tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCheerleader's Penalty

Cheerleader's Penalty


Cadence was a cheerleader and quite a popular one. She was a pretty and vivacious young woman. Blonde hair with unusually green eyes made for a striking. Being a cheerleader it was just natural for her to keep fit - try and do a flip when you're overweight. She was nearly nineteen and this would be her last semester as a cheerleader. After that it was out into the big wide world.

Seeing it was her last semester as a cheerleader Cadence was feeling just a little nervous at this point. One of her little foibles was a propensity for practical jokes. Maybe, just maybe, she'd gone a little far with her last one. The whole team seemed to be mad at her and were currently meeting to decide on a fitting penalty.

It was a bit of over-reaction as far as Cadence was concerned. It wasn't as though anyone got hurt. At least, no-one important, anyway. Muriel was only a backup cheerleader and her ankle would be fine in a few days, a week at the most. All this fuss over a harmless joke. And now they were threatening to toss her off the squad. It just wasn't fair.

When called in to face the team Cadence was wary and hiding it with an apologetic smile. Acting humble and remorseful was the key. The team actually liked her and she was good so they wouldn't want to suspend her. She hoped.

"Cadence," Helen said in what she considered to be a judicial type voice, "you've gone a bit too far this time. A couple of girls thought we should suspend you but with Muriel out of action we'd have no-one to replace you. We've decided that you're going to have to be punished and we think we've come up with a solution. If you don't agree you can always stand down from the squad."

"I'm terribly sorry," Cadence said in her eating humble pie voice. "I really didn't mean for poor Muriel to get hurt. I mean, she shouldn't even have been there."

"I know," said Helen dryly. "I suspect that I was supposed to be the target."

Cadence blushed and said nothing. Helen was correct but Helen was also athletic enough to have got out unhurt. That difference was why Muriel was only a backup cheerleader.

"You do know Luke, don't you?" Helen asked in an apparent aside.

"Ah, you mean the nerd extraordinaire Luke? The Luke that raises geekdom to new heights?"

"That's the man," said Helen smiling. "It appears that you do know him."

"Ah, yes, but what's he got to do with anything."

"He's your penalty," said Helen smiling. "Cynthia had gone to fetch him and they should be on their way here as we speak."

"Riiight. So he's my penalty. What am I supposed to do with him?"

"Fuck him."

"You're kidding." Cadence looked around at the smiling squad. "You're not kidding?"

She thought it over for a moment and could see several problems.

"How will you know I've actually fucked him?" she asked. "I can say I did and get him to back me up."

"We thought of that. That's why we're fetching him. The idea is that you will fuck him here and now and we'll be able to see for ourselves that you're doing it."

"You mean I have to fuck him with you all watching?" Cadence nearly screamed.

"No, you don't have to. You can always resign from the squad."

"OK, but might I point out that geek-boy is a prime nerd? He's probably never seen a live pussy in his life. He'll probably cream himself just getting it out of his pants."

"We thought of that and decided that that wouldn't be your fault. As long as you show willing to drop your panties and give him a good time it won't count against you if he's a flop."

Cadence gave Helen a nasty look and settled down to wait for Luke to arrive. Big deal. He'd probably blow his load before he gets it anywhere near her. Even if he didn't he'd be shooting on the first run in. A little bit of humiliation and everything would be resolved. She'd spend some time thinking of a way to get at Helen.

The time seemed to drag while waiting for Luke to arrive. Eventually Cynthia arrived, practically dragging a reluctant Luke with her. Cadence looked him over, trying to see him as a man rather than as a nerd. He wasn't too bad, she supposed. If he was a member of the team or something like that she might even go for him, but with his reputation as a nerd? Still, she was stuck with him now. At least, he didn't wear glasses.

"Cynthia tells me that you wanted to see me," Luke said, speaking generally to the group. "What can I do for you?"

"Cadence is undergoing a sort of initiation," Helen said. "Part of that initiation is that she has to fuck you, here and now. Are you willing to help her?"

Luke looked at Cadence and then back to Helen.

"Bullshit," he calmly said. "This is her last semester and she wouldn't be stuffing around with initiations at this stage. In addition any initiations are specifically banned from having any sexual antics."

He paused, looked at Cadence again, and slowly nodded.

"Got it," he said. "One of Cadence's idiot jokes backfired and you've decided to punish her and I'm it. Why didn't you just chuck her off the team? Ah, don't bother, let me guess. Muriel is your backup and Cadence has put her out of action so you don't have a backup, so Cadence gets a second chance."

