tagErotic CouplingsCheerleader Chronicle Ch. 18

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 18


As always a huge thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526.


Rick began final assembly of his invention. He threaded the small egg shaped vibrator onto the threaded shaft. One end of the shaft was capped by a motor; the other end had a battery case with bearing and a micro switch on it. The wires connecting the motor to the battery ran though the hollow center of the shaft. He turned the motor on and the egg slowly moved up the length of the shaft. When it hit the micro switch at the end of the shaft the motor reversed direction and the egg began to travel towards the opposite end. He watched it complete the cycle several times, and then pressed the stop button on the remote control.

Rick checked to make certain the two metal rings at the end of the egg were pressed against the charging contacts then slipped the entire assembly into the penis shaped outer case. The case had been the most difficult part to fabricate. It was made out of medical grade silicon. Rick had tried for almost a month before he was successful. The case he was working with could stand some improvements, but it would work well enough for what he had in mind. Rick connected the device to the microcontroller. The brains of the unit could stand to be smaller, but what he had would work for the prototype. He wondered if Nancy knew this was how he would use the programming skills she had taught him.

Rick pressed the start button again and heard the motor start turning. He could see the bulge of the egg shaped vibrator move along the length of the device. As it approached the back end the motor strained and the swelling increased considerably. This end had wedges in it that amplified the bulge. The egg reached the end of its travel, hit the switch, and reversed direction. Rick picked up his invention and pressed a button on the remote. He thought the idea of putting the remote inside the shell of an old cell phone was particularly brilliant. Nobody would take a second look at him playing with a phone. The little egg sprang to life and the entire device quivered in his hand. Rick squeezed the tip of the vibrator and the power turned off. He put the toy into a plastic case and loaded it into his bag. He picked up his phone and dialed Lynn's number.

"Hi Lynn, I have a question for you."

"Okay," Lynn replied.

"Is your offer still good?" Rick asked.

"Which offer?" Lynn replied

"To restrain you, tease you and then fuck you."

"Such language," Lynn replied, her voice dripping with Sarcasm, "I like it."

"Is that a yes?'

"You certainly know how to charm a girl."

"Sorry, I have been thinking about this for a while, I guess I got excited," Rick said.

"I'm not complaining, just thinking about being naked and tied up has me excited. I am going to be naked, right?"

"You will end up that way. Meet me at the south entrance to the mall. I need you to wear a long sleeved button down shirt with a collar and a skirt. If you wear a bra it should fasten in front. Panties are optional."

"You are being pretty picky. Are there any requirements for my choice of shoes?"

"No, not really. I like boots, but wear whatever you want." Rick replied.

"Okay, I will be there be there in thirty minutes," Lynn said.

"See you there," Rick said as he ended the call. The toy and the rest of his gear went into a messenger bag.

Right on time Lynn saw Rick's car pull into the mall parking lot. She had arrived early; excited about the many things she thought Rick might do to her. She had forgone panties since Rick said they were optional. It sounded exciting in the confines of her room. Now that she was outside she realized a stray breeze could give everyone at the mall a view of her shaved pussy. She wondered how long Rick planned on staying here.

"You look perfect," Rick said as he approached.

"I aim to please," she answered in a submissive voice. Rick held out his hand. In his palm was a choke chain necklace,

"This is for you."

Lynn picked it up and fastened it around her neck. It was snug, but not too restrictive. Two thin chains hung off the necklace and settled into her cleavage. She felt Rick clip a very short leash to the necklace.

"It has a breakaway link so it won't actually choke you," Rick explained

"It's fine," Lynn assured him. Sometimes she wished Rick was a little less concerned with her safety. His focus on risk management occasionally bordered on the obsessive.

"Great, put these on," Rick said, handing her a pair of sunglasses. When she put them on Lynn realized the lenses had been blacked out. Two small pinholes, each slightly off center, allowed her to see a tiny portion of the world around her. She felt Rick put his arm over her shoulder. He tugged lightly on the leash.

"Let's hang out at the mall for a bit," he said, guiding her into the building.

Even though she was very familiar with the layout of the mall, her impaired vision made it impossible to know exactly where she was. Certain sounds and smells offered clues, but not enough for a precise location.

