tagBDSMCheerleaders' Fun Ch. 01

Cheerleaders' Fun Ch. 01


It's getting late and I'm getting rather drunk. I've been sitting at this bar since eight, drinking Barcardi, and now it's nearly two in the morning.

I'm the only bloke left in the place and the sole reason for that is standing behind the bar: Suzy, 18 years old, a stunning cheerleader, long brown hair, rather small and the tanned body of an angel. At least, the parts I could see, the rest was pure fantasy. And I had been indulging myself in some fantasies this night.

While getting more dunk I was becoming less cautious and I'm sure Suzy was quite aware of my probing looks, but she only smiled occasionally at me, so I wondered if my night had finally come.

Suzy said good-bye to some of her cheerleader friends and now we are the only ones left in the bar. She comes my way, smiles and says "hey, Toni up late? Why don't we have a last one together?".

I can hardly believe my luck and mumble something like "euh, right, sounds great".

She pours two Bacardi-colas, takes hers in her hand and, grabbing her sports bag along the way, merely comes round the bar, towards me.

"Why don't we sit over there, Toni, I'm exhausted" she nodes towards some iron-railed couches in the corner.

"Yeah, sure Suzy. Long day, he?" I'm starting to feel incredibly stupid, you should say something funny or nice, dumb ass, I tell myself.

I try to hide behind my Bacardi as Suzy slumps down on the coach., the bag besides her. She's warring her cheerleaders outfit, the short skirt revealing her wonderful brown legs, the tank top stretched to the limit over her incredible bosom, I'm losing my breath.

"My feet are killing me", she slowly lifts a foot up, posses it on her other knee and takes off a shoe and stocking.

I can't keep my eyes from her legs as the skirt slides up towards her crotch and reveals her white panties.

I'm dying.

"Hard day, euh" I repeat stupidly as I sit down in front of her, trying to get an even better look.

She lifts up her other leg, takes of the shoe and stocking, glances at me and smiles "like what you see Toni?"

I turn bright red, take a long sip from my Bacardi, muster up all my courage – it's now or never – and reply softly "well you are very beautiful, Suzy".

She laughs gently "and you are one hell of a peeping-Toni, aren't you?"

"Euh, well"

"Had some nice fantasies, tonight Toni", she asked in a teasing voice.

Had she been reading my mind?

"Well, this ís your lucky night, Toni" she lies back on the cough, lifts her beautiful legs straight up in the air, crossing her feet lightly.

Her panties are now in full view.

She turns her head slightly and looks at me and, with a naughty smile on her face, she lifts her panties to her knees. "Why don't you come over here and lick me, Toni" she asks in the most gentle voice.

I'm dumbfounded, I stare at her shaved pussy, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

"Lick me, Toni", her voice now more stern.

I get over to the couch, on my knees, and gently start licking her lips, the smell and taste are incredible.

I háve died and gone to heaven with my angel. God, I'm in heaven!

Suzy, throws of her panties now, spreads her legs and puts them over my shoulders, pushing her pussy hard in my face. "Lick me harder, HARDER TONI"

I grab the iron bar of the seat to stop myself falling backwards, I'm sucking and licking with all the skill I have.

"Don't stop till I come, mmmh, I'll make sure you can't"

I hear her grabbing something in her bag.

"Keep your face down there" she slides something cold round my hand, I here a click as my hand is cuffed to the bar.

"what are.." I try to say, not daring to lift my head, afraid this wonderful night might end to soon.

"ooh, don't worry Toni. I'm just making sure you don't run away" she laughs gently

I continue licking as she cuffs my other hand.

She moans, lies back, grabs the bar at the top of the couch and lifts her legs again till they rest against the wall behind her.

"Lick my ass Toni"

I hesitate a second.

"LICK IT, make me come"

I start licking her rosebud.

"Put your tongue in, ass-fuck me with your tongue"

I push my tongue in, it's tight as hell and my tongue is getting quite tired.

"Come one pussy-boy, don't you want to fuck my ass?"

I renew my efforts an slide my tong in and out her rosebud, fantasising that I'm putting my incredible hard cock in there.

She's moaning more loudly now.

"Now my pussy again. Go! Lick it, lick my clit, fuck me with your tongue Toni, yeah FUCK ME"

She puts her legs around my head again and shivers as she orgasms.

Her body relaxes, I can hardly feel my tongue anymore.

"Not bad, Toni, I've had worse"

She gets from under me, stands up and sits down besides me. "Now it's your turn Toni" she says as she gently starts to unbuckle my pants and slides it, panties and all, off my ass.