Helen and Cadence both gave him nasty looks. Too clever by half was their considered opinion.

"Whatever," growled Cadence. "Are you willing to help us or not?"

"Why not? I like Muriel and you played her a rotten trick. I don't mind being the penalty in this case."

"Here and now?" he asked, turning to Helen. "I suppose the rest of you are going to insist on being witnesses?"

"Only way we'll know she doesn't lie about it," Helen said.

"Ever hear of cameras?"

"No way am I going to perform in front of a camera," snapped Cadence.

"Well that answers that question."

Luke turned to Cadence and smiled.


"I beg your pardon?"

"Strip. As in to divest yourself of your clothes until you are stark staring naked. If I have to fuck you I want to see what I'm getting in to, so to speak."

Cadence glared at him and then looked around at the rest of the squad. A bunch of unsympathetic faces smiled back at her. She dithered for a moment and then sighed. She had no real choice in the matter and she knew it. Slowly she started to undress, the act of doing so not made any easier by the way Luke was watching with interest.

Suddenly Cadence perked up. If geek-boy was so interested in seeing her undress she'd give him a show. With a bit of luck he'd come in his pants without ever getting his cock out of them. Cadence slowed down a little, turning back and forth as she slowly stripped, teasing and leading Luke on generally. Luke, for his part, watched calmly, a small smile twitching his lips.

"I can see you have an interesting profession ahead of you when you leave school," Luke observed once Cadence was finally undressed. "A bit of practice and you could be quite good on the stripper circuit."

He reached for his zipper and slid it down.

"Why don't you extract your prize and see what you're getting," he suggested.

"Why don't you get undressed yourself," Candice suggested right back at him.

"Because I don't need to. Haven't you realised that a man's equipment is all external? Unzipping will suffice."

He's enjoying this, fumed Cadence, and there's nothing I can do about it. Yet. If he doesn't cream himself when I grab him I'll damn well point at his cock and laugh, inviting the other girls to laugh as well. Let's see him keep it up when we're all laughing at him.

Cadence received a nasty shock when she slipped her hand inside Luke's open fly. It seemed to her that there was more there than there should have been. Her face burned as she manoeuvred it out from his shorts and then through his fly and into the open. Her mouth felt rather dry. Suddenly, this was no laughing matter.

She let go Luke's erection as though she'd found herself holding a snake and took a step back. Luke, damn him, was laughing at her.

"Ah, listen," he said, sounding rather repentant, "when I agreed to this I didn't realise that Cadence was still a virgin. Perhaps we'd better call the whole thing off."

"Virgin?" asked Cadence indignantly. "What makes you think I'm a virgin?"

"How about your embarrassed reaction to actually touching a man's erection? You looked as though you'd found a snake."

"Well, I'm not, and I'd rather have found a snake." Cadence almost hissed at him in her frustrated anger.

"Well, in that case," said Luke, his voice trailing away suggestively.

"You know, I'm not really feeling like a lot of foreplay so to help both of us to get in the mood, and to make our congress easier, why don't you do something about providing some lubrication for me?"

Cadence looked at him blankly. What had he just said?

"Um, Cadence, he's hinting that you need to suck on him for a few moments. You know, get a bit of saliva on his cock so it slides in easier."

"I knew that," Candice said, giving Helen a nasty look. "I'm not dumb. I was just considering it."

Considering it? Yeah, like she had a lot of choice over the matter.

Cadence sank down onto one knee, taking Luke's cock in one hand. He was a nerd, damn it. He had no right to have a cock like that. Leaning forward slightly her mouth engulfed him. Plan B, a blow job where he'd really blow.

Cadence teased his cock, keeping up a gentle suction while at the same time using lips, tongue, and teeth, to excite him. Men were easy. A little more of this and he'd be through and unable to actually fuck her and she couldn't be blamed. He wanted her to get him lubricated? He was getting lubricated.

Cadence's plans for a quick and happy ending to her predicament came to an abrupt halt when Luke suddenly pulled free from her grasp. She was shocked. He should have just stood there while she worked her magic, helpless to stop her. She wanted to shout and scream but instead just smiled lovingly.

"Don't you want me to continue?" she asked ever so sweetly. "Didn't you enjoy it?"

"It was OK, I guess," he drawled, nearly sending her into a paroxysm of fury, "but it is only the preliminary, isn't it."

