looked quite elegant. Her admiration for Rick's handiwork was interrupted in the best possible way. She felt the head of his cock spreading the lips of her dripping wet cunt.

"Is this what you were hoping for?" He asked.

"Yes, give it to me, give it all to me!" she screamed.

"Are you sure about that?"

"I want your cock inside me more than you can possibly imagine," Courtenay moaned.

"How? On your back? Maybe I should turn the table over and fuck you doggie style while you hang from your bindings."

"Fuck me any way you want, just fuck me," replied, almost begging.

"Be careful what you wish for, "he admonished.

Rick tightened his grip on her breasts, bringing his fingers together and pinching her nipples between them. She cried out in ecstasy. Then he plunged into her. In one powerful thrust he buried the length of his cock into her warm, wet body. He put his hand on the floor above her shoulders, supporting most of his weight. He hovered above her so that his chest brushed against her nipples as he rammed his cock into her over and over. Every thrust pressed against her clit. Each time he withdrew until the tip of his cock until it just barely touched her. He reveled in the feeling of penetrating her. He looked down at her. The sight of her firm breasts jiggling from each stroke aroused him even further. The image of her swollen labia engulfing his cock pushed him to the brink. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

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