Jamie found herself rubbing her own pussy through her shorts. She was really getting hot and bothered. Looking at Heather next to her, she could see that Heather had pulled her panties aside and was plunging her fingers into her pussy, frigging herself like crazy. She stared in amazement at her red cunt, her puffy outer lips clasping her fingers as they plunged in and out of her pussy, making soft squishing noises. Janice just watched in fascination as Heather played with herself just inches from her face. She could smell Heather's pussy as her juices flowed.

Then they noticed Sheri getting up from James' face and returning her attentions to his cock.

"Umm, now I want to taste your cum," she said, lowering her mouth to his cock.

As she resumed licking and sucking on James' cock, Jamie felt herself beginning to squirm. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted to rub it so bad, but she felt self-conscious with Heather and Janice there. Heather was still plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy. The smell of it filled the air in the study. Then she heard James begin to groan as his orgasm started. Just like the night before, Sheri stopped sucking on his cock as he began to spurt into the air, then quickly swooped down to suck his cock and get the last of his cum.

"Umm, yummy," she said. "You sure taste good."

"That was outrageous," James said, sitting up and staring at Sheri, cum dripping from her chin and splattered on her tits. "That felt great."

"Tasted great, too," Sheri added, wiping the cum from her chin and licking it from her fingers. "God, look what time it is," she said, jumping up, her tits swinging. "My parents will be home any minute. You'd better get dressed, quick."

James jumped up, stuffing his now limp cock into his pants and pulling his shirt on. Giving him a big passionate kiss, Sheri let him out the back door, then she walked over to the study and turned on the light, showing Heather laying on her back, her fingers jammed up her pussy and Janice watching her. Jamie was sitting with her back to the wall, looking very excited.

Sheri just stood there for a second, her tits swinging, cum still splattered on them.

"Well, what did you think of that?" she asked, standing with her hands on her hips, legs apart.

"Ooh, that was beautiful," Heather gasped, squeezing her cunt feverishly. "I'm so hot I could scream."

"What about you, Jamie," Sheri inquired, "what did you think of the show?"

"You sure make it look easy," she replied. "I don't see how anyone could possibly resist or would want to."

"That's exactly it," she said. "You have to be so irresistible they can't say no. Next time I'll fuck him, that's what I've decided."

"You're kidding," Janice said. "You'd really fuck him?"

"Sure, why not? That's the ultimate. You'll see, I'll do it right here so you can all see. Maybe you'll learn something."

"I'd sure like to see that," Janice agreed, rubbing herself quickly. "That would be neat."

"Here, Heather, you can taste James' cum if you want to," Sheri offered, holding up her tits and showing the drops splattered on them.

"Oh, yes," she exclaimed, standing up.

As Sheri held her tits up, Heather leaned over and licked the last drops of James' cum from the right one. As she went to lick the left one, Janice cried out.

"No, let me. I've never tasted it."

"Okay," Sheri agreed. "Go ahead."

Janice quickly bounced to her feet, her face flushed with excitement. Leaning forward, she eagerly licked the cum from her tit, smacking her lips as she finished.

"Hey, that doesn't taste bad, does it?" she said.

"It's absolutely wonderful," Sheri agreed. "The only thing better is both juices mixed together. That's just fantastic."

"What do you mean?" Janice asked puzzled.

"Like after you fuck and you both cum, you lick his dick and taste all of the juices on it."

"You mean like tasting yourself?" Janice asked, a look of distaste on her face.

"Sure. Nothing tastes better than your own pussy, ever. It's really exciting to taste yourself on a guy's dick. It's very exciting."

"I don't think I'd like that," Janice said.

"I'll bet you didn't think you'd like the taste of a guy's cum either, did you?"

"Well, no, I guess not," she agreed.

"Look, I'll show you," Sheri said.

Then she reached down and pulled her skirt off, showing her still naked pussy. Reaching between her spread legs, Sheri ran her finger up and down in her pussy, rubbing it, then sticking her finger up into her cunt. Pulling it out, they could all see the sheen of moisture on it. Opening her mouth, Sheri stuck her finger in and softly sucked it clean, smacking her lips as she finished. Janice just stared at her in disbelief.

"What's it taste like?" she inquired.

"Oh, it's thick and sweet and syrupy. Try it for yourself and see."