Reaching down he encouraged her to stand and then backed her up against a table. His foot eased between her ankles, urging them to move further apart. Looking down at herself Cadence could she was exposed and ready for him and his cock was moving closer. She either stopped him now or it would be too late. The trouble was, if she stopped him, goodbye cheerleader squad. She stayed still, watching and waiting.

"Cadence," called one of the girls, "he's a little larger than I expected. Are you sure you're not biting off more than you can chew?"

Before Cadence could answer another girl answered for her.

"Don't be silly. She just demonstrated she can eat something that size. Luke's just lucky she didn't choose to swallow."

There was some general hilarity at Cadence's expense. She threw a quick killer glare around the room but had no real time to combat it. Luke, who was also smiling, damn him, was moving closer. She tensed slightly and then he was there, his cock pressing lightly against, ready and willing and about to demonstrate just how able it was.

"Last chance to back out, girl," Luke said softly.

Cadence was pleased that he had the decency to offer to let her back off and irritated that he thought she might. It didn't really matter what he thought, she decided. No matter what it was it would be wrong so she could ignore him. Unfortunately she couldn't ignore his cock quite that easily. It was pressing more firmly against her. Any more pressure and it would be in her.

Cadence's prediction was spot on the mark. A slightly harder nudge of Luke's cock and it slipped between her lips, nosing its way down her passage. She was, fortunately, rather wet, having anticipated this very event. Luke was proving a little bigger than what she expected, forcing her passage to distend a little uncomfortably. Not being a virgin didn't mean you had a lot of experience, just some.

She was relieved that Luke didn't try to force the pace, just moving nicely and steadily, gradually stretching her into shape and filling her. She gave a gasp when she finally felt his groin rubbing against hers and just stared at him, eyes wide.

He stayed like that, groin pressed firmly against her, while his hands came up and started stroking her breasts. She waited for him to start moving, wondering why he wasn't already doing so.

She felt her heart give a little lurch when he smiled at her and winked. He really was quite an attractive man if you liked nerds and geeks. He seemed to decide that she was ready to continue and started moving within her.

So much for her theory that he'd be a premature ejaculator. It seemed to her that the damned man knew exactly what he was doing. Inexperienced, he was not. He was taking his time, his cock rasping against her passage, awakening her to the fact that she was very much a female in thrall to a male. She was moving with him, breathing hard, while he seemed to be using her breasts to conduct the music they were playing together.

This was how sex was supposed to be, nice and easy, where nothing mattered but the man you were with. Cadence's world had narrowed to Luke and what he was doing to her. If this was punishment she was going to become a very bad girl in the near future.

Luke watched Cadence's face. As far as he could tell she was totally lost to everything but what they were doing. As far as he was concerned that's the way it should be. He picked up the pace a little, finding her eagerly responding.

Luke considered Cadence. She was just about at the point of no return. As soon as he got going a bit harder she was going to climax. He toyed with the idea of holding her at that point, seeing how long she could stand it before she started begging for relief. Wiser councils prevailed. While it would be fun he had to remember they had an audience. Fucking Cadence was one thing. Putting on a performance for the cheerleader squad was something else again. Time to put a finish to it he decided regretfully.

He started stroking harder, pushing, ready to let himself go. He gave himself a mental pat on the back when Cadence let out a cry and climaxed, before giving that little bit extra and letting himself go.

Afterwards he had the advantage of only having to zip up. Cadence had to get dressed and get cleaned up a little. She looked, in his opinion, a little spaced out. He would make it a point to meet her somewhere, sooner rather than later, and see if he could sweet-talk her into a proper sexual encounter. While he hadn't disgraced himself it had been over far too soon for him to feel really satisfied.

Cadence watched Luke depart. He had certainly been a surprise package. Who'd have thought? She flicked a quick glance around at the rest of the squad. Damned if they weren't all looking after Luke with interest. Screw them. She was sure she had a better chance with him than any of them. She heard someone sigh.

"Ah, Helen, I don't think you'll be able to threaten anyone with being fucked by a nerd in the future," someone opined.

Helen nodded. "True. Will you look at the smug look on Cadence's face? Maybe we should have tossed her to the football team. Too late now."

The football team, thought Cadence indignantly. As if! Still, it gave her an idea. She wondered if it would be possible to strand Helen in the male changing room just as the team were entering it. Something to consider.

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