Rick's fingers extended across her collarbone and occasionally stroked the top of her breast. She was glad she had chosen to wear a bra, without it her erect nipples would be even more obvious. The darkness and the collar were turning her on quite a bit.

Rick guided Lynn along the wall and then turned her sharply into a small alcove that had once held a pay phone. It was empty now, the wall plate for the phone the only reminder of the obsolete technology. The space had been designed with exactly what Rick wanted privacy.

They made a sudden turn and Lynn was plunged into darkness. Ricks hands snaked up the front of her shift and unfastened he bra. Lynn felt his hands caress her breasts and then tugged on her erect nipples. The thought of Rick fucking her at the mall both terrified and thrilled her. If they were caught she would never hear the end of it, but if they succeeded she would never forget it. Her fantasy was interrupted by the feeling of clamps being applied to her nipples. She huffed as Rick fastened the clasp on her bra; she was not ready for him to stop touching her. Lynn felt Rick's hand slid down her body and lift her skirt.

"No panties, very nice," Rick whispered in her ear. She felt him step behind her.

Rick's hand slipped under the front of her skirt and his fingers probed between her legs. Lynn knew she was already dripping wet with arousal. Rick's body pressed against her. She felt his erection against her ass. She could barely believe she was letting him finger fuck her at the mall. Even more surprising was how much she was enjoying it.

"I have something else for you, if it is too much just say so," Rick said.

Lynn felt him put both hands under her skirt, lifting it slightly. What felt like a garter belt wrapped around her waist. It felt thicker than lingerie. She jumped at the next sensation. Something bigger than Rick's fingers was spreading her labia and sliding into her pussy. Lynn gasped as she felt the toy fill her. What the hell was he doing? The last part was a bit thicker and Lynn moaned as her body stretched to accommodate the girth.

Rick worked quickly. The alcove they were in was pretty well hidden and not in the field of any camera he had seen. He secured the top part of the harness around Lynn's hips and slipped the vibrator inside her. He was not surprised when she didn't object. Her body was clearly excited about what he was doing. He connected the sex toy to the controller box on the front of the harness. Next he attached the support strap and ran it between her legs. It looked like a garter belt and mesh panties, just with a small box on the front. If his plans were correct the device would not fall out while they walked around. Just in case there was a small cord that tethered the vibrator to the belt. Rick stood and removed the sunglasses from Lynn's face. She blinked a few times and smiled.

"That was a little strange," she said.

"I'm just getting started," Rick replied, putting his arm back on her shoulder. Lynn felt him tug on the leash. Lynn felt a tug on her nipples as the chains that connected the clamps to the necklace tightened. She took a few awkward steps as she tried to get used to walking with the toy inside her.

As they walked back into the main part of the mall Lynn felt like everyone was staring at her. Could they see what Rick had done to her? The noticeable bulges in her shirt cause by her swollen nipples were probably attracting some attention, but Lynn wondered what else people could see. She realized this was the reason Rick had taken the sunglasses from her. He wanted her to know people were looking at her. She smoothed her skirt against her thighs. The feeling of being touched, even by her own hands, sent a shiver through her body. Rick stopped her in front of a lingerie shop.

"Think they would let you model a few outfits for me?" he asked.

"What did you have in mind?" Lynn replied. Rick pointed to a mannequin with a lacy push up bra and some high cut panties, "Something like that."

"You like that?"

"You would look fantastic in those, I'd be tempted to leave them on when I fucked you," Rick whispered in her ear as he tugged on the leash. The feeling of his hot breath on her ear and the tugging of the nipple clamps made Lynn's knees feel weak.

Lynn struggled to speak, "I thought you were going to tie me up. When do we get to that part?"

Rick smiled, "I said I would restrain you. Do you feel like you are free right now?"

"Such a clever boy," she replied.

"Thank you; now let's go to the food court."

Rick selected a booth on the edge of the food court. It offered as much privacy as possible in the mall. He watched Lynn as she picked up her soda. She licked the straw a few times before wrapping her lips around it. Rick felt his cock stir as Lynn bobbed her head up and down, practically giving the straw a blowjob.

"Do you remember the movie 'When Harry met Sally'?" Rick asked.

"I think so," Lynn replied, wondering why he was asking about such an old movie.

"You are going to act out a scene from it, with one difference."

"Which scene and what will the difference be?" Lynn asked.