I have a well trained muscular body, so I feel no shame now. And I'm feeling more confident now that I made her come.

"Uncuff me Suzy, I want to fuck you"

"You want to fuck me? Well, well, we'll see about that Toni" she teases me.

She sits down on my bare ass, I can feel her wet pussy.

She grabs my T-shirt and rips it.

I'm naked now, on my knees, hands cuffed to the couch. She's still dressed, only her panties are gone.

She pats my ass, and stand up.

"Nice body"

"And, mmh, what a hard cock too" she laughs as she grabs my rock-hard cock, pulls it backwards between my legs and gives my cockhead a lick. Just for a moment she takes it in her mouth, pushing her lips just over the head and back. Then she releases it and laughs merely.

"Please Susy, let me go, I want to.."

"Yeah I know, you want to fuck " she teases "well, lets fuck Toni"

She moves to her bag and takes out a double headed dildo. She sits before me, on the couch, her legs under her. Slowly she pushes the cock in her pussy.

"hmm, this is great, and it's even bigger than yours"

I can't believe my eyes, the dildo going in and out of my angels pussy. Her eyes are closed and she starts moaning again.

"Suzy, please" I beg. I think I'll come just sitting there and watching her.

"Oh, right, you wanted to fuck? Lets do it Toni, lets rock and roll"

She jumps up, moves to the bar and puts on some music, loud, it's Type O Negative, "Little Miss Scare all".

"I went looking for trouble, and I found her" Peter Steele sings.

As the music burst lose, she sways back to me with a mix of sensuality and energy. I watch her in the mirror above the couch.

She takes of her clothes, still dancing, the dildo in her hands above her head. Her wonderful breasts swaying, I think I'm going to burst.

Then her hands come down and the dildo disappears between her legs. She moves it's slowly as the music slows down and Steels sings "loving you is like loving the dead".

As the music takes up pace again she turns the dildo around, buries in her pussy and straps the dildo around her back.

Swaying and swinging she moves closer, the dildo sticking out her pussy like a giant cock

It's the most frightening and erotic sight I've ever seen.

Is she going to fuck, me with that giant cock? I shiver as I consider the humiliation.

"Suzy, don't" I whimper.

Through the mirror she looks me in the eyes, smiles and says "keep looking at me, Toni, don't look down".

She pushes her cock slowly up my ass, the pain is strong, but she doesn't wait. As the beat of the music grows stronger she starts to really fuck me.

The girl I've worshipped is fucking me like a dog. I'm humiliated and incredibly turned on.

I watch myself being fucked by this angel out of hell.

Tears are in my eyes but my cock is still as hard as ever.

Her eyes are closed now, she throws her hands in the air as the songs comes to an end the strange exotic sounds of the intreludium start.

Then she stops. Looks me straight in the eyes and says: "Now fuck yourself, big boy"

She puts her hands on her hips, the heavy breasts pushed forward.


I start to move backwards on the dildo slowly, I'm crying now, the humiliation is to strong.

With a sudden movement she reaches down, grabs my balls and squeezes. "On the beat of the music, Toni, NOW".

I scream in pain and start to move on the incredible fast beat of the next song.

"Yeah, go, go boy. You're a real pussy"

"Fuck yourself boy"

"Just imagine this is a big black stud your fucking, how's that for a fantasy". She laughs.

"Harder Toni, harder, fuck like a bitch, pussy boy"

As the beats slows down she starts to move again.

I can't keep my eyes off her. Her fantastic breasts swaying with her movement.

We're both moving slowly now.

Her hands caressing her breasts, playing with her nipples, eyes closed, mouth open.

As she feels me moving more eagerly on the cock her eyes flash open and look straight at me with a devious smile.

She's mocking me, she lifts up her head and laughs out loud. "HE LOVES TO GET FUCKED IN THE ASS"

Then her eyes fixes again on me. She grabs my hips and start to fuck me harder again. Her eyes never leaving mine.

She pulls her cock completely out, waits a beat, and then pushes it in to the hilt.

She starts to repeat this faster and faster, harder and harder.

I keep looking at her, I can't stand this any longer, the humiliation, her beauty, the hard sex.

I scream, push back on the cock and start coming on the floor.

She keeps the cock buried in my ass as my cum spurts on the floor.

Then I fall down, exhausted and completely humiliated, in my own sperm.

She laughs gently, "not a bad fuck he, Tony".

She turn around dancing lightly on her feet singing "summer girl, summer girl" with Peter Steele.

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