"I don't know," Janice said uncomfortably.

"I'll do it," Heather said with a feverish look on her face.

Quickly pulling her skirt off and stepping out of her panties, you could almost see the steam rising from her pussy so hot was it. Quickly jamming her hand into her pussy, she rubbed it around and jammed her fingers up into her hole, then quickly brought her hand up to her mouth and licked it clean.

"God, what's it like?" Janice asked.

"Sort of tangy, like the sea," Heather replied.

"You mean you taste different from one another?"

"Even guys taste a little different from one another," Sheri added. "You've got to expect that we would too. Here, Heather, taste me," she said, running her finger into her pussy again and offering it to Heather.

Heather hesitated, looking at first Sheri, then Janice and then Jamie, who had been quietly sitting against the wall.

"Go ahead, I'll taste you, too," Sheri encouraged.

With that, Heather flicked her tongue out and licked Sheri's finger, then sucked it into her mouth.

"Yeah, that's real different from me," she said, "but it tastes nice."

"Of course it does," Sheri retorted. "I'm sure you do too. Let me taste."

So Heather ran her hand down into her pussy again, covering it with her juices. Offering her hand to Sheri, she licked and sucked all the juice from it, smacking her lips.

"You taste real nice, just like the sea," Sheri said as Janice and Jamie watched. "Come on, Janice, let's see what you taste like."

"Oh, I couldn't," she blushed.

"Come on, we did it," Sheri insisted. "Pull your pants off and let's see what you taste like."

Janice blushed as she stepped out of her pants, then pulled her panties down. They could see that her light hair was shiny with moisture and they could see the slit of her pussy.

"I can't," she blushed, unable to raise her head. "I just can't."

"Come here," Sheri said, "I'll do it," as she reached between Janice's legs and suddenly pushed her finger into her pussy.

Janice gasped as she felt Sheri push her finger into her but didn't try to stop her. Sheri quickly rubbed her finger around in Janice's pussy, then brought it up to her mouth and licked it off.

"Mmm, you taste really nice, musky like," she said. "Try it yourself."

Janice blushed as she quickly ran her finger into her pussy and then brought it up to her mouth. As she hesitatingly licked her own pussy juices from her finger, Heather said that she wanted a taste, to compare. Reaching over, she gently ran her fingers through Janice's pussy, causing her to squirm as she pushed her finger slightly up into her pussy. Then she quickly licked her finger.

"Oh, yes, that's a really nice taste," Heather agreed. "That's nice. What do you think, Janice."

"It is sort of nice, isn't it," she said, blushing.

"Here, taste us so you'll have a comparison," Heather said with a big smile.

Janice blushed but Heather grabbed her by the hand and pushed her hand into her sopping pussy. After rubbing Janice's hand in her pussy for a minute, she released it.

"Go ahead, taste it," Heather urged.

Janice licked Heather's juices from her hand, commenting that indeed it did taste a lot like the sea.

"Now taste Sheri's," she urged.

"Sure, go ahead," Sheri agreed, spreading her legs a bit.

Janice hesitatingly reached between Sheri's legs and gently stroked her finger into her pussy, feeling how moist it was. Pulling her hand back and licking it, she commented that each of them tasted different to her.

"Of course we do," Sheri said, "we're different people. How about you Jamie? You're being awfully quiet since your brother left. Let's taste your pussy, too."

"Oh, I don't think so," she said.

"Oh, come on, we won't hurt you," Sheri insisted. "Either you're one of us or you're not. Come on, I'll help you," she said, reaching over and pulling her skirt off. "Go on, take your panties off. We've seen you before, it's no mystery."

Jamie slowly pulled her panties off, acutely aware of how wet they were.

"Come on over on the couch," Sheri suggested, pulling her over and pushing her so that she sat down.

Sitting on one side of her, Heather on the other side, Sheri gently pried her knees open to get access to her pussy.

"You look a lot like Heather," Sheri commented as she reached between her legs and let her fingers wander through her pussy, causing her to squirm.

As she brought her hand to her mouth to taste her, Heather reached between her legs and pushed her hand into her pussy, squeezing her clit before putting her hand to her mouth to taste. As she and Sheri commented on how nice she tasted, Janice knelt between Jamie's legs and softly stroked her pussy with her hand before licking her fingers. They all agreed that she tasted sort of like Heather, but different.