"The difference is you won't be acting. I think you will figure out the scene soon enough," Rick said as gripped the remote in his pocket. He pressed the button to start the vibrator. Lynn sat straight up with a look of surprise on her face.

The faint buzz was almost imperceptible, but the vibrations between her legs were sufficient to get Lynn's attention. At first Lynn was shocked, almost irate with what Rick was doing to her. When she realized she was practically having sex in the middle of the mall food court her irritation turned to arousal. The vibrator Rick and put inside her had two thin wings. One pressed against her clit, the other was nestled between her ass cheeks. Both were vibrating. She felt her nipples swelling against the constriction of the clamps. She gazed at Rick with her most seductive look. She rubbed the toe of her boot along the inside of his leg. She wanted him to be almost as aroused as she was. Lynn wished she had worn shoes she could kick off. It would be fun to press her stocking clad feet against the erection growing in Rick's pants. She licked her lips and leaned forward to suck on the straw again. A piece of ice got stuck in the straw. Lynn sucked hard enough that her cheeks dimpled inward.

Any of the three things Lynn did would have been sufficient to give Rick a full erection. The smoldering look in her eyes was the actual trigger, but feeling her rubbing his leg reinforced it. Rick thought of the calf high leather boots Lynn was wearing. He wanted her to keep them on when he stripped away her clothes. Rick wondered if he had the nerve to walk out of the mall with a bulge in his pants. He was making Lynn walk around with her nipples on display, but somehow that was different. He pulled the phone turned remote out of his pocket and set it on the table. He ran his fingers over the keys, wondering which to press next. The volume control was set to the intensity of the vibration. He tapped it twice. Lynn put both her hands on the table, palms down. She let out a long sigh.

"Do you know what the scene is", Rick asked.

"D...d...Deli," Lynn stuttered.

"Are you ready to make everyone want what you are having?" Rick inquired.

"I will kick your ass if you embarrass me," Lynn hissed.

"It doesn't have to be as dramatic as the movie," Rick replied, pressing the M key. The motor began to spin and the egg shaped vibrator began to move along the shaft.

Lynn was conflicted. She did not want to cause a scene in the middle of the mall, but what Rick was doing to her felt very, very good. He had restrained her in a way she never imagined. He might as well have tied her to the chair and stuffed a ball gag into her mouth. She felt the toy start to move. Lynn did not know how that was possible. She tried to dig her fingers into the table. It was getting thicker, stretching her labia apart. Lynn bit her lip to silence the moan that was trying to escape her mouth. The little wings began to vibrate with more intensity. Her eyes darted all around, she looked at Rick. Was he the only one watching her? She glanced around the food court, trying to tell if anyone was staring at her. One teenage boy seemed to be looking at her tits, but looked unaware of anything else. He was probably taking in her swollen nipples for masturbation fodder. The movement changed direction. Now it felt like it was penetrating her. Her skin began to tingle. She felt cool as she began to sweat all over. Her breaths were shallow and rapid.

The toy changed direction again. The buzzing against her clit and ass were getting stronger. She could feel the girth of the toy increasing. Then it happened. In the edge of the mall food court Lynn had an orgasm. To anyone walking by she looked like she was meditating, or at least that is what she hoped she looked like. Inside it was quite the opposite. Waves of pleasure radiated out from her sex. She remained aware of her surroundings. She knew exactly what was happening and where she was. As her orgasm faded away she looked up at Rick. He was smiling at her.

"So, still going to kick my ass for this?" he asked with a smirk.

"You are safe, for now."

"You have five minutes to compose yourself, and then we are leaving," Rick said as he put the phone back into his pocket.

He hoped the deadline would help. Rick was not sure if his cock would return to its flaccid state that quickly. He figured the thought of walking through the mall with a hard on would drive the thoughts of Lynn having an orgasm from his mind. If not he hoped his untucked shirt would cover him.

As they exited the mall Rick handed Lynn the sunglasses. She put them on and took his arm. The misaligned pinholes made it almost impossible to see unless she closed one eye. Lynn was effectively blind and reliant on Rick to navigate the parking lot. Walking in public with something between her legs was both awkward and exhilarating. Although she could not see, she could hear people around her. Occasionally the toy would vibrate or move, no doubt from Rick hitting some button on a hidden remote. Lynn found being masturbated in the middle of a parking lot to be quite a turn on. Rick never left the toy on long enough to bring her to climax, but he did keep her quite aroused. She heard the door of his car unlock before she saw the car. Rick put his arms around her and removed the vibrator with a single move of his hand. Without a word he guided her into the passenger's seat. Rick buckled her seatbelt and handcuffed her left wrist to the seat belt buckle. Then he handcuffed her right wrist to something on the seat.

