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Cheerleader Short Stories


Author's Note: This is the first of a series of short stories about cheerleaders. Each story will be unrelated to the other and it will deal with both high school and college students. All characters will always be at least 18 years of age. The characters will either be cheerleaders or students hoping to make the squad. In some stories, mothers will go all out to assure that their daughter makes the squad.



Carrie Williams wanted desperately to make the high school cheerleading squad. It was her senior year in high school and her last chance to be a cheerleader. Carrie was not as athletic or as agile as the other girls and she struggled with the gymnastic like moves. Carrie had another problem and that was her breasts. She was very well developed for her 18 years of age and her breasts were actually a hindrance to her ambitions to be a cheerleader. Carrie could barely get into the largest cheerleader uniform.

Carrie was a pretty brunette at 5'6" and 120 pounds. She had nice legs and a curvy ass but her 36 C breast seemed out of proportion with her curvy figure. Carrie had no trouble getting dates as the boys were attracted to her big tits and they couldn't wait to get their hands on them. Many a night Carrie ended up in the back seat of a car with her sweater pushed up and her bra unfastened as her date fondled and slobbered over her tits. Carrie had let boys play with her tits and finger her pussy but that was as far as she had gone most of the time. Only once had she let a boy fuck her.

Carrie was reaching her desperation stage as the cheerleading squad would be named in a few weeks before the first football game. Carrie tried to work on many of the moves on her own and she often practiced in the gym after school when there was no cheerleading practice. She was practicing late one afternoon after cheerleading practice when her Phys Ed teacher Brooke Johnson walked in the gym.


Brooke found the pretty and shapely Carrie sobbing as she went through the cheerleading routine. Brooke watched the teenager move clumsily about and the teacher realized that Carrie didn't have a chance of making the cheerleading squad. Brooke watched as a frustrated Carrie moved about and she paid particular attention to the way Carrie's breasts bounced and jiggled. Brooke approached Carries to console the girl.

"Don't get so upset Carrie," Brooke spoke and Carrie saw her teacher for the first time.

"Oh hello Ms. Johnson," Carrie greeted her teacher as she tried to hide her tears. "It's that I am getting so frustrated working on these moves. I feel so awkward."

"Carrie you are bigger than the other girls and it is going to be a little more difficult for you. Maybe you should stay with the drill team," Brooke offered.

"But I done that the past three years and I really want to be a cheerleader. I wish that I didn't have such big breasts, they seem to get in the way," Carrie whimpered.

Carrie was almost sobbing when she spoke to Brooke so Brooke tried to comfort her, "Now Carrie don't talk like that, you should be proud of your body and your beautiful breasts. There is more to life than cheerleading."

Carrie soft down on a bleacher as her eyes filled up with tears from her emotional outbreak. Brooke moved over to the bleacher and sat next to her. Brooke put her arm around the sobbing girl and offered words of encouragement.

"Carrie let me see your breasts and I will be honest with you about what I think of them," Brooke offered.

"What you want to see my breasts, here in the gym?" Carrie gasped.

"Well yes, it is very private here and the door is locked. I am sure that other women and girls have seen your breasts before. I just want to see them so I can give you honest feedback about them and about your concern that they may be too big," Brooke replied and then added, "I can also put in a good word for you with the cheerleading coach."

Carrie thought it was an odd request but her teacher did say that she would talk to the cheerleading coach, so she complied with the teacher's request. Carrie lifted her sweat shirt up over her breasts as she had planned to leave it on. But Brooke lifted it off her and tossed it on the bleachers. Brooke was struggling to keep her desires in check as she looked at the buxom girl with her tits straining to be cut loose from their confinement. Carrie upon Brooke's urging unhooked her bra and let the straps slide down her arms as she covered her breasts with her hands. Brooke took the bra from her and tossed it on the bleachers with the blouse. Carrie sat still with her hands covering her tits suddenly embarrassed with her nudity.

"Now don't be shy, let me see them," Brooke said as she gently pried Carrie's hands away and then she exclaimed, "Oh my they are beautiful, they are perfect."

Carrie blushed again as she held her hands tightly in her lap while Ms. Johnson looked over her bare tits. Brooke pushed Carrie's shoulders back so that the girl's tits would be even more emphasized. Brooke's hands were trembling now as she touched Carrie's skin.