"You try," Sheri insisted.

Jamie looked startled as Sheri guided her hand into her own pussy, just where she secretly wished it was. As she softly stroked herself, she could see that Sheri was also playing with her own pussy. Bringing her hand to her mouth, she licked it off, savoring the flavor of her pussy. It wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was quite exciting a flavor. At Sheri's insistence, she then reached between her legs and wet her hand, tasting first Sheri, then in succession Heather and Janice. Then she tasted herself again.

"That's actually very exciting," she admitted, licking her fingers clean.

All of them were now playing with themselves, rubbing their clits and occasionally licking their fingers. Looking at her watch, Jamie said that it was almost her curfew time and that she needed to go. As they all got dressed, Sheri suggested that the next time they got together that they could taste each other some more, like James had done to her. Janice blushed as Heather clapped her hands in delight.

"This is going to be a great school year," she declared as she finished dressing.

After they all said goodnight, Jamie walked home. As she arrived, she noticed a light on in her parent's room. Knocking softly on James' door as she let herself in, Jamie could see he was in bed asleep. As she entered, he woke up and sat up in bed.

"What are you doing in here?" he demanded.

"I just got home and noticed a light in mom and dad's room. I wanted to see if they were doing anything," she replied lamely. "I thought maybe you were looking."

"No, I've been in bed for a couple of hours. Where have you been?"

"I was out with Heather and Janice. Did you have a nice time with Sheri?" she inquired.

"Yeah, fine. She's a lot of fun."

"What did you do?"

"You know, go to the movies."

"That's all?"

"That's none of your business, twin sister."

"Do you mind if I look?" she asked, glancing towards the closet.

"No, go ahead."

As Jamie entered the closet, she could see the light coming from the hole in the wall. Putting her eye to the hole, she could see her mother, her feet dangling over the edge of the bed, her legs apart, cum dripping from her gaping cunt. As she watched, her father knelt at her head and offered her his cock to suck. She could see it was smeared with their combined juices. That must be what Sheri was talking about, she thought, rubbing herself as she watched.

"What's going on?" James asked from his bed.

"It looks like dad just finished fucking her and now she's sucking him. Mom's pussy looks like it's been beat up. You can come see," she added.

Jamie heard James get out of bed. As he came into the closet, she could see he was holding a towel around his waist. Moving aside from the hole, she let him press his eye to it. As he watched his mother suck his father's dick, cum oozing from her hole, James could feel his cock growing. This reminded him of Sheri's great blowjob earlier. As he watched, without realizing it his towel slipped to the ground, his cock sticking straight out in front of him. Then he felt Jamie suddenly grasp his cock in her hand. Standing up, he started to pull away, but she had already opened her mouth and swallowed his cock into her throat. Groaning, he leaned back against the closet wall and let Jamie give him his second blowjob of the night. As he started to cum, he tried to pull away from her, but she grabbed him around the ass and sucked his cock all the way into the back of her throat as he pumped his load into her mouth. She sucked and sucked his cock until he had stopped cumming, then just knelt there with his now limp dick lying in her mouth, her hands cupping his balls. Her blowjob was actually more exciting than Sheri's. It was much softer. Standing up, Jamie hugged James, kissing him.

"I love the taste of you," she said. "It's so wonderful. Please do me too," she pleaded.

With a sigh, James led her from the closet and seated her on the bed. His cock was still swinging in front of him.

"Are you sure?" he asked. "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"You sure came like a lion in my mouth, I just want you to get me off too. I'm so horny," she said, pulling her clothes off.

James had never seen Jamie's tits before. They were nice and big, with big pointed nipples sticking out from the ends. As he looked at her, she lay back on the bed, drawing her knees up and apart, her pussy staring at him. Kneeling down in front of her, he softly stuck his tongue into her hole, causing her to buck with excitement. As he continued to suck and nibble on his sister's pussy, James could taste her as her juices began to really flow. She had the most incredible taste, very different from Sheri's pussy earlier. As Jamie quickly approached orgasm from his sucking, she began to buck and writhe on the bed as James nibbled on her clit and pushed his tongue into her pussy. Then he stuck a finger up into her hole, stopping when he felt some resistance. Then she started to cum, moaning as she spasmed, pouring her juices onto his waiting tongue. He lapped and lapped at her pussy until she stopped cumming, then crawled up and gently began to suck on her tits. Then she rolled over and got to her feet, standing there naked in front of him.

