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Cheerleader Short Stories 02


Author's Note: This is the second of a series of short stories about cheerleaders. Each story will be unrelated to the other and it will deal with both high school and college students. All characters will always be at least 18 years of age. The characters will either be cheerleaders or students hoping to make the squad. In some stories, mothers will go all out to assure that their daughter makes the squad. In this story it is strictly mothers and daughters involved in lesbian sex.



This particular Saturday Belinda Jennings and her two daughters were on their way home after cheerleading practice. Judy and her daughter Tricia had joined the Jennings and were in the same car as they drove back from the school. Judy heard a groan come from the back seat and then another one. When she turned around she saw that Tricia, who was seated between the twins, had her sweater and bra pushed up over her breasts, her skirt was bunched at the waist and her panties were pushed down around her ankles. Brandy and Dawn were kissing Tricia's tits as they fingered her pussy. Tricia was groaning in pleasure from the attention the twins paid to her body.

Belinda looked in the mirror and smiled at her twin daughters then she looked to Judy and said, "Judy why don't you slip off your panties and slide closer to me."

Judy blushed at the request but did as she was asked. She took off her panties and slid as far over in the seat as she could. Belinda drove with one hand and never took her eyes off the road as she fingered Judy's pussy with her right hand. Judy gasped as her pussy was played with and her clit was located. Judy thought she would cum any second when Belinda removed her fingers and spoke again.

"Here we are. Tidy yourselves up girls and let's take this inside," Belinda directed as she pulled into her driveway.

The five of them went into the Jennings's home and within minutes everyone was naked and in the family room. Judy knew that she and her daughter Tricia were in for another erotic night at the hands of Belinda and her two daughters Brandy and Dawn. It had all started when Judy pulled out all the stops to assure that Tricia made the cheerleading squad.


Belinda and her two twin daughters had just finished dinner and they were relaxing in the family room. They talked about cheerleading and the upcoming season. Belinda was the freshman college cheerleading coach and her twin daughters were co-captains of the squad. Brandy and Dawn were identical twins and they were both very pretty with firm shapely bodies. They both wore their blonde hair in ponytails and had bedroom blue eyes. At 5'6" tall and 105 pounds they had tanned toned 32- 20- 33 figures. Their breasts were firm and perky and they had shapely legs and curvy asses. The girls obviously had their mother's looks as Belinda looked like an older version of the twins.

Belinda and her two daughters discussed the other girls trying out for the cheerleading squad. They not only talked about the girl's abilities as a cheerleader but also as a potential lover. There were quite a few cute girls trying out for the squad that Belinda and her daughters would like to get in bed. As they discussed the other students, they got turned on and they started to feel each other up as they imagined making love to other freshman girls.

They were all wearing tee shirts and shorts with no bras or panties so in a matter of seconds the three women were naked. Brandy and Dawn were sucking on their mother's tits as Belinda fingered her daughter's pussies. They had worked themselves into quite a state and they quickly moved to the floor and arranged themselves so that they could eat each other's pussy. Brandy was eating her mother's pussy as Belinda ate her daughter Dawn who in turn ate her sister Brandy. The three of them had done this many times before and it was their favorite way to warm up for the evening. Within minutes they were all cumming and spraying each other's faces with their female love juice. Brandy then got up and left the room. She returned shortly with a box of toys and smiled at her mother. Belinda took out two strap-on dildos and a tube of lubricant.

"Let's give Dawn what she has been waiting for," Belinda said and handed one of the strap-on dildos to Brandy.

Both Brandy and her mother put on the harnesses and snapped in the fake cocks. Brandy lay on her back and her sister straddled her lowering her trimmed pussy onto the fake cock. Belinda moved in behind her daughter and squirted an ample amount of lube directly into Dawn's asshole. Then Belinda pushed it in deeper with her finger and massaged her daughter's asshole with her finger. Dawn crooned as the lube entered her rectum and she felt her mother's welcome finger in her ass. Belinda then put and ample amount of lube on the fake cock and eased it into her daughter's ass. Dawn loved to be double penetrated more than anything and she still remembered the day that her mother had taken both her anal and vaginal virginity. Brandy lost hers as well that day and ever since the girls loved to have their holes plugged with fake cocks. Belinda fucked her daughter's ass as Dawn rode the fake cock in her pussy. Dawn was out of control and she was bucking frantically with the intensity of her orgasm. Brandy reached up and pinched her sister's firm tits and hard nipples as Dawn cried out in climax.

"That's it my dear cum for us, cum for us," Belinda urged as her daughter surged out of control and collapsed on her sister.

Brandy cradled her trembling sister in her arms as her mother eased the rubber cock out of Dawn's asshole. Dawn felt the cool air tickle her dilated anus as the cock was removed from her butt. Dawn rolled off of Brandy and lay next to her on the floor. She was only allowed to rest for a few minutes and then she put on the strap-on that Brandy had used on her pussy. Brandy was next and she straddled Dawn and lowered her pussy onto the fake cock. Then her mother lubed her asshole and filled it with the other fake cock just as she had done to Dawn. Brandy soon felt the surge run through her body and she drenched the rubber cock in her pussy. Brandy was a squirter and she gushed in orgasm as the two fake cocks worked her holes.

Finally it was Belinda's turn to be double fucked. She liked to lie on her side with her daughters fucking her. Brandy pressed into her mother and their tits rubbed together and the sensitive nipples hardened immediately. Dawn pushed the other dildo into her mother's ass and then she established a rhythm with her sister as they fucked their mother. Belinda loved to be fucked by her two daughters and she was so glad that she had introduced them into the world of lesbianism. They fucked their mother with a passion and when Belinda pleaded with them to stop they ignored her and continued fucking her. The girls knew that their mother had at least one more orgasm in her and they were determined to bring her to another climax. The final orgasm hit Belinda hard and her entire body shook and trembled as she screamed in passion. She felt as if she was close to passing out, her orgasm was that intense.

"Oh this is a big one, oh my God, oh my God, I'm cummmming!" Belinda cried out.

"That's it mother cum for us just as we came for you," the girls urged her.

"Oh please stop now, I can't take anymore. You must stop, please," Belinda begged her daughters.

The two twins stopped their movements but left the fake cocks in their mother's holes and the three of them remained motionless for several minutes. Dawn moved first and slid the rubber dick out of her mother's ass. Then Brandy pulled out of her mother's pussy and Belinda rolled over on her back. Brandy and Dawn took off the strap-on dildos and removed the cocks from the harnesses. Then Brandy took the cocks and put them in the sink to be cleaned. Brandy and Dawn then went back to the sofa and hugged and kissed while their mother recovered on the floor. Belinda was too exhausted to even more off the floor. Brandy and Dawn then took turns eating each other's pussy. Dawn loved to eat Brandy and have her sister squirt in her mouth. Dawn wished that she was a squirter like her sister. The three of them then went to bed leaving the toys in the family room and dildos soaking in soapy water. Tomorrow would be another day and it was Saturday so they would have the morning to pick up where they left off.


Judy arrived at Belinda's home as she wanted to discuss the cheerleading squad with her. Judy desperately wanted to make sure that her daughter Tricia made the freshman cheerleading squad. If Tricia made the freshman squad it would be the first step in her making the varsity squad in the following years. Judy was living her own past through her daughter's life. Judy had always wanted to be a cheerleader and she had been devastated when she didn't make it. Judy had made up her mind that she would do what ever it took to assure that Tricia made the squad. In addition to a partial scholarship it was the prestige and popularity that went along with being a college cheerleader. Belinda opened the door and invited Tricia into her home and led her to the family room.

Dawn and Brandy were in the family room when Judy entered with Belinda. They were both wearing tight short shorts with tube tops. The outfit showed off the girl's curves and it was clear that they were not wearing bras or panties. The tube tops followed the contour of their breasts and their hard nipples were poking through the material. The shorts were so tight that the material gathered in their vulvas and accentuated their perfect round asses. Judy stared at the two twins taking in their beauty and bodies. Judy greeted the twins and Belinda noticed Judy's apparent interest in the twins' bodies.

Judy had been divorced for less than a year and she had not even kissed anyone in a long time. Her husband left her for a younger woman and he had left town. Judy had been without sex for quite some time and that was mostly her fault. She had tired of the mandatory sex when her husband would mount her and cum in her. She got no enjoyment from sex with her husband and he didn't do anything to make it interesting. Judy had had opportunities to date but she turned them down as she was sure that they would all end up the same way. At work a woman had befriended her and was showing more than a casual interest in her. Judy had never been with a woman but it had been on her mind more and more lately. Judy could be described as cute but sophisticated and even unapproachable. She was 5'5" and 105 pounds with shoulder length blonde hair. She had a nice shape with 32A breasts, shapely legs and cute round ass. On more than one occasion the woman at the office had let her hand brush over Judy's ass as if accidentally. Judy was starting to enjoy the attention and occasional contact with her ass. It was kind of a turn on for her.

"Girls would you excuse us please, Judy and I have some business to discuss," Belinda asked her daughters.

"Certainly mother," they said in unison and then walked slowly past Judy putting their bodies on display.

"It's too bad that Tricia couldn't join us, maybe next time," Brandy said in a sultry tone.

Judy felt tingles run through her body as the pretty twins passed close to her. She was sure that she saw Brandy run her tongue over her lips as she spoke. Judy was in awe of these two teenagers who appeared to be very mature for their age. Her trance was broken when Belinda spoke to her.

"Come and sit down and I will get us some wine. Do you like wine or would you prefer something else?" Belinda asked.

"Wine would be wonderful," Judy replied with a crack in her voice.

Belinda left the room to get the wine and Judy tried to compose her self. She just realized that the twins had gotten to her. She had never thought of sex with women until recently and now she was turned on by the two teenagers. Judy tried to imagine them naked in bed with each other and tried to imagine what they would do with each other. Her naughty thoughts were interrupted when Belinda returned with a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. For the first time Judy noticed the pretty woman and it was obvious where her daughters got their looks and figures.

Belinda poured the wine and the two of them began talking about the cheerleading. Judy made it very clear how much it would mean to her if Tricia made the squad. They continued to talk about Tricia and Judy's passionate plea as they sipped their wine and before long the first bottle was gone. Belinda opened another bottle and although Judy knew she stop after two glasses she didn't. She was enjoying herself and the company of this very pretty mother and coach. Judy had not been out for some time and she was very comfortable with Belinda. The talk eventually worked its way around to personal lives and Judy and Belinda shared their failed marriage and bad husband experiences. Belinda put down her glass of wine and reached over, trailing her hand along Judy's arm and down to her hand. She took the glass of wine from Judy's hand and set it on the end table. Judy looked at her with a half smile on her face.

"What are you doing," she said breathlessly.

"Hush and relax, you want Tricia to make the squad, don't you?" Belinda whispered.

Belinda trailed her fingers back up Judy's arm, stopping at the inside of her elbow. Here she drew lazy circles with her fingernail. Judy started fidgeting nervously and smiled. Belinda moved her hand farther up Judy's arm, stopping on the top of her shoulder and raking her nails along the baby sensitive skin. Judy shuddered involuntarily and Belinda took this as a sign to continue the seduction. She moved her hand to the side of Judy's neck and trailed her finger up behind her ear then she moved her lips to Judy's ear and blew softly causing her to gasp audibly. Belinda used her tongue and trailed it along the inside of Judy's ear very lightly and then stuck it in her ear making it very wet. Belinda then blew on her wet ear sending a chill through her new conquest.

Judy shuddered again and she knew that she stop this before it went any further. But whether it was the wine or Tricia making the squad or both she allowed Belinda to continue. Belinda followed Judy's jaw line with her tongue until she got to the corner of her mouth, then she flicked her tongue lightly at the corner of Judy's mouth and then ran her tongue along the woman's luscious lips. Judy hadn't kissed anyone for months and she allowed her lips to part slightly as Belinda put her lips on hers. She gently coaxed Judy's lips farther apart with her tongue and probed the inside of her mouth. Her hand trailed down Judy's neck to her breast. Belinda cupped her small breast through her shirt and bra and flicked her thumb over her hardening nipple. Judy was surprised when she felt her nipple harden and come to attention. Belinda kept up the exploration of Judy's mouth with her tongue French kissing her as she gently pinched Judy's nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Judy thought again that she should stop Belinda but it felt so good and she had been so starved for attention that she let it continue. Plus she thought to herself she could always stop Belinda before she went too far. Judy moaned loudly and arched her back as Belinda moved her hand under Judy's shirt and raked her nails across the woman's belly. Belinda reached behind Judy and with one hand expertly unhooked her bra. The Belinda moved her hand up and cupped Judy's small bare breast allowing the roundness to fill her hand. She rubbed her thumb across a bare nipple and felt the electricity that flowed through Judy's body. Belinda pushed the shirt and bra up over Judy's chest and lowered her mouth to suck in her nipple. Belinda gently nibbled on Judy's hard nub sending chills throughout the woman's body. Judy groaned aloud with desire.

Belinda moved her hands quickly and seemingly in one movement removed Judy's shirt and bra revealing her beautifully smallish breasts and very hard nipples. Judy was caught off guard that everything happened so fast. Belinda quickly covered Judy's nipples with her mouth kissing and nibbling one and then switching to the other. She could hear Judy's breathing getting faster and shallower. Judy let out a moan and grabbed her head as if to push her away but she didn't.

"We really should stop. I really don't want to do this," Judy said rather unconvincingly as she knew she had let it go to far and if she wanted her daughter on the squad, she would have to let Belinda have her way.

Belinda ran one of her hands under Judy's skirt and up the insides of her thigh toward the woman's vulva. Belinda touched the panty covered pussy and felt the heat and moisture of Judy's steamy cunt.

"I would say that your pussy disagrees with you," Belinda said and then continued to suck on Judy's tits and nipples, "How does that feel now?"

"Oh, that does feel good. It's been so long," Judy said breathlessly holding Belinda's head tightly to her bosom.

Belinda then trailed her tongue down Judy's breast and stomach and dipped her tongue into her belly button. Belinda continued to run her hands over Judy's thighs and gently brushed her fingers over the sopping wet material of her panties. She could feel the moisture soaking through Judy's panties and smiled to herself in victory. Her tongue continued to roam across Judy's stomach and Belinda let her fingers dance on the woman's panties emitting more moans from Judy.

Belinda grabbed the waistband of Judy's skirt and she pulled it down along with her panties very slowly. Judy was totally confused as her mind told her one thing and her body another. She didn't stop Belinda as she told herself she would but instead she lifted her hips making it easier for Belinda to remove her skirt and panties. Now Judy was totally naked in front of her seductress. Belinda smiled at Judy and slid her finger down Judy's slit. Belinda teased the woman's clit by gently nicking it with her nail. Judy's body leaped in response to her sensitive clit and she gasped out loud.

"Do you want me to stop?" Belinda asked.

Judy just shook her head no as she was unable to get any words out. She was overcome with lust as Belinda rubbed her finger along the engorged clit and slit of her pussy. Judy realized that she was extremely wet as she felt her wetness running out of her pussy and in between the cheeks of her ass. She finally resolved herself to the fact that there was no turning back now. Judy had totally forgotten about Belinda's daughters and any chance that they may walk in on them. Belinda gently spread Judy's pussy lips and flicked her tongue along the inside of her pussy. Judy nearly jumped out of her skin with the initial contact of Belinda's warm tongue on her pussy. It had been years since anyone had eaten her pussy and she just couldn't believe the feeling of Belinda's tongue.

Belinda could tell by Judy's reaction to her tongue lapping that she was on the brink of her first orgasm. Belinda again flicked her tongue inside her neighbor's pussy and let it travel up from Judy's vagina to her clit. She pointed her tongue and slowly drew circles on the flat space under Judy's clit. Judy tensed up and she moved her hips trying to get Belinda's mouth to stay on her clit. In desperation Judy moved her hands to her pussy and pulled back the hood exposing her clit. Belinda saw this and she flicked her pointed tongue quickly over Judy's exposed flesh feeling it harden with each stroke.

"Oh God Belinda, don't stop please, make me cum. I'm going to cum. I'm cumming Belinda, oh Belinda!" Judy screamed as her body thrashed around with the intensity of her orgasm.

Belinda continued tongue fucking her and playing with her clit and Judy could not stand it anymore as her body went rigid. Judy moaned and lifted her hips toward Belinda's face as if she were trying to get the tongue deeper into her pussy. Belinda grabbed Judy's and she continued with her tongue lapping and squeezed Judy's shapely ass at the same time. This final act took Judy over the edge with a mind numbing orgasm.

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