"Carrie these are the most beautiful breasts that I have ever seen. You are truly blessed and you should be very proud of them. They are so perfect that they don't look real. I just have to touch them to be sure that they are real," Brooke said with a crack in her voice.

Before Carrie could object, Brooke had placed her hands on Carrie's breasts and held them lightly. Carrie felt like an electric shock had just passed through her body and then she realized that her nipples were hard and erect.

"Oh my goodness, look at your nipples. I have never seen nipples like that. They are so hard and so long," Brooke remarked.

Carrie was shocked when Brooke took the nipples between her fingers and gently rolled them around. Carrie sighed as an unexpected pleasure took over her body. Carrie knew that she should get up and run away but Brooke's hands felt so good on her tits. No woman had ever touched Carrie's breasts at least in this manner and it felt strangely erotic. Carrie felt her pussy getting wet and a stirring in her pubes as Brooke continued to stroke her tits and diddle her nipples. Carrie shifted slightly and opened her legs slightly.

"Is this exciting you Carrie? Is my touching your breasts getting you hot?" Brooke asked in a shaky voice as her own emotions were escalating.

"Yes a little. No one has ever been so gentle with them before," Carrie admitted.

"Well many times that is the difference between a woman's touch and a man's. Do you touch yourself when you are alone Carrie? Do you play with your pussy? Do you want to touch yourself now?" Brooke asked excitedly in recognition of Carrie's state.

"Yes at home in bed I play with myself. Yes I do need to touch myself now," Carrie gasped.

"Go ahead dear pleasure yourself while I make love to your breasts," Brooke told her.

Carrie's hand darted under her cheerleader skirt and she pulled her snug panties to one side baring her vulva. She frantically rubbed her pussy lips and then inserted a finger in search of her own clit. Brooke watched the girl finger herself for a few minutes and then she decided to take Carrie to the next step.

Brooke reached for Carrie's hand and moved it away replacing it with her own. Carrie was so close to an orgasm that she didn't care at this point who was rubbing her pussy. Brooke turned Carrie so that she could lean back into Brooke's body. Then she stroked Carrie's pussy with one hand as she fondled Carrie's tits with the other. Brooke brought Carrie to the brink of her orgasm but then suddenly stopped. Carrie looked confused and quickly reached for her pussy but Brooke stopped her. Brooke pushed Carrie back against the bleachers and then she knelt on the floor in front of Carrie. Brooke ran her hands under Carrie's skirt and hooked her fingers in Carrie's panties. Brooke pulled the panties down and off Carrie's legs and tossed them aside.

Brooke then parted Carrie's luscious thighs and lowered her face to Carrie's pussy. Carrie stared in shock as the sophisticated teacher moved toward her pussy. Carrie gasped aloud when she felt the first contact of Brooke's tongue on her pussy. Carrie had heard of this but no one had ever eaten her pussy. Brooke lifted Carrie's legs up and pulled Carrie closer to her. Brooke then reached up around Carrie's legs and found her tits as she closed her mouth over Carrie's pussy. Carrie went wild as Brooke ate her and played with her big tits.

Brooke could tell by Carrie's reaction to her tongue lapping that she was on the brink of a massive orgasm. Brooke again flicked her tongue inside the student's pussy and let it travel up from Carrie's vagina to her clit. She pointed her tongue and slowly drew circles on the flat space under Carrie's clit. Carrie tensed up and she moved her hips trying to get Brooke's mouth to stay on her clit. To her own surprise, Carrie moved her hands to her pussy and pulled back the hood exposing her clit. Brooke saw this and she flicked her pointed tongue quickly over Carrie's exposed flesh feeling it harden with each stroke.

"Oh God Ms. Johnson, don't stop please, make me cum. I'm going to cum. I'm cumming Ms. Johnson, oh Ms. Johnson!" Carrie screamed as her body thrashed around with the intensity of her orgasm.

Brooke continued tongue fucking her and playing with her clit and Carrie could not stand it anymore as her body went rigid. Carrie moaned and lifted her hips toward Brooke's face as if she were trying to get the tongue deeper into her pussy. Brooke released Carrie's tits and grabbed Carrie's buttocks. She continued with her tongue lapping and squeezed Carrie's shapely ass at the same time. This final act took Carrie over the edge with a mind numbing orgasm.

Brooke smiled to herself in conquest and slowly withdrew her tongue from Carrie's pussy. She was not done by any means yet but that was enough for today and she would let Carrie take a few minutes to recover. As Brooke felt Carrie's body relax and sensed her relaxed state, she slowly ran her tongue up the inside of her pussy and Carrie jumped with surprise as she felt another tremor shake her body.

Brooke stood up and looked at the beautiful girl on the bleachers. Carrie was breathing hard and her breasts rose and fell with every breath. Her skirt was thrown up over her lap and her pretty pussy and luscious thighs were on display. Brooke knew that she could spend the rest of the day with his girl and under different circumstances she would. Brooke knew that the day would come when she would make Carrie cum repeatedly until she was drained but today was not that day.

Brooke smiled at Carrie and handed her panties to her. Carrie quickly pulled on her panties as she seemed embarrassed and shaken about what had just happened. As Carrie put on her bra and sweat shirt Brooke spoke to her.

"Carrie that was just very special. I wanted to show you just how tender love can be and it should be no different whether it's a man or a woman. Please don't be embarrassed, women do it all the time and it was obvious that you enjoyed it," Brooke said consoling the confused girl.

"I don't know what to say. I've never done anything like that but it felt so good but at the same time so shameful," Carrie whimpered.

"Don't be ashamed. Just think about it for awhile and think about the pleasure you received. Then we will talk some more. You should get dressed now as I have to lock up the gym after you leave," Brooke told her and then added, "I will speak with Ms. Simpson about cheerleading as she knows the coach very well and maybe she can put in a good word for you."

"Oh that would be wonderful, thank you Ms. Johnson," Carrie gushed as she got dressed.

Carrie finished arranging her clothes and walked back to her locker to get her books and school clothes. As she walked the halls she felt somewhat guilty that she had just had her pussy eaten by Ms. Johnson. But at the same time she had the urge to touch herself again. In a way she wished that she could have stayed with Ms. Johnson longer and had more orgasms. Carrie decided to stop in the girl's room and rub her pussy a little bit before she left the school.

Brooke walked into Principal Rhonda Simpson's office and shut the door behind her. "Why are you all smiles?" Rhonda asked.

"See for yourself," Brooke replied and she stepped up and kissed Rhonda full on the lips.

"Delicious!" Rhonda exclaimed, "Who is it?"

"Carrie Williams and I told her you would put in a good word for her with the cheerleading coach," Brooke revealed.

"Maybe next time I'll join you and if that goes well then we can have her over to the condo," Rhonda added.

"Sounds like a plan. Oh what time should I stop over tonight?" Brooke asked.

"Anytime after 7:00 PM, I have a few things to pick up after school," Rhonda replied.

"I'll see you then," Brooke concluded and then left the principal's office.


Days later Carrie was summoned to the gym teacher's office to meet with Ms. Johnson. Carrie hoped that Ms. Johnson had some good news for her about cheerleading. As Carrie waited for Ms. Johnson to arrive she thought about the last time they were together and her pussy warmed just thinking about what had happened. Carrie secretly hoped that Ms. Johnson would seduce her again and eat her pussy. Carrie was not prepared for the Principal Ronda Simpson to join them.

As Carrie was talking with Ms. Johnson, Ms. Simpson joined them in gym teacher's office. The two mature women removed all of Carrie's school clothes except for her knee high socks. Carrie was afraid to protest since she thought Ms. Simpson could help her get on the cheerleading squad. Carrie was stroked and fondled until she thought that she would faint from her excitement. Carrie felt weak and asked to sit down so she was steered over to the sofa in the room and she sat back in it.

"My God but you are beautiful!" exclaimed Ronda as she stared at the voluptuous Carrie.

Carrie sat on the sofa and the two women moved toward her. Ronda and Brooke were both clearly infatuated with Carrie's beauty at this point. Brooke knelt between Carrie's legs and began eating her pussy. Ronda sat next to Carrie and fondled and kissed the girl's large firm tits. Ronda just loved Carrie's hard nipples and rolled the nubs around in her mouth. Carrie was extremely turned on by this dual attention and she felt her orgasm coming on. Carrie's body stiffened slightly and she gasped into her own hand as she coated Brooke's face with her female nectar. Brooke finished licking Carrie's pussy and then moved up to trade positions with Ronda.

Ronda moved between Carrie's legs and began an equally competent licking of Carrie's pussy. Brooke kissed Carrie and she was surprised when Brooke thrust her tongue into her mouth. Carrie tasted her own juices on Brooke's face as the two of them kissed. Brooke then turned her attention to Carrie's tits and worked them much like Ronda had. Ronda was totally consumed with Carrie's pussy when she decided the test new waters. Ronda slid a pussy moistened finger into Carrie's ass and she was pleased when Carrie tightened her butt in response. A virgin asshole Ronda thought to herself.

Ronda continued to eat Carrie's pussy and finger her asshole as Brooke worked the young girl's large firm tits. Carrie felt another orgasm and this time her hips came off the sofa with the intensity of it. Ronda's face was covered with Carrie's nectar and she sat up and kissed Brooke. Brooke kissed Ronda back and tasted Carrie on her lover's mouth. They allowed Carrie to put her clothes back on and then return to her class.

Ronda and Brooke were so turned on by the young stacked student that after Carrie left they had to eat each other. The two sophisticated looking ladies simply pulled up their skirts, shed their panties and ate each other's pussy. It didn't take them long to cum since they were so ready after Carrie's visit.

Carrie was a little surprised that Ms. Simpson had suggested that Brad may be a person to talk to about the cheerleading squad. Brad was the star football player and team captain. The football coach's wife was the cheerleading coach and Brad could put a good word in to his coach for Carrie. She assumed that she might have to persuade Brad to speak to his coach on her behalf. Carrie of course had no idea that Brad was well hung and she didn't know how she could infringe on Nancy's boyfriend without causing a stir. However Carrie was intrigued by Ms. Simpson's suggestion and she would try to get Brad to warm up to her somehow.


Brad was pleased when the buxom girl approached him about putting in a good word for her. Brad said that he would do what he could do and then he asked Carrie out on a date. He told Carrie that they had to be discreet or else his girlfriend Nancy would have a fit. Carrie promised that the date would be their secret. Brad took Carrie to a movie theatre in a nearby town and then he drove to his favorite make out spot. Nancy was preoccupied that night with some college campus activity so Brad felt safe about his date.

Carrie had worn a short skirt and sweater on the date and as she and Brad made out in his car her skirt slide up and just covered her panties. Brad was too busy kissing her and feeling her large tits through her sweater to notice the skirt. Brad slipped his hand under her sweater and caressed Carrie's abs. She just cooed and made no effort to stop him when his hand moved up to her breasts. Carrie decided to let Brad feel her up because he could help her make the cheerleading squad. Brad massaged Carrie's big jugs though her bra and his cock was bursting in his pants.

Brad reached behind Carrie and fumbled with the catch on her bra and again she made no effort to slow him down. After unhooking her bra his hands returned to her tits and he pushed the bra up over them. Brad couldn't believe how firm her tits were considering how big they were. Carrie now had her sweater and bra pushed up over her tits when Brad lowered his mouth to suck on her nipples. Carrie gasped with desire as his mouth closed over her nipples and he sucked one and then the other, so far Brad had been very gentle.

Brad decided to go to the next step and he slid his hand along Carrie's creamy thigh. She cooed as his hand traveled up her leg and under her skirt as Brad continued to suck on her tits. Carrie almost jumped through the car windshield when Brad touched her panty covered pussy. Her panties were dripping wet and Brad covered her mound with his hand. As Brad rubbed her pussy and sucked her tits, Carrie felt herself losing it and she knew that she would cum soon. Brad slipped his hand under her panties and eased one of his fingers into her pussy.

Brad gently fingered her pussy and then he took one of his hands and placed it on his cock. Carrie couldn't believe the size of Brad's cock as she felt it through his pants. Carrie began to hump herself on Brad's hand and finger as Brad struggled to free his cock with one hand. Brad finally managed to free his cock from his pants and he guided Carrie's hand back to it. Carrie grasped the thick shaft and began to stroke it up and down as Brad continued to finger her pussy.

Brad then reached under Carrie's skirt and pulled her panties down and off of her. He then placed Carrie in the seat so that he could crouch down and eat her pussy. Carrie went wild when Brad's tongue pushed into her pussy and she instinctively grabbed his head and held it in place. Brad ate Carrie through a continuous string of orgasms until she had to push him away. Brad then tried to get Carrie to sit on his cock but she was reluctant to fuck in the car.

"I want to do it Brad but not in the car," Carrie pleaded.

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