"If you need to get out just release the seat belt. The other cuff is on a snap link," Rick said as he sat down.

Lynn made a mental note to talk to him about being such a geek about safety. She appreciated his concern but it was hardly a turn on. She felt Rick's hand slide over the seat and on to her right shoulder. She felt him tug on the leash. The collar around her neck tightened and the clamps around her nipples tugged on Lynn's breasts. She felt emptiness between her legs. Lynn wondered what she would have to do to make that toy her own. She felt the engine start, but its vibrations paled in comparison to what the toy had given her.

The car began to move. Lynn quickly lost any hope of knowing where they were. Wherever Rick was going, there were a lot of turns along the way. She strained to hear something distinctive, trying to mimic some of the action or spy movies she had seen. All she heard was the generic sound of traffic, and even that began to fade away. The car slowed to a stop. Lynn felt her seat back recline. She followed it until she was almost horizontal.

"Now it is time for you to do some work," Rick said.

"I'm not in much of a position to do anything," Lynn replied.

"Oh, I think you are in the perfect position for what I want," Rick said.

Lynn felt the car rock, and then Rick was on top of her. He straddled her with his knees pressed against her shoulders. She could smell the distinctive musk of his cock and then she felt it against her lips. The taste of his precum seeped into her mouth.

"You are going to suck my dick until I fill your mouth with cum," Rick whispered.

Blowjobs and swallowing were nothing new to Lynn. Even being tied up with a cock in her mouth was something she had done before. But not knowing if she was being watched by random people walking past the car was something Lynn had never done before. She was both excited and frightened.

She opened her mouth and Rick's erection stretched her lips apart. Her jaw strained to accommodate his girth. The toy had been fun, but there was something special about having a real penis inside her. She pressed her tongue against the bottom of his rigid shaft. She tugged on the restraints holding her arms down. There was nothing she could do to stop Rick as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. For a moment the head of his dick pressed against the back of her throat. Just as she felt like she could not breathe he pulled it out. Lynn had just enough time to catch her breath before Rick began fucking her mouth again.

Despite the contorted position he had to assume to get his cock into Lynn's mouth Rick was enjoying himself. He liked the feeling of Lynn's lips stretched around his erection. If there had been a secluded place in the mall he would have made her blow him there. It had taken a great deal of willpower to put off his own satisfaction as he watched Lynn have an orgasm in the food court. Now it was his turn. Rick suspected Lynn was enjoying what they were doing, just not as much as he was. The fact that her nipples were practically poking through her clothes was evidence of her arousal.

Rick used one hand to balance himself over Lynn and the other hand to guide his cock into her mouth. He thrust his engorged shaft between her lips over and over. The slurping noises she was making only turned him on more. As he felt his orgasm getting closer he stopped driving his cock down her throat. Instead he focused on keeping the head of his dick just inside her mouth. He wanted her to feel every bit of cum spray onto her tongue and against her cheeks before it slid down her throat. Rick penetrated her mouth again and again. Each time he inched closer to climax.

"That's it, suck my dick," Rick moaned.

Lynn gave a muffled and unintelligible response.

"I'm...I'm...oooohhhh fuck... going to come." Rick stammered.

Lynn pressed the tip of her tongue against Rick's cock. A bit of cum had bubbled out of his dick, leaving a salty taste in her mouth She flattened her tongue against him and moved it from side to side. That pushed him over the edge. His penis jerked as a jet of hot liquid burst forth. Lynn tasted it as his seed flowed across her tongue and down her throat. Rick shifted slightly and the next stream shot onto the inside of her cheek. There was so much cum that it leaked out of her mouth and began to run down her chin. Lynn pressed her lips tight against his shaft and swallowed rapidly, trying to keep her mouth from overflowing. Rick's movements slowed down and finally stopped. He climbed off of her and raised her seat to the full upright position. She felt him kiss her softly on the mouth, carefully avoiding the thin stream of cum that had leaked out.

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