"You're so beautiful," he said, gazing at her. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone as beautiful as you."

"You're just saying that because I'm your sister," she retorted. "What about Sheri?"

"Oh, she's all right, but she doesn't hold a candle to you."

"Well, thanks," she said, leaning over and kissing him, giving his cock a squeeze as she quietly slipped out the door. "See you tomorrow."

When June awoke the next morning, she rolled over and gently sucked Art's limp cock into her mouth, softly sucking him awake and back to life. Art came to with a raging hard-on, June's mouth sucking him into her throat. As he lay there enjoying his morning blowjob, he couldn't help thinking about Dawn at work the day before. Here he had the most wonderful wife and he had let Larry's secretary blow him. He sighed as June's tongue began to get his balls churning. Reaching down, he pulled her hips to him, encouraging her to straddle his face in a 69 as she sucked him. Pulling her pussy lips apart, Art ran his tongue into her pussy, tasting the funky remains of last night's action. As he began to eat her pussy, June slowly ground her pussy into his face, humping his nose.

June smiled as she sucked Art's cock. She had been blowing him much more frequently since they moved into the new house and she had discovered the hole in their closet wall. She had noticed it when they were moving in. She hadn't said anything to Art about it at the time, and she was glad she hadn't. When she realized that the other side of the hole was in her son's closet, June had taken to leaving her closet door open, wondering if James would ever discover the hole. A couple of weeks ago she had been fairly certain that he had discovered it, and the forbidden thrill of knowing that someone was watching her, her son at that, had caused a latent exhibitionism to emerge from her. She found herself responding to Art much more than she ever had and enjoying sex with him more, knowing that perhaps James was watching.

Since he and Jamie would be 19 in a little over a week, she figured they were both going through typical adolescent hormonal changes now. They were both such wonderful children, healthy, beautiful, good students. They had never been trouble and she was very proud of them. As she continued to suck Art's cock, his tongue in her pussy was getting her very excited. Sitting up and grinding her pussy into his face, June slid down and mounted his cock quickly, her back to him facing the closet. As she rode up and down on his cock, June imagined that James was watching her. Reaching down between her legs as she rode Art, June found her clit and began to rub and pull on it, increasing her excitement. As she continued to ride him, she could feel herself building to orgasm even as she felt Art's cock tense as it began to spurt his seed into her pussy. Quickly rubbing her clit, her own orgasm took her at the same time, waves of delight running through her body. Then she climbed off of Art and took his cock again into her mouth, returning her pussy to its place on his face as she began to lick and suck all of their combined juices from his dick. At the same time, Art was feasting on the cum cocktail in her pussy, sucking all their combined juices from her cunt. Then she turned and curled up in Art's arms, contented.

James was beating off with a fury, having just watched his parents doing their regular good morning fuck. God, his mother was something. She sucked cock so nicely, he thought, and his father seemed to really like eating her pussy. Well, if it was anything like Jamie's, he thought, he certainly understood. Thinking of Jamie again got him pumping his cock faster in his hand and he began to shoot his load all over the closet as he came. Quickly pulling on some shorts, James quietly went to Jamie's door and opened it. Jamie was lying on the bed naked, her hands clutched between her legs as she slept. She sure looked beautiful, he thought as he entered her room, quietly closing the door behind him. Moving over to her bed, he gently pried her hands from her pussy, trying not to wake her. As he moved her hands and she twitched in her bed, he replaced her hands with his mouth, softly running his tongue into her dripping pussy. I wonder what she's been dreaming about, he thought as he began to nibble her pussy.

Jamie groaned as she felt the soft tongue nibbling in her pussy in her dream. Then as James began pushing his tongue into her tight little hole, Jamie came awake, realizing that this wasn't her dream anymore. Opening her eyes, she saw that James had crawled into her bed and was sucking on her pussy, waking her wonderfully. Clutching his head, she held him to her pussy, rubbing herself into his face as he probed her cunt with his tongue. As he continued to suck on her, she felt her orgasm approaching. Holding his head against her, she began to tremble as her orgasm shook her, causing her to flood his face with her cum, which he eagerly lapped up. When he finished sucking her dry, he sat up, a smile on his face and her pussy juice smeared